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[music] [music] [music] [music] Good evening. This is Dudley Evans, back with you again, to go further into the science of the sacred numbers. Their meaning, more profound and diverse, as related to the past, present, and future. Scientists say the sacred numbers have been indicated previously as the most ancient of the mystic arts. The background for astrology and of all the world religions. Tonight, in the fourth program of the
series, it's quite appropriate that we talk about the number 3 because 4 and 7 together constitutes 7 the most mystical of the sacred numbers and the most strongly related to all religious traditions. 3 3 is the number of creation and all religious mysticism. This is true because 1 stands alone while, potentially creative, it is sterile. The word "multiple" has a procreative meaning as well as mathematical one. And however many times 1 is multiplied or fertilized by itself, it still remains 1.
The number 2 does not solve d..d- ?division? of a problem problem.....because it produces a pair of opposites. The most commonly seen and used being good and evil. And 2 multiply by 1 still remains 2. To reconcile the opposites...and to create more numbers, 3 is needed. This can be easily seen seen. For example, 3 times 2 equals 6. 3 plus 3 equals 6. And religious numbers would never never be the creator...or the eternal.
There would be no reconciliation or the antagonism. The opposites would mean the division and death of all possible things things. The eternal is both 1 and 3 or more or multiple to include the infinite multitude of beings and numbers. In many ways, the religious mysticism is misleading, if not wrong, because what is spirit or eternal has no sex; and yet in all religions it is commonly referred to as "He" and has been so done for well over 3,000 years. To more mundane aspects of the of the number 3, the number represents the law of love and affection. As it deals with people and is said the rain or family life and also over
social contacts. It is the first number to have a have a generative middle part as shown by the 2 between 1 and 3, obviously. However, remember the obvious is what we generally overlook. It is thr..three is also the symbol of the triangle which is a natural symbol. It is also a natural symbol where the male genitals...and the trinity in all religions which have a same historical base. If equipment of man is threefold for according to the principle of unity and all things, God or the Eternal is man man written in larger form. Therefore,
God or the Eternal as the creator must be threefold or more than threefold. For we're the all only 1, it could never be created like the erect phallus is alone and sterile. This is the meaning of all trinities that are contained in the religions of the world of both cult and all cult nature. 3 is the number of expression, for it bring both the intellect and the intuition....into play in the various art fields. In its best form, is a happy joyful number that gives opportunity for play and entertainment. It is both hopeful and wishful in temperament. And in a name, it represents popularity.
In a cycle, destiny either success or failure in accordance with the proper use of its bibitory powers. 3 is the number of the child, marriage, and also also intrigue. And when its power is properly used used for ethical goals, it leads to achievement. When not properly used, towards beneficent ends, it shows carelessness and misgathering and misuse of abilities and capabilities. The planet planetary sphere related to the number 3 is Jupiter which is symbolic of good fortune, success, fame, happiness and comforts. On a more personal level, if your number be 3,
you...will be inclined to be imaginative versatile, and energetic. To express yourself boldly, vividly, and at all times possible. In other words words at time you will talk too much. Three people in many ways, sparkle and glitter, tend to be witty, lively, charming, and talented. They take take things easily and appear to be lucky and at times to succeed without great effort. Much of the time they are proud and independent, ambitious, like to command their boss, and have a tendency to be dictatorial. They have the fault of spreading their efforts wastefully in diverse directions.
In other words, too many direcitons at once. Because of their lack of ability at times to take anything seriously. They are inclined, in another aspect, to be over anxious for popularity and for the approval of other people...and this distracts from their potential growth in spirit and understanding. Since the full name value of 3 expresses the power to inspire and uplift lovers, this needs to be considered because otherwise you'll waste your efforts. This ?needed scene? because it is said that the need of the soul is for the full and complete expression of what is bright, gay, and optimistic in life. Properly used or properly usage of the power of 3 makes the 3 persons a natural ?gloom? chaser who dispenses cheers
wherever he or she goes. The 3 ?nature? is used to liquidate negative thoughts and moods and can be looked to for relief from depression and protection from deep melancholy. The inherent 3 power originates creative and artistic ability and this makes it possible to see the beauty in life and point it out and share it with others. In the generous giving of the self to others, the 3 person finds deep happiness for the secret ?inner? experience of service brings that joy. Three people, aside from this, are related to creation because 3 is the number of creation
and for this reason 3 people have a strong urge to create and express themselves. This is the reason they are talkative and witty. The creative an artistic tendency in this aspect comes from the fact that 3 is the number of the triangle. The first plane figure and the number of the surface. This means that tend to be very much on the surface. Even though they are charming, sparkling, and glittering; they have a tendency to diffuse efforts like the triangle. For they manifest their energies and faced 3 different ways the same time.
An expression and the nature 3 persons. You have to watch the 3..3 people..3 persons speaking in the singular but I said 3 people so listeners beware. Through these aspects of being, they fulfill their expression and work out the lessons of life and living. From this, comes their ability to make artistic forms, uses strong imagination concepts at many times. In conversation, they distinguish themselves by charm and tend to accept popularity easily. When they do not follow their better,
they scatter their talents and waste time and efforts and when they are dictatorial to hurt other people. Like a butterfly, they will flip from one pursuit to another and somewhat idle manner without climaxing or finishing anything such as costumery or any jewelry and go in for the uncontrollable, destructive passions of life. Properly used or properly use of their power for a glorious mission in life is their best outlet. For in this way, they would use the power of justly and wisely to reveal the beauty of the earth, nature, philosophy, and even life it- itself. itself. They should grasp this
opportunity which is a noble opportunity to teach others to see truth and beauty or to do so increases their own vision, perception, intuition, hidden powers, and happiness. The actual power of 3 comes from it use and reconciliation. It is the first number to be reconciled. Number 2 sets up a pair of opposites and stands for antagonism and the fallen god commonly called "Devil" or "Satan" as the arc opponent of God. And all sacred numbers progress comes through the reconciliation of opposites opposites. ?dots? them.The first dot being 1, the third dot 3.
This transcends them in higer harmony. So therefore if your number is 3, you progress easily and luckily through life and achieve success rather easily. Religions, as already indicated, were largely formed on much of this principle, but denied it when they formed herd cult, rites, and techniques to manipulate and corrupt and keep the human family from seeking and coming to know their own own divine image and unity with the eternal. In religious terminology, 3 stands naturally for all that is best, perfect and most holy. Because it is the number of the trinity theory. The association of 3 with the superlative
superlative is much older than this. As is shown in the Greek word, "trismegistus" which means means thrice-greatest meaning thrice-happy or happiest. Number 3 involves the superlatives at it is the third term in a 3 series in all things as shown as good, better, and best. 3 was called a perfect number because it had a beginning, a middle, and an end. And anything that lacked a beginning, a middle, or an end was obviously imperfect. Religions denied this this wisdom when they denied that 3 has either a beginning or an end and equal 1; and burned
people at the stake, garroted them, and otherwise tortured them and diverse manners simply because they disagreed that 3 did not equal 1. 3 implies enough or all as shown by the hero of a fairy tale who has 3 wishes. This seems to be enough. Also by the heroine who has 3 suitors. 3 guesses in all cultures are given with the feeling that 3 is enough. 3 accounts for all things such as past, present, and future. And all space length, width, and thickness. The association of 3 with both best and all originated through the sacred numbers in primitive methods of counting or in many cases of not counting. These methods had
special words for 1 and 2 but for 3 of..or more use their respective or particular word for many. In this way, way, 3 was the idea of abundance and came to be identified with all or the best. The Babylonian term term for constellations from which much of astrology derived and also much of Judaism, Christianity, Mohammedanism so are Westernism and many others contain 3 stars no matter how many stars was in the constellation. In a somewhat more humorous way, it was considered important to bury a dead body in Ancient Greece in the ground; but if circumstances made this impossible, it was sufficient
and constituted a legal and a holy burial to drop 3 handfuls of dirt on the corpse, generally on the face. The association of 3, the sacred numbers, the meta..metaphysics, and mysticism are the same same no matter what the approach. As shown by their usage in religion. As 3 implies enough, it is sufficient to chant an incantation or prayer 3 times. For that is enough for an infinite number of times no matter if the prayer or incantation was later repeated more than 3 times, it grew out of this simplicity. The instruction to repeat the
process at any time, any kind 3 times is constantly found in all prayers and meditations. 3 is at times combined with with 7, another number of completeness. In that usage, it provides the background for the 10 Commandments in the Jewish bible and 10 Virgins in the Christian bible. On a more or a very mundane aspect, switching gears suddenly on all you all all, job or appropriate careers for 3 people or 3 persons are administrators, civil service employees,
recreational activities, politician, teacher, scout director. [music] [music] [music] [music]
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Numerology, Week Four
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Part of a multi-part series from 1977 discussing numerology, this week's show focuses on the number 3.
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