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the nineties i'm tom glavine and this is georgia gazette on today's edition the year two thousand state budget the governor's multi pronged health care reform package and a bill that could give georgia's more time to devote all move forward in the general assembly hall as the growing number of spanish speaking families now calling georgia home and the gravity of celebrating a hundred years of physics stay with us the slow pace of this year's session of the georgia general assembly picked up considerably this week as lawmakers work to meet the deadline for getting a bill out of the chamber where it was first introduced to fans are gross reports on this week going to go down this week saw a number of important bills make it out of one chamber and into the other one of the first things the georgia house did this week was to approve a thirteen billion dollar state budget for the next fiscal year the spending plan includes money to give pay raises for teachers and other state employees and a pay for the second
phase of the governor's property tax cut but it also contains money for a number of projects some of them fairly costly an individual lawmaker's home district the practice of funding pork barrel projects drew the ire of house republican leader bob curvin of atlanta this process as we're all you know it's wrong you do it you go along with it because you know that right now it's the way things work democrats defended the byproducts and they amounted to just one percent of the entire budget for next year the senate what is the house plan as a template for its own spending proposal a conference committee will iron out any differences during the final days of the session house members also voted to give all of george's legislators another top elected officials pay raises the bill would increase lawmaker salaries from eleven thousand dollars to sixteen thousand dollars a year if the measure gets through the senate it
would be the first pay hike for legislators and twelve years key pieces of governor roy barnes is health care reform package cleared a few major hurdles this week lawmakers in the senate voted to create an advocate's office for consumers having problems with their insurance the bill was introduced in the senate by decatur democrat county still to set an advocate will give georgia's a voice in disputes with their insurance companies and the sheriff's department really does not have the time to look at what we're talking about looking at if you're regulating the insurance companies and you're really focused on that how they're doing business if they're doing what they're supposed to be doing and end working on those types of proceedings plus all these other areas then they really do not have the time to look in this joust from the consumer's perspective the house meanwhile gave approval to a bill that would make managed care companies liable for some of the medical decisions they make under the bill disgruntled
patients could appeal their case at the expense of an hmo and was the appeals process has been exhausted patients are then free to sit and other action a bill that would let police confiscate the cars are prostitutes customers got unanimous approval in the senate as did a measure to increase the fines for drunk drivers and drug offenders and that's a brief look at some of what georgia lawmakers accomplish this week in atlanta i'm james are pros for more in depth look at this week on the gold domed listen to the legislative report with james r gross friday evenings at six thirty on this peach state public radio station well the georgia general assembly labor's away in atlanta commentator cathy james remembers the time she spent as a page in the alabama state legislature i think the oddest thing i did as a child was to serve as a page in the alabama state legislature it was odd for me because it was decidedly unglamorous in comparison to daily life on the farm my father was elected state representative from our district sometime in the late seventies he ran as a democratic common man
and that he was he dressed in a sky blue polyester nitze and cowboy boots job often a subaru station wagon with oxidize pain on the good in part in front of the alabama state capital between a lincoln continental and a cadillac from my perspective in the pages section the legislative floor looks like wall street aborted names and colored lights beside each one ran it to the ceiling at the front of an enormously overall room of swag draperies and scarred wooden banisters my dead sea was somewhere in the middle you get a pretty good view of things as they unfolded down front some of the legislators had a funny way of sparking in the life it happened when the television cameras appeared and then you'd see a half dozen me an hour colony women he resorted to this tactic could shave their hair straightened their ties and rushed the podium at the front house chain racine has the cameras lit up pages divided legislators into two categories
those who tipped whale and those who didn't if a good tipper turned on his or her paid flight the boy pages would make a mad scramble to get there first if you're lucky the legislature would want to the pages of ancient pick out the luckier and runner i was usually one of the older kids on the danger it's always had better shot at being picked out of a lineup in competing with athletic legged boys and pants and plant she use i'm sure something's got accomplished by the legislature some of it even good i was at the age of hi to simply be overlooked and completely like most adults them in and women of the house acted under the illusion that we children had neither eyes nor ears the first time i met given her father games he was serving his first term in that office about twenty years ago he hadn't yet evolved into the political dynamo who reinstated the chain gang years later he gave me the usual politician smile and ask how are you without waiting to hear reply i shook his hand and a sign off the side standing years earlier when a band walking governor george
wallace asked me the same question he didn't wait for a reply either as governor wallace pose for a photograph with me he kept squinting it had an awful headache and he was ready for us to get the hell out of there i remember thinking this guy looks tired my mom still keeps a photo on a wall being the legislators wife gave my mom a prestige that being a farmer's wife did not perhaps her most cherished possession came when she had kidney stones a second year served as a pagan state house the stones themselves were put in an aspirin bottle to keep as a souvenir so the rest of the family can repulsive and fascinating at the same time but the stones' didn't compare to the dozen re add the lure colored plastic roses into her by none other than governor fog chains they were spread out in a magnificent spray amidst lesch is a green plastic leaves and said in a white pedestal the attached card ray ad warmest
person or guards and it was signed by the same man who would send a challenge the state supreme court of the ten commandments every visitor and every nurse who graced the doorway of her hospital room knew who sent those roses they became reason enough for my mom to sit up in the air and point to them whenever any visitor came in when governor james went out of office years later those roses were still proudly displayed among monstrous are they outlasted the kidney stones in the aspirin model kathy jones the cultural affairs director for children's department of parks and recreation the number of spanish speaking workers and their families living in georgia is growing at such a pace that concerned experts and community leaders met recently to discuss the impact this rapid change in population is having on communities what they
found is that on many levels this date is not prepared to help local governments meet those challenges this population shift is bringing susanna capelouto reports what attracts thousands of hispanics to george each year is its booming economy workers are needed in carpet factories chicken processing plant and on construction sites and latinas have been more than willing to fill these blue collar jobs many side to raise their family in this state altogether at a small group of second and third graders is learning english at centennial elementary school in gainesville their native language is spanish but each day they spend fifty minutes of intensive english instruction with margo nickel this year i have thirty five children that i work with and thirty two are from mexico one is from el salvador into her from the end nichols
says she has seen the number of hispanic students increased dramatically over the past few years when the school opened seven years ago twenty five percent of the six hundred students where hispanic today that ratio is forty two percent says principal surely whitaker we wish that we had more teachers who spoke spanish because out that you really don't give us that much of a challenge they learned quickly but being able to communicate with parents is i'll probably the most challenging part the school has set up a parent center with a fulltime bilingual teacher who helps with communication between teachers and parents the school's newsletter is also bilingual but while the language barrier can be overcome with interpreters there is also a cultural barrier school officials often face when dealing with a new parent says duties beasley the games will school systems assistant superintendent it's more likely to play
it the mother has just come from mexico of a five year old would feel less comfortable about turning that towel over to strangers for the majority of the day there is a there's more of a fact there's more of a nurturing there's more of a family cohesion and it's a difficult break and this idea of taking it seriously that the child's best bits go every single night is not something that's part of what they're accustomed to doing with their very young children the influx of hispanic says also failed in the medical sector jane car overseas public health clinics and thirty north georgia counties she says the clinics are doing their best to serve this rapidly growing population they are the same job i guess you might play in trust to get the train for example in summer shand canny a wasteful people that are in the last three months we've been to do to learn english
because we have the phenomena and there's nothing to do you know to hear it became really obvious that we were actually in a big increase in people in whatever sham county serving the growing hispanic population has also put a financial strain on the clinic says car many of the patients she says are undocumented and therefore don't qualify for medicaid and that means less money to work with her idea was the ability to pay so when this a common part of this we try to provide those services with that with the limited resources that we have and the sabbath all that is getting bigger and bigger the n and yet where again no more fondly at the population increases car and others would like to see the state be more proactive but experts say this state is all but ignoring the needs of its hispanic population jim gordon is a
sociologist at the university of georgia there's really no statewide initiative that at least that i know of that you're in at the needs of his population it's really count after the local communities to do with and that local communities have the i don't have the lion's share of the tax base to do with it and the problem may only get worse hispanics could soon outnumber african americans in georgia says doctor rusty brooks a professor at the yu jia fanning institute for leadership in community development given birth fertility rates among african americans are declining fertility rates among whites are declining whereas latino fertility rates to maybe harden those two populations so groups and given this influx of latinas who are migrating and for jobs i would think that somewhere around between two to one two thousand two and two thousand fifteen latinas in the state of georgia could easily surpassed the numbers of african americans in the state and they could
be a growing majority minority briggs warns that if state officials don't start dealing with this population trends in georgia could face difficult racial problems especially in the event of a major downturn in the economy and i think we need to be open for everything anticipation of potential property and making sure we hear of any problems that might emerge from the property huge crowd murmurs that fall and the formerly illegal immigrants would cut against a core the statements are true there's a lot of native latinos in the state and they're not all illegal and christian state and the minute we have some sort of economic competition for jobs becomes very keen that there is a strong potential that there could be a much more significant can have socioeconomic clash among whites and blacks latinos that we have now so far latinos have no political voice in georgia now known latino
representatives in the state legislature or on county commissions and experts say until leaders hear from their constituents they're likely to just ignore the needs of hispanics in this state i'm susanna capelouto you probably unless you're a scientist never think about physics yet physics is arguably a part of every aspect of everyday life from switching on a light to driving a car this has been a century of physics and scientific discoveries ranging from the airplane to the electron have all been part of this is a strong next week the american physical society will hold its century celebration with lectures and demonstrations all around atlanta highlighted by a keynote address titled the universe in a nutshell why stephen hawking joining me now is dr brian schwartz director of centennial programs at the american physical society dr swartz why are you celebrating a century of physics of turns out that the american physical society which is the leading society of research physicist in the world i was found in at ninety nine in new york city and almost everyone agrees that this was a century
physics the sentries daughter with albert einstein and his famous equal mc squared and special relativity and then i went through the discovery of the atom discovery of the particles in the nucleus and taught the mechanics at the transistor a laser it now in fact we begin ending the century with a physicist the people really developed the world wide web and parts of the internet so we've had a profound effect on the lives of ordinary people during the century tell us a little bit about your particular discipline or how is it did you go about making physics fine what happens is most people don't realize that the whole life was governed by physics motion would be impossible without physics on almost everything around you light sound all involves physics and so what we decided to do is at least celebrate the century physics and begin taking some topics that people can easily relate to for example the physics of music the physics of art the physics of dance and that we even have a discussion on the physics of beer let's talk a little bit about some of these
individuals and certain of a couple of days that really struck my eye because first of all it is spring spring training is underway and there's a perception that you have thats called the physics of baseball how does physics insert itself into the national pastime of the question you can ask yourself is how do you love what happens when the bat hits the board what what what is the process that takes place actually a ball is moving at such physics when the bat hits the board the bat exert a force on the moving board of force when it acts on a moving board changes its direction and the question you might want to ask is how come i'm mark mcgwire hit thirty seven homeruns this year was at the lively ball wasn't simply his strength wasn't extraordinary out luck and so what we analyze and as a physicist named richard brent at nyu who analyzes the physics of baseball and he's going to be giving a talk at sidetrack museum stop is open to the public free anybody can attend and then the one that you mentioned the physics of beer while it turns out that really the
physics of beer has to do with following there has fallen arise out what is the chemistry physics copies of phone most people think the foam isn't of coca cola and beer but also sponges a really something like falling even bread when it's rising as something like phone one of your other sessions is the physics of star trek and i ended that comes to mind because of a very famous lines uttered by that the chief engineer mr scott to captain kirk when he said captain you can't change the laws of physics and yet star trek was famous for doing just that how do you bring out the how do you bring that all into gm into the realm of physics lab is at a very good offer physicist named lawrence krauss who is at a chair the department at case western reserve who has written a couple of books on the physics of star trek and question people won as was could you move faster than the speed of light can you being somebody up scotty and things like that and what he does is he examines very carefully what laws of physics are in play which might allow you to do that or which might not allow you to do that
and so he is a very popular talk usually all the trekkies com i invite all the trekkies at the the awful theater downtown open to everybody free of charge so they dressed come on down and enjoy the physics of star trek why should people care i mean intellectually people know that there is physics involved the end of almost every aspect of every day life everything from baseball to light bulbs but why should we care in addition to working for the american physical society correlating this event a more so professor physics at city university of new york or brooklyn college and i love to teach students in fact i love to teach adults usually teeth in the evening and it turns out it's interesting how people live their lives and never really realize how much if their lives are governed by physics i do a lot of things with sports and i do a lot of discussion of like car crashes people can really understand afghanistan in a little bit of physics how important a seatbelt is for example a body in motion one of the famous new laws remains in motion unless acted
on by force if you're sitting in a car the car crash is the front of the car and they stop but your emotion your body sitting in the car in motion you will continue to move forward if you nod restrained by a seatbelt and then crash basically into the dashboard sinatra's a second crash a car crash now you crashed into the dashboard but that's not the only pressure that's not the final crash because your brain did not that start moving and your heart could not stumbling and it goes crashing into your cranium were hot into the chest wall it turns out after my physics course nobody will not wear a seatbelt again and again what's so fair about physics is it doesn't care if you're rich or poor doesn't care if you're black or white doesn't care if you're young girl it doesn't care if you're nice and not raise the laws of physics takeover if your body motion you will remain in motion now you've mentioned several advance and without going through on the whole litany of where things are going to be all of that information is available on the web site write that the best website will be w w w that
physics festival dot com a century of physics will run in atlanta march sixteen to the twenty six you'll find a complete rundown of the bands on the website gotta shortz talked about and all of those including the stephen hawking lecture are free and open to the public and i'm tom bowden and still to come on this edition of georgia desert savannah turns green what would say about the day in the anniversary of the girl scouts plus about after midnight a literary guy that goes beyond the gardens of good people don't go away
thank you there are some changes in the way saint patrick's day will be celebrated in savannah this year most notably along the waterfront and joining me now is gordon varnadoe director of the savannah waterfront association gordon what's going to be new in savannah for st patrick's day well after a lot of pressure that actually started in nineteen eighty two the city council of the fire to go along with the concept of having the faith that they'll the rover for that will be a festival all benefit will be enclosed they'll be controlled access the seven access points at the bottom of the ramp leading member of the street and there people will be checked for our you know anybody would be bringing in skateboards or allow rollerblades or weapons or that type of thing that there may be a dangerous to the fertile and they'll be an opportunity
for them to purchase bear at the actual sport a twenty one band that would be a real man early indicated they were twenty one years of older there would be able to purchase our call a breakout call outside what a real problem for the rest of the lot of underage drinking a lot of expensive so what we're trying to do we want what i have but it's really sort of a disorderly of their dangerous situation in today's play for nicer more durable festival cleaner festival with a quaker group of a chronic keep things clean for everybody would get breezy in a payment rate is we've got some thirty different that they applied the perchlorate all throughout the first of all it's big stratfor a bucket is way be a five day they would always
do but that is something that the convicted of the girls or a lot of the people that we're the ministries have felt the podium you know syria to record the day in regards all flail that regard to controlling the access to regard the wristbands and sell permits all the different things that would she lifted the big breakthrough play a festival disposal of laredo balance almost by itself there had originally been some reluctance on the part of some of the margins on the waterfront to have the festival gated and to charge admission that they'll pretty much come around now to think this is going to work out just fine so what happened in that takes a cowboy there was a really the plan the recommendation was to charge admission so that this really anyone who came to pay a fee to come down to the river three or so merchants that might be unfair to the people who are coming to
shop at their stores so the shift was bait that they would be a charge that the alcohol consumption bass underrated record what was debate issues as though the twenty one day and the solo work brought it to being that person is under twenty one would be able to consume alcohol beer would be that those people were over with maybe four hours for the for the twenty one day and almost before the cover charge to help pay for the entertainment that the political activity will people have to buy a banned for each individual day to day but on the festival right is that there will be a different color of every day they climb probe monday which is a free day that libby will be a difficult man to be and when you think that they will ever going to be great record publicly pledged that i understand that they're estimating smaller crowds this year because st patrick's day actually falls in mid week is that what you're expecting as well that world war the reason
why we were trying to do here that they go in the middle of the week and therefore it wouldn't probably knew there he'd be adopted not to do that you've mentioned in general several of the events that are going to be going on but had to be a little bit more specific about some of the activities that you had planned on the river from pocatello friday we kick off the first by the way that they lived with this weighs with the idea that the very popular group it's a battle that will play friday night that can thrill of this play and thirty that night then too the diet islamabad and come back up again the bible for st patrick's celebrations which is a real good kill that they will play on the st patrick's day by editors first to and all those different date we have a lot of other good in a private boat for about a down at local people and then for the first that would do in the third film sort of interactive activities with the closet wall that he'd be real popular with the schools were the patrons could
go at the elite wall the idaho to compete with each other that the radio talk about a political activity of wherever i think that that's the form a fun thing to do gordon varga girl is director of the savannah waterford association gordon thanks very much making some time to join us now not everyone celebrate st patrick's day by painting the town green georgia gazette commentator mark thoma says for him march seventeenth is a day of somber remembrance what differentiates and in celebrate st patrick's day this year actually jason never did he dreaded it it was a holiday that must be endured he once told me having shared his birthday with a bargain eliot st paddy's day depressed and greatly it was a perverse reminder that time was ticking down we became fast friends eleven years ago a week before st patrick's day i just returned from a three year stay in israel jason had just started school at the savannah college of art and design we
both needed money if you ever need a job in a hurry you'll find one a river street that particular week we met at one of these and coveted jobs that only the desperate are insane would take qualified on both those counts our job is to paddle bass of green beer and hawks and t shirts for what was to become a seven day eternity when i came to work there first and jason immediately says that i have some serious doubts about pulling off the skid i mean who was a workman of a party first words jason said to me we're headed hours ago and we might as well get drunk i must admit when any unfamiliar wide eyed reach me was dude a worse yet bro my antenna go up i have to wonder is this person's for rio all what and are more open now sober circumstances it would have taken a lot of digging say to china to find out of jason was for real going to people get totally smash for seven consecutive days they really get to know each other cases like dennis miller crossed with howard stern you see the love that god or hated him ignoring him was next to impossible
so once said the life as a card game you play the hand you're dealt season bad girl a rotten hand they played magnificently bravely when jason a sudden he fell smack his forehead and bruce said develop only got worse jason's physician had the unenviable task of telling his pants adjacent suffer from hemophilia and hereditary bleeding disorder the cuts and bruises that you and i swap over with alcohol and forget about where life threatening for him to make matters worse jason eventually received a blood transfusion contaminate it with a turkey when he was a teen his dream of being a husband and father was destroyed still missing key jason from living his life he never backed down from a fight be with a drunken some bar i was the meter maid on broad street what i like most about jason was his utter disdain for bs his whole life is predicated on cutting to the chase jason didn't have time to dillydally he gave a lot to he gave me the confidence to write anymore and can write today he told me he
got me to finally read stephen king and dean koontz as much as he disliked phone innocent people he made me a fan of all those newspaper specializing in alien invasions to have a cause an apocalyptic elements i didn't start reading comics some us soldiers was new year's nineteen ninety six i was stationed on the temple balcony at the dusseault the hilton trying to be mr jason was at his apartment across the street he was too sick to deal with people that might yet he waited until midnight to wave at me i'm certain knowledge isn't knew he was waving goodbye he died shortly after it lifted today mr thomas what are you reading after midnight if you think john parents
midnight in the garden of good and evil is the last word on this coastal city then think again a new anthology provided the first literary guide to savannah that people across the country indeed throughout the world have come to love through parents' best selling book literary savannah is a compilation of fiction memoir poetry and letters by thirty seven older daughters spanning more than two hundred years whether from savannah or merely passing through these writers together paint a colorful portrait of a city steeped in history and atmosphere cover to cover hosts engine plane went to athens this week to talk to patrick hyland the editor of the anthology larry sanders this is part of a series of books that were doing which will be literary guys are portraits of southern cities it's the first in a series of hills free press is doing would approach we try to take is it's really two at the quality of the pieces speak for themselves or others were trying to gerrymander them into very specific things to have taken a kind of ally approach and just done things chronologically what emerges from that seemingly sort of arbitrary
arrangements are lots of different things and not a different visions of the city but it's really the pieces themselves speaking about the city rather than the editors tried to force things to come out on already there to tell us who were not in the collection i started at the very beginning of the center's founding james local four he wrote a book called an account of carolina and georgia which i think was really a sort of glorified taurus pampered trying to get people to come to savannah like the idea of naming i've been a dismal country dreamland try to make it sound a little bit more as hospitable in habitable in may have been at the time that's gonna count of caroline unfortunate incident in thirty two and then it progressed through important roy gutman sticky leave the crummy color chief and the origin and legend of the korean people which she recited on the savannahs first square and then john wesley the first sermon he preached in
savannah called on love little bit ironic given the fact insurgents under which he left savannah and there are slave narratives in the book of theirs letter from george washington travel memoirs poetry the moore's of life on plantations and then it's some sort of ephemeral documents for example a letter that we make peace that rare road i'm on one his lecture tours in savannah and make progress all the way up through modern times and of course johnny mercer know savannah question would be complete without johnny mercer the piece that i use his friends unpublished autobiography and army he writes in it that he never publisher song never wrote a song about savannah because he's really felt too much pressure was a riot as varied as four time oscar winning songwriter who could write about his own hometown that he really knew so well loved so i don't know there's some big
names of comedy came and flannery o'connor and they're giving green tea and the american french or so do you have anything that an excerpt from the book well you have to have to put on their it's midnight in the garden good and evil i used to i'm from a night at the selection in which john kerry is coming to savannah for the first time he's describing it as a driving into a garden and meeting people there i think it's the most atmospheric and peace in the book you've attainder you've tried to attain a balanced view of savannah not novel the excerpts are laudatory and some of them things about it in a more ambiguous line that they can i think so we've we've done so we've heard so much about a men are from the news probably because it's on parents brought them we think of it as a city that's entirely of native new beautiful eighteenth century drawing rooms with fine furniture and genteel hostesses you kidding
little crackers with concert on the men and that like any other large city of port city an old city that isn't the entire leg is entirely true to have pieces in the book which gives sort of a history of the underbelly if you will of savannah i'm tom coffee she was a journalist in savannah the piece of his eye used on this cold gambling with her advice which pretty much an incessant ho about the piece and then the press nodded because of criminal manner in his verses around that marston wrote in an alliance share which is the story cycle a piece called hate which is a sort of lower middle class catholic univision of life in when watson and it's called a lot of the little squares of the war's not one of the grand squares but it isn't the story takes place in warren square and it's a story this very struggling blue collar family a lesson here
do you have a favorite piece what one of the things actually had difficulty in finding i was researching a book or accounts of this life in the civil war and one of the ones in which i could just because i thought it was so remarkable says are more collisions savannah was a madison drakes know more of his life in a prison camp in savannah called fast and loose and dixie has a wonderful long subtitle but he'd found life in savannah absolutely sweet he said to take it all in all our sports are sojourn in savannah was pleasant for better than expected and my recollections of the place or of an agreeable character many time afterward i regretted leaving it and i think it says a lot about a city's hospitality been a prisoner of war can say that about his former place of connectivity particularly essay on several occasions try to the details of the prison camp yet with the roots were keystone cops kind of life there to prison camp and the first attempt escape they will they die within one they'd
die within one foot of the inside of the marine hospital wall so that they can escape they were discovered they promise never to do it again immediately started digging out again and a cow fell in the tunnel the second time i got out there and they got his time outside the walt whitman a cow fell into their escape tunnel and done they just kept plugging away and it was sort of the keystone kops kind of life for them there taking all these experts together is that anything that is quintessentially suburban here's your question what is quintessentially its avandia is a sort of accumulation of influence there's a port city which i think is an important point so many people for all over the world have come through savannah song against their worldly was a large trading center a slave trading center early on and so what is really fascinated me about savannah is this the is he now the accumulation of that influence both bad and good and it gets
with evidence and architecture or the architecture sort of metaphor for that image so many influences italian french english architecture and you see that in the people their customs that the oldest jewish population in the northern hemisphere or is in savannah it's a trade slave trading city and it's a city that has lots of modern industry is just i i guess in the position to me about it is the fact that it's the sport say this one stands apart from the rest of america in a way that certain cities to new york city for example new orleans our sort of our american than not we are a radar in america are not really of america's industrial city thank you very much thank you literary savannah is published by hill street press in athens was the girl scouts of the usa are eighty seven years old this week and we all know about those famous cookies but you may not know that the founder of the girl scouts was born in
savannah georgia and joining me right now as katharine keenan is program manager at the juliet low birth place kathryn thanks very much for joining us and i wanted to start asking how did the girl scouts of the usa so says well on a fateful day after it was a short answer juliette gordon low arrived back in the van are in early spring nineteen twelve she called her husband who was also a maid than they come whenever i've got something for the girl with the piano and all america and all the world and we're going to start at nine she had been living in england was the widow felt like a life of kind of a moth and she met at a luncheon with alleged partner of a gentleman named robert bain call you may know him now as the founder of the boy scouts when it without years old could be members he said sure why not but when it first rallies at the crystal palace think when girls showed up and go he real it can have a separate unit for the girl because he put it he couldn't have
girls straight thing about over the country after hit after hit with gail fell he got in theater involved in going around to the girls' initially and throw in england the gulf call themselves girl guide kind of a movement named juliette low had a girl by company wei often with very poor he'll girl from scotland she first they had to be financially solvent for she arranged for them to fail aig to local country house with an offer to learn how to spin and she thought the wall down in london and he also had a worldwide company in london she'll come out she divided over funding for the american girl flow and gerry were first nineteen twelve she got onto the arcadian failed back to the united states and on she was a whirlwind of recruiting she recruited girl all over the van and march twelve which are four official founding day she did that that was you know we've got something big here or that they decided they
better write their name down and they write down the name of a king girl that today ed loaded into popularity with girl not all and with the united states' girl began doing things from very ordinary thing like try not to work for that come with extraordinary girl for flying airplanes than running telegraph and camping out five in durham then running and horseback riding and doing all kinds of any kind of activity still has changed over the years since nineteen swells well i think fundamentally it's still the flame if you actually allow why should my daughter become a growth now she would answer because it is fun that's why girls are still girl scout the parents and the adults in the world of love golf outing and loved it then because of the moral and ethical values become self reliant on the cuff of the government leaderships but not just the leadership that leave people behind the leadership that encourages the
girl to bring along her troupe made it their best ability of what would someone say if they can to others of the juliet low house in savannah detroit loeber of play to the family home we have it decorated if it were the prof weyand eighteen at stake for your feet a half the joy or lived in as she was growing up her grandmother's town of how she would've married from the whale for growth that history that we have a number of classrooms where growth outcome in the program we have about seventy five thousand visitors a year of those about fifteen thousand or growth of the common truth and spend the whole day with a three from war the man doing the program everything from rome gen ward howe to bahrain and now girls are sort of junior high school age learn how to do it and have manners girl on have culturally or with a fine sculptor painter they might have been and we'd like the first girl scout in scotland or they
learn about abortion through clothing of the kindly like a girl throwing activities all over the fight as we stand here pretty much on the threshold of the next millennium do you see any big changes that might come down the way for girl scouts in the twenty first century well you know if it was if you read back in nineteen thirty seven their annual report they had just changed too from being in khaki uniformed to create warmth in the late twentieth and not very thick that road we're so proud of our great green of the day but in the twenty first century we may very well be wearing purple you want but it's not what we appear like what we do but who won we believe in them and we are starting to believe the value for the whole truth to the twenty first country and that one effect of a country and well on and the time what they could be doing i bet you drove is also saw at a half million girls
worldwide the largest orientations are we serving girl twelve women in the world people the world's fifth edition of girl got the girl forgot and pretty much anywhere in the world you go you're going to find a member of the black on it now on some of the old communist bloc countries before the iron curtain they were founding members latvia lithuania like those that they are reestablishing girl counting and even countries like china have become interested in becoming girl scouts are becoming members northwest georgia girl behind the project called ga ga ga which is how big the average girl scout in georgia of which party or so there are many many exciting things he had to do the work of catherine keener is the program manager at the julliard birthplace in savannah kathryn thank you very much for taking time to talk with us today so you're not irish and you're not going to make it a savannah for st patrick's day but you're still in an irish friend of mine on the last album said as a director was thinking has the musical suggestions guaranteed to keep you in the mood
is my first ever having a fun and successful st paddy's day first do not play any music for titanic soundtrack this will only make you sad and dejected and wanting to jump into the great big sea instead turned to a bandit known as a great big c these four canadian fellows like any true blood and irishman really know how to mix the good with that music last fall in addition to the provisions in its guitarists and drummers and members are also accomplished on the tin whistle accordion and moments all the better to bring them
under coach of english french spanish and i was shocked to traditional and swat swat you can do it reading c is also well versed in sea shanties dance tunes and the occasional irish drinking song so you think about one of the kind of vigorous irish as beating you want something a little kinder a little cooler a little more familiar how about some classic a year ago that's right
it's pretty woman but a group called celtic passion went out and captured what would listen in the wearing of the great to see the surprisingly reasonable especially since some of the overseas too this is making this really agree with which is because because because and finally you know st patrick's day would be complete in nineteen ninety nine with a little hip hop i wish little i mean i just made her name as a driving through what the best irish or his latest release on sony classics it's a twist on the traditional irish sound playing with studio musicians
from around the world she infuses the old nominees with nuance good for kids at length films pony become gemma when congo's columbus and rain sticks around for an hour twenty percent and that's going to do it for this edition of georgia gazette program was written by cyd hoskinson and produced by melissa gray susanna capelouto and send additional help from member station wksu the agency our engineers were any one and join
us next week when jordan is it takes you back to savannah with the government's proposed new hardwood even project is stirring up more than just so and then last minute tax advice friday april ninth at noon our tax experts are back to answer your most taxing questions live on the air if you have questions or comments about today's program has them on why email the addresses desert at gp b dot org or similar to georgia gazette <unk> state public radio jews sixty fourteen street northwest atlanta ga three zero three one eight times are bad and socialist then i'll go to the next week and every week for georgia gazette and as support for georgia is that comes from west point stevens the navy hypochondria mark x mark stephens and that georgia is at a public affairs presentation of an ant
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This episode of the Georgia Gazette includes various political news and cultural reports from Atlanta and Savannah. The episode begins with the "This Week Under the Gold Dome", which covers various activity in the Georgia State Legislature including the 2000 state budget and governor's healthcare reform package. This is followed by a personal reflection about working in the Alabama State Legislature, and additional segments covering the rise in Spanish speaking workers in Georgia and the upcoming "A Century of Physics" festival in Atlanta. The second half of the program focuses on Savannah. Segments include news about the city's upcoming St. Patrick's Day celebrations, a personal reflection on Savannah St. Patrick's Day, a new literary anthology about the city, and a history of the U.S. Girl Scouts. The episode's closing segment features Irish music recommendations. Member station WSVH- Savannah contributes.
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