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the pope the fbi the blm regulates from washington dc and includes a report on college aspirations clashes between students and faculty and research what the universities do find their proper role mitchell report on point of view live tv algae correspondent
don't report the real democracy yesterday at american university here in washington dc vice president hubert humphrey gave his critical viewers on today's student protests the bureau examines the compass is troubled time the american university and not just this one but everyone should be in michael calhoun what we would wait for the american society it should be a korean community life here that on many american campuses today freedom of inquiry
yeah i mean the writer fortunately on the keyboard the volunteer in the community the people we don't want her on that dusty southern row is being replaced and on our living room televisions by the shelter about that at mt you're right me
abbey road a man you got two choices either the university goes back on or it stops especially like now historically speaking and reconstitute itself in cairo even that may not be possible university made without anyone can tony hale i am
no way even before the academic year began there were warnings of a wave of student protests would grow larger this year of the university of maryland's delegates to the national student association congress not a particularly radical group seemed frustrated by past failures to change the course of american collegiate and political life they talk ambitious way about the use of something called student power are we going to invade finally what we want not that the body that can get out of vietnam and really get out not leaving the power that don't
let go there's bb you know you're off by now the delegates returned to their college is inspired by activists rhetoric nsa had voted to support the actions of north and black students and draft resisters and promised to make student power more than a slogan but when a real protesting began the most popular target with the dow chemical company which manufactures may fall valerie krieger is often found it hard to get on campus and that intimate recruiting a hazardous duty frustrated by their inability to influence president vietnam policy now as a convenient
inaccessible symbol there were demonstrations on more than sixty campus is in october and november alone twenty seven of them or protest against our recruiters at the university of wisconsin the culmination of student our demands and dow chemical protests produce an explosive reaction the administration called on police to break up the demonstrations that was a move which resulted in these violent things and raised new questions about police on campus of reasons berkeley three years ago activists have demanded that civil authorities not campus authorities punish illegal out this fall nearly five hundred carats of demonstrators were arrested and the nsa promised black power also viewed with hidden power the always active campus of seven sisko state nearly toward self before this fall with a complex chain of issues and protests something's broken to the lok the administration building during one demonstration protesting alleged
racism although glass was broken no blood was shed probably because liberal president john summers co refused to call and believes this play's most wins in faculty but some of your phantom self caught in the crossfire black radicals on one side on the other california's conservative state officials who disapprove of both his methods and his unruly steeds berkeley angry activism has reached out to normally quiet campuses like the university of illinois which typically had its first taste of the new mood last spring with a free speech demonstration against the common to speak of them this fall illinois followed the national trend without protest draft card burning as demand for more power my student leaders and wrong solidarity among black students are easily protested the shooting of black students at the south carolina state university in orangeburg south carolina bubbling but not boiling the university of illinois in the good place for a discussion of speed and power a cross section of the line i kept his community with invited to participate along with a few students faculty and
administrators from others school's pto came to talk about the speed and power recounts that a display of the frustration and anger that is making american colleges so volatile these days most keenly felt by radicals of course it is a frustration of community highly sensitive to society's problems and very uncertain about how to help we began by asking the quirky a leader of both a free speech and dow chemical protests how he justified tactics which tried to limit the right of our recruiters to speak on campus as a lot of a worsening on the campuses and soon see saw that one aspect of the whole war was these people recruiters were coming to campus home i think that the criticism that we infringed upon deliveries of those who wanted to speak to recruit is justified i think that we have to remember that our country was founded on more than just the year to produce the results aren't on the right light
and we believe with senator kennedy has been saying there is over a hundred fifty thousand unskilled every year many of them by napalm so that the students who said and it seemed to me set up a hierarchy of ideas and he said that right to life was more important than the right to free speech me it seems to me the essence of sort of energy to try to justify an illegal act by appeal to a higher moral wall three hundred to six hundred companies that come to various campuses recruiting every year low academic departments in all fields whose knowledge and research could conceivably be put to bed uses i just i can't buy
the argument that says we will set up the dow chemical company as a symbol for the war and obstruct that no matter what it may do to anyone else's rights at berkeley art there's a university policy that employers discriminate cannot recruit on the campus used universally facilities as a clear infringement of their your right of free speech and yet the faculty the administration didn't uniformly supportive policy unequal policy might be employers who burn children for instance also can't be allowed to recruit on campus free speech issue with exactly the same in the two cases the white population
david dow you know what is really funny yeah right right right right
you know you know the white student movement road on the wings of a black movement for a long time a large extent we all very great activity and the growing activity in the white movement on campuses to the fact that the white movement was born to support the black movie ten years ago and we tried that for eight years and we didn't go well know how and when anybody in the country who went black student movement finds that a discovery now discovering hadley the people work with its own people he told us get off the wagon i said when a black student movement finally started discovering the weight and attract work effectively with old people called walk out hold it all that little
and won immunity question that they get to the when you have that they can say they won him enough when the black movement discovered black power without he said all right what voice back your people will take care of our own wanted to see people and do something effective and your people we didn't know how to do anything effective and on people just as you have known how to do anything effective your people you are the black are now in a place where we live the way the student part because things that most affect us directly in our rules you have to do you know on the rolls and students as young people with the way the war presses on earth and presses on you to begin we remember that on campus it's a strike for you to that doesn't mean you expect to feel gratitude but you got a rather the two forces
at the university today for a preview white middle class by day the ibm or any other man and then they believe that the people in that perpetuate the family here that's where the violent that's why i'm willing to give that warns about the amount that the black man free and on the streets of oakland waiting for the cops to global but i have thought about it they felt where i think we have one million people are free and obama reappointed my people are free in oakland either because you talk about why we are afraid they don't think about america being a jungle you must know how you can't put kids who've grown up in the right movement
don't go work for doubt when they get out of college they have a lot of trouble figuring out how to move next because nobody knows how to move in adults white middle class america that's one of most important to you oh yeah plow without remember what is one of the solar bubble burst of the vatican question vallas is really getting out of prison or vietnam an impact on making own that they never got to see the thirtieth his foundation that raises money
back in oregon it might be important so this is that sort of how white people are nice to do that on their own campuses is very common among the promise didn't like people to understand that our struggle is related to the whole world really turned outpost on the sustainability of the wise one of the let that they can tell me how were owned by campuses in the refrain the night and didn't tell him how to do that if they really want a movie star with integrity of it is what it's like the whole community for many of us who are working in the black and the realization of working in that movement with what
white mass america was all about the realization that we want to do our part we had to change a fundamental assumptions about mansour that means going to the white people later the students to create environments university nowhere for that they won't activate college board of ibm or for the down you really haven't done that you would you would now the fact that a nineteen fifty six fifty six stokely carmichael so we don't want to go to your geduld and tell all parties to stop being gracious step to stop discriminating now we get we tell you again you know having this son people forget in the universities in the country including this one very quietly because we're behind you is a struggle for white liberation and through liberation so that we can learn to control our own lives the black people the black people in oakland office the black have the people in oakland are
making formal alliance with he stopped the drop people in oakland because we both recognize that all struggle for liberation support each other and that's why the ottawa struggle the black liberation struggle and the struggle for education reform the right people i don't know why my people go you know why now billy billy
why why why now five years ago all right good morning
because i we've been doing this you're right you're right
no no no that's right all right all right you know
i know the scheme artist and secondly because why i think they're right and not gotten as much publicity public attention for the work that they continue to do what qualities the problem is there are so many things happening now so many people were always been let's talk about white people try to think through the war i need you every single thing about
a person like where she was on time everything the way it tells me what i have to do with my life to tell me everything that's right
indeed i don't think by integrating that i mean because line katie for me and i'm fascinated by the discussion that goes on
trial really get some things are global thing they had a peak full of moments of my own gratification what your strategy in the sky is a major fact going on apparently and that like those things that you'd like in full of like to share mine sympathy somebody only some of the essential to jostle because he is it that you recognize their major problems in the united states we feel that something is really lousy i live in the address us has to these things the reasons that there's another government has something to do with college now you voices there was one significant point i think it is a metaphor was negative or not that does that mean you're both people like me another bacon and they're both picketing against the same cloths music you couldn't catch jack was a big issue because you know he doesn't care for you the point of invading
the situation yeah i like it you know you really need to be an easy thing mccarthy now i realize twenty five thousand dollars you know
i knew of our our enemy and when john johnson and some others and the university is attempting to do something i'm surprised though that you don't see the connection between what we started out talking about the dow demonstration here and interference with the rights of some other people i mean the talent of your new what he was getting into but the people on the floor of the chemistry building who were kept from their work the fifteen or sixteen of people who signed up for interviews with zhao and the connection between that on the one hand and black people on the other if you get the question i ask you yeah i don't know anything about i'm
angry the employment figures i said to a guy and what are not is going to rebuild america will get really trying to be good use of course but what is the university's role and relationship tool is this how irresponsible impulses is essentially destructive and revolutionary rather than constructive in my mind about that now let me ask you you are the ones who are citing the university's a potential role in all this one should it be a mixed message of
something that in this particular thing university help the students do with the students choose to do but the students in the university or helpless the answer to black people here because it's got no way of controlling resources of the university was the university helped them in that what you mean by what the students want to do educationally and outside of the classroom outside augusta instead of cussing on the campus in the community it's the students was they should be able to do it from what for moving around the university itself and moving on the university and the instrument for teaching people not to care because that's really what the university is it's a device sort of systems and structures of itunes which teach people the words themselves from anything on the teach people the caterpillar i thought in a little box and fail to allow people to draw relationships between themselves and others between institutions that they have on the public between whites and blacks we
sort of became and i think being gay what's it about and the university which helps them all feel i also feel like i'm a lot of activity in the arctic lived in it has one idea how he handled the relations than a question in a fashion mistake so that they can learn to feel these matters more of the commonwealth teacher i've done that i think the
church understands what the important problems are telling them how to go about solving them telling them whether they stop them well not injured do all those things that wind up keeping them from developing the skills they need to decide for the old cells one of the important problems how to go about solving and seven the doomsday will sell their creations well when the question was read all is the university's fine people of activities like five people in the empirical data on shelves and it's simply not a reflection of an indigenous culture which creates self student culture is a product of one of the top you're social scientists thought the money and you know perfectly well in social science yet this is not now involving heat one problem if you're kind of worrisome from our behavior with research and most social scientists will look down
in eastern in his question comes up with some people die you know numbers of arguments numbers of arguments with professors and say it's not our business to do that happens in the classroom i think it happens to have a class and then outside the classroom you get rid of a real jobs to be in that one number two university of neutral one it's really not and number three we're not going to provide you with enough resources to be able to do that face which lead to the top the fact that the discussion has been done anywhere is a testament of the problem is that the law he got the university more broadly got the educational system affect matters quite clearly that this institution which is the major institution which shapes what america and i
think black americans as well as yourself absolutely incapable of dealing with a critical social problems we have i mean the dam has burst streets clear and the university is a useless tool at this point to damn it back up again an historical judgment has been passed upon the way we conduct education well it means to me that that's why we have we as students and we as radical that protesters have pretty much operated in reaction to what other people are invited i'll be kind because the many of create an event like dow chemical we respond to them and my filly been log off here that we refined the crisis that the cry that right that we very seldom have a kind of a kind of priority list of what we find is how to deploy our time in our in our little mini we have in sight but why
one night you know after all you know what i was doing was about a very good on a lot of a lot to reveal a given on about anything and out of civility don't know what that you would not about not what i asked for you know western power mean we're kind of on a real recognition you are right right are you open obviously the one of images though not want to be your water off because at the cover right that someone is always a way it doesn't mean it's and my judgment blind still in power the current one western world slogan which has a program is a program for freedom in the dormitory freedom for social events it's got nothing to do with the program and i do acknowledge a corrective how the rnc has run you're
always get bought off a political question you know oh i'm getting that thing for me that atomic years before i think that the news that the word used to have an area with them and i think that we are you that more openly these days and it seems to me that the fundamental thing that many of us are disturbed about the families is the relationship of the university to the american empire and i think the issue they were coming down through and that is disrupting university fundamentally is which side of the university or is it on the side of society organize to build an empire or that against that policy has one thing that happened this past week which i think we'll talk about some more and that is that the spy world of subservience of university officials and the american elite the president just kick the universe and the
tea actually insulting way by refusing all of their suggestions for dealing with the merest in the promise itself now it seems to be already university i would say i've just learned something you can't run a university with a policy of militarism imperialism so we're going on strike no more involvement in a military coup d'etat had yesterday that on vacation here if i make a justified because you know i've heard so far are activation you know you think that they are yelling and i think you're guilty and also that universities be only an odd things to me that we have to recognize that was building you and i and then been howling
and they'll let me defend my academic bad for a little bit because i think it's a really great deal of danger wanting to see me with the universities enable creative valuable is precisely their value neutrality has been precisely the extent to which they create a context for criticism a complex for argument a context for learning and this and that it was worked with excel i'll support it mainly when the university gets away from this was away from this that playing that playing rock shows the positions of fighting them do indeed good in the danger i thought that's what the old while chemical that was about a lot the stones were trying to keep the university strike it's all about i didn't need to be uncovered quite that way i think it would be nice if we really had neutral universities that was sent to the criticism but i think we're beyond that historically on that because one thing that i think we for most answers things
feel and maybe crazy relive that this genocide that was reporter this apocalypse that is credible that could happen you have to disrupt these instances there's no way that you can allow the economic and political system and education which which is all to relate to exist i think people are afraid of black and white people that white people are afraid to really say what is necessarily a lot of what it was and now that we have to do anything that is necessary to change this country because i know i'll put this problem survival i like to pick up on the holy institution and would you say about your political institutions of
the education and so one of roles and they reflect that is the extent of the sun as racist instruments himself struggled with a problem and then move on and start what was on you know what we do to do all of that destruction people with respect to remain active and the guy come down to go unannounced who take in an also struck by the fact that john said well as reacting against issues we don't have a plan we can't get ahead and she was saying word for the administration
go do a recommendation in all of this year talking about it the periphery of the university the things that count simply because this is a group of people in organizations all brought together and you don't touch it seems to me the real core of the university and that is the relationship between let us a professor philip moneypenny and mr osman professor moneypenny knows more about political science and mr rossman dahlia wants to learn it finally there's been a bit of an authoritarian as well hierarchical i suppose relationship established chavez says the real crux of the problem for me and that's why i am bothered and then they will emerge when you say that that the faculty and or the administration has got to help you
to do what you want to help while it seems to me the decision is gonna be the professor's decision like mike birbiglia playing for all right quite frankly i think that what the state is so patently absurd and so you want to explain why you're doing it you know you can tell from this where the university and the whole society i'm gonna go by the young know what many of the older not looking at one thing the celts the gap between us
which was evidenced in the question you asked me before this what ought not all of them one brave man sits there our political back and think god many cities are so two things one is that we should pay attention to old people and political scientists and it's quite clear looking at our helplessness here feeling that we have no tools to attack the problems which most concern is that the political science of being unable to give us tools you need your way didn't work around you your cities are starting to crumble because of it and you're sitting there and you tell me listen my old man the second thing is you actually say and on national television that you can't conceive of learning occurring in anything other than an authoritarian framework you know your you've
translated if you wanted to and political science romney was probably going to have to work under a professor who knows but this one has been there i did not say that this covered every field of knowledge on every approach to human yeah i don't know what to do with myself or my society the university does not offer me the tools the university has no answers to those two problems we have to set it gets interesting that nothing you have said has drawn any positive response from any of the young people flocked to hear the administration's generally have nothing to say that students are interested in these
that originated within a couple one thing very interesting one and what the black people said was the fact that at least two or three obviously you have that much experience of the black nationalists who are things unpredictable than i like but they were going earlier probably because they want to come here people listen in and it was in fact even though i like your thinking about that and then hopefully that we know that there's been a lot learned more and i kind of agree with lots of people said about us rationalize the system even if all universally people made possible administration factors to really take a firm stand getting out of the war no matter just say my parents say where can i think we're strong we should get out and then say just as directly proportional to be educated people leaders
that those resources should be applied the massive way who really are the major problems that might just begin to make a difference you know what else that they belong to another era that each show a radical or the distinguished from a clinical update on the goal of law they will walk in your due to what generations of the tools necessary to permit the black students left because they were frustrated because they wanted to talk about what was immediate and urgent to them and
by then the white folks' one of them up on the trivialities that's what we're handling the palm might not agree with it but i worry about is i don't know a better way to talk about the university you got two choices either the university goes down or it stops essentially right now historically speaking and reconstitute itself entirely even that may not be possible university made without any way years ago i lived oh really the bigger issue
is what most people are looking for a more conservative on involve are the universe relation of this is sort of our time i think this nation is no one knows and i feel like it's always taken away from the farm how it's not going to be right now when i leave here tonight it's going to change it's going to make a difference and i would say out what sorority girls put their content on sorority girls or tom and how much of this would matter to them i would say about that much yes i do but i don't think that it ever goes beyond law and i think that even the top
admirals are not historic girl first year all i did now the race is changing out the new novel thirteen years and no one could have told me when i came here from the uk iraq wasn't university of chicago thirty years ago or anybody by definition with a conforming communists that thirty years later there were about a thousand students a thousand count oreo oreo that really demonstrated unintelligible a club down organization are created more turmoil and that among other things the thing going here tonight than any of you at the time not been around trying to do it allows imagination the point of the place as changing and eight
the committee in riyadh i would like to restart to professor harsh regarding certain that he said from our experience as you were saying that things are a lot better than they were ten years ago that you can see that there has been shelling said that these kids this doesn't mean anything still they regret it i think we find free speech
baseline or a person but university in american art is about the only remaining state of freedom and in honestly people that called on her to find staff a professor money and carson most progressive tenant thousand and humanitarian professor of his university right this really brings up the prom on the cowardice of intellectual we have been attacking like they want the pentagon like johnson it was really depressing of the year that new job i want to feel like a visitation of the situation they don't want in my life and this was nineteen thirty three thousand people and it was a tremendous problem how to rap against the establishment and that was a problem of population was a fascinating vocal projection who is the main would understand what you think was the main with mold that's you i think this situation is not get that they may become that they have parties and
gentleman i would like to know your sense as a commissioner don't know always old age group people chat given up your career you what about long haul until the simple track history of keeping up i'm going to one of your five inch opening piece on multiple forms of assistance to the people who you recognize my name and then get directly at ease there it all started out hoping to examine student power to fight christine voice in campus affairs we found instead a display of university anger and frustration with itself and with the world that's the vision may not be directly connected with the issue of student power but is the ingredient that makes for continuing uppers of student demonstrations it's in session playfully pointed out education for many students is a plastic experience
amply of tools for helping the troubled nation professors generally charge that the captain of the campus from society and they argue it's you saw that this detachment will help more the instant involved vice president humphries macy hayden today student faces and long for this week's brotherhood of freedom march days but for many students particularly the militant black students the inadequate response to those marches and the war have erased all confidence and how despite the fact that the students are a minority their anger and the nervous burnable response it evokes in the public makes life hard for even liberal administrators like john summers last week summer snow resigned as president of san francisco state like clark kerr who was forced out as pro isn't the university of california a year ago the blame governor ronald reagan for political interference and financial starvation as for students he said there will be no peace on the campus until there's peace in our cities and peace in vietnam
rapping til continues with reporter ben point of view from chief correspondent edward p market than some sketches and music from british settlers dudley moore beyond the three interviews
report doj correspondent on washington's birthday new yorker cartoonist peter arno died he was an extremely funny man his mordant wit perforated the pretense of cafe society top of the lettuce longings of union league websites like this one telling his secretary it's very lonely being chairman of the board ms pearson funnily enough pardo was also an angry man i'd only thing better to call out the anger he once told the new york times of these birds to exaggerate the ridiculous impetuous people arno is not a political cartoonist maybe the nearest he ever came to politics was that famous new yorker drawing reflecting conservative outrage over the new deal it shows a manhattan upper crust years on their way to a newsreel theater urging three friends to join come along the caption read were going to translate to his role as orleans on those wonderful what will be next it's no reflection on his talent to report that the art of political caricature in america has been told
to the sharper edge and perhaps a hundred years lincoln was caught up in cartoons as the baboons during the civil war but now it appears that nearly all the cartoonists are carrying out of the trans lot of the editorial page president johnson one devastating and belongs to david levine drew this irreverent sketch of being rough to lyndon johnson and bonnie and clyde for a recent cover of the new york review of books is equally biting syndicated contemporary viewers writer writes in the poet laureate harper's magazine that never before in wartime have so many respectable artists and so many responsible publications gone so far out of their way to get their perfect life or a militant vietnam is among the first live a full and aren't getting lbj is concern though his style developed not in one fell swoop but in a series of stories such as the panel you see that they were dropping minds by parachute fighter concedes that a political cartoon is not added that weren't trying to be fair it is at its best when trying to be true in the
case of the president he had to be fair and to be who he has since vietnam than a hostile cartoonist green and i where for virtually every controversial politician allied with the celebrated washington post cartoonist her blog was often hi larry ashley sobering hand and the work is known worldwide or blocks talents are enough to drive his own reportorial colleagues because he couldn't write as principally as he can draw it almost uncanny how is lethal combination of protection and cartoon whether you rejoice in some aid compare president johnson's only suffering to lincoln's this cartoon noting that not all criticize presidents were heroes was just one of many of her block busters dropped in less than three weeks in february again
reassuring washington everything is okay they didn't get the million in rapid succession that are blocked out with the new nixon by a twist on the would you want to buy a used car from a wisecrack the old indispensable britain deciding inhabit to run again and a reconstructed george wallace covering his segregationist bias with the newport of respectability denouncing crime in the street people who think he has fun puncturing political egos annoy or he doesn't draw for fun though he admits that makes him feel good if readers share his sentiment rang i'm usually trying to say what i think needs to be said he explains he has what might be called a you can't let the soul and get away with it his major concern now shared not only by many cartoonists colleagues but a growing number of citizens in another government is the war in vietnam something is very wrong you remark yesterday the situation reminds him of the charge of the light brigade all honor to the man riding into the valley of that's the
newt we've measured anger but what about their leaders we should know whether somebody had blundered at the top which brings me to a personal point of view there is an ugly atmosphere of frustration and concern festering like a boiler on the bleak winter face of washington which even the enduring anger chipped talents of a boycott or and only eight would have found hard to elect remembering the spanish artist savage series of etchings protesting the disasters of war a century and a half ago it is not hard to imagine what goya would be producing from play sean or beetle or saigon today don't they paid with six months in prison in paris for hitler but that's only for the post gargantuan and eighteen thirty two he would have a field day and opulence unhappy america at nineteen sixty eight mercilessly ridiculing the foibles of the bourgeoisie and its leaders could be pardoned a certain confusion however over some deceptive aspects of life in the nation's capital per block for instance was on the
guest list at a white house state dinner the other evening and so what senator fulbright this indicates no seduction of either to the side of president johnson's vietnam policy it only dematteis is a kind of society column facade behind with washington arguments about the war are becoming more tense and turkey on friday i asked senator fulbright whether his foreign relations committee was winning its battle with the pentagon to expose the full facts of the tongue can go into that he replied it was not a question of winning but of trying to let americans know what their government was doing tonight with a hundred and ten pages of secretary mcnamara seven and a half hour closed door appearances before the fulbright committee last tuesday not published concerning events that ensued three and a half years ago the monstrous irony is that bout and distrust continue to exist within the government last week president johnson declared that despite the punishing vietcong tet offensive
without the enemy of government was stronger than ever or last week also paradoxically general westmoreland indicated his force of half a million americans in vietnam was not strong enough saigon dispatcher speculated he wanted one hundred thousand more yesterday after a fortnight peace mission to new delhi moscow london paris and washington the un secretary general who retired is more than ever convinced peace talks on vietnam good begins swiftly if the us stop bombing north vietnam this morning's headlines be of a new step up in the air will withdraw its conclusions maybe roll history may prove president johnson's strategy right but one inescapable fact use that cynicism alarm and even some despair are rising and responsible levels within the administration itself one important official describe us policy as mule had stubbornly following a line that has repeatedly failed to produce common
result an escalation you might play with questionable justification this recalls a parting remark ordered by then wakefield in his longest serving report on a super nation at peace and war in the march atlantic monthly the cocaine from an officer who had volunteered for a helicopter mission during the bleeding battle near dactyl months ago i don't care anymore if i get back to the world the officers said a world too stupid to stay out of the war too stupid to know how to fight it too stupid to know how to end one wonders if such disgust and frustration don't explain and our society's sudden hunger for books about our ancestors the gates maybe a hopeful caricature could be made off of that better shape of those observers point of view man
a lot of that tonight some excerpts from a television version recorded in yemen until now have somehow still viable public and commercial tv here in the states and the elders and some restaurants alvarez huntley more peter cook jonathan miller and alan bennett beyond the fringe is not an entertainment rolling it is as topical as ever for instance consider president johnson's cripples cattle it's big
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Public Broadcast Laboratory
Episode Number
Producing Organization
National Educational Television and Radio Center
Contributing Organization
Library of Congress (Washington, District of Columbia)
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Episode Description
This episode of PBL includes segments "The Frustrated Campus", about student clashes and protests on college campuses; "Edward P. Morgan's Point of View"; and excerpts from the satirical show "Beyond the Fringe".
Broadcast Date
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Media type
Moving Image
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Producing Organization: National Educational Television and Radio Center
AAPB Contributor Holdings
Library of Congress
Identifier: 1838220-1 (MAVIS Item ID)
Format: 2 inch videotape
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