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at the following program is wrong and at the national educational television network these revolutions in asia africa and latin america are the consequence of the american revolution and that in many ways they continue where you started and it seems to me and that therefore if somebody wants to be nationally independent warren stewart in ghosts or social reforms a more decent way of human life in these countries followed the american public and therefore you know noodles are more potential communist of our attention friendly relations declaration of dependence of like to the people but that i think it's an exaggeration of american problem exaggeration many responsibilities there are many areas in order to save on themselves
none of that comes with the united states is acting more or less like any new aid fall into gaza responded that as the main one being that america it so powerful that it's difficult to who's completely spiral and that the modern weapons are so terrible but it's easier to use than the need to lose and who governs the world it's not enough to detail it would be necessary to convince a newcomer do that by threatening to use the huge bombs i like most of johnson's policy measure that will for the first time he had this lucy some listener can bottomless bowls of it something to worry a report about this part of the world now who we boo boo boo vigil that you didn't and i am and
i'm in a mall who did you get by their success the university's role than to buy a bus pulls ad therefore i think the united states a bit of the meat it says was a baby's if this area is here and in africa the national educational television network presents at issue a commentary on people events and ideas this month at issue america arabs are an international dialogue on america's role in world affairs to the peoples of the free world america's confidence in the handling of foreign affairs is a prime concern for the twenty years since the end of world war two the united states has taken the burden of responsibility for protecting the basic principles of freedom first enunciated in the declaration of independence
how well are we succeeded in japan india germany france and england we have asked eminem foreigners both journalists and historians to assess our involvement in the world and to look beyond the current crises in vietnam and santo domingo of all of america's allies france has been the most troublesome president goes policies of economic and military independence pluses criticism of united states policies in asia have caused great irritation in washington in paris at the school of political science professor serge hurtig explains to any tea reporter andrew stern the clutches of interest between france and america i think there is a great clash of interests between europe and america on this has to be seen very realistically in the economic field for instance that long there must be a corporation between western europe and america there are many issues in which there will undoubtedly be opposition for instance
american investment in western europe sometimes welcomed but very often what is very often presented by competitors of american business and this will probably go on for years and years french foreign policy has been a source of irritation to the last two american presidents and some people in america sang why should we care what france thanks likens to point i think it's a very good point but you obviously have to care about what francis wants for a number of reasons france has influence in western europe france has become more prosperous so prosperous in fact that she's able to put some pressure on foreign economies including people you're going to hear is youth if you needed an influence seems very concrete on france spotted it is a reality france has been having the deficit with a surplus
in recent years due partly to american investment that infects the surplus is praised france in either grilled or dollars and when it is in dollars france can ask the federal reserve system or change all these dollars into court since american oil reserves have dwindled in recent years but this creates the panic in american financial circles so there is some pressure which france can the united states by using this means france has also in the military you and were constructed while we still be only a token nuclear force one that is directed at france's our eyes perhaps more in a minute differences points but it has a nuisance value obviously and you have to take care of that and besides francis considered by the rest of the world as one of the traditional publishers that she has a great cultural and political influence
in a number of areas in africa perhaps even in latin america and think much much better if it is possible for france and makeup to work together and we don't want to live in a hostile world that you want to live in a world that it he's pleased friendly if not really corporate i don't think you can completely dismiss francis has to lift it where america has always prided itself on the fact that the american revolution has had great meaning for the rest of the world do you think that this idea is still has a meeting today we as revolutions are still made for the world in the name of the principles upon which american democracy was founded the paradox is that sometimes american foreign policy is hostile two of those revolutions and this may be a very sad development in the same way i think in the field of economics there has been in the past the great ideological rigidity in american foreign policy the commitment to free enterprise and they
sometimes seem very unrealistic sometimes government intervention in other countries is by far the best way to achieve results which american economy which is otherwise and i hope that in the future some remix hisham with booker and that america will no longer insists so much on free enterprise which is not happy raymond arroyo one of france's leading journalists and reigning political philosopher examines united states policy and principles are within the rebel coalition of the american foreign policy and it's not an obvious position is that the united states should pull into a wee wee as expansion of companies <unk> so in asia in africa in latin america the united states acting as a sort of policeman against expansion of communism i learned that means of community forced
conversion although they would usually end as long as the united states as a with his foreign policy team leading indices the center of africa and at least more than an important about what you're wearing a new job and a rebate so you can maintain as in the same principle is an obsession and not on the biggest that are living with a jewish without political activists namely the united states and the soviet union that conviction when crisis it selectively either the growth is because of a common interest in avoiding a bigger war with india your head on one side at least for activists news of good kong not a hit man they came in moscow on the other side you have to activate united states in jerusalem quote solve its menus government how delinquencies
six full effective and i must confess i don't know how and when it will be possible some people that we have talked to have said that president johnson has now looking more inward and that the united states is becoming more involved with its internal problems rather than its external problems or do you think of this particular to really really a pollution dr lucian leaking oil that scene the article thought james huston but did you stumble united states you know gardeners and saying look closer viewing twenty years the main group because the government wants one policy at newsstands it was a tendency in washington state but maybe the first party should belong to the internal affairs of the united states but
it's going to that and then it gets too close but don't you thinking more of the fight against poverty all about producing to mediation and then about oh the media not to force which all the worldview of the reason but that will mean isolation that's because the mood to believe that what has to be done inside the united states is just as important or more important than falling for more pro european organization was not mean isolation is so atkins agrees not isolation is my would say if things really exploded united states we stay in europe as long as necessary and the united states is so involving issue of the paragon not concede the possibility of quickly america has always prided itself in its foreign policy
that it is doing everything under the general guys of making the world safe for democracy which is a cruise as proposition now through the wealthy for democracy i don't believe next question with my whiskey if my memories go there and so they were saved for democracy i would say that was the endings but it was noted states and it seem to you that is the core of the things that the united states unfortunately and i read that it means that the united states had lost many of their high when they had that they would be able to make the world safe for democracy in a moving beyond this the united states is discovering that it's not so easy to be at the same time efficient our food
and while ago laughter well one of the good idea of american foreign policy was that song when you force in the nation two of obama's that it's so long to intervene in the affairs of was the states and it cannot be said to save the cave of song domingo that these high principles have been applied idly opened his eyes and just says that is again so soon also what's opie relations win game with no fans were involved it was easier for the united states to claim to act according to monitor and when it got to the western hemisphere affairs official principles is not a communist regime when she's giving a different kind not in one but a more programmatic one of the principle of time on it because nobody has been the united states' goal
of preventing every word ocean they meet physically and nash in to visit the united states but it's certainly not loom awfully inconvenience on the need to implement common is thinking our economy is where about a fall which i don't know in china i was often saying it's a gun that the united states was a paper tiger and above to atomic weapons without food binge is again so it's now my believe that the fact that johnson will not get their hands on a certain level is out namely the united state have for him that is it forces and so is it is that the people really thinking to constantly patient with the possibility of action of the united state and not be
satisfied with the notion of paper tiger so when you live on the level of mortality and winning on that level of whether you should go to diminish public toilet in the days of song domingo use of the mounties we're seeing a lot of things on the market if they have a certain close it was by showing that the united states he's not ready to accept a common is going into the western hemisphere but it seems to me in boston of the united states regarding latin america always marines i believe the things that he's the balance sheet is nicotine in bed and then the goal is achieved in chile open is human not having latinos by the song domingo no germany still riding the crest of a general european economic boom remains politically vulnerable to
changes in the cold war as long as the questions of german reunification and berlin remain unsettled germany's alliance with united states will dominate its foreign policy showbiz alliance falter in germany may have to look for new solutions at the university of airline in political scientist wildomar a bus and analyzes the influence of the united states and germany today i think i should put this very frankly i think we'll hear in a province of the free world and what happens in the united states what happens in the capital of the free world and therefore what happens can be an encouragement for people wanna be free or can be a disappointment for those who believe that man should be free and therefore you'd judge bolton believe that to a person living in this country for example we'll
always look for a car and when he argues in dental credit terms because he says there's a continuity of democratic institutions they you have a country with an unbroken democratic tradition from the eighteenth century onwards and that this has been happening there as if this has been possible there it must be possible in other places as well is not the failure of democracy if they lose the failure of persons one of a little bit because here you have to prove that the institutions can decide it's only men which don't although behave or used and therefore it seems to me of the world particularly the free world looks at the united states for this kind of moral and democratic leadership and therefore whatever happens in the united states will be a push to have privacy this crucially other parts of the world particularly in this country and in the only other countries of the middle or about the possibility of a
growing feeling of internal nationalism within europe i'm not too sure whether this whole thing is really such a strong tendency of it might look like in the moment in the moment you know the we have german delicious well and some prisons in this country while still feel that our alliance should be rivers or western europe should play an independent role in world politics but it's always be in fifth and so on western europe it's not the insistence of a german or french role of the rose excerpt the idea that these european space independently chemically a role of coal and therefore there's a sort of internal imitation the nationalism because you know in the european nationalism and we just don't know what this is like this european nationals he recently completed a study of us foreign policy from the time of president roosevelt the
time president kennedy what changes do you see and us foreign policy right now i think it's a retreat from kennedy's principles or the conduct of american foreign policy it seems to me that mr johnson tacos to the ear of dallas then used to his own predecessor the johnson administration neglects the fact that the big promises of emancipation in the southern half of the globe is only loosely connected with east west conflict that has to be regarded of the very different categories then the relationship of the west wing the communist countries well if the united states were not to be involved in these countries who if anyone would be problem is that they would have to be involved in
other words on the other possibilities ah another solution is possible in solving the problems of these countries that led me and they referred him to urge the kennedys indication of america's global interests he said that there is this mutual this long new york who woke which does not want to be drawn into the east west conflict there are new nations trying to develop their own individuality their own their own personal their own national fete it seems to me that we have to rely on you to listen to the principal are with which we can be alive the site is one of germany's most influential weekly as its political editor tales summer is a highly regarded commentator we asked mr summer if he foresees a time when the western alliance would handle international problems jointly rather than separately i think it will be a very important
was confronting the western alliance in the coming years to work out a system of building beyond the pale just a nato country is that too many problems arising are used on the middle east though which wounded in effect the fatal the nation's in western europe and north america as well the alliance of dealing with these new problems jaunty rather than separately you see any solution for control of nuclear weapons but i think there's a growing realization that what it really takes is sharing all planning authority again same common only european state ingenue the student taking
who is putting on the bottom in the final grateful and decision but it's a problem decision making whose name dong is under what circumstances and how all these terrible weapons might be used now i think the europeans have the right to be in on this decision making process and if that end i think they can with confidence leave the actual decision taken taking to the american president but the one is the priest the position of the other now president kennedy and the time that he was president and he built himself among europeans and throughout the world at crew on his reputation as a man of international interests with president johnson as was feeling continue changing her
and it kind of appeal don't quit and hope to let the enemy was young he was the us lebron in his audience he didn't hesitate to think that things from a new angle ernie had been using such as some people say because you look ahead into the future with johnson we don't really get that feeling when nobody's there well we know it is committed to the phone hangs and sent by the kennedy administration but we are not really so sure i'm confident that he goes about fulfilling ways of reaching these targets in the sand effective manner candidate it or promised to do
and the problems of the world i have to make a compromise with people and work for the compromise or i don't have to a military confrontation with people in the morning the gentle for instance the solution of the nuclear problem to the british and the germans will not do that there is not going to be an atlantic alliance evolving on lions in which there is a future unless the american president based on these lines germans program dan coats of the europeans but he'll have to make is anyone there as soon as he shows that is i'm interested
that the europeans will lose interest to a variety show that is interested in that is the driving force behind the whole program or reform and revision and innovation then the europeans will of necessity follow the more to take the lead it just happened to be the strongest all your state is that it is one of ours is this i think this is the responsibility of what that historians a former pages use to call the engineer oh no powers you are a real car you don't you are you don't escape your responsibility by ignoring it and this is likely to catch up with any american president who would like to retract his and who
knows the johnson says when you're trying to do that but he hasn't always during the past few months creating jobs that impression and impressions and in the field of foreign affairs they'll talk about and why it's happening in fact in the last several years india's role as international intermediary and peacemaker has declined markedly solutions to the interlocking problems of poverty and population are not inside despite massive us aid efforts the chinese communist attack of nineteen sixty two forced india to take a more realistic attitude toward its role in world affairs today official and unofficial attitudes toward united states' actions in southeast asia differ greatly ram singh is editor of the weekly thought a journal
similar to england's new statesman he talks with l perlmutter about the united states' role in asia are shutting down it is the newly independent countries most of them are newly independent them made in their independence and their that make social progress is going to move them to a more so that is my goodness the body and i said mama little is to have these countries is of independence in this will make one of those the
only laws you're so you know libya hasn't done is because of the old because it is a little more a month is gonna been that is their excellent they combine that one minute of all of these countries and it's a party they're going to be a woman as is as colonel us all of us that you haven't called your column on that and he has traditionally followed a neutral us policy and international affairs but lately it has been supporting the united states' efforts in asia and then now this goes on is this new permits that i do make a distinction between you know to the man and going on and i'm an online was supposed to begin amid in the senate
to reset new definitions on that it's not a play that made the boss on what issues and a lot of that honestly a bit of the mind of the planners of india's foreign policy was the experience of the british and then you see him is a head i don't you know i don't know what that thing and then in new orleans and then illinois empirical of the debate over the end of the book and it would improve them all the winning over it was and that even though it didn't even go his expensive and the chinese then realized that to mention all of the best
equipment that were those and there was a reason why you can go see other's poems as they themselves might see it into something new in vietnam the parts of poetry which company they're more realistic that decision on the part of both the vietnam pows militia will be in denver and had the hint of that is considered we know about this stuff and you know the floodgates opened that had been i think that the village now though the amount that was his will political issues i survive in the speech or different intervals i don't coordinate and it was a week in the gunman but they're out of business that you know the more that has to get a composer that now we're going to munich now yes a better experience to send
us the indian express says india's largest circulating english language daily its editor frank morris is a frequent visitor to the united states he praises the impact of president johnson's domestic programs on india i think lyndon johnson's concept of the great society has a special education and even a special lesson from there i think it shows a very live social consciousness and civic consciousness and authors were one would least suspected existed typically in an affluent says that were memorable call must have a certain measure of the city of nice and sensitivity in order to be aware of the deprivation of the public to the mystery of the underprivileged and that's a set i think that is the great listen for this
and i must also say look beyond human scrum wasn't surprised many many more oh no thought he would develop into this imaginative bubble ho and very human individual that he has not is the united states role in major positive one right now but frankly i think they're of song doubt no joke vietnam is concerned my personal opinion which might be in the minority is that the united states there's certainly a very very useful and overly vital part in this region of the world by containing chinese communism an expansion of the us so i say frankly is also in the interests of india and anything that contains chinese
expansionism and communism in this area should i think logically be welcomed to office our closest ally in the far east as japan a phenomenally successful military occupation preceded the current economic boom which makes japan the richest nation in asia but in the world of international power politics japan has remained fairly isolated recent attempts to negotiate disputes in militia and vietnam have so far been unsuccessful japanese us relations remained close but continuing turmoil in southeast asia and the possibility of increased trade with nearby china may cause some problems in kyoto andrew stern talks with political scientist nasa nietzsche in oakey who evaluates us postwar is in policy the other says boise has been extremely successful as bloomberg's the new world and as to japan and
the outside so that you know i think yeah nobody could imagine germany with the end to a high strung double meaning has now and i think yeah nobody could imagine that they would be able to sing the indian philosophy in nineteen sixty four a deal ending the suspect i think the japanese i'll be much greater than the united states wants to make a really good at japan and i think yeah yeah just as boise airport japan and europe also says will be girls in japan and germany and of the recipient countries bethany a fifteen and the queen the rest of the fault the others there's
a police officer on the other hand he is here and there have been companies sort of the kids is kind of recreating and evicting the rusty doesn't exist and i think at their companies in the official liaison between their nation building has not been completed yet and in thirteen years i think the united states legally and politically does not work as the united states have expected and has some things that has that i mean the competition and humanism is a little is the scene sells the united states have become an endless cycle since syrian or how did but now there's debate inside all more feasible and does exist and therefore the united states is
thinking for its fast repeating something but i think it is a confused any real simple including the united states if that is the governmental and businesspeople united states' pursuit would not be successful in this respect i think yeah it sad not been in congress now to prevent thank you others will be taking over by police i think i think the outcry buccaneers because the museum in the demand will be one or more independent from the influence
all pitching and moscow an end is your city owned that cannot years ago but the dam has been the history of existence against a chinese the nation and the frenzied twenty grammys and therefore in this respect i am optimistic if japan continues to develop industrially as it has it will now have to look for new markets including communist china so one you think that trade between japan and communist china will increase and two if it does with this altar japan's relationship with the united states it ought to lead in the states he thinks that enable them we will attend the parade is point the thought cc our channels thinking that by nineteen forty nine i was living in that debate and that
a lot of it is as we've become dumb because he mostly based on facts not done the kitchens one of the wishful thinking and this is nineteen forty nine or ten that these liberal by a big deal if not by the government or championship that's my point but i think yeah budget than a friendship with the end of the states he's on the fields that we're not a necessary condition of life and death and therefore the most important point falloff foreign policy is these are terribly we love dc united with his faith england long before america knew some of the problems of handling worldwide power and responsibility that shared experience and our common heritage make in england are most understanding ally at her country house outside london author journalist dame rebecca west comments on
current us difficulties when you're just today is suffering all the discomforts that we did when we were in your position your bedding what is known as the white man's burden we did and you americans weren't even honest most immediate you're always saying we were doing the wrong thing not on the ceo of didn't understand then when you exercise power there's hardly ever a right thing to do but isn't that the thing that is more right if you've got the powell was bound to make some degree of food so i'm that you're dying of course at times as everybody else i don't say you're doing it that they're going to are they regard her what kinds of things should we all learn from your experiences while her and you see that was a story of augustine that old when he was there and then the old and
very good at it or somebody wear young states and went to get his advice that your to give us a note that it is a that episode statesman and the old man solomon of glasgow of the heat just took that and said my only advice is always good way to violence never believed when their number's up example is cynical about it i don't really believe that that experience as it was in the past is of a much better deal of a much better because conditions so entirely new the american revolution has great symbolic meaning too many people don't like america and in africa pat my gosh it's staggering to think how many millions of people over the world have never heard of
and those with the buildup for you when they don't know the american revolution from nine average of thought couldn't of that i think you have to begin with that anyway they would probably am as a lot of the revolution going completely and that's another thing that would work through word mention the word revolution because son at revolutions are highly enjoyable people booed enjoyed top a kid taking part in an annual us that have a year favorable outcome than most of them then you don't get in these lofty promises of the game had just learned that and since the revolution was really aware that you can charm people would like what you do with the idea of the revolution people whose son problems specifically is the young so allison had two inches
thick it do that what's good is a revolution and the people who live in greece and the company bought them to grow tobacco and said man this is already in a solution at all olmert is trying to help in one form or another what what kind of baby do you think is most effective you've got a great gift for education like the french the french defense you've won this all over the world that passion for doing if you patients are beyond and here the us ambitions their real motive was a pure passion for their crops and you're done exactly the same thing and you would always exporting education and of course what you continued to is the world's most is just a crossroads and cottage trade at his home in cambridge england a lifelong observer of american politics sir dennis broken sees a change in recent united states foreign policy
i would have been taken and god won't take a new direction and i not true and i like it very much the idea of the united states has got to protect the whole world is sort of new mobile competition it can very dangerous and i think it will be on par with the new world of the nation of african partners' lives they cater to change from local relief for the policy of the kennedy administration is last year in that way and of course it's not a time to be you put on the concentration would launch people get scared about in this traditional chinese emergency again convened another handler and they're going to be a quick solution impose an issue that for a long long time increasing demand from
religion conventional untrue commitment which overwhelmingly unpopular and mccain knows this isn't the dilemma of behaving the computers all of the biggest ideology this constant confusion and in statements towards doing and sentiment probably needs much better governance likely to get under any of the contending parties it i would include paul was any coffee and watching the improvement government of obama but some of the southern senators might dump a couple now that you can't do that and then one more question if we weren't all honesty what would an imperious too long you must find another name for quote something different this of course is hosted within a decision of a business kind of thing there has been a view in the united states that it is america's responsibility to make the rest of the world security for democracy you think the time for this kind of thinking is
ending know the jewish religion it hurt he would have been doing that have been in recent years with an extension of a public park in preserve the status quo at auschwitz had just worked with the americans who the nurses hadn't planned to but the city probably isn't big enough division which isn't strong enough and that is an illusion and the dangers the british never believed this because the new interim should be weakened want to be like the bottom of a compromise so much panic of the nineteenth century it was based on a very realistic assessment of bird call set the roman era <unk> united states are as legitimate as proximate disease the
exercise and has welcomed the jump rope right fiction and so on it's basically an exception to the nominees except except dislikes of needles and alive this exists across the world heard of the soviet union is the stronger position of them recently sent an epidemic in august it's all from the tempest significant partially second highest mountain range of the world to get into that and they're so rich and other states as a natural geographic inconsistent and was one of the safer parts improvement this is by nature and part of the american speed of them constantly you can't help that the slow we'll learn about the piece is that the united states is actually making the world safe for democracy and therefore is justified in its actions as well as for the non south vietnam medications bulk collection of it by computer chips
and made a lot of notions of egypt's state park people solomon says i don't like that but i think election vietnam a bond before the mother who runs the ideal elections the medical island many countries dance mountains and some lingo term it's or there isn't an issue of vietnam people defending itself as required artistic vision pablo but cricket works in other states is not a party to find a vietnamese gotten deeper you can even complicate the people leavitt was ultimately is the united states senate either way what the militia who lied about the statements about defending democracy as it was was not want to be defended his support position has been that when a south vietnam veteran also was sort of like a little bit and i don't know any case it's a democracy free nations the people that
and dishes rather isms of communism when we were still hadn't been stories of chiang kai shek had been a mention that about that and what was wrong and all these cases was the bishops didn't want him to run defending democracy is sense the fight that any meaning and nobody in southeast asia but for this is this is the show the next generation to different policy one is a realistic about defensive posture julian koenig do the united states should not be diminished that it will begin the oceans because churchill ballmer is only policy makes sense but i don't think george macdonald with other rather than the slogans the jefferson declaration of them said a decent respect the opinion of mankind he meant slightly more repetitive or not will the decoration the list of grievances is not perhaps as authentic as the vatican's think the lettuce roughly true of some of
the stated mission of roughly falls by boat might successful lying but they dislike of comfort by a competent patient jealous president johnson much is he wants to put his own personal stamp on his administration has always had a tremendous respect for france and eleanor roosevelt i won't lose a key is living up to these principles domestically brilliant play and i think that's really moves and is in fact a new society that society's the public and belton texas you so says he knows what the law is i'm already funding abortion and better than candidate but an enemy's concentration of the news falls down as a reset united states i don't think he's interested in art and doesn't notice the variations are areas in which these things were in boston or he's not couple of other people's susceptibility is and he doesn't do it hasn't got
awesome than just labor congressman kennedy and militias justified about itself has affected him and all who oppose a kennedy and really very vivid still years up to staff a little johnson marine unit nine one vote will president says news of an image even inside the times is the lives outside the lives of that consequently the immense success the problem and has success inside the nazis the judicial success but justice says and all of these things that important realities and of course they have a good effect in the long run though not the long run because the government commissioned members that didn't own domestic problems this convention competition in men's shirts which they joined the world of those domestic programs a kind of domestic which isn't that an example for other countries to this country and it's now been offset by the pitch in other states
for each with a bar and chatting on policies which are the people believe in a political leader going to succeed a great many people would buy an outsider status of vietnam about what when and has that don't think the government owned by the bases along with a more accurate picture that a common human that and its lowest possible price paid for extravagant statements were announced it's making the world safe oh after wilson didn't make the most of the block was your name a description rather be interesting contrast to the gridlock along the government say for democracy it's a dangerous trade and that ought to be in the us in nineteen sixty five world never music duo for democracies of interest rates the world doesn't agree that god given mission to save the whole world isn't so many awesome about and have the next one and then they don't want to say
by this is all about russia possibly by china what are some of the prospects for the future it is in the united states we were on discovering that what it's going to court will is a long storied career and multitasking feeds a fault suddenly i believe that the united states we use goes that china i didn't come as china without the required permits isn't golf with an eighteen inch pin in one way no way the united states we load the cooking as a necessity or the infamous committees try out ideas with earlier moscow of time but that's the same time could probably the united states really gotten and then through connally's block having lost its unity the fact that stance at yale are becoming common it was losing to companies
drop of golden orb storyboard for being infected a new element was a big spit it when girls and oscar levant which didn't exist to be and i believe that the united states' foreign policy when they've gone unless principle and it in kenya fervently wished on the list but perhaps it's normal to accept that some people want to make it a when you should do accents lincoln lens of the security of the united states don't know the pain or what is happening on the central africa for life my guest will be there the world we become music and coming years more complex you know it's i think europeans and americans have both only one real prospect for the future
prospects for survival and profit all right the world many countries in asia hello there was in residence on and it is a common to all those models up with a new law that will oldham wrote a little kid we went to the levees and has the job of his cynical invasive and it is if in that turned up some other headaches of saving that will always say verizon or at lippincott national
discovers that all their young for the sick people the chinese and so but the chinese run into trouble last they will human nature that i am grateful that all americans saying the management problem for good at the expense of european attitude and i just it's so the federal reserve that you think that there's an upside to have is all i am the most efficient and an immediate danger and that some of the dangers of mythical and some are just that what individuals of other countries think of the united states probably does not alter or even affect our foreign policy is directly yet as the world's most powerful democratic nation our actions are watched very closely and examples we said are
often guideposts for the actions of others when our leadership appears to falter the effects are far reaching americans have a great curiosity about what others think of us this often helps us to see ourselves in a new or clearer perspective this perspective is essential for a nation that was constantly redefining its goals and readjust its objectives in a fast changing world the pittsburgh chris by
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National Educational Television and Radio Center
Contributing Organization
Thirteen WNET (New York, New York)
Library of Congress (Washington, District of Columbia)
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Episode Description
This month At Issue presents an assessment of U.S. aims and achievements throughout the world by foreign journalists and historians. Through exclusive on location interviews in Japan, Germany, France, India, and England, America Observed focuses on the views of important non-government thought leaders whose opinions are rarely given exposure in this country. Journalists and historians featured on the program are: Masamichi Inoki, political scientist, University of Kyoto, Japan; Waldemar Besson, historian and political scientist, University of Erlangen, Germany; Theo Sommer, political editor, Die Zeit, Hamburg Germany; Raymond, Aron, French journalist and social philosopher whose articles frequently appear in Figaro and many American journals; Serge Hurtig, political scientist, Institut d'Etudes Politiques, Paris, France; Ram Singh, editor, Thought Magazine, New Delhi, India; Frank Moraes, noted author and editor of the India Express; Dame Rebecca West, English journalist and author; Sir Denis Brogran, English journalist and longtime observer of the American scene. Topics discussed by the international experts include the power and responsibility of the United States, the status of U.S. foreign policy today, prospects for U.S. return to isolationism, President Lyndon Johnson's image abroad, the differences between Presidents Johnson and Kennedy, U.S. policy in Vietnam and Santo Domingo, the U.S. role in Europe and Asia today and how it may differ in ten years. Running Time: 59:10 (Description adapted from documents in the NET Microfiche)
Other Description
At Issue consists of 69 half-hour and hour-long episodes produced in 1963-1966 by NET, which were originally shot on videotape in black and white and color.
This month At Issue presents an assessment of U.S. aims and achievements throughout the world by foreign journalists and historians. Through exclusive on location interviews in Japan, Germany, France, India, and England, America Observed focuses on the views of important non-government thought leaders whose opinions are rarely given exposure in this country. Journalists and historians featured on the program are: Masamichi Inoki, political scientist, University of Kyoto, Japan; Waldemar Besson, historian and political scientist, University of Erlangen, Germany; Theo Sommer, political editor, Die Zeit, Hamburg Germany; Raymond, Aron, French journalist and social philosopher whose articles frequently appear in Figaro and many American journals; Serge Hurtig, political scientist, Institut d'Etudes Politiques, Paris, France; Ram Singh, editor, Thought Magazine, New Delhi, India; Frank Moraes, noted author and editor of the India Express; Dame Rebecca West, English journalist and author; Sir Denis Brogran, English journalist and longtime observer of the American scene. Topics discussed by the international experts include the power and responsibility of the United States, the status of U.S. foreign policy today, prospects for U.S. return to isolationism, President Lyndon Johnson's image abroad, the differences between Presidents Johnson and Kennedy, U.S. policy in Vietnam and Santo Domingo, the U.S. role in Europe and Asia today and how it may differ in ten years.
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Talk Show
Global Affairs
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Moving Image
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Assistant Editor: Jackson, Bob
Associate Producer: Cunniff, Lois
Camera Operator: Waku
Camera Operator: Parkash, Ved
Camera Operator: Waldorf, Len
Editor: Goldsmith, Charles
Executive Producer: Perlmutter, Alvin H.
Interviewee: Sommer, Theo
Interviewee: West, Rebecca
Interviewee: Aron, Raymond
Interviewee: Hurtig, Serge
Interviewee: Singh, Ram
Interviewee: Inoki, Masamichi
Interviewee: Besson, Waldemar
Interviewee: Moraes, Frank
Interviewee: Brogran, Denis
Producer: Stern, Andrew A.
Producing Organization: National Educational Television and Radio Center
Reporter: Stern, Andrew
Researcher: Schidlof, Ivan
Researcher: Style, Angela
Researcher: Putnam, Beverly
Researcher: Menzel, Ingrid
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Thirteen - New York Public Media (WNET)
Identifier: wnet_aacip_31310 (unknown)
Format: Digital Betacam
Generation: Master
Duration: 00:59:10
Library of Congress
Identifier: 1832687-1 (MAVIS Item ID)
Format: 1 inch videotape: SMPTE Type C
Generation: Master
Library of Congress
Identifier: 1832687-2 (MAVIS Item ID)
Format: U-matic
Generation: Copy: Access
Color: B&W
Library of Congress
Identifier: 1832687-3 (MAVIS Item ID)
Generation: Master
Library of Congress
Identifier: 1832687-4 (MAVIS Item ID)
Generation: Copy: Access
Library of Congress
Identifier: 1832687-5 (MAVIS Item ID)
Generation: Copy: Access
Library of Congress
Identifier: 1832687-6 (MAVIS Item ID)
Format: 2 inch videotape
Generation: Master
Color: B&W
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