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lilah this is a national educational television program distributed by the educational television and radio sound nice place to
be this year on the holiday about allowances and their duties and whether allowances unduly should be a time closely together or how much they should be separated for mother's day and that common link between them is that they all at allegheny college as mrs l's almost all of these mothers have daughters who is six years of age three of the mothers have sun swollen and i don't know ms turner doesn't have an old associate of the sun no younger is two years old but it should bring up the first question about allowances well i think that our planet and fit
in at how much the lounge to be whether to be in or not give it out a little bit of korean him out my child had this band you don't want to get out too much money and said that they have money squandered and that would give them an opportunity to be richer than the parents and our money in the right way and our way and then there are the teeth that day we will pay for it i mean when it became about my own impression is that nobody's found the perfect solution for this and certainly there's no one solution that i've overheard all works so we'll hear what the ones on the new crimes koenig
well so far as system so far they're only trying to say a certain that instance that quarter we reached she has to spend as he sees fit except we didn't specify that it wants to buy or stamp or savings than school that she does take her dynamic or sunday school money and it takes care about the weekly allowance issue committee was usually he takes one every week now sometimes she has received an extra dollars a month as a gift maybe storm at a good report are sometimes he gets out he likes to see this dance building up an ability and we'll say wow i'd like to pay a dollar or maybe she'll get fifty cents in july as long as there is money still in the bank she's willing to go in the agency that's got into the payment for duties yet now that perhaps somebody else has worked out what let's
talk first about allowances and then get to the duties at the root cause i think this is an enormous so what's one of the true now i really get seventy passed it and we did and i'm gonna get the patents were because he's younger and we needed that man oh yeah to be getting ticket i think that law meant there and then added that they had painted church money and chip ads to pay is that voice that anytime they want to go to the movies and all his arms and but most most special family that the fact that they don't have a neighborhood and they managed to save a lot of their money rivera says and now
like we live in can we just it sounds to me so far is that these kids are maybe better organizing to say that was then this was saving money on an income of twenty five cents to make a result of the alliance is in a wheelchair and sentences while we are when they were little six ceremony that allows pension in a way be time with dudes around how if they got allowances they should also do some chores around the house that was a time when that well when we get a regular alliances we were getting
anything in return so we got the allowances are together and worked out a system of the campaign as you got tickets this time around we have a drawer in the kitchen with tickets in it and there's some tickets are worth two cents three cents an hour tickets for since they got five cents and that includes two stands for setting the table three cents for drying the vicious five cents for making your pants for sense for running the sweeper or something like that and when they work they can do is many of these days in the days they feel like doing and they don't seem to want the money then that's up to them they don't have to do anything that is this is the inside of the money to keep them up their duties are reasonable doubt it doesn't then they take their tickets and they do these things and say them
and then cashed in on saturday night listeners where do i gotta from all of you that the allowance is always brought to take care of certain regular obligations like church discounts that still leaves something leftover meat that's a beer general principle of mount a few families who gave just another allowance to cover such things as church sunday school the school paper something like that in my own feeling is that this isn't really an allowance and doesn't teach very much that is it really over really a lot so it gives a little sense of responsibility which they spend even loses to alliance which is are you
making some choices i had a girl books' money tour to school there and then she came along the record which i wasn't to see because you bought something from a mother's day or they for father's day and the city that's gone to war started so what happened in nineteen ninety nine and so she ran and so we have the money a toothbrush i don't get that and a christmas he's bought christmas gifts in some cases it has picked out a teddy bear with a baby that was a little more than she can handle the americans felt that that damage he has knocked out on various occasions to violence gets
written out in this rescue mission to come out of this deal and it's necessary to subsidize those easter chick came out that no he worries that they're at at you're on your own upon getting presence and sometimes we get confused about they don't think that giving gifts is really an obligation choose and who is no issue that they're
losing money and the machine assistant getting aluminum pot should get wi fi five cents starts at cal and he was acting or something like that which was obviously very expensive and she stopped huge aluminum couple of the bodies wrapped up a gigolo and it was a big two thousand six kitchen window forty four hour has it really literally is true that in sweden on these hot fire i think as a writer joe
discuss the child what some grocers to campus marks that way you're welcome listen now mr schmitt it is carson julie christie and i think as they get older the social obligation he's not an orbit six percent and by nine must listen in awe saying this is a part of social
activism i was and by the two inmates at mit and a minimum allowance and then oregon's somebody actually jobs they might be able to earn extra money now has the small cases that i mentioned earlier what's the smaller rather than maybe just five or ten minutes find some sort of the land i've been watching and i would say well if you make your all or five or ten minutes that it may have a little advantage he would put that aside as our christmas savings but that was just the one thing so probably about two to cater for nasa a new orleans setting the table and making sure they have now that system you are actually say they're going to do to someone to have asked the question well if any of you feel
that was important to find out what the middle of an allowance level is voice search and so i think that's all the problem they have too much one day we have an unusual situation with their boy is less than here where you withstand terrific school which is twenty best they can when i pay me and ouch ouch ouch and he gets to the why we're down and back unless somebody taking them so that there are troops that they take them here he pays forty they saw or downtown next week
to honor mr holladay and he paid for that so that the allowance really isn't that lives on in wealth than the fact that he finds everything in your church and he had about a week which he worries that are raining and he stated that well organized through the week so they have something to buy lunch with us well and i think that a man like that and i haven't reached the point yet where he hasn't had the money thank you tonight in the keys concrete some control keep watch over a situation
like that i do think myself that this is the thing to do for the parents try to hold back on as much as possible is not the nosing into it you're asking wait a minute you think you can oh that because then i think that it really is the parents planning now then it's not only no planning experience with a child the whole thing becomes so obnoxious to and no things that make you wanna get out of somebody but i met with all the temptation to develop a child is not completely responsible is always a strong temptation to keep an eye on that do you think that six and seven year olds for example if they get a court should spend a quarter any way i see fit this really
should be the parents write me a professional on the outside to decide because i think that basically it's what the parents feel is right is what they have to be doing and take advice from somebody else that doesn't really clicked with what they like could do i think that they they either don't follow the advice are like allah allah with the wrong spirit and we're so it should be up to announce whether it's going to be absolutely free spending money away a part of it the action should be understood the reserve at the time the last line and it's made with a chaw the ocean should be permitted to say that the child should absolutely when they have to have something that they can build more of that i think that they want to have asked apple are part of that so that within a reasonable amount
of possible and they believe they lose that all that's really it almost two years away why you can't expect any six or eight or ten year old to stick by that right now i think that the liberals looks like somebody's getting around and i found that last year the town i was reading lines warrants and that when they wanted to leave the tent well i didn't feel that she should have to leave the full amount which he did want to put down your little pennies and she did and she seemed to get a kick out of helping make the tip and then as we went up the street was one of those days where we have contributed at home and i think i mentioned something to her about minorities and in the money but he said i would like to run and he acknowledges steelhead rattling around in it really it
was both of these can be fostered by having this wonderful thing for the child and you don't want to paint it and to give to charity and a spurt along with a meal to a move on mountain this question of how much allowance should be related to do this' and how much do you should be kept separate you said she tried bailout so long and vocal duties weren't getting done was sensible to a time together unlikely hero from the other is a kind of duty to expect of nine and ten year olds and six year olds never been able to stick to it yeah and you take turns every night table and they
realize that each night one of them has a turn enhanced today recently they realize now that it and dishwasher you should you should important things about who was signed duties they're not so burdensome that can be done i think that experience of most parents that when you try to like too much given to many jobs and those pages they just can't just put that much and i get this on all the whole trick is to get just the right amount of
time to time and i think we do i mean i've heard would you set the table for dinner and cooperation in the committee as it is something that's rather unusual in a table this is the problem it's a special occasion they should grow is that her duties central and should be done much like the parent's sexual abuse which is always an hour little boy was the one in particular i thought that it would be more fun to get paid for the little duties around the house and to just be expected to do a few things the charity well
theoretically my son was supposed to earn one weekend's week that i can't say that it's done every week perhaps women are and here's how it's supposed to that table that the pain when i realized that they can't do it i do feel that if you feel it that it's going to be a little problem it doesn't hurt to pay them to do it and yet and i think at the same time you can expect them to do something that you have to do it i don't like the idea that letter's an inherent for me arctic
apple inc again i can and take something up the street at the estimates fifteen to do and are the older group you have to do i think different families different proportions of different jobs you should learn as a child there's a certain amount of cooperation jobs do this because you remember them and this is only ten percent of the jobs that i would feel myself it's important that something's being done right and when the child says so how much do i get you guys we do a lot of things thank
you this business too do some outdoor work it is to my mind connects with whether the trial has prompted a hand eu these doing any grownups job with grownups and that this is the trouble with assigning jobs we get away from the family honor all by yourself child doesn't have this strong sense of duty doesn't have the interest and the law and don't have the interest in iraq the prosecutors do is because the day well parents want to help them on the spot in line at a coziness that simple action most friendly with your children and nine when you were
doing a job it's the father who would like to have a ranch now this appeals to and this is his moment that would keep him and that was his job he backed up a lot and that six online those roommates was a different spin with iran is on the way so i think it's one thing to keep in mind they're crime assigned jobs when you really doing something to sign that business was selling table is a natural because the mother is cooking at the time and he really feels she's sharing work and i think that issue ron paul somebody said that washington that wilkinson going to do yeah i walk out they enjoy doing it
get some companionship as well where it's clear that the two most of them under arrest for them along the companionship and the other feeling grown up at that moment and this is what children look to do more than anything else is feeling of doing something wrong and the market the voluntary more can be something they spontaneously olympian to more appeals to him too and this is one way that we take away and natural enjoying the duties is to make them sound unpleasant by the time the mother sang and gawker game now it's time to go and i can't allow was seventeen when my dad ring in and say that the dishes this time a voice meaning it isn't a grownup we all do together
for the family but it's some you are we all remember that and enjoy themselves speaking employees and that sort of a certain age we're close away an at an active engagement by enacting those things we also spent a lot of time the
middle of the scandal come on now but for six years now featuring the emergency law and author of the book and send out this blog is directed by the news by mrs johnson was a remake and our
academic the preceding program of distributed by the educational television and radio so this is a national educational television with it's been tough because it's been
Parents and Dr. Spock
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Child-Parent Relationships
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Herein Dr. Spock and four mothers discuss some general problems and attitudes dealing with child-parent relationships. Again, the keynote of the discussion is frankness and spontaneity mixed with easy-flowing conversation. (Description adapted from documents in the NET Microfiche)
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Informality and spontaneity are the key words in describing this informative series which runs the gamut of problems which mother and father face as they rear their children. With Dr. Benjamin Spock, already a household name across the nation as the result of his widely read book Baby and Child Care, guiding the discussions, a group of parents talk about problems of a general nature in each of the 13 half-hour episodes. Instead of bombarding the doctor with questions, the parents themselves discuss their problems and how they have settled them with Dr. Spock adding helpful hints. Problems considered range from how much attention should be given children to how they should be disciplined and to those inevitable questions about how the facts of life should be answered. (Description adapted from documents in the NET Microfiche)
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