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this week well as randle back to talk about the window and all a parody on go with a when you're having me that knowledge grade headed back in that book you've just been looking at that cover was is now and i bet my copy came to me before the hardback was suppressed and we talked about this last week about disparity though ago and has made some people unhappy that results in a lawsuit that made you happy bought a lawsuit that has now turned out just on still is not settled solar something that i know you can't talk about live at the minute as i do i think that we might discuss for just a moment you're right hello to you who were hit last week we took just
briefly about some are because she was a child is your moment thomas mitchell movie his character at a baby by many then and dental care to win the money was very very old navy we call a live ago she had so well it didn't really happen in goma the wind and the wind and all had really happened it really happened and so our eyes will open to abuse ill and sell them so to take up where we left off last week we were talking about the man the characters and go with the wind to show a movie with vivid bursts of leverett what in this film called known and he's not that there but for the purpose of this discussion will refer to him as quote unquote met nicole are more political ads are and down and these are different characters form players
that in this novel could go real route that there would never had married a black woman the real rhett butler would not do this in my alternative universe that people behave perhaps unlike in the way they should have their way in the purity the reason that mothers leaving willing to leave scarlett o'hara is because he's already been having an affair with her half sister slavery is over he can marry her and this may sound a little bit farfetched to people after a member that's sally hemmings was not as a slave owned by thomas jefferson sally hemmings with a cousin of thomas jefferson's what or cover half sister who was there says to have access to through their sister's she was the union she was the child of jefferson's wife was dead when you
and sally adee and their relationship and i say they had an uncle even despite the dna there are some jobs aren't gaza still challenge that the only thing down and they say she was a strikingly beautiful woman who look very much like us his wife and they were half sisters her father was a father selling and so it's not that farfetched it's a lesson the exact hero on that historical certainty is so i think that i'm so cement is a woman who's enjoying not just her political freedom but hart romantic freedom because in this world where this bit begins its aid resent it and she is the only by the man we know as rhett butler and now she's no longer owned by him but continues to his mistress but as the book america's his option to marry him and their relationship to another level because as you say one point a purse is not free is not free to love or not love that interestingly enough she
casts him aside she cast that aside them about the figure to marry deeply involved with a black congressman his agency let people here in which rhett butler is that being the most dashing man in the world is cast aside for the most dashing and in this world of black caucus and the congress is attractive and bright eyed and tough minded really understands the world of politics and strikes me and say oh there's lowes characters who really are unlike the congress to prove to us for probably frightened will flow an awful lot of these grants are white and so in that reconstruction and there is tremendous ah a fear of these are black congressman if you're very educated when i could've gone to
eaton armoire extraordinary men and congressmen adam he's a fictional depictions i mentioned them the real one that came out watson the congress a reconstruction era congress and that i mean adam conyers over your readers on this is that we now my hour one hand and is an annual me from michigan than those of joan you raise in someone and the detroit and john is the ghost literally yes exactly and then there's also a civilized to dr ford family and the current congress that because the current and the descendant of the congressmen elected to as a daily visit outside of the office so i have that echo of the historical black congressman and then some republicans and then there is another man does most of the manipulative planner are like garlic was a garlic in the movie
in the book the pork in ballot the women stride and pork is depicted in overland as a solo seven thirty characters absolutely step infected he's out and has raised in his last fall math i will not and that's one of things i really love the fact that they're there in them blooming in the book there but there's a big deal about getting poorer the watch when my book he still has a lot of the work is nothing he has a house he's got the one hand you've got everything he has and in the watch is nothing you know the work is a triviality and as he says you would meet him in the show last week about man is you know he's an ice i thought and i miss my life to this place because this is my house here i raise my family today we're burying in his dad that mimic the radio messages on this tapestry then he got an interesting thing here too because garlic is physically
architect were my plot lines i like the most is that garlic manipulates planter to winning him in a card game win joe paterno's i get his first way he thinks he'll get lucky and post in poker but he doesn't get lucky lucky happens is pork is how someone is named for the drink that is oh master real strong in his new world the master will make and the point here is is that his first master as drawn by me is a rich intelligent outgoing young plant or gone to harvard that's my big japanese nowhere dollars going to go to get a live life yes you got to be where the dome what exactly he knew them and that the only thing he has is his white skin and he will supply the brain's is a combat that units and nobody i know but you will not recognize that he's being manipulated through one simple and also in exactly the broader level disappeared it
is that it turns out that this to me is almost a parody of samir happens now but some up in the times affirmative action and white businessman i'll try to go out they get a black man to fraud and an adjacent company and they would get the dumbest was easily manipulated black men make a crime to promote a business and put it out there because i know what i want to do it so that my parent he moans a lot of directions he so garlic pork and is a real master of tyre and he says that he built his house on a gram plantations he had seen when he was ballet of the or is the truly intelligent aristocratic young master and he said my cello guillaume adults now these great plantations he's outside my mind and he built it and he built the greatness of obligations and the white columned that i think it becomes an image of slavery and then this is a good intention you know we all know the flutes of those columns coming from living creatures in this the stanford the stripes of the slaves that's when they're beaten
and that is an invention that doesn't exist anywhere this is a yearning a wish it had every slave knew when they being whipped they look at the house that there are beatings were not forgotten that is not true that is a deep dream is a code dreamed of her by people expressing that how we waste some things could be but what is not a dream and what is so real isn't so many the graham plantation houses were designed and built african americans are an expression of the african american story i would not be surprised that we will find it back into nowhere but they're not people who had this dream in their history at the time but we can't know that the garlic jelly fine that fixes the yo the trouble with before we have to worry actually and i'm glad there is good in your book is give their throat
now handguns and white why he is there as a gay person not the only one and will by an unnamed and his beloved docile sweet loving woman i mean everybody will remember living in the reality or you put a new face on bolivia of the end that now he's a multiple murder before we get two of that though let's talk a little bit about the reviews of your books sense of loss and cents the man book has been loved liberated right and isn't the bookstores owned and i must say it's a relatively short read a line only to win but there really isn't at all or the law and some of the law i have
read interviews talking about us and let me just say that you should not read it without first all my colin so you get a full picture of the characters are because some of it's encoded and you should you're writing it up in the city because it'll remind you so does the movie was when it was compared to the book but beyond that now and reviews and interviews as i say have been and the next and so than blow it something banning and so and then in when the la times was that that was extremely thoughtful read i want to say right here that i invite your readers or not you watch of years have not read the book to remember this when they start to read it if you have no spiritual go down moses go down because egypt when taro taro let my people go if you
think that that is only about the bible you know they get that solid and when you read my book you think about that song away could really mean maybe in the right frame of mind to read my book is the same way to look and get on the underground railroad in madrid train track of him and miss the journey north this book is written in a kind of code parody and that code of heighten your meaning it's part of the african american static condition we've had to talk in code i've written my book in the language of my ancestors my black ancestors have whitehead says has to go to the lead with my black ancestors and that is a coded language it takes a big part of the mine to read into this book correctly you can either deal with the big mind you could take copious notes that the la times review did i had black women who read this book i had white young male country song writers one in particular who had their own little formal education who felt his way into this book and got all the
means not ever having read down with the women it's in here to be no that is not there it just a meeting on the surface the book as sort of its debts and it's written in a code go see the ground what the rules of the cold i wear up is down and down is that nice job both of you just in your drawer without trial about her new book her new congress new book the window and all may know the court rendered another court liberated and there's no bookstores be less there was that review and a hartford courant be done at the la county which is slowly but i've only heard about the hartford courant review well as compared to be able to work and that they would have any good ideas and then i'm going to a lot i get that the attention that we're getting attention doesn't deserve it's going to make it that is not a substantial work visas example that i didn't know that they use diversity even given a review and two days later the la times
did you do the work that comes out with another public black parody and the smart women and gay women i personally don't know of them died to be informed you figure he was no sandy you an email please tell me of any working other black women perish just now are in the history of american letters i think part of it is just a disconnect because people don't know black women do you disinvite in july novel they know toni morrison the no alice walker they know that that's why i think it's hard for them to see that did the reviewers a lawsuit a listener drops by a really great novelist and great historians alan greg myre of those came to your defense absolutely and they were artist tony was a pat conroy author says with harper lee left her house and that i was going to get out when i even say that she did a fax machine to tax bill her
son properly you wrote to a lot and do fairly understand what i was going through that you know it will make you sad if properly laser house to do something for you and this one i did not know i greatly admire you know you're in trouble she would need to do that but what's interesting is and i must say and the idea was big that the cases because a poem is a person and a writer i think banks know that money i wasn't writing about to make me that wasn't my that wasn't what i know about i know about living and thinking in words and they took it and started going oh holy understand why should just tell you if that houghton mifflin one the published book ended published a book like not knowing that there would ever be a lawsuit bottomless it they really have gone back to work to fight the lawsuit anyone at this point the lawsuit but the interesting thing is that they only published there were printed up twenty five thousand copies twenty five thousand copies we've always thought they were so now it's going to be
two hundred thousand at least because i think the controversy that the bank stupidly created has rebounded against their interests and to yours was dismissed talk about a minute to get back into mr back into the route to the characters because of a cult like ashley and a lawyer for a minutes didn't laugh when i read about them in your book but when i think back on a chuckle at the fact that the way you have set us those two characters i mean actually was strong one after war ii was weak weak when he dealt with two strong women and he'd fled london with embraced by the other end and it make him gay and i've heard people who saw the movie say
well you know and winter book but i saw i read their paper the day actually was gay always thought it was well what is really important here is that the tragedy of going to win is melanie dying at the it in my book really dying at the end is a big trial of the window and it's a tragic fire because darkness has always tragic there's a trial because as prissy has purposely killed melanie she has killed her because melanie wind whipped her brother to get to know when he has a whip her brother to death because preseason black brother is the only person actually has ever not nominate on the record now saying it is those names as you all know them to represent the characters that appear in my book
transformed actually different characters for different names that is breaking the code down to suggest something that i think for orange soda better in the stern this program in the book when i read it it's important to know that you have to create your characters on your own in your life but what you just said that really represents it seems to me a reality nerds absolute litigation no foe life the interior of sort of melanie is a key character she is president of the way as less genteel sweet nice person in the world she's presented the movie is the most genteel sweet nice person well how can you beat the most until sweet nice person that well if every stitch of clothing you weighed it every roof over your head every piece of food that you eat has been bought and paid for by other people's death it that the slaves who died on the middle passage before they even got
here by the slaves are whipped under a plantation every day what you're sitting there and stitching up in your house getting ready being sweet and you don't hear the cries of little children for their mothers who are being sent to the females and cannot settle their babies how can you be the sweetest person the world and ignore all of the act and i argue in my mind you cannot be balanced and ellis has all the authority it you give you have given her a new identity she is in my world a multiple murder and i don't want to hear anybody say that this is the same book that neeley mouth and now many are the same person unless they want to acknowledge there are slave owning confederates are multiple murders and everybody that benefited from it is a multiple murder events on any war was even pergande to discuss that they should not suggest that my book and this book have any relationship except for a parody and a critique of the other
you know i've got ugly everyone else up with i know there are people who are watching this program this morning and was at last week came to this i've been thinking that you probably thought you know cute little job of re write an angry with the court first call i don't think anybody you just start your passion of voting later that the only found that book could possibly think that i think that this is more or less than apparently it is a parody is a priority and it's a political parity and i think that's why the court halt immediately the hardcore cong who works for the war and
again i wanted to be weeded i worked hard for that staging one of cruz's as i was even the black community is that my depiction of other is not sufficiently bishops perhaps worse officially bitter as it had been suggested to me and my point is finally scarlet other turned out to be white in my book and the back of my book respected scholar turns out the black all the main white characters turn it black except it was very clear that i am trying to create by movie everyone to being black a world where color finally doesn't matter in gone with the wind white and black actor ever separated you why are you black and the eddies are fundamentally different in my book the redemptive hope of my book is we get all buy into wine black southern identity that we are all the black and white are not forever divided
when i went other becomes black which recognizes she's black that is symbolic of that doctor's language with black today people talk about bill clinton as being the first black president here is the meaning of all southerners had been dipped in the black experience if they will only claimant in say is not in them it is ask you know oh you know so it's really were some have on the show talking about an experience you had gone back to alabama visit the gravesite of a plantation superintendent white who was his ancestor who and his last book his view on it was called what came out as queenie call it blunts and to use that novel and detroit in the book finally turned out because he died before was completed to really demonstrate what you call
redemption that had to make the point that we are closing with the moon we do not know then they are so the people we do not know that that that particularly in the south this whole issue of your racial sexual encounter starring before was awarded was here as long as the sleigh were was weird and it's there was today in meaningful in meaningful ways and so perhaps there is a redemptive quality there i let everyone thinks that cemented their family black and why we now can have a common fictional ancestor she's there that house is fundamentally different from scarlet everybody can claim center as being part of their family that's great now let me ask you what we just about
the rhythms but you know our to the ruling never heard of you for now to listen to you and then either this summit with only a famous american novelist then you recall a blogger i'd love sequel to your parody of a parody of irony well unocal lived a new novel and a new book would have been that oh i do have it in my mind it has a lot to do better what it had to do with another mother a mother a son and has a deal the one who gives of the entire english language english language edition has betrayed russia and when you think you know i've gotten started on at this whole
drama has so began a little bit but i am beginning my ability and faith in writing my faith in writing as a heartbroken right it was a banned book creator it's a hard thing to be the only woman in this century american century when that's the last fifty years have been but really got past that mom back to life well all the books that were banned in boston to serve their altars exceptionally well and i know this then as an associate certain serve you exceptionally well within dog and they with us about her new book the window and all the controversy at all linda lingle think is really part of the tradition of black actors who've been on this book as well as on this could show i really appreciate that thank you or much allison thank all you've watching tv watching for warlords and john dingell and keep reading no no no
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