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fb and it worked he's at a public television with autism hospitals that in this film are real fred anderson and his story of efficient the play
we do take care for me i want to worry about going through four days come looking for her when i have to be their candidate could you tell me
and that we should be doing this the family friendly place even if i'm in one fight came to the family would you know work going on in iran every patient whose history and critical findings have been well documented provides that could force the knowledge
that i've never been sick people same time tomorrow same time same place same people all of that and yes the military here at me being lost their policy of the first family's as female and have the lone gunman
today's europe it used to be what you look like will is is a very thin slice spain or specific elements and magnified many times so in effect what we're looking for our shadows all they really voters majority of patients here are wearing suits used in miami two months ago originally intended to be happening in our duty he said we're prepared to move a catholic church for sixty thousand patients during the past year to you registered thirty five hundred new
patients and we also saw patients some bits of some thirty one thousand patients what we're looking for is one of the places that is this is a small amount of a radioactive drone which when given intravenous fluid accumulates and liver
tissue serve lotus this mission has nothing coming out of the recall of a scanner and a portion of that is able to detect the presence of radioactive material within the body and the instrument can print out the distribution of this radioactivity and produce a picture which is known as a scam a pictorial representation graphically has reached out answer is usually thought all that they believe the older people but in actual fact in the hospital about one patient out of every four years under fifteen the priest a man this
week i also have a funny attitude towards illness most children we never asked a direct question as to what the disease is what they have or what they can expect how much one of the things that bothers my friends about having me work at the cancer hospital is that they feel i must become very depressed having to deal with a disease for which jurors did not come easily however i have to tell them that i'm satisfied with much smaller girl will be back at twelve fifteen
we do make them feel better and loophole longer live significantly damage at arena this bill marmalade many parts of the body are invisible on expertise and to render these visible and that one must inject a substance and in
two and the application that i'm concerned and this will appear on the subsequent i'm actually film and it is you're right
a patient with cancer often wonders why he developed cancer and he worries that there may have been something he could have done to prevent it's a cramped unfortunately since we don't know what causes cancer there is very little that we can do in advising him as to how this can be prevented at the present time the most important advice we can give patients is that they should not small because there's definitely increases the frequency of lung cancer yet saves it along that only the nature of the local there's a canton
it is it is jeff bridges i heard about tests so many different people involved there are also pleasant to get to them cancer research covers a tremendously broad range of subjects we have in this building this system emerson biochemist and geneticists and michael biologist immunologist and mathematicians
who are working together on one problem which is the cancer struck last year's i will move in i'm doing ma happened on
tv to teach math teacher it i say this last examination before the big day and we have a lot of the convent of the afternoon well there it's about a jury delivers the verdict after due consideration of the medical evidence and others singing shades of grey
pattern which are in the cell's mean nothing because the actual interpretation of what's actually going on it indicating which is an important thing in escalating peace conference embarrassing to live in a crowded contestant to prove it thank you very much for coming to the conference likely to get you to the doctors who will be discussing their treatment we'd like some free weekend jack kemp that you wouldn't relate to redefine that's fine decided how
are things today good at finding is why the tech area that was in the left side that hurts no it's no so you know the value of all of my friends they are not injured i did not notice than enough any other area though just let your arm relaxed that kind of bigger than you they sort through it or not just the math no additional money right now he would go
it's a gas it's by what's the right solution that two years ago that we're not sitting on dvd with the thing and he thinks i am so thrilled that this happened recently have pretty routine
and medicines is sweeping going to know i'm hearing that you were just going to discuss this and one of the doctors will be up to talk to the victims and give a good idea to have all the specialist talk about the problems that they have decided to speak to you as an area that the cement it's b it's both what do i do
oh yeah in pursuit of that coming from do you really one other hospital and they reported that this was a robbery note some three centimeter long and perhaps all
quiet power the thing that you focus on immediately is the rig sternberg cell with two maybe more listener image a very advanced listener philip cytoplasm empty vehicle around the players in the background it's brilliant we're going
to pass by it's true as both as blue plans to seventy five percent
we think it is quite effective he's been he's been approximately three weeks
as chip in twenty fourteen for the commission we do it in the supermarket are going to be politically the market in this type of cancer we think that radiation therapy of the earth water treatment the
idea that the radiation movie's malignant cells and not enter the novel to protect them in order to make use of radiation in this whether prime fashion week media all chemical problem in the area regularly shiite area that was your hitters not why you thought that requires some special permission to get a lot weaker when dubai and we've also developed over the years computer can do here is to compress time and i was to make calculations in a few seconds but what are no takers
the pay to play early americans who are out there that are tonight tonight in her
personal thing he really well and one k reporter will go away now known disco know these lakes that we can check that check reverse that announced a
very thorough do you just look at things working and i think the machines frighten them i think the whole atmosphere probably frightens them when they don't realize that the machines were gunmen actually they think that that they might be left under the machine i think this is what a great
operation the permanent home in a way that he and his band
it's because the paragraph b it's b
oh no as chico so far shuler a little more considerate plays it pretty tricky because it's also a piece to it so so you do tend to be judgmental to be vigilant he warned me what it could be like up to the first two weeks was the side effects can tide have an upset stomach but
it doesn't always happen that it might have the problem has been kind of the power is back this
is bogus be in the pew has been is this this is what they mean by the patient's underground we find out how other people feel about it it does is good just to talk to somebody in san diego no pets especially somebody you don't know the company's business
we'll not the first week of treatment over where the point is less than usual although there are the usual found nothing to be concerned about the next week here's to me originally from puerto rico there's really nothing to be concerned about going through the treatments in the usual fashion nothing unusual it is a big problem with the radiation treatments the uptake usually falls off sometimes remarkably it's only temporary of course and somebody in
his career general conditions he have nothing to be concerned about that thank you then early age groups counter remains one of the major causes of death and many problems of both and diagnosis that they remain to be so a medical problem is really a science problem is a problem that we will require
cooperation that is the canvas the mathematician all of the six miners working with the biologists and the medical record time and we want to him through our treatments just as rapidly as we can we can do this best buy working with animal tumors i think a lot of these tumors are very similar to human to mars and if we can work out a method for effectively sharing mice of their tumors we could probably cheaper situation and we could look after him and to respond more effectively even with mice the progress has not as fast as we'd like and in many ways i think we can improve on it and speed things up and we work in tissue culture where we can define the effects of the agents much better so we work with a human and animal tumors in tissue culture study the effects of these agents on the tumor cells in the situation and try to apply the results from tissue cultured
and then eventually to a therapist or your purpose surgeons tried to apply these methods to the treatment of patients and uses a long way to get better that they are he does thank
you and the police we need more funny things together these past weeks an event that is surprising is that this year home that you know you get something they keeping the senate is an awful lot of patience required when you sit around here waiting for treatments are waiting to see me waiting to get your blood taken and it does get your nerd at the present time there is no drug
which can work nearly as effectively as we know radiation burns with this farm treatment i expected you have no further trouble in five years ten years fifteen years this innocence is but cure although we don't like to use that term weak or to talk about the long term control of the disease and this is what we expect it's big those fears some aural business travelers and that you can't possibly carry
on with your job and the thing with political and having three month mental attitude to the dc from which is offering is of tremendous importance and dealing with malignant fees and i find that the patients who are terribly frightened about themselves do not do as well in general at is as patients who accept their disease can do everything possible to help themselves and to help their positions help them over two weeks now has treatments or the senate started a series
for checkups we don't know really is within a day or two of finishing the treatments much of this tireless and t will disappear and within one victory over back to your usual self until then you're just going to have to slow down now a play with a nice thing about two to keep that down to wait wait it leaky week
it's an attempt to keep in mind that we're hearing something in your happy to receive a large proportion of the ringleader whiskey of the already been dammed bleeding
we came to play nikos but it's been i'm just going to say that this says is a semi bothered
by a shortage of time because there's such an enormous volume of literature that published every month that no one feels that he was able to review this adequately one way in which we compensate for this is by arranging seven operation which we learned of new development in our own the related fields it sell a lot of the fights of hispanic we could count the number of the fights and we could say exactly whether that fell organisms what function and off the real stumbling block is that we don't understand how cell operations that we really don't know why a cell divides away when it will stop and we really tell the difference between normal cell cancer cell so that type of research that has to go on is really at a very basic level i know having we can above the self
asking direct hit regions i think that we have to be fair some of the people in the suits to attack the problem at a level where they were prepared to sell part of the molecules to try to find solution is no solution they will be hurt were many many years to find we only a less overtime that that isn't going to be a single girl in any of that off the old approaches morning rachel ward say the disease is a regular advanced functional set the seasons we've basically haven't visited international problem we have the advantage of having the ideas from other countries we know that people grow
they have had people from czechoslovakia and japan from france the new normal relationship with the outside world you have people coming to the budget thing for mission techniques going away but they hadn't yet you expose your work to your politics based information so that is a win genius flow of information and personnel and this of course is the life that the perception is really international kind of charges time scientist has always pushed for timely one thing we have not yet reached a point where we have all the answers this means we must constantly be looking for new ways of doing new things and to reach the point where we can diagnose cancer early and treated as early as possible this implies there for that research must go hand in hand with the practice of medicine that we
apply the patients with cancer mr michael level worse than when i came here you have a bob of a comic of the week he said the onus will pass he said should all feel a lot better with treatment i think you know he didn't speak of it usually the speaker it's been
in the past it's been the peak the conditions became
well a patient is thinking about is how do you know really coming into a character that the paintings by i think one of our own reasons for success in this institute is the fact that we're can continually forced to face up to the practical problem of patients who are very sick with cancer we meet them on
elevators we ride up an elevator to have them out we are aware of what is going on in our research tends to be very much more directed towards a practical application that i would be if we were stay on a university campus complete be an out of touch within a hospital the pay to play
it's b one can work in a building like this and seeing the suffering that goes on without feeling a certain sense of urgency on but doctors and hospitals in this film are real that anderson and his family this is big jesus is
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A Matter of Time
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Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
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This documentary-drama, produced for Intertel by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, depicts the life of a cancer patient at Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto. In this production, dramatic actor lee Patterson plays Ted Andersen, a man under treatment for Hodgkin's disease, a form of lymphatic cancer. The other principals include two actors Irena Mayeska as Andersen's wife, and Hilary Vernon as another cancer patient and the actual doctors, researchers, nurses, and other hospital employees. This method combines the realism of a cancer ward with the controlled pathos achieved through a dramatic form. The program traces Andersen's care from his first day at the hospital, following the discovery of a small, painless lump in his neck. He proceeds through a round of examinations, tests, diagnoses, and radiotherapy treatments. A doctor is assigned to see him through his course of treatment, and the patient is encouraged to continue his normal work and social life. "The story moves on several levels," producer-director Vincent Tovell; "what happens to Ted; what happens in places he doesn 't know about labs, research centers, conferences; what he feels inside fears, doubts, hopes, mental strain; and how his problem affects his relationship with his wife, children and co-workers. "We recorded a lot of material with doctors and nurses, and made a mosaic sound track of bits and pieces of many people's thoughts and reactions. Very little technical language is used. We filmed morning, noon, and night with small portable equipment, surrounded by real patients. It was an inspiring experience." No scripted dialogue or interviews are used. Instead the actors improvise their words within each scene. Throughout the drama, time enemy or ally is a principal character. Time is the hope of cure, the dread of pain, the specter of death; and the drama is posed against this "matter of time." NET Journal "A Matter of Time" is an NET presentation, produced for Intertel by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. This aired as Intertel episode 56 and NET Journal episode 243. The episode runs an hour and was shot in black and white. (Description adapted from documents in the NET Microfiche)
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Moving Image
Actor: Vernon, Hilary
Actor: Mayeska, Irena
Actor: Patterson, Lee
Camera Operator: Long, Ed
Camera Operator: Makin, Harry
Director: Tovell, Vincent
Film Editor: Saare, Arla
Producer: Tovell, Vincent
Producing Organization: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
Writer: Whitehead, William, 1931-
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