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that thought thousand dollars was paid in two installments record and one and they were granted immunity from prosecution for their native are unstable then so forth and soul now at the time there's what happened on wednesday june two key witnesses to testify against the black leaders of the greatest problems are not john mitchell was the one was that the attorney general attorney general with a man named robert martin he would rely on hey these witnesses so that they would testify against the david charlie parker and that jim grant robert martin robert raben money and everyone was there and baghdad last month were allegedly conspired to see secret payment of the watergate the thing robert margo
witnesses they lived in an apartment at a cost of the federal government of ten thousand eight hundred dollars according to a very wry justice department's august electricity because i think it's important to see the connections between what is happening in the watergate trials and what has been happening for a long time the black liberation movement which now liberation movement in the liberation movement the puerto rican liberation movement and the movement of working people in general it is now and i think we are
and again this is a country also of the university of missouri in columbia the situation is even more business and it's a bed net pretty bad not very long ago the american council on education released a report on top of the new restrictions and they reported that in nineteen seventy three there have been approximately eleven percent romney now do you think that in nineteen seventy nineteen seventy eight point seven percent of freshmen all across the country were black last year only seven
point eight percent of all we talk about putin's approach ronald reagan's asians indians the drug is banned from fourteen point eight percent to thirty percent that's about what about eighteen or nineteen percent drop them in and the number of students of color in the why factor i'm a college campuses in nineteen seventy to fourteen point one percent of the freshman class consisted of students from families whose incomes were less than six thousand dollars nineteen seventy only eleven point one percent and there's been of course a corresponding rise in the acceptance of students who come from
families with incomes over thirty thousand dollars they're no longer afraid of the ability of a child and to force them to give to us what is right he is about developing a racism things like prudence is not to the bear in the percentage of seven point eight percent in the army at all
admissions but you only as a nomadic tribes be given that he has to do and then the attempt on the part of many so called new rules to try to convince academia that shockley has an inalienable right to freedom of speech and he has is right to academic you are to be given the opportunity to teach and discusses so called controversial second volume of bel to take into account that their freedom of speech and academic freedom i think nba and sentiment human human progress
well let's say that the maps right to the ob la in nineteen thirty three at the academic freedom that the academic freedom to penetrate the university right anti semitic racist theories from the scientific theory the method an academic blank cannot be academic freedom to follow experiments on human beings i'm an operations on food and communism and trade unionist because what will be the ultimate all with mass extermination genocide sharply recently and i have to say this a former american really important for students of color white students as well to take the offensive against people like
william shockley who say and i quote my research leads me that the tragic conclusion says my research leads me in his neighborly to the opinion that the major part of the american negroes intellectual and social deficit is hereditary and racially genetic an option and that's not an immediate local and maintaining revive capital improvements in the end by well yeah college campuses and that in the aig is demanding its a medic there in omaha
like education that access to the outgoing to come in in the nba than ever done any more in a dave davies host and that law about the rate is very high at the bottom you know uses audible no wearers that place is at the bottom black people he goes on to say it is well known throughout the world but where there are higher
rates and wildlife populations these almost inevitably are associated with poor economic situations so that in the black community is as i say it's something as a whole on the bad rap made and then these effective elements like holland when the elements that remains of my bonne terre bonuses which would give and nobody is going to be a lawyer and worked as an idea for the people involved it might be a crime and ultimately translated as he tries to use all of these you know where the bird that don't make any sense for what he's saying anyone on to say that he was referred for example to what they had done in india where they had given chances of the radios to people voluntarily about themselves their lives
were he says give me giving a northeast of the people and by any means you know given people are certain amount of money per year they agree to rob themselves of their right to bear children say that we have a situation where racism and institutional such as colleges and universities are becoming ever more blatant i don't think that you only have two point five percent black people on the end of them were not even talking about the black students in the freshman sophomore junior and senior the time that the graduate students as well be talking about black people from many other parts of the world as well the way is down because of a very tiny minority of all things on this campus
this matt thank you end of racism which expresses itself blatantly an openly through various forms of depression which expresses itself through the economic squeeze with black people and people to the olympics presidents so and the rise of vigilante groups which is now in the ideological open so that people like joe william shockley awaiting on the campuses and as they said before i came here because in the beginning and bow and his movement because if this was a plant will be black school in an islamic leaning go black students earlier this afternoon before i was arrested in nineteen seventy
i was organizing around the demand for the arts and people might vote in various places and they will was it you to get involved in this way to achieve that is a fine another to get you are right to be politically and maybe you are right it is we meet him well with only a few months and i found myself on the ten most wanted wanted list
money around the country trying to the hype the fbi with it on machine guns n n n n with the designation of me is one of the most dangerous criminals in the country it was only a few months later that i found myself and a lot of fighting and bobby annually the fight to protect the la thing i can go veron says the zimbabweans would not come to mind would not would not have to buy or assist us in building the
movement of our mission and july mr bowen the moment by the missouri state penitentiary in jefferson city about thirty miles from the man now by the man named by others in the prison when i was in jail myself and i continue to receive mail from the man now and that was it have our working people were on the repression that isn't a bum and when they organize themselves and their rights is that images of the year on this campus just because you're getting a little book education it doesn't
mean that you can follow the leadership of sisters and brothers who have been struggling out there in the streets out there in the shop window and so it's i usually include the presentations a mix of voters that we referred to a statement that was made in the most of the additive about all of the other participated in that struggle at the very vivid when the prisoners in organized peaceful a peaceful demonstration and present about the man's expose conditions and political oppression which
is experiencing and when things look and eighty they're beautiful and that was before the massacre took place where mms ride out we have we have all of the food chain as a unity unity human and that is something that we can then you know that think it's about time that we ate every penny about you know who is a communist and with the socialism who is a democrat and who is a minister then with the trade unionists and wallace wallace
and will is when reagan was amazing was indian was white so i think that we need a lot of getting a law and someone is an enemy and no mandate that they are going on all over the country that is hard for me that said we need you today because we that means is that the others were guilty we can talk about things like that they wanted me they are what when you look at me
air in less revenue and you compare that struggle with disabilities in that school for the falling of the thing i think they're probably right and deliberations that's what you do you know about that is what are all about we'll be able to not the living daylights out of the enemy we will be able to issue is beefed
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Angela Davis in Columbia
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An excerpt of a Angela Davis speech delivered in Columbia, MO circa April 1974. Davis discusses race issues in America, William Shockley, and the ongoing Watergate scandal.
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