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major he's at a public television it's been or we go from nineteen sixty five because they were the approval they're changing those take years ago
we have accounted for new talent in nineteen sixty five a year my only apology this is the year that he would gain more politicized issues in the game will involve the government believe and out of the island nation have to ask when a crisis then they have to take a position on so that they can feel the need for power
jumbo beginning rather than i am when grace with mubarak welcoming you to another vision of like gentle well tonight we're gonna look at a nineteen fifty nine why do you do it so two hundred years like planets out to the white house with all of the incoming president would rather than all american no only ten percent of the bible with catholics and one reason may be given the fact that many of a lot lately the thing american politics or the black man in american democracy have often been dangerously close to question joe joe well what the involvement in wellington didn't
have that today printed over like that the divisions within infinite ministration know the division vote counted one it has been reported and admitted by the nixon administration that many black politicians have been offered positions in the nixon administration including senator brooke of massachusetts even though then politically oriented toward the white house declined to serve new precedent when president nixon major campaign drama that played a large part in an election with a pledge to bring law in order to america obviously appealing to the frightened middle class a category three which you live below although black america has not been talking to have to make that we've been talking about him because it represents america and will influence the great deal of what is going to happen in this country and that we are not a black journalist were some of the reactions of other americans across the country to president nixon we'll also be discussing community
control black economics and our evolving political consciousness i second the nomination or the party and they were very a pawn all while american man rumored to be nominated for president but nineteen sixty it was not a year in which a black man won any real political bickering or am i the nominee and i think that the abiding by the candidate within the body you think that women have a president and a white out
well direct insult to the white candidate so i had no alternative but to find their child and on the al qaeda if i would've rather than not maintain a washington divided with eighty thousand troops were never filed for the fight for the free force bayonet pharmacology into everything at night to sleep on congress recognized
right right time is running out for the margins of time in iraq and in american society is a wave a crime is not going to be the wave of the culture in the united states of america at times and no one much difference really between lawless nixon in humphrey slight differences a degree but essentially although more work or were catering to what they felt was a new feeling of anti black in the community solve a nixon is going to do a whole lot don't ruin it i think it's so annoying or tissue in the fact that nixon was loaded into the presidency as an indication of the general conservatism of the country but also i think the general feeling that you deal with a lot of the problems we have the social problems the urban crisis the guild song
is to use repression and control that is that somehow this can all be handled in the village folks are are controlling contained and even perhaps maybe eliminated i think that's gone on a lot of people initially else a little disappointed that nixon did get elected again as i said i do think that society society in order to function will need to be structured that have to be laws and i believe that the type of government that have some opportunity to try to control the rec office i don't believe that all this would be covered significant thing about this election of course it means dirty that means that the eye and like grip the stranglehold that the white liberal establishment has had on the black
community for his last twenty thirty years is finally been broken with the election of richard nixon so we are going to act her relief and for ourselves on having a lot of the people in the afro american community around screaming about what control the communities black lives of black that have allowed a handful of guilt stricken white label flying around the turn on to that would be dealing now with why the market is worse and then it will be able to pool of drama hustle of you know screaming black part of the same time taking what is money and i don't think that that richard nixon was going to get up off of that kind of guilt money from what we are now not playing anymore there's no time left to play and that we are probably in for several years of great repression from the
new towels that be not that they're so different from the others but that will not be i hesitate to feed watts but there's i don't expect they're to be a lot of guilt money and conscience money around i believe that the whites in the united states are getting themselves together and that we'd better do the same so you don't you don't really see any own the record that we have any really strong allies are actually of low robert kennedy would you say that he was a strong ally a thousand you's a potential ally i think in the case of robert kennedy and people like him they have been misled by a liberal name a growing fraction of the things that are working every day and i think that when he talked to quote the so called sumitomo this and he felt that he was really talking so valuable and twenty fifth street and i said we've got to do it on a remark
about women's relevant show why that perhaps a candidate could have been a potential ally well the real outlier in the times that to actually we see that they are taking the steps from kennedy say to nixon's inaugural that the right staff especially as he says economically it's been really a lot of social work illusions that the democrats now have in the vicinity it was interesting to see that black people especially in newark right it was at the white house led in theory actually was on oversight allows in a house like this says the grassroots like me has already taken his death and we're in a situation that's very analogous to places with germany where people would rule the country the class that was a country interpret all of the problems of the country as being the fault of black people like people are going to begin to become the scapegoat for all of the
problems of the society and what that means is that there's going to be a new white political tradition that has come out in new york we see they say this is some little comfort that wallace was elected but little local races were like that all around they don't want to be a colony in the nation they want the pride and the self respect dignity can only comment they have an equal chance to own their own homes on their own businesses to be managers and executives as well as workers have a piece of the action and the exciting adventures of private enterprise in terms of black capitalism not reads the man in the street it will be like who's was the low benefit more alive than men on history
and nixon and yet drastic changes i think we have to be aware of the nixon do next i don't think it's changed it a nixon first a noble cause and we have to be aware that they do have concentration camps in america and they will be open and it will be the japanese and i think and i think we must understand is that there is no political solution within the context of this political system there may be a political solution to some modifications all of this system but within the existing political system for a number reasons
gerrymandering fuller the question of the cia's system in the house the question all the way in which the the existing political structure changes the rules when the people organizing allows county and was a threat all blacks taking over they changed rules were in office was formally two years they extended to four years would cost five hundred fifty dollars to file for office they knew is that three to five hundred dollars in the system changes the rules of the game and if we are naive enough to believe that simply by following those rules which is in fact all four hundred year history of following those rules that would that by continuing to do that and they chased those rules up on every whim and when they were lost and to the people but muse the ballot along with all the other odd thing is it available to the arsenal of black people and we use the ballot specifically for one purpose and that was to educate people to the real nature of their problems and to give the
people who wanted to vote an opportunity to vote for the black panthers but i think yeah i know in snake it was recognized as an educational process process of development of braving the political consciousness of people to the point that they can see that voting is not to a solution is not a solution that people voted and put a black mayor in cleveland i was situation and how was the defense of the solution the solution is very massive changes in legion i get massive changes by the simple process of voting because you cannot control you know by myself or even with the help of the other legislators want to revolutionize george if i thought i was entitled my constituents i was
i'd be giving them a big thing i know is that i can and i have been a disservice to the people some dumb things for them we found with the alp presidential campaign our situation that there is a limit i speak to you as a political scientist there is a limit but to the extent that there are black people can use the electoral process we expect our last week doing the mass our power as they catch la actress as get ourselves together we cannot expect anything from the levels of all of the truth there is some indication that it's possible to change the system i think that the restructuring of the democratic party for example the democratic national convention we saw a number of changes made there but the thrust on the part of many people in that party since the elections and again that they want to change the nature of the party is only an indication of hope that the system can be
changed rather than destroy it fourth organize their own thing and everything done in services denies that experimental julian bond one of the last great experience you know if he wins you if he can achieve what they see if you can work out of practice was going on and why they might pull things back on the road in terms of really coming to other black people we cannot make a life in the back in the best thing we can do is make a coalition and that must be a deceptive move the difference between a coalition an alliance that they're a coalition and a temporary arrangement on a given issue once it has benefitted bizarre and i'm on to the permanent mission fall you know the fans and development and we can only do that with people of color as opposed to become a mess and something we can make a massive with that immunity and that the
same man had no power to make you know i'm thinking not make an ally if you have no power and some analyses of apollo all the technique and directed the original that had been tried and integration movement november in to talk about making a life where white people with guns or just like making allies of the white people in a non violent state the white people astray cannot do understand that they did not go on for nonviolence in the law and what they're trying to do and integration is the same name as the same car bomber again the painting that every new additional egypt are right now and if the white man can no longer do we save from the fbi to start trying to move on and they do an entire goals will have the heel of one video the late nineteen seventies i think that if we learn that we can depend on big debt in washington
and begin to get together i think the nineteen sixty nine could be the beginning of a new unity of a new part of the new cooperation across the society of black people and poor people and people of goodwill i have to be honest with you i can't see you know that's a line into a worse problem rex and i save my concern is who's going to interpret this law and enforce that selfish self interest of this country does not lie in the direction of racial conflict that it is possible to have the lead for people who have connections to move this country in the direction of some new opportunities and began to relieve some of this on the political scene recently reinstated congressman adam clayton powell has issued a call for a third political party also the militant
blacks should unite behind julian bond while white radicals line up behind ted kennedy also was a third party led by vaughn and kennedy may be necessary to quote save the republic and arms work south carolina last memory three students died when police fired into crowds of students demonstrating to desegregate a bowling alley the justice department has filed charges against one of those policemen for their actions one year in prison and a fine after ten months of patrol duty in wilmington delaware's black community the national guard is pulling out a side of the city during rebellion sparked by martin luther king's new governor russell peterson one of the troops out of his first official acts regard with the most glaring symbol of repression and beleaguered wilmington black community black panther national chairman bobby seale announced that his
organization was getting rid of conspirators and the opportunities that had infiltrated the panthers he said that members and gaze in criminal activity would be expelled roy wilkins executive director of the end the rays ct have come out opposing what i was black studies department is one of the key points in black student rebellion that on campuses across the country the claims that such department would result in june cosco booth and that he would be willing to go to court to prevent such a move on the other hand roy's units of the congress of racial equality has brandon wilkins as passe and supports the financial autonomy black journal has invited ms davison is the wilderness to debate these issues on oct eight program now for a broader look at the school situation there is little else we hawkers probably assume do i'm on the case your father father's library at howard university in washington dc
some comments about self determination or self determination are all in black communities controlling our economic growth our educational system like folsom got together and talk with one another about womanhood manhood all these things came to have a nineteen sixty eight we saw what have an emotional run school in new york and in boston at the martin luther king elementary school in philadelphia near washington dc and chicago and at almost every other black community across the nation this happen this happen at universities like san francisco state brandeis university columbia new york cheney state pennsylvania and northwestern illinois it revealed itself with the formation of likes to really use of places like harvard princeton yale and almost every other major university in the country they are determined
wearable thank you the two the three way the chain's golden
age that it's a game and actually a saying they say oh the last name paul hamlet is that man on the move on the box actually law last meeting say it came who is it oh
yes weekdays six well you're pretty young lawyers for his plea just not been able to break through i suspect that you can find much documentation to some of the shall i call them administrators reasons for example they have not had in most of the school experience leadership they have tremendous hurdles staff or steel are inexperienced he says with the new york city school system come into the yellow area and finally you have a complete lack of confidence by the products in the school system and health
created in the most visited a sense of that you just don't hear that so they just don't have any confidence in this scene the failure it was a system for example that gives the test every year yes me to record the same degree of a ticket sales in the third grade gets a test for the grief is in fourth grade at this completely reinforcing the fagan and this then defeat with no real journalistic process of addressing themselves to this kind of academic recovery but we also followed the brooklyn school situation that as we do to get ourselves together we're going to come up against some very strong traditionally entrenched forces like the unions and we just got to be prepared are not organized basis to deal with those kinds of forces well you know
the money and they buried no no it was clear to me that the problems that the various groups have had around the country in various cities is to the flag that the white community control has been achieved an islamic version has been on the basis of a privilege granted to the people by a powerful and sensitive people might say and that the concept of commuting control as you write an inherent right has not been clearly established and i think until it is established that this is a right and not a privilege and this is not an experiment but the people exercising their rights until
that is clarity here is dated by the courts and sanctions saying it's not going to be successful you can continue your own school behind the barricade it's been the case at san francisco state college the black student union join with a third were liberation front and a student strike their demands included a prominent black studies department to be headed by dr nathan here with rank a full professor they're demanding that blacks determined the curriculum for the black students and short that they control their own best
and what we're going to do when a look forward we're going to go legitimate necessary until the silent white minority you know who are against black folks who love black fork button anything winston on they're never going to make any real competition in an angel struggle against tyranny so we know of what the silent and want more faculty and sam's got takeout recognizes that these young militants are tending to save the soul of the institution as i know even though i could be bad about our country and i think that this is the vanguard group and they they have managed to pull a new thing which is to get the boardwalk well on a big government involvement the the white little community and i mean that quite conservative muslim and many other white resentment they are involved in the struggle is being pushed present at a sign they still retain their blackness in their
respective causes and other blackout will we will and you find a young negro college campuses that the students are being held down harder than they were off on these are predominantly white campuses because they're usually able to a get a strong sense of collective effort when they are isolated and white campuses in the mood strong resolute plan to grow kansas' know at the howard ah the administration sometimes you know they go out of their way like at our you know where neighbor once looked up to our way to the press you know arm so that you see really can appear on white campuses for blacks do you are actually more quickly than we can appear you know when a negro college you know for our own people
i mean if it took more of a faith effort to get us that show and howard in fact i went out one time that when humans chicken we finally had to go around the campuses so is all of your you know and learn this alarm the negroes a lot on some paranoia that the way they were going to get there worse actually i had i was in the vanguard of thousand of work out there in this movement i went at sixty one out with the intention of the same thing would not have been effective or three years that they can understand and then with a status that a lot in that are now that investors began to move at least express an internet connection now that enough votes so that if he's an impossible that was to themselves and it's also comparable in the final
spirit of madness that which you've added up about the white people barely anyone know who manage and i didn't have all the soul food or sold as an idea and the avenue that indeed on occasion that kind of gets about like do you have a party that are the aussies well let wall of the bill that passed even equipment they have some thought but in a white powdered jon jones gets paid by god because he's white but that spirit and the episode of their private business daily product made in bombay india of black america today our prize i caught him was given daily says of his friends at twenty two of those other things that alone would call the veteran of the white house to be more aware of their plate a situation and to really help you do more of it i think the student movement has to be looked at very closely by black holes to know what direction we're going to go in because these things are going to move because if i'm not mistaken
that is the basis of nucleus of a very strong group that is moving this country about black panthers as a matter of fact the founder of the black panther party here at newton thought it as a college student in their campus moving to get afro american history on the curriculum of awe that college at this point now in nineteen sixty eight their college has a black studies program to get a degree in that this is where he really began actively is black nationalist activities on the coast but in terms of the black student you have to go much further than that back in nineteen sixty in greenville north carolina where to disperse it in again and this is the beginning of the whole over protest movement in this country began with black students the black panther party allows counties the student nonviolent coordinating committee black students the black panther party bobby seale and huey newton black students and whatever you look the real impetus of changes come out of the youth who are in
school and who had a position to sit back and analyze some of the things going on unwilling to take action was so significant now is it's not the college students only removing that is all the way down to do your high even elementary schools are all moving that's the beauty of tv and columbia university have agreed to the demands of the black advisory committee of the new educational series black heritage as a result of their agreement and it now controls the country relating to the theories and ambition and reach wider press coverage for a wide public relations agency and is a white cameraman on the series starts roy campanella play little else with it that the top performing college basketball another half of the top performer and can we send our
congratulations to war for nineteen sixty eight was a busy year like the year and this year promises more of the same when a community can come to choose from such ways as to be young gifted and black a composite on raymond chandler's work that time bach white which recently arrived from watts and balanced way the company communities across the country market are being financed and operated by president nixon has proposed several plans which he plays a lawyer says the afro american to get a piece of the action in one of these plants is to give tax incentives too white investors are turning to
so called hardcore unemployed that's us on the ibm cardinals low income areas you know it's quite obvious that the white men will probably from the center so what remains to be seen is whether we will another of the plans is the president calls it like capitalism they call it that it's become part of the large portion of our discussions in the black community why capitalism brothers sisters i think we talk about all these games were talking from a different viewpoint to get our thing together that is you
can win boycott open supermarkets were supported by the black panther leader huey newton aggression and economical is is
real integration physically batteries least at occupy community or interim budget that occupied territory throughout our history that there's no interest or any policy or any effort on the part of the power structure to share the resources of this country with the oppressed black people so therefore what the black people must have these resources than they must take them it is a conservative wave of the coalition for a lack of a little known us that was that the rollout is to protect the interest of these that period which is legitimate or not you know let that little spears knew that say because all i see is black dongs are rather than with the jews who dominate the ghettos syrian family of a minority group that is just a shift of power at
the plate i think what this country needs and i think thank the revolutionary terms because i know i'm thinking but when i think of him because i got that sense the institute i just don't see any possibility of revolution right at this moment and so i'd rather quick talk about revolution and talk about what is possible and what is possible is to take something like black capitalism and if people know what they're doing to build a base for economic control of the neighborhoods so that they can affect their police power they can affect basic decisions you get the best way to get rid of the police problem is the way we didn't so we got in that office and the only way you didn't do enough you put a black chair of them is the country with six percent of the world's population they control sixty percent of the world's resources it's international capitalism the way in which it came to power was through taking the land of the indians didn't like
people to develop the land there's no people for us to exploit except ourselves we cannot go down the route the whitechapel this all went down we not producers and all the way which we get into that position is if in fact the federal government gave us billions of dollars to become producers and you went to the point that over twenty congressional committees thirteen run by southern crackers another sixteen senatorial committee is its senate committees tent run by selling crack so white racist power stands in the way all of yves of this kind of solution wilson says things that a lot of people we already have a lot of money within the black communities and the disappointing thing is that black people know you as the money is and power or the hap and what would think that reagan udall well you were to have given a great pilots are we like corey brings over power and we can develop into more pro football for twenty years
and we try to get cadillac to allow black people to sell cadillacs black people just think of a weird solar population we were buying about twenty two percent of the new guidelines thirty percent of it all used cadillac and we couldn't even sell these cards are people and i think at the time we were behind curtains and some fathers that is just at the register for many waivers both of progress then we got to the front of the next question was driving that the nation will be an executive at the company and that question over to the blackout question of why we do not have that we have the most customers can we all live off company they all we wanted to help people forget the idea of like hey here's your business i can develop this way i can start this factory i think once we get the thinking
these days you're right we are trying to do in sunflower valley is to try to spice on camera setup prodded we have so far about that day female pete and these pigs are going out to the families and as these female all by land as opie that callas won't try to pay for the big day and then it will keep going up to have people be able to our habitat meet a cause you know he had suffered in this town at the malnutrition i'm fifty one years old and about the new yacht tell me a couple weeks ago that that sector salaries i happen out there aren't isn't very happy raisins i don't have no doubt about him and i was kind of the outbreak is a shame and until we can gain some
economic power alone with the political power it is just don't get worried fear the program is probably the only one of the lead programme in the solving of a viable seed made it to the people so the the pope
i mean it is the only way the rocket since the nba successful that been is ensure that it has to be controlled by that's because the whites i will manipulate the system to the extent that it makes it an effective are just too has been one of the reason why we've had many problems from our local priest local whites witnesses is human this week this
is us you know you do that people running around talking about building a black automobile industry flint there's no such thing in latin america to the best of my knowledge of the possible exception of argentina where they assemble cars are and you have to ask yourself and they are separated from the united states from yellow flags on the all africa of their own currency their own flag no not geographical territory and even now over a lot of africa have control of their
own political structures and yet they are still dependent upon united states or its client states so when you talk about our ghosts setting up your own are competitive economics against the dominant economic system it seemed to me that this is truly the world of fantasy and what must happen i think is that there must be an overthrow this wasn't really i am for beginning where we are and we certainly are with me this system so that began to began to do anything about it means that we began lynette not so they don't let it begin to the program our program is one of the oka of scrabble a problem is is is one of our of doing everything that we can to improve
the positions which we have quietly worked for fundamental and revolutionary change on the system it and and besides you will never achieve the rule on a system if you don't begin with the immediate demands of the people because you will know me is that assessment and they're not just by waving a flag and an unnamed recent showing support our allies people for this you will agonize and in the course of the bad things from those against a repression fair the things that they need and they would pass by themselves as they go along and then will come the great moment of cultural revolution rave on reverend richard they make a judgment let me just that i think i can get
you in another way that that was all wrong the circle and centre circle and that is get a one minute statement on the future what does the future hold worthless with you i think the onset of the farm programs are just routine and so on i think we're in for a period of repression i think that white america which means more sympathy i overestimated its part by the un that to my ears that has he and i have a respect for be about the power he has like america is not going to tolerate but so much black america is in a fighting mood also an that there is going to be more and more confrontation and that it is the wise thing for the black man to prepare for it in every way possible so that he does not wake up one
morning find his community entirely surrounded and he is without our of our weapons to fight his way out mr watts oh i think for the nineteen sixty nine is when we're for us to put a porsche nine has gone the way of saying what julian joseph i think that the white power structure which has financed our cultural revolution in terms of on the written just about every aspect of our cultural revolution are either their illnesses are right now you venture you you've had your cultural revolution this is it now shut up and at this particular juncture i mean this is where we're really going to be pressed to either put up or shut up and as i said his kids and involving programs and certainly self defense is only part of it i think we've heard plenty of freedom loving and i think one of the most significant events of the year that we've overlooked in our list of meaningful topics discussed the
syrian army but here in cleveland do in the summer scientists said something to all of white and black america something that stokely carmichael couldn't say that the black panthers couldn't say that rap brown couldn't say in that claude brown couldn't say i'm a band once couldn't say and only other notables who are constantly in the public's eye vi television so these guys can always be gotten to but to suddenly have an unknown to a group who hasn't been buried on nationwide tv or radio jumped up and said ok fellow the farm as go to war with the police i think what does the divide america is about it we've heard all that rhetoric and we've heard all the militancy and all the threats coming from iran that reportedly enraged black community that lead we've seen somethin this year and what we're saying we don't wanna see this
animal and seven have to be done about the black folks get paid to do it and the only way they'll be any black people around here who they opened their mouths at the end of sixty nine they betta get ready to protect them whenever they got to say it because cleveland stop it and the kerner report as earl well recognized the situation developing in america in a way that has not been recognized before namely that the nation is splitting up into two opposing camps the so called i can know so called black hair now certainly certainly this is a process which will continue in nineteen sixty nine when the only question the only question is all will afro mike and
so simply will simply leave the eu the struggle for their survival which i don't think it will and as a result they will be self defense on the bard of afro americans nobody can actually condemn people who defend themselves and up on businesses we have to be prepared to defend ourselves but at the same time he was keep in mind that the best defense it's not only the mobilization of our own force but a lot of the forces loyal forces around us so one of the implications for the future of enough of a huge win for the vote for international implications of any international cricket solomon of before this whole movement toward a hardening position and i think it definitely is one major or perhaps
even more but there's one that i'm aware of major a reference to the international world and this is in relation to america and this is that you know once i think that we can really start something of black americans if we begin to get sassy whole well we'll look at what the the narrative of their lives out in the country and then latin america behind hamilton and then age of the harbor and ammo and then after two of the hobbit hamilton and producer in america won't look so blue living attack from all corners of the world with interest and there's not a phase of the international situation which gives some hope it is that there was an intervention against hitler's and there is a territory if if we do have to go through a similar phase in america i mean there will be an intervention that would be helpful to the effort by very much i'm lou halls of william graves will be back with you on monday february twenty fourth
one day same day it's b
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This episode, reviewing 1968 and previewing 1969, concentrates on three often interrelated areas vis-/*-vis black America: economics, politics, and community control. There is among blacks a consensus that the age of white patronage has ended and that black programs must be increasingly cohesive. In the words of black militant Ron Karenga, 1968 was a year in which blacks were "politicized" in order to "take a position on self-discrimination, self-respect and self-defense,AeP and 1969 will be the year of reconstruction, to pull all this together." In the area of economics, the consensus opposes President Nixon's concept of black capitalism, which would only be "an adjunct of white capitalism" in the words of historian Richard Moore. Instead, "we must organizes co-operatives, strengthen the organization of Afro-American workers," and create financial resources capable of helping "Africans rid themselves of colonialism and neo-colonialism." Vital to the Negroes' credo of self-determination is community control - most immediately regarding the school system. Actor-author Julian Mayfield asks: Who will control the city schools, the community or "the white gangs who have always had control?" Ultimately, he feels the community will gain control. "Next comes the police," says Mayfield. He notes that Black Power involves "controlling out environment as much as humanely possible. Otherwise, we'll all be in concentration camps." There is general agreement on the importance of the student movement, encouraging the admission of more blacks in universities and more organization among these black students. LeRoi Jones remarks the black movement has been more successful on predominantly white campuses than at Negro colleges where "Tomism" remains a strong force, especially among administrators. He cites Howard University as a case in point. "Black Journal #8" is an NET production. (Description adapted from documents in the NET Microfiche)
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Black Journal began as a monthly series produced for, about, and - to a large extent - by black Americans, which used the magazine format to report on relevant issues to black Americans. Starting with the October 5, 1971 broadcast, the show switched to a half-hour weekly format that focused on one issue per week, with a brief segment on black news called "Grapevine." Beginning in 1973, the series changed back into a hour long show and experimented with various formats, including a call-in portion. From its initial broadcast on June 12, 1968 through November 7, 1972, Black Journal was produced under the National Educational Television name. Starting on November 14, 1972, the series was produced solely by WNET/13. Only the episodes produced under the NET name are included in the NET Collection. For the first part of Black Journal, episodes are numbered sequential spanning broadcast seasons. After the 1971-72 season, which ended with episode #68, the series started using season specific episode numbers, beginning with #301. The 1972-73 season spans #301 - 332, and then the 1973-74 season starts with #401. This new numbering pattern continues through the end of the series.
The program, reviewing 1968 and previewing 1969, concentrates on three often interrelated areas vis-a-vis black America: economics, politics, and community control. There is among blacks a consensus that the age of white patronage has ended and that black programs must be increasingly cohesive. In the word of black militant Ron Karenga, 1968 was a year in which blacks were politicized in order to take a position on self-determination, self-respect and self-defense...and 1969 will be the year of reconstruction, to pull it all this together. In the area of economics, the consensus opposes President Nixon's concept of black capitalism, which would only be an adjunct of white capitalism in the words of historian Richard Moore. Instead, we must organize co-operatives, strengthen the organization of Afro-American workers, and create financial resources capable of helping Africans rid themselves of colonialism and neo-colonialism. Vital to the Negroes' credo of self-determination is community control most immediately regarding the school system. Actor-author Julian Mayfield asks: Who will control the city schools, the community or the white gangs who have always held control? Ultimately, he feels the community will gain control. Next comes the police, say Mayfield. He notes that Black Power involves controlling our environment as much as humanly possible. Otherwise, we'll all bein concentration camps. There is general agreement on the importance of the student movement, encouraging the admission of more blacks in universities and more organization among these black students. LeRoi Jones remarks the black movement has been more successful on predominantly white campuses thatn at Negro colleges where Tomism remains a strong force, especially among administrators. He cites Howard University as a case in point.
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