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a word on words a program delving into the world of books and their authors this week's charlie pride talks about pride for charley pride story your host for a word on words mr john c compiler chairman of the freedom forum's first amendment center at vanderbilt university hello i'm done say that the welcome once again the word on words and another to show you the face of this week's author the facial recognized the face of charley pride welcome to world works john prine boogie down your book pride to charlie pride story i'm just out it's a story about your life it sows can surprise an awful lot of people didn't surprise me i found out more about you that i didn't know and i'm fanning you this my guess is that ninety nine percent of the pollution that place were recognized and they won't know unless they read the book that name mid nineteen sixties when he began to tour as a country music's iowa that faced with a problem there were many
clubs and the many stages where you didn't appear to go through all those were afraid to let place to be seen by audiences well there was some reluctance at the very ghana my career on by different promoters and if they're not close to that i thought that it might be some adverse reaction was i was broken their tickets that was about it was only there was one thing that they should've been worried because although each night was a was a test back in every day from the town and there was any hint probably anything but i can understand why the reflective thing was there because of my career came along at the height of the civil rights movement the city and the knicks are but that was our guide on stage or singing all it can dissolve their fear i guess was the unrest in the country never head since before
bailey man who rounded a colombo before baylor the great harmonica player we never had a blackout music star they know how country music audience is would react it was an estimation of appreciation of country music and the company's plans for for talent well i think so and no closer on their estimated that the year the powell person at all my wife on this one would be i mean that was an individual thing to of just want to be myself in spite of all that early in my life that already faced an expansive would you sing in their music makes ever observed you see i've always been an american in my own man and my own heart and that all came forth without even saying that's robbie and myself i'd like to think that would happen in my career i was let me myself that not only
just have to sing country music that in all aspects of my life that we always have been you came out and the city and one of eleven children by three other children were still worth and get another witness gary is a coal mine you tell about it i think we're through feeling your followers when our land did you say grew up and that he believed in you believe in punishment you believe in finding is your land and hugh marlowe was so wonderful woman is the bond medicated you mother gets outbid the flying out through a bad about john lippert i look in the book and i'm gonna check let a beautiful picture of my mother that you'd have been
directly in the front page there and i was told my wife about it in their acid you know of how lamanna said sutton the animal how god blessed me with a beautiful picture that i love my mother it should've been right in the front pages a minute with dedicated to her to have to see what she looked like that was having to replant some aren't amin re read woman do different press in the press on major league productions were well let me another edition of the book of michael like sure that happens like you know when you say that there are people who have said quote you're singing their musical quote it makes it appear that you made something other than yourself and i want to say that might sound as if well you know china pride novel struggle in this world and understand what it is to be a and a black person who'd gone through problems of those who suffered in those years and then those people have read his book and our
extended it by priests you're gonna give you charley pride and understand that it has been only a struggle at the center there's minister ole can as a human being for being black in the city when you were a child with a hard life and you tell a story about two men coming to the front door you and your brothers were out when paul wrote homage to endure they went to junior they grab him put him in a car and it and i cannot well basically realize what it was they got stuck about maybe would be equivalent to about two three blocks from my house cider on all weighing get mom and it was they were about what they can it will pull it at that time it was wet the ground where it you tie the slack up were just hangs from your back and i'll drag on the ground in this pool ball and got really haven't i don't know how for him to run
but i've seen likely candidates on the ad that they're not cost the book and this is in the book women howard breathe and trauma say i'm in driving development and in that if you're really trying to say is a mosaic welcome to seize our breath self i get it out we get back to the house in the umbrella is he's used the money that still feel that court warrant that ran back to the house so they had a you know he he was just just enrage it really was ronald that are still ongoing and she talked him out of that you know not going down and his view was that he might he lived with his showroom the track that he didn't want audio of monty and one a white men don't know what their hands on how to do what's going to make a bit no one he was like are you ever seen a group on a farm in your header if you watched the hand with a little bit east of new chips new baby chicks a
storm comes you're like no it's not like that danger if you never been on a farm out what happens at that they take their wings have spread about mcconaughey won a little babies upon away celeste counselor that's come up the scriptural i put my bed yeah he's banked live and they let them know what else was detachable in the interviews he wouldn't share and the sheriff when doing about it but like a cocktail from where these two minute come from and he warned everybody over there say that they think the thing is is that you know i was little but we're somehow local what will say it before they gradually she yet understand that we have an uncle named sam scott and they had some forcibly i'm a member of like that which so this is his teeth you know that here and i don't want scare the daylights out of that there was an awful thing really my cup rattling obama and the only a little too but but but the point you
gotta understand too is that looking back on in alabama wrong person and so for these people had to be in and i think that's what it turned out to be someone that was acquainted with our family and everything l c n plus again there was some people that came to my bed and offered to buy either one of us cause we could use the watch word was is that they could get other key isn't that they would take care of us they're just so one of us to them and they would keep him as we'd be their caretaker the house you know when apple working the fields are more similar to something like back to slavishly week i think the us army most kind of thing but to see the point you have to understand is that even here in all this ahead of mother and father that was an astute enough to tell if he had what the situation is and what what they are an accent robot able to rise above that kind of point where you might get better a shotgun and a
worn be another you might say out of milton and that kind of thing so so on in that sense i was my bed because of fifty years some beacon in the baptists church for many many years he's now on as gonna heart of this would seem yesterday's and all my body is so what color justin looks been written here as they are arteries that take the blood to the brain that i mean take the oxygen to the brain and only he can look at uni he can in n out figure out who you are every but not be able to slip and paul what we are all about one on one on one basis and keep focused on the conversation we're dealing with you use in telling one time an honest a pickup and insane because now jackie robinson had made it there and john brown wannamaker anyone play baseball right now i i said that david bowie literature today and understands that you know it right so you know but that you're
also a fluent vignettes and though got plenty of money and why is that well if i diaries i do abide by tom and i were late on a ballot box you know i think there is you do a sweet it was so hungry of them all up and i was on a plane i was stately going and we we we were planned on the old color the senate races maybe didn't play didn't get paid a minute that simple and then and it seemed like it would be just beautiful like it is today i don't know what muscle be aired this beautiful layouts a tourism giant oracle not well to do but the va but it may be shattering real
pretty and by the way we're in the north ended up the installation in our family and hometown of war like that one and the land will yet we were there we were the we're an all black team in adelaide in that i was vaguely and a guy took over his name i think his name is in the book the point jamie cullum but a lot of them until he did that we had ran out of money because we'd been up and i work for about a week to kind of get ready to play get it the game than a week ago people and get that percentage money split down and every day is a reminder we're a pretty old eva my comedy a line so i'll finally he took the team over an error and what happened to go sit with a blessing in a way in the skies on the one hand when i first when i got store play and i had tried out for them if the red sox didn't quite make it because they had guys like olive i am marshall reviews which
marshall isn't as we went on to be with the cincinnati reds you're really a good and the bad the manager went back and raided the whole team goes we won winning once we get started and set me pack and not just me but a bunch of lawyers in the theaters so i went straight back to memphis got me a job so after i got on the team they couldn't i couldn't shake me anymore my wife that i made the team stayed there for not forever but that you played in the postseason all star game that went against my ear grin hank aaron's all about right players and i read some clippings and reproduce on a book i mean a real pizza and you tell that story of a you were a pitcher out to be and is that one game we had a normal nothing in the eighth as it off i am gonna get in albany georgia but we did it and let my baby me do you want to work and that but i did get
a chance later on was in victoria texas for two relief for winning the show all the more they have power there's another clip in there where you drove in three runs now you're a modest man and when i have talked about your success in monetary terms so deflected that low that but the truth is the matter is you've been extremely successful and you manage your affairs very well my guess is that your your wife is a marvelous job of that and so and good and you know some of your investments are listed the book and the narrative i tell them your success which makes great came from an away game up all the more remarkable i would think people who
read that will see things about troy pratt ever imagined of the second hour cotton town in mississippi and being weeds of the baseball player now is that they got was a man on staten island really not really going through tough times and then there is another aspect of it and this aspect of the book i think is going to mean an awful lot to many people who probably aren't willing to admit what you'd never in the book and that is that you've had bouts with depression an educated women of other doctors to help you the problem about that how it came on when you noticed that the campaign won't want to first of all and i don't think many depression is not that much if not some herbs moment it widely
normal there is tuberculosis a market of civility use it this is somewhat smaller paper the barkers and just you know come up with and then you know schizophrenia all the content of this mean would always kind of my august and boron mean depression and panic cetera but i'd like to say when it when this first my first bed episode happened was in germany i was entertaining the troops and though i was done for show tonight i would like to show that this barracks and then like when a to chant om women will formally to tam in from san remo for a fifty mile loop malevolent cuomo to show them an end in and course once you start it's a combination of what i've experienced this combination was asleep exhaustion so i thought what i had done and just all the work myself in the worst ways basra now you know
i run my system down in there and that was it you know used to complete exhaustion but show once sir i got back to the states course they examine me put me in the hospital in nineteen sixty eight and lamb stew and i think that's what they came up with that possibility in i'd never heard of a depression not only what i mean i don't mean i'm all right but that sense though of those people and bags of heavy duty gone through ridges found out she from a little kid and going up to be a grown woman she had a display now looking back would come until she probably went through it as a kid and portion of rigor something on our mother father just completely turned over to some record producer lou adler not so tight but so that i've only had about three bad episodes of what the episode
where where you might say you tilt early age and and and you know i understand why you are or you think you see what you don't see and feel what you don't feel like said or so cars assigned some of the find and my wife and if one had told me that i was doing in an affordable even and need some votes and so in that sense it is i admit that i've been taking lithium of about three years and up to one and one for about that time than i the last time i went back and i'm up for a lot of the monitor mom the bloody they get the moniker is you know much in your blood level of sort of thing and so now i'm one in the morning to midnight because the doctor was not the malibu shawn any simple do anything you just pay like weird level be a certain point point level and so or so now that you go since i've been on a wanted to see where their blood level is that you know
if it if our good way to write a book about you know your mouth your pride i probably think there's a lot still even though i think it's a great thing to be and i'm not thriving that's been disclosed that i had depression was taking lithium some people might say of crazy use the word crazy some people are buying those comments are some people that since i've found out about this most people the most creating some of the most creative people in the world and you have it those who have it and as it seemed to be that it is it seems to help make them even more whatever given area that they want to be businessmen weather lately articulate way there's a certain point where you if you in a certain state of mind a certain state that you're not all we are gone will realize that once ran weyrich work where it becomes not reality and so that you have the most
creative at that point and there was i remember looking back now when i was even little i wondered some time i guess you know you reflect brackets and maybe that was you know was a i guess a woman had been there are more than just what it just don't jump america or what i say look all these many years and so poor that it's a lot like a more job in india particularly well i can understand that you know in the book of the book talks about many things about you in about the how you steered cleared of politics about how you can look at some time some people sometimes and spock they're scientists viacom says it tells as i said about about here a musical success everybody ottawa citizen angel of mormon since a joint private first time out i mean i you know for a farmer about her using
mostly to locals located like and more i first met well there is and there's another side of the story there is a word that comes up in the book again again again they don't like the word no word nigger and you heard it from a lot of people i'm embarrassed to read some of the people who use them but i thought that the most telling and compelling mola book was wearing your manager of that long period of my lot of money and under well biden i used it one night sitting across the table and i said area to encourage urban or telling about your depression it the real courage to tell about that split will amount to find where i live are much power in the political will
my theory about losses of arcade say some money will say some good about somebody know same thing you know but again my wife was the most responsible mgm for the many agendas dimensional of course and that could get them the manic depression chapter in an amber also to just tell exactly that typical for about one point out that jack johnson and philip i was the best one two combination we first got together he was writing out my you hear people say well aren't you made and it said well he said i was like yours but the my wife's been to make him say it was already there just that was political and it was clearly that would allow so which i didn't i didn't disagree with the thing is is that we call france and that the ear he's asked me to forgive him in all and i have a fact they used him on my award that we would talk to them all
of that last award i just got last week a chemical community wharton but that was say that week we were really good beginning to liberate came some people got a lot right and i don't like to fix on a baroque we were doing or it and i would i just thought that was some things need to be well i mean you hear the money wouldn't rely on as an ice in it i felt that way and then but within that without a person like this i'm the kind of person if you look at my record speaks for sale i cut it up all the different artist at the dome from my show of always been that way i used to when i started out there were a lot of guys that work when i say guys of artists that i would be working with at the beginning of my career good morning he used a band or knockoff lineup and your involvement with their excuse mostly was that it would take away from him once they got our state which outlaws they give me that excuse i did and you know that's the way they felt i took it as such what it was that way or not but then i thought
about what will and a lot more about myself when i get my name every artist at six am that opens my show is gonna sound the best things out and that's the way i needed you look back on a new subject all ones that were there that's the way it was in and lead a solo with that kind of thing i'm glad that that the second i parted i'm not i'm not angry i'm i feel sorry for anyone that won't call me ma ma your name anyone or name outsider a person as a person me in an american effort or small slice one alley with more to america so i can meet first one i meet people i meet him on the basis of that they are among them they are another american guest openly now if they have hang ups were articles can hang up a caller hang up eccentrics and that i've always felt sorry for these people are still in so only thing i it hurts me to hear jack sit there and do it
but i felt sorry for making that a mistake because i never call in that metal wheel and so i feel comfortable in the end and as i said we've talked in i've forgiven him what he has been of the nation yes we will you give me for gold with my my financial planners were you forgive plenty of ask about the jim henson thought about collaboration are you both the us and the book eat at have you all working out what happened is that he used to work for all right for the ballast times harold wright and out when the dallas morning news book the times herald he then started to just be a freelance writer and everything and so they brought me some material on him of some things he had written and that massive a lot people know and like some of things that are so european and he had written it doesn't produce a lot of oil
into one of the jet so i said okay we're going to forget to give so we got together and he took his tape recorder we sit down and you start to ask questions and i am charmed is what we sit here in what happened then when you were hearing when and used to weigh it and eventually take the transcript down and in and break it all down and an nbc did and then we would sit together and make sure everything was with an accurate as accurate as we could possibly come up with and there because we want to try to get the book as close to the finishing product product as possible before what we're moral which is the publisher and so that's what we tried to do not congratulate all that you know your you've only looked like all and here's one funny story in the book of bell do you think that is and where you're going you know i mean i think baseball which was a movement now you say that
there were that little ball right there right i mean i said that we would be honored to have been the minnesota in italy long layovers that okay i said i'd like to go yet michelob listen on all around the globe so yes i'm gonna lose a job you know a playbook for sonoma a play baseball and i mean baseball come to me a nice sum ol our next to the main this little white ball set male athlete only needed in the subprime or you know me and asked what i thought our loan bill and so yeah fair and it often it hadn't actually wright was a lot of things up up up up or so i'd find a second that stuff is still on the plane now honestly i really don't understand why that volatile charlie pride author of pride that charlie pride story has been our guest on a word on words your host is
ben jahn seguin dollar chairman of the freedom forum's first amendment center at vanderbilt university this program was produced in the studios of wbez in nashville and
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