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years this series is made possible in part by a grant from i m s interdisciplinary metropolitan systems incorporate for them these
yeah it's secret the path to power if i will point out kidnapped you but you were not phrases in the ed jones beach at coney island or maybe just last year it when lilacs vacuum in the rain blend into the beach to companies maxi flavor lab for you only with lots of song anything we knew that even the main show you often hear if i were a polar actually connecting
hi i'm nikki giovanni and i'm your host for the night of prom i just made his cult hit novel and from the book re creation right now like education to very jittery very big event this will mark william hart and major here is they're from philadelphia they are the devil the pittsburgh is business is
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is big it's better to pay his bill the peak our next artist is one of the most magnificent talents of rattan and it great pleasure in introducing do you sustain mary and the cable car might actually a ba
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can keep the peace between welcome to the land of us sink at it i think that like you are stuck maybe you apologizing for some of the antics of some of my brothers and i think it's been rather an acceptable in relationship do you not think about to speak for the majority of my people at this point we welcome you the plan your hair is so apple is a latin wedding going to create a major musical yes oprah's teaching the economist at yes he's a
volunteer teach at the university of going to school to institute put it when a technique and he also teaches it airs sundays in our high schools he teaches english and b tune that these tattoos with president and he watches president said today it's been we have to move and the way we are proceeding getting back he intends to come back another trip to it has been very difficult to do so judges so well i was asked to come in because some people it comes to come back for a change and it came really have a lot of problems i have performed in different places way
he really was difficult to even get my money to perform but i'm happy i came in you because i get to see you and thank you do you i do you see any difference in say the way that this government as they deal with the government the way that this government approaches you as a black african coming here and end and the way that the south african government is approaching black entertainers the season matches in the differences right right the police you're right
you're going to be making some recordings of it in london business side of cia i know required for guinea and company which is how governments and they have their own record company in their own film company and it required for them to have an album out which was released in france and then recently they've made arrangements for me to work here with the union of south africa to be doing something recordings together and do some maintenance and they were attacked shouted tickets in this country and others and if it's too fast look at the past but i'll let me ask this for those who are looking out if we wanted to have we getting content how we follow through in that region i have now this same man and here's the union's and that's denise epstein didn't sound so that they
won't do that you can't design such a disability if that is lifted in the boat ok i don't think that i know that the journey of community that has been a long and perhaps are just one of a anything so many things that you were changing that i would change it like happiness of the question but you know i'm you know i'm very happy because of the things i do i do because i wanted to and the moment he sees it slowly works that i have no one to blame so it makes me happy good salaries do that we turn to do i say that wheat at once they get that weekend makes me quite happy he'd like to provoke the american government can know i say they're just excited now i wouldn't i'm i'm only interested in saying the truth because nothing could be the sound that if if i say the truth beneath it hurts mccain and because i
have to say to you have a couple of children i have one chance she's twenty and she has to tune a name so the men's finals he has a little boy whom she named to the number and she wrote a song him and now she has a little girl who and she's named after me she caught them because a and z all the settlers and the hub that's beautiful and he said that as a surprise that in the gray in my place ok i'm going to ask you to do another accomplice so i have to ask you something i'm very nervous i guess i should admit that everybody had never hosted a show before and there's so many things i wanted to talk about what what would you like to talk about in terms of where you go and say that from here i'm going to kenya home to
cleveland tasty if i had no competition then from gaining it may go to botswana not too sure that i will be going to london to record in then too back to africa have the performing in cameroon for the african olympic games which they'll have to pay in february and from cameroon to say nigger to a lot of sunni and a neighbor to see a student to receive a gift that is being given to me by a syrian partner he received an award for your husband's not affect the shore university yes they gave you know i really don't since he wasn't here they asked me to go in four states it's been sending a largely black people responded like people that shaw university five years ago in a boat that gives the peony think
the hybrid ago i had a few people who accept even this attack magnificent whether you were twenty when you say that people are traveling in africa many millions you know students are going and in some cases having difficulties winning the artichokes and similar problems that depends on what kind of difficulties than i as shooting as you'd think they would they should have in the difficulties i know that we all have to unlearn ability to them on both sides of the eight atlantis of course we've been told many things about our sales before but when i first came here and i wore my hair short people used to look at me black people and laugh but i didn't mind because to me i was on his pants i didn't see anything wrong and later on they came down through line i see
let people of the incense and beautiful all over the place and it would take that same amount of time for people in africa to know about the apprentice he and to come to accept them as they are on premise of sixties soul they should all i can say is that when you traveled to africa you should try to be patient with your brand as they if they act if they haven't reached the point where they can embrace you is she tried to tell them that i am part of you and you shouldn't call me names because you calling us anthony thank you very much the pittsburgh exxon is a song about a young
man who leaves a state's right to go and work in the gold mines and where he is in a home that does not benefit him know he's a vegan that's right jennifer it you're my way and they
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he came to plague the plant to pass because he's been seeking he's a fighter who leads with his principles and follows them up with a devastating combination of wisdom courage and more and that's just unbeatable he's our brother and we love him the police beat thank you for coming and really
really interested in and demands that you renee and before you were a boxer entered the devastation to the bike something that i'm from cincinnati unusual the only used to see your family your brothers episode i leave though that the day i used to be very excited that i haven't heard much about how they live he is a martial artist he's on his mansion of those boxy rock might not be well that's remarkable and he's gotten that he's he just bought three weeks ago and three weeks before that chicago and he says come in a pretty good day's soon will be one of the top ten the everglades if he does take over if you've ever had three children yes we have three little girls and one sock for months and wait even into the father really any advice we give them on how to be a
theme we'll have a normal about his girls to give me all the trouble and a navajo much and they don't know me and mom mary i'm the one moment both the regime and jamila the moment to really value they get in trouble not thinking more about staying home more book i don't want to but i like to know i think that the way for a promotion training and moved by the time that we as alicia be ridiculous robots can so sports and i felt that that i saw be a fight i think they get a sense of the life that i say well it was an important enough to show the whole fight with nature a little bit and they later music behind where the shuffling of course they'll year half years he mentioned that the fight was forest that i shouldn't be shown on tv and to show you how bad it was they put the music to it really sort of moves
and positions that i can so critics of the fight really critical reason they were ever protocol was because of a bust of knuckles in the twelfth round he was semi conscious he was right on his feet he was out rated afford a bouncing killing killing began in you got in and i just didn't feel right you know two black males than kill each other's is just about male wide audience and knew not to be paid three hundred thousand dollars might be an uncle sam take about six tips and avoid getting so i figured will's says they criticize about a somewhat sandbox news berlin fighters have that brain concussion isn't images of some precautions should be taken off into the best precaution would be if a man always win and he's got a fight on control dc the man is hurt and just might not particular martin the plan well far fewer battles within a broom and cruel brutal in on a trailer and a coupla many people
and they say she wins the country would include armored brigade you can re use it also i think it will be end sure humanity and compassion for the film and in my in the bonuses or even maybe a good lawman praised the court will heal for that trend are really hurting solo from al amr moussa like a billion dollar cost another night there'll be no more like the naacp says at a time when not going down if he gets up and knocked him down again if he gets up and were knocked him down again of referee don't stop his memo thought if the judges don't stop of his wife was churchill who don't jump at the rate is thought yeah because i mean i don't take a wafer put my father fights of fix fight off our slice this method to be on tv say i have to go out again to help libya more often violent unveil my shoulder compassion humanity they gave me more deals than facing more visual and so since they have moral spot somebody get hurt the next and the cain say that is
muffled because again they'll for trying to be human now having me and wattles boys we get longer we allow local sale one reason alone i was born to love working with him was because maybe the poor people got a chance to see more fights and the crippled people in hospitals because of the fights were like the cheapest tickets of like put all of the fights and some va does race as he's ever up to one thousand dollars a seat so i'm an avid seems like two hundred dollars a seat and the rains that sold by ally was bullish on the fight cripple people and people who have all type handicaps couldn't walk prize people sent home and watch the fight a few days after so i think his bed at how local sale in about a wide was boys would make a decision for the whole public and keep the fights of tv just because they don't think the fighters qualified of promote a pop fight quote town of guaranteed the three hundred thousand and they guarantee in the heavyweight champion germany hundred fifty thousand three hundred thousand next month and so it's what so how why was pauses nothing to be shown a wiser that the journal german commission okay
get the sweats commission ok all the box in science of the world located they put of four hundred fifty pound thousand fans analysts why was bored so how locals they'll to say what is not fit to be seen they should all people take a vote and say that we don't like to fight so says the facade for so much they'll try to be nice and take a diesel them and look out because i will be blessed animal of not quite to leave falls if he gets up and down to get innovative very happily chasing that the males because the gavel me from ibm rough so look out over the next man is he is in trouble before it was a championship fight with joe frazier i never considered at night and then but i never visited like a brutal fighting and i don't want to say it like that but i cut you out one occasion right now lots of people protesters decisions and i'm a little help so that the next i think i've
played too much rigid for a sharply three rounds i should've played i did a film with the move like a shield of and trying to prove legal hurdle is that intimate corners in and there's a lot of light like if you just took one just events that allows me to support bottle at the time i had a moment that case and then one black man in the million dollar bracket and tales like it is mitchell stays was a long time at which they can pick the best boy to give it to at maytag have learned a lesson the next time that we know about for you must go out at sea but he went to the hospital for the diesel clean and so he had you know and the waltz about not like a week ago he won the decision to deter would handle it or he's he's recuperated no end the next term of the bill but i'll use all
right physically active faults and so far he's been trying to me saying these villagers saying i have a good omen isn't probably for good he can boxy as low skilled that it's hard and takes a lot of work at any hits rio de it's all forty eight we saw in the twelfth runner john mccain folks enough ah not old they get out bottles they'll be bad old resentments in the future to be a heavyweight champion and when the tide and then get out to tell it came like in the good of the whole network of bobby listen to people and says that it beat him twice and have the flop house and enjoy showing carolyn immigrant them under the uncommon to berlin germany there to defend against rahm under him under this gunfight cleveland williams of houston back east
and i'm sure we'll come back when your whistle thought that maybe there was jeb he beat me was amazed at the price enough to be the prices on the song say well he was all three years thank goodness somebody else takes about three years to be fixed that this is the chechen of imminent retirement it really hurting and what he did to future battles i don't know too much about a box in the snow out of mainly yes they're different contenders this about him his beard mass because too many black people you know this is not like people watch a basketball game in asking the same teams give them pull each of those villages kraut talent schools got a comment on college once asking for their champion would kneel bend them and to them that we can work a half it before the bidding for the chapter title is the title the nigerian hoving good bassett all africa was watching the fights and when asked on appeal for them in the garden and about it from argentina no country the presidency if he didn't put me the army team at the airport
it's interesting when you get different races nationalities competing but won one race nominees which is lost in this debate is there the pope for territory was a white irishman mr come back when the mountain is a big fight for bus the map was it was a farce goes to black man may one i'm not want to live in this going to fall probably right and then we started entering searches it's a travesty what advice would you like to offer the young guys that are interested in sports well i wouldn't advise moment to be an athlete because it's too risky you know like i'm one of the best and i've got a bridge to freeze gonna break been like if he had accidentally break the legal you are you don't have the talent to shoot at
is being a lifetime in the next thing you know you're in a certain age bracket you did make in life because the life of tragedy one thinks you're to go to school learn to read and write to pick up some type occupation used their brains in that the fears that they have a big wooden box and be the manager calls using they get all the money to fight itself of an athlete i mean a thousand or young black amanda be on the black people come in in the powell and under their become an independent stormed a tank in the way of self we need electricians would the mechanics many doctors need the pacific three is also watching sesame street also the memo shows really can learn is to wait to put them they had to get out milo daughter watches issues consoles more she knows everything about it unlike michigan law school without thousand molded get all the education and remind us bail mainland saw malls like people don't get to hear the two hour so my cane
do right now because i'm older do their approach or you can read this will add know without me like i'm not that common sense i have people yes since gm says they expected to hear about the first on a test add now feel too welcome to sell this as a mentally unable to the nozzle moves from that knows more about the four happened before that in one minute reporter said laptop to say that she would cook and i said that you mean you failed your mental test that it came out one in use native trout begin a move was like it is and you know handed that we have apples on the force was taken and where this young all simon you mean you failed the test the
peak and unless there's a credible do you have to say and i really adored him and i think that as big rally at your wonderful image to a cell and inspiration you know really a i like to re introduced nearly against the delphi next wilbur heart wilbur william hart and major lance i really like them to your young men pry sexy young man who saved i mean sung in the delta pilots it's been this is fb
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saying that's right it's been yes
oh me lanny chris again moody's
credit that's major harris william hart and wilbur of enjoying that each major lance hello i'm going to be in a woman and i think like most women have to be fed at some point i read a book sought to bring people up to date at least and when acting i am which is not quite i'm sure the whole truth in every sense no reason it be he didn't i get my fantasies someone i wanted to be part of the essay gemini from the book gemini chan to deal with us but a black man ever would be sad to define a black man in black terms i think they would have different expectations of us as women i went to the opening of an african exhibit at the brooklyn museum and noticed only about a dozen black man in the crowd of at least two hundred people and i thought to myself how i know black man then i looked at the exhibit piece by piece and began to think understood something
that was a beautiful door from the congo and looking at their door i saw a man or woman several children in the yard and this white man saying your door is an excellent example of the cash out of people's art and i must take it back to amsterdam and this beautiful african barefoot with perhaps an ear ring in his left ear replies but this door is the door to my house and it is not for sale and the women sensing something stops the grinding green and he didn't get into children around her other white men goes on with a must have the door the museum needs it and i could make fifty dinars on and the african rises to his four high on his long light made tribal markings dancing slightly on his face eyes cleared hard saying my family needs this door it is nine my father left it to me as his father did him you may not have it it is not for sale and a crack returns in a rage to leave then two perhaps three days that are later the missionary concert saying mass on your door is needed and a great country far away from here you know you will be blessed by everybody if you give your door to the merchant and this magnificent
africans to be about his doorway playing with one of his children shakes is here i would be cursed by my ancestors go now go away and leave us in peace then on the night the soldiers come with the guns the african responds with a spear the fire about a woman screams to children scatter asking what is the matter the man is just out on a pall of dark murky liquid and the door's taken down hoisted upon the shoulders of the black mercenaries walk to the sea and freighted back to amsterdam so that it can be barred by the united states of america to show the people to show other people in addition to live and fifty two and i begin to understand why so few black men who'd come because it was not ignored all the dead ancestors murdered in their homes that they would see not a statue from nigeria but a raped woman is slit throat a burned village and even as i saw that i knew i would never understand the reality of being a black man men grow beards to protect the throat have hair on their chest to protect the heart grows to cushion the head blows and these kid and these things become aesthetically acceptable if not preferable but they always have a grounding since about oh
my man and i can walk down the street together and some guy said something out of the way to be its and so to him it could be a slide i can walk away from words and gestures and still be a woman he cannot and still be a man some level of a black man's existing free existence relies on his x is women mother sister lovers control his life and generally so to responsibly that it can be frightening and sometimes black women aren't very nice for a lot of reasons and sometimes we use our power against him for a lot of reasons and i think some of the house nobody is real i must be related to his search where angry and so obey but as it will be admitted that we can get anywhere i don't think a woman peers where she walks if you learn to walk with you and i don't think a man hears that a woman talks if she if she'll talk to him and if you really understand we are born in and women and as our choice whether or not we stay that way i think a lot will change it now is a good time for the truth i don't see really going to get to it because i don't want my son to be a
warrior to go to some school where some insensitivity chess game where i'm not married or were some cracker thinks he can run mass sold out any tap any gannaway he pleases we need some happiness in our lives somehow sumner i didn't have a baby dc we can find something more must be be sad if it's a real war guinea must be brave and true it was a nod toward he must be black and proud but it as if it's a wake people up your mind to begin did that malcolm x did that stokely carmichael did that that branded and have people on a wake than perhaps the dreams are too good to be disturbed again perhaps that people don't want a revolution know that you must be considered and i decided to be a writer because people get their skin but what i've become and i couldn't see anywhere to go intellectually antarctica chance on feeling i don't wanna get married that latin house in the suburbs have ventured to protect her cronies is not even of the month i could see be coming aboard alcoholic social worker with a couple gets added law that man i barely spoke
to and wondering at thirty five what happened with my life the second greatest thing to happen to me was getting kicked out of this university because i had to do with my life i could go back to school join delta sigma theta marry a married man and go quietly insane the peak or i could go on to live and i think i wanted to be famous because my mother deserves to have the world noticed her existence and my family has worked too hard to be ignored i don't think i would get much if it hadn't been for them but they deserve more other people put a lot of time and energy into me and it then they deserve something to and that means nothing unless we are willing to be responsible for those who love us as well as those people don't just let me out of the blue you let them and people never love me when i needed to be so as an adult i must give some of them back to those who want it i would've all been for nothing i think i'm no different than any of the colored girl who has to
grow up and make it and make decisions and live a bad name i think we are all capable of tremendous beauty once we decide we're beautiful aren't giving a lot of love once we understand love as possible and make in the world over and that image if we choose to i really like to think a black a beautiful loving world as possible i really do acting the play i'd like to thank mohammed ali william hart will put her art major harris who make up the delphi makes says did ut deering says delirium a caper and i'd like to say peace do you power to the people and literally carry over now to miriam it at
it is so the production of any at educational
broadcasting corporation this series is made possible in part by a grant from it unless interdisciplinary metropolitan systems incorporate <unk> a man named oh no
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Muhammad Ali, Miriam Makeba, and the Delfonics
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