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Denver, Colorado

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Originally known as KBDI Channel 12, Colorado Public Television (CPT12) is a unique civic resource and one of the country’s first alternative public television services. CPT12 provides important local, national and international programming services that are otherwise not available in Colorado.

KBDI began operations in Broomfield, Colorado, with transmitting facilities on Squaw Mountain in Clear Creek County. At 11,500 feet, the site remains the highest of any full-power television station in the nation. From there, KBDI began serving first the Denver Metro area, and then the entire Colorado Front Range.

Today, Colorado Public Television has grown to serve 85 percent of the state’s population. Ongoing improvements to its transmitters and wider digital carriage on cable and satellite systems are extending the station's reach in almost every direction across the state. Beyond Denver and the Front Range, CPT12 is increasingly received in various Western Slope and Eastern Plains communities, ever broadening its service throughout Colorado.

Since 2003, the station has offered digital programming on three multicast channels. Today, these three channels include CPT12's flagship signal (12.1), a diverse mix of local, national and international programming and infused with quality PBS shows; CPT12+ (12.2), the best of independently produced documentaries, music, travel, exercise, cooking, public affairs and more; and MHz Worldview (12.3), a lineup of programs from around the world, including world news, foreign affairs, international mysteries, world music, sports, and foreign films.

Frequently stretching the boundaries of public television, the station has been called many things – progressive, provocative, experimental, controversial, outrageous, courageous and more as it has worked to illuminate key social issues, and provide a platform for the underserved.   CPT12 has always championed experimentation, creativity, new ideas and high broadcasting standards – all while working on a shoestring budget.  Today, CPT12 maintains its independent spirit, even as it explores new media outlets, expands its mission and deepens its community involvement.

Described as “the little station that could” by the Denver Post, Colorado Public Television remains lean and light on its feet – a small, frugal station that continues to deliver programming that is relevant, informative, entertaining and thought-provoking.

Colorado Public Television's tagline, “World View, Community Voice,” represents the station's mission, programming choices, community activities and engagement with its Colorado constituents. A global perspective combined with local conversations will continue to be CPT12's guide into the future.