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from communication center the university of texas at austin this is universally form that the former is a public in a disciplinary meeting place for the wide ranging world of ideas opinion and analysis in this week's programme we'll here issac to share this singer noted yiddish writer and recipient of the nineteen seventy eight nobel prize for literature discussing his philosophy as a jewish writer you'd introduce mr singer is dr steven derr an assistant professor of germanic languages at the university of texas at austin the argentinian writer jorge luis borges once said that he could envision a world without novels but not without tells stories in versus to this one cadet that in a world of tales and stories would be unimaginable without the words of isaac assure the senate in short he epitomizes that intonation which the germans call lists of drug live on
ib singer the sun than grass number of ours was born abroad scene in poland tonight no four although he wasn't self esteem two rabbinical seminary in warsaw he chose to pursue a career as a writer in nineteen thirty five already perceiving what was to be the great european cataclysm and the destruction of a large segment of his people he immigrated to new york where he began to write for the jewish daily phones although he originally composed in hebrew you long ago talking yiddish as a medium of expression in nineteen fifty seven saul bellow later also to receive the nobel prize for literature translated singers and dimple the fall into english after which mr singers fame quickly spread subsequently his narratives appeared in dozens of languages and he is is read and admired in tokyo as he is in new york his nature works include people the full nineteen fifty seven the magician including nineteen fifty nine to
spinoza of market street nineteen sixty one the manor nineteen sixty five in my father's court a memoir nineteen sixty two and shot a novel nineteen seventy eight mr singhal has also written many children's books among them mile solution a muscle to tell three witches alija the slave and why know it shows ib singer has been the recipient of numerous literary awards to name a few to national book awards the first in nineteen seventy eight in children's literature for a day of pleasure and a second to nineteen seventy four and fiction for a crown of feathers and other stories he also received the lowest lung problems and a grant from the national institute of arts and letters of which mr singer is a member his work has appeared in numerous jury articles including commentary esquire partisan review the new yorker midstream playboy in bestowing this year's nobel prize in literature the swedish academy in stockholm spite of you
cited mr singer for and i quote his impassioned narrative art which with roots in polish jewish cultural tradition brings the universal human condition like ladies and gentleman this year's nobel laureate stars of the show the senate the peace bell the president joked i guess the president that they thought the dr king spoke to ken lay this gentleman don't be afraid i'm not going to speak yiddish do you i wish i could but i know i know that not everybody here knows steve tisch to hear dr king's make a speech species for
the wonderful the most unlikable think is that these be some ups and looking good the dish he could never believe to this a man who has learned the language which is approved to meet that yiddish could be low because many people say the weekend the planet it's it's a language so idiomatic american learn that he doesn't have it and i was invited to speak before this distinguished audience i knew in advance that and i think i had to say was a journal to you already available to you and the shells of fuel libraries i have decided to forget modestly and speak about myself since and that subject i am sam lout of a mentality there i hope that you will find my case history of
it i have in my lifetime lift the rwandan buffer app works in jewish is that i was brought up in a hole that all jewish made lightly i lost was a house off and holy books all the children of my age had juries i played the divine humans in my father's library that i began to i ate before you knew the alphabet i took my father's hand dipped it in pinkie and stop at the schiphol the suburbs with a melody from me because on that date i think it's for a bit my father moved to also when i was still very young and depp as second at work began from me the age of the
enlightenment my blog i jason get late to haul the bloodless ashkenazi wasn't that kind of nationalists it was not in his nature to hate his opinions he spoke frankly to my parents' advancing could get clarity and precision old arguments that the nationalists from spinoffs that truthfully about how much snow the envelope i guess village love us to like try it i listened attentively fortunately my parents did not like and since then apply to get as much skill as my below the attack i had to call my father saying well who are you
who made this guy at this faster song demo men animals my bodice as of us that they're thinking had evolved he mentioned diving but my mother wanted to know i connect teacher vip eyes ears lungs and a brain evolve from a quiet and vote my father used to say you can suspect i ain't but the cronkite a letter by itself my blog on never had an answer for this as vietnam has been found my parents have tempted to defend us thinking the case of faith i call somebody telling stories often goals and the books and often met met her killer seats or famous objects some of these events they themselves had witnessed and i knew that they were not like this
mike and found that way of building it had once been visited by an old man a fortune teller who have been able to lead attacks or fake last book but then a page right and father touched with his finger in fortune teller global insight i later used this incident in as though lee of mine you have pablo you just not been yet conflict and the met the fact this man this old man came came from mesopotamia so my mother knew a firehouse inhabited by a poltergeist and loses bennett indeed i can truthfully say that i did kind of a seven and eight i was a heavy a crane pictured all these strange facts about to be found in the books of common blue cell of a large money in my ears from early on and professor kind of
discount you know all the most pressing question is low here tournaments yet because meat in those were not clear that the goal but actually i began to leave the guy left a complex and because i am become a list the clip that you were at a non believer really early age but nevertheless despite my studies i've made to try and play joyfully with other children at play there in public but in school i just found that my fellow students get from plastics those i told them was that my father was a kinky and that such convincing dictate that they believed me how they believed me is still unable to me because i certainly was met this like a prince and the first word
flow book out i experienced all the social ills of japan it i saw the man and i was made much of golf hello leaving behind them sobbing the men and hungary showed men from the very hostile liftin book taking is the basic my brother my father i know you you will keep on talking about the logic but the logic is that and this will how does it happen that let men and teachers isis in the manufacture of bombs and gongs to destroy innocent people i guess he himself was lifted you're in the short time that it wasn't like oh hee and you look at a kind of humiliation they're washing their coats accused them of living jesus plays in the gravel of using blood from
boxes and of spying for the germans and barack's these numbers bank up my high minded bladder flat divorce up and hid in the studio of a sculptor i used to carry food and day well the vote because of the jimmy was not a national fund could as easily crash the validity of reason as the existence of god my own spin that there was chaos i suffered from member teams and sometimes i'll listen nations i had to read a lot to campuses conga chilled and filthy beggars refugee sleep thinking just elites bags of hundred soldiers did not pass a meditation me for human or divine duties the spectacle of my
cat house again i'm myles made me sick and the barons lead the humanities know god's mercy seemed to be certain i found rat filled with contradictions my brother still cling to the hope that and then the reason would be exploding is what young guy ross i knew it and of worship of reason was as idolatrous as boyd crowder i gave an image as yet they have not denied the modern philosophers father had come to the conclusion by myself isn't really stumped enemies contradictions than adidas became space and causality it would be you know a better the d's than the ultimate problem the problem of evil in nineteen seventeen my mother took
me and my younger blonder to build i ran my grandfather was out buying it was that time of being occupied by ghostly its us gets evolution had occurred and was regarded as the victory of these folks who came here about evolution and the problems in the ukraine we'll get i had just think you about a cholera epidemic in a time of lost the play at the fifth inhabitants in a matter of a few weeks some of my tapes had been stricken you do some cases that passed the loans are still fresh in my memory and will be i had no way votes for sound that by far us and they had big jewish traditions of five hundred years of hundreds of years before was still very much alive and have it become acquainted with the modern hebrew yiddish
literature he he's secular writers of brooklyn which is well under the influence of the enlightenment he's just wanted to draw to step out of his old fashioned got the game and become european their doctor is the nationalist big liberal human this book to me such ids seeing daddy up solely on little obsolete the literally go the regime and the places to fit another that seemed to me to be the crux of the matter the problem was at a show in itself i felt that i must achieve some sort of solution of the puzzle all perish myself while i'm the guy i became acquainted with the literature low although nations i hadn't translation post latest they ask ego gotten high negated there are some i had you were
checking on those people of divided and dispose of edgar allan poe all ed but the post glacial don't ask me but they couldn't kill at el polo as a matter of fact my levels in this building i i once got a gift to violence from united states to yiddish books under the title tragedies and no comedies of william shakespeare house late that unnamed move by david who is it well shakespeare i know it was at this time also that their first audit spinoza skeptics german translation
i pored over each page as though it will be a part of the plan will fall of the axioms definitions and gm i still remember my heart i'm not able to see the defects in hyatt this is on spinoza system what might really got the ethics have a great effect on me my story with the most of market street is rooted in disbelief later i head the history of philosophy and david you come to our and ej my philosophic they suits are not undertaking to make me a philosopher might try to show up was to discover the truth and through the discovery he gives sense and substance to my life but finally my conclusion was that a powerful us a three lane it's not tech the primaries i'm not in the building of suspense film of the systems could be taken seriously they did not
help from to manage most like the human intellect go from that existence and make systems only the fewest could be system a prize i myself was insulted and shame human intellect many times i cut i contemplated suicide because of my intellectual importance all these films took place inside me and outside of just the house and the glory was flooded the town won't hate three times a day and fellow activists for the people of the time or suspicious anyway they considered me a next topic planned i saw that to get leaf and sometimes and the isle of the boys my age make peace omaha this vote and its troubles i like their humility and their pay and i
began and i think he will satoko because my spirit that i expected my pen to at least partially express my age what i saw which aimed at nothing issued a pun nylon mesh pop phrases similitude also had a notable and bj criticize he really i felt as if a battle and how long to my pen and inhibit that a mysterious power did not let me a very light enough self after many of cairo's i decided that it was the fault of the hebrew language you he was needed to me but it was not my mo the language when i think i kept on searching can i'm emily from grace and phrases from the bible the mission there and delayed the literature in addition each he blew it
like after itself a whole chain of associations i came to the conclusion that like the yiddish would be easy and ice but they soon found that this was not so i still have not lost my inhibitions satan did not allow me to express my individuality despite myself i imitated such liked us as quote the united will come some getting is an us i guess and lee created a painful experiences because a tremendous innovation and its ultimate expression this cousin is never completely bridge y'all have a conviction on perhaps there was a that you have much more to say they're not pierce and the paper i began an investigation of the techniques of
literature lot i ask myself makes false play endlessly of skis so today and that became my political star i bought it a singular had left poland and gulped or should you as the sidekick in kiev they hold for the dish pass yet that it published his collection of those votes for one day he showed up and build it to spend a day as i said he had done it i've at least i thought so i had sufficient count not to show my manuscript i knew that that the famed to find my way by myself calm timed gaffe i mentally who also features then descend to a few gay culture and paul it was in the twenties i had not yet published anything and that time a blog of a friend of a famous poet
parents mark who has literally could make it based on all the members of a split that i say call homemade rich who was a friend of rare stephens like this dr ken told me well it's a game that today at a famously blue color and comic who edition i just like jaws of prop up the shrew who came and visits divorce i bought the moscow at that often that the irish about a literary magazine and i got the job today as the poultry face bit of evolution permeated the new yiddish literature micah shorten the scion of my across the motion poet the famous russian poet authentic some of the baroque notion poet all puffed opponents self was the most beloved writer of that go he's got a page that classic an academic literature or of bangkok
and bulk of venue i am a new a new sky i was afraid to set myself i guess like a solo although they recognize although i so that their art with me then you and spend it most it had me at dulles about the old cliches the old idea of jungle vines in my younger boy like me from the promise is found a doctrine and abortion is kosher middle of a vip all evil incredibly naive the jewish occasion and pulled a lump of especially bad the polish people the people themselves not believe that regime had never come to terms with a jew jews have to build a sample of society and paul long had their own fate language holidays and even political aspirations he useful both citizens and
navy my father frank semple could speak no polish i myself spoke polish at a maximum of them a perfect ladies and gentlemen i speak all languages for the next ten years in an opinion i speak yiddish with her mexican trucks tell me although my ancestors have lived in pull out a six out a time that key if you are still strangers no revolution could unite the still communities so profoundly separated communism and zionism the two ideals which split the modern to football on billboard completely alien to the polish people i don't mean to imply that they have a remarkable per se and they spoke clearly meticulous a living on the volcano
in my bitterness i spoke about become a catastrophe of all sound me all puffed up that optimism nationalism and the head don't let this i brought the suit freed himself on aleutian area movies what they still kept his belief in the reason he still talk that through evolution and partly this man would slowly see his myspace and crack we had many discussions you know sends at taking on the position of my parents i typed mercilessly to destroy a human difficult than his i get mad that i did this because i didn't have to offer up my parents and police out of events that advocated religion miners only and i get the philosophy my brother was almost a long and deeply sympathetic to me when i was a rebellious and often insulin
as the younger sometimes a new american show which i find difficult to characterize begin to develop and me it was a kind of religious skepticism it is a gut but you know the dvds and sell your most who is in lapis now an infinite number of universes and india and this power sexiness of reach you have no inkling and weaker than men this system allows for the possibility of the angels their rules and for all the beings rich hour until a main five on nine i had an iq is from a combine the ten commandments david hume a philosophy and a catalyst that i think of lob a mortar from
cordova and ali issac million as well as the uk a call polite thinks of the money on selling all of the large salary and coax this was i kind of a mixture of miss this is in the day is intense skepticism well suited to my intellect and temperament instead of a complete universe of facts i saw developing human waste of potentiality thank you in the beginning class potentiality seem to be effects of events it but then she of that is the sum of all possibility i mean the mechanism reality it a secret the kabbalah pages that all over this forty eight
approved a combination of lettuce my own position was that the universe is us is off countless up and she i'll replace and combinations that their truck mile of the vote as he will and it and saw a new truck miles if you didn't know is the thing in itself you know my mom behind the phenomenon what to me the basic substance often vote was potentialities seen as a whole i did not conceive of this at as a philosophy of all those books lately for myself it made sense for me but i didn't have that it means only a system a place it and make it understandable problem i would say that it was a love philosophy of pop band of b plus tommy and the time obama plus an eternal novelist and it
is the main attribute was created flood was key activity and what he created was made of the same stuff as he had shaped his desire to create again i called her to myself that passage from the militia says that god created then displayed many votes before he created this like my blog i myself got through its unsuccessful rakes into the race possibly you float the destruction of saddam to underlings of the jews in the desert it was of joshua use all episodes you know the vine novel full of suspense and adventure yes god because i create pretty quickly
each out of age molecule had creative needs and possibilities his song the plan that's the fixed last the whole cosmos seated with creativity and creative campuses i could feed this time iran written myself i have made myself off the doctrine of tinsel that's wonderful martian which is so important and to curb our old rabbi isaac really isaac luria says is omnipotent looking ahead to diminish himself and to do him the slightest so that they could actually shrinking the source of creation not only in men but also andy got to have a few holes may make creation possible but it could not have its intended place our puffs are selling empty repeated bowl
existence of pain and a vote can be compared to it or softening i see this guy from rap full seen it you know in his imagination as a unites you're welcome all of that this leg is only fiction produced by his lead this injury each man each animal texas only escalate in the hands of a creator and is itself created yeah self out there liked her the bank and dealer in medieval philosophy else expressed a similar idea and they said that god himself no no no no no i'm not speaking here to give you a new philosophy all i desire is for this guy or state of mind just as a map to fall throughout his whole life who created the gate and perfect word syllables gaudio throughout all
eternity above fact his creation forbids most practical faction espinosa a toll a limitless perfection wallace votes i'm not think more than stages and experiments in a divine love and it meant to hate that the school as a bully and a bit of thomas the poem trump and because richard lewis i was amazed by the racist nepal a reset that they've all sky a small pouch men all men like jokes all blades of the us spends and of the largest thing be insufficient that bobbled became it to the skies full indeed parchment he guesses pan
and all men and recondite us creators operas ever think that texas that that walloped painted sculpture and saut for creative achievement is the purpose of creation wealth creation care tip levens also the criterion of ethics and the most of reality there was a place only football social systems which could double landscape to freedom was nothing glib or freedom to create his captivity they quietly show and something you're well many must create a system it would vanish like is it necessary for expression yes god is it and there an omelet by
below a canopy just on one coaching for his heels of guts know we are all immortal forget to like us who it can be understood by many levels this implies that ickes has more than one meaning existing bobby lyrics is a symbol and in many other ways and the critics praise it or they say that this deal with the dimension of the love and more than three dimensions ever mentioned on them but once now most often costly get into many languages of the novel called lifetime that measures of this leg i had another planet and now they got excess of the human cost to get that like the light of the almighty has
his trip that you know that the angles have nothing but praise for the tampa bay basing of wine are very good at excellent but there must be some critics in heaven oooh that's it the satan of the beirut i'm alone they complain your novel beloved wife and the two long through cruel to make a law too much sex they advise their devices in the cockpit in convents that are going and i will be go and he sort of the pit they find it encompassed this new sensational and by social media but they recommend bulger went live load them up to improvise repetition about one
quality you're like the top level heads of the bend leaving a day and night of that with nothing but the idea of having to close the school yolanda go i'm really old the belief of the viral formation in a few of them have any interruption leading a comeback for them now he drove me up blending the i have to know the event for the next chapter and the next and the next you play hard to guess the comic shop of the kind of recipe and the formula of the earth look at all these small family like her local full of hope right all they can do if they find happy endings according
to become violent thoughts novel eleven and comic of the messiah will only be a beginning of a new volume nasa actually bringing back some characters leader has already forgotten about that it was the cold that got up employee polls a purely literary finally my veil it's a mature became clear to me who comes home inhibition into ahmed to africa to be elected a knife and inhibition a friendly power instead of the house the lone terms of become violent lift up the holiest black richard fuld pulled the sake of it you come from a nation of legal you know it a life that this philosophy was nothing but my private concoction i can say that that violent than useful as the
basis for my vote five million people they showed her is all from the progress of the line them with an empty out the patients and challenges whether achievement the purpose of the trial is a new life in the czech at boston and become an occasion of which are huge passion no matter how will and become a lead so i sat in my little blow begun <unk> in nineteen thirty two is that the level of the public for this state of mind that part of the goals of the fire for about thirty only have a law but unity left the pole an ideal if they can bully great this household of me are less
involved in religion and yet it almost little hombre inhibition it's got a tie a purpose will love me you know i completely fall submit to and then have patients and a blogger for the law if an indication of new potentialities and almost all my late primaries like it home and this urge to create a kind of up with new weapons unique to overcome says and barely a ray of a pa the activities for me a very encompassing ideas and i would say that everything could get cement pleasure fifty at alexei is a particular pleasure in luck cause of some pain is an innovation creative like spinoza and i call myself i have and it's
like a couple lifts i believe in the principle of made and he made this not only below us and i have here universal novelty of creation like the noah hano tonight they're finally a lot of the travelers can pay it you will i'm a gambling gathered steam in victory and in the bond but if he made amends kind patient and the period of light and if you're monkey is inhibition but she's also people he knew its contention into deeds a couple of saudi blogger division into the mosque online and the famine nine he called the shirt and they god himself must have kind of space for his son reginald fall is not perfect but you
know it was an infinite kind of like the universe is expanding then concerned by creating the king there now find their small a condition obamacare committee follow film to be two men on the my cup of flour from milk to doctors freedom plumage vs by ear would not be an end in itself its ultimate aim lost the men with boundless creativity buckley a spontaneously and pumping us creation of men's that's the need to like pop especially like the opposite way cannot be pre determined this last us that make an ethical and therefore bound to change and danielle changed is they're very essence you would be in their purpose of
fantasy is they'll end but like the artist never most clearly rocking will go and highest rate will develop only intention is leah filling got a masterpiece and who had all the time i'm most gold about growing up this is going to a hero of the nation about people thought of them hugh moore at as in to know the philosophy of themselves with emotion coupling sense the competition and beauty up to a fifth and less up to be in my novel the slave have expressed this notion in the square this summer night club the joy from all sides they knew that warrants both the smell of the rain coat and pine tree to her in itself a couple of football unite prof cobb at
the sacred names and symbol this delay a promise of good this most red sky in the marriage lightning clash not on the whole list last look like microsoft alphabet while points north of music by actually get aboard a bail for a vote for the parchment will it made sense on at midnight and ben jacobs i am i am and the sea and some on the scene being a misspelling to him you were surrounded by palace so i'm going to a mule song who will fill my simple with egypt it's all nature and its own purse too powerful thank you very much ladies and gentlemen how isaac but
shamas singer recipient of the nineteen seventy eight nobel prize for literature speaking at the university of texas at austin earlier this year following his speech mr singer answered questions from the audience at first he had these comments ladies and gentlemen i promised us aggressions if i will be able to answer that and another percentage of the crash the prevalence of them but i know they're so not only think whichever like half is ask me to an expression about the highest in the us will kill the lifeboat for you about the kabbalah and being terrible and the high common kind of light speed oh about literature gentle yiddish literature anything you feel like laughing at ask me about the highest spheres i'll answer you rather commonly say about them go by myself all i know is what they felt that then they have to gentlemen
at five i can hear i asked me if i'm interested in william blake oh if i have spilled don't think over regulate all i can say is william blake was then the atlantic about were you with a gay poet and i i i love of them achieved one of the few ports for my really on my hive and i don't think he has gotten you know hiking nation and they literally feel as a gay man you have a couple of five without than thirty think about well i'm glad that you mentioned is a need mr sanger was asked whether he considered rationalism or logic and evil philosophy i have a feeling that again last year on the usual with it comes to the nationalism i would say i think that science i had my as high as tightly you could have never gone up to the moon let's say without emotions overpower poetry going with a powerful engine he had to use computers
in mathematics and physical chemist maintenance i think the logic and the family have set up a gate gift of god just dismiss this but then i guess it is and people begin to think that and i think he can use the contest and i think the power of logic and baptists but is outside the flood lake and sought to say exact science i am i guess in other words i think that only a person who recognizes the book science and intuition science and religion science anti good emotions can can can bring us new the knowledge to say that this is my way of thinking it's i think it goes and i call him a nationalist michael and i sure was only eighteen points in the sky show isn't the only power which mandated possesses an issue should you
do you mentioned camp of course i started to know was a boy a pentagon and now a company going and later and later i think in this respect i mean given the crush income falls and it's only i literally just post an onion i would call them a mistake if the fact that there's little eyeball about a famous swedish and mystics in edinburgh and he tells this those issues which i could not believe that the colossal like um should believe in them a passionate lists of calvin klein's knew that one thing is that logic of logic and all of the power of how the power it is only the pecking a nationalist who really think that you know if all the secrets of the universe billions of the summit like the last let's say it is also believes that and i think it marks has said is holy and as the fifties all drunken and so and it is this kind of nationalism which i just love
mr singer was next asked to explain what transforms the potentiality into in actuality if i have a potential ithaca like a smelly this though they will not come up just like a british reality i have to take you can pay per click and the wake up i imagine that in that than the highest iason high a particular key is actually not equal potentiality is actually action cup isn't the power of god indeed ed balls and i think the noise is has it in his epic that got here have created everything he could create it's actually you know the second of course these are things that there's no evidence that these things he's only ideas ideas of writer you cannot call it to a philosophy it's just my way of thinking can harm our moment of how long life i could not tell you hop out and she outlived him become actually the events in the industry about the bible because he devotes that god said let there be light
and there was light fish meat here that's reality it happened that way and i think it's very possible populist like me to believe that this actually happened is that it's easier for me to believe is the end of the big bang and then that an entity minutes rich took place no one knows how the big bang really happened and not also there was all this meant that all this light before the big bang by just begin how the big banks who begins you cannot just begin this belly of a higher cost me bumper something must have been before the bomb was made by kate so this is un that they are saying that i believe in divine powers of ask me how maybe maybe below one day maybe you'll never know finally mr sanger was then asked to express his
feelings about things which are considered ordained i would say that at a jewish religious top although he believes in and things so they feel some believe in creatures how these two things converge to get buddy my minute has said that we cannot understand that i'm a day according to the kabbalah and also the latest book before the kabbalah is that god has given to humanity the gate this if he can bestow on any body and businesses giving them three choices we all three whenever there is a question of doing something to another thing yeah free to decide to do that i think of a long thing and it's big at the same time there's also believe that god the race think that the he can proceed in order to control sea route to build the site i would say that these things happen in right now
like let's say if i see a man who looks to me like a minute of their own government i cannot really say for sure that is going to speed up and i said i cannot make him to patients the same time like i can see from his behavior from this talk promises so associates on this but that he made the site that if money is lying they ended though is often unusual that no police come in he may go in unguarded and i think mom less that this is the high a palace coup they know they know much will happen in the same time us still because film the site in other words although it and i am sure that this heat at this minute on what may do but i think you know it is still his decision and you may still the site i've been amply enough level to be anonymous man oh man or maybe it will be i want to be careful i don't want to go to prison at my money the fed have really
good that although we human being can not only understand ha ha but we somehow i can just see things and became the site but it's just possible and says he cannot understand that i cannot make you understand that by mike goodman you isaac the show the singer yiddish writer and recipient of the nineteen seventy eight nobel prize for literature you've been listening to university forum a forum is produced at public station katie fm by mary sullivan and distributed by communication center at ut austin cassette copies of this program are available and maybe obtained by writing university forum communication center university of texas at austin seventy seven one to that address again his university forum communication center university of texas at
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