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dobson and chatting up into regions in east and south and western art here company called for powers of latency be obedient and to me not radical and sort of you need to learn more korean census forty nights waking only two ninth hours of witches played candy as he charges may queen of heaven so you get into this work but our part of land and sea as it stays alone at the bar the night the moon and sun as it will be show recently when i was a juror at the commonsensical best with their owner of the st louis talking about the nie
the spiritual needs people know and how that and i just threw at me when i think of and i knew that i had probably that's true but in different contexts but now we're not saying anything else about me i'm not hispanic votes separated them and the way we're going to come together and to build our lives are changing and who's got more power with the power to make the changes or olympia
snowe well as the ruling people it's impressive and who is slit national river and female contestants press and i think that you know it's easy to do trees are dying out no matter what party in its own rule the world or you know
technology no bullshit did have consequences that i mean your principles that so called to the neocons was disco being a recipient principled it's a religious education or right a symbol of female artist like that first letter that predates history and that's that's a little sample of the cosmos also i think that if you really want to get more investment in these
things you know you know when you like you know yourself the process of legislating and interested in which of course it is maybe redesign part my reality in humans since a lot of the interesting symbols interested in symbols are all religions have evolved and stoplight and it's definitely not then you know all the symbols of new orleans the point where that that's partly cultural reality say actually the males symbols of jesus and every minimal upbringing power ryan
is still services that that spend my reality is possibly a male symbols and van that is a rule that those who used to be on that continent is working with ryan graves refine her way and these are beads and as a woman than as a home on pbs airs a strong
nsa oh yes way that's with an i'm arun rath myself for so long that we see giggling on it oh yeah that way if that's what are seeing years and years that they were in something silly so they moved away and someone who is perry i will pass it
no hedging it has also forgotten what i was roman mythology greek mythology girl on the issue of hate to an end since records were male you know regressive email from ernest hemingway that was one email i just remember one which includes women in the senate new ally
This record is featured in “Feminist Community Radio at KOPN.”
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Strength of Femininity
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A discussion between several women about the spiritual tradition of witchcraft and its relationship to the women?s movement. Topics include Midwest Women's Festival and Z. Budapest from the Susan B. Anthony coven in Los Angeles. Includes invocation.
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