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a man as a minister and follow of the honorable elijah muhammad the messenger of a lot of my greatest desire is they view the black man in the black woman of america understand the honorable elijah muhammad and his divine mission among says i know that all of you are they have heard something of the honorable elijah muhammad and all of you had some degree of knowledge of this great man and his work among us but as a follow up is and one who loves him and one wears dedicated his life to be honorable elijah muhammad i'm not happy at all and i well pleased with what you know of you know oh can i leave you in the position that i find you with the respect of the honorable elijah muhammad and therefore in the name of a lot in his messenger i
hope that these few minutes that we will be together will be ones that we would share and a better understanding of this great man of god in amir's forgive we don't understand the honorable elijah muhammad we could lose ally it's white america and you don't understand the honorable elijah muhammad you could end up as pharaoh in egypt you could lose your government and ultimately lose your life as elijah muhammad as the man of the hour and you will never know what to do in this hour why how to move in this hour one how to walk in this our work if you don't understand the man of the aisle and this is my duty to you this is my mission do you is to make clear and understandable do you the messenger of allow the honorable elijah muhammad the pun so
yes disney a citizen minister farrakhan inside indeed a great honor to have you with us on so again it's a great it's a great honor are you just dumb ran
down some things that were all dealing with the honorable elijah muhammad and maybe the first thing we should define so that everyone will understand the problem its proper context is how you define yourself as a minister with the workmen's disney world they were administered according to the dictionary means a servant of the king and it generally deals with servants as a minister of the honorable elijah muhammad i am a servant of he says i don't really referred to myself into turmoil minister i must do in the ministry of the honorable elijah muhammad to serve elijah muhammad is to serve the blackmun to serve the black man means to understand what the black man he says and to give the black man what he needs so
is all to be a minister to name names to look at the condition of the mass of black people and to die in the black man to what would make him less satisfied and happy and contentment in that context the use of the word minister do you mean to look at the mass of all black people all it refers specifically to people within the nation of this long and this question's been a lead to another the followers of the honorable elijah muhammad on those who are being minister to addis that is to minister david black man woman and child not only in america but all about people all over the world in the same condition but like a manager at creation of a black man in america is in the worst condition of any black people or the bible says of unity has eyes when he
can't see he has years when he can he has a tongue but you can't speak he's a lame man who knocks with a crutch meaning that he's a deep and the man he's a laptop in that he has a white mother he's mentally day this man these events the point but the black man of america is plentiful in his economic conditions he's credible in his moral condition he's credible in this social condition he's just a pitiful medical man this unified filled with self hate and so if a man would be a minister of this people he must save the black man not serving self but served like beacon and has a long proud to be a minister of the honorable elijah muhammad for years the man whom ally
has raised up to fulfill the needs of the black men and he is teaching me how to organize oh my blind black brothers and sisters or when they eat is how to make them to speak out it caused them to walk without that came out at land's that leprosy mind how to put them together and make black people to love and respect one another it's bleak very recently the messenger called a conference in chicago in fact i knew just acquired a new temple in chicago i think and the members of my staff well and they were extremely impressed but they were kind of that with one thing that they did not quite understand and that is can black people serve the nation of this long
without becoming a member without you know receiving their ex to know to serve the nation of islam and this was a call especially to black professionals and india and satellite had to deal with people who say do not fall into dietary laws people who are uses of nicotine and things like that and they can be of service to the nation this law the honorable elijah muhammad has caused us to see and understand that america is in a very grave period of crisis her only does bear witness today it's we see a great problem upon employment we see that the state department or the labor department of the united states government has said that they face a great problem when they bring their soldiers home not having jobs for the soldiers to fail we see the fall of the american bell we see the
rise of the black man in his desire to be free and we see the recalcitrance on the part of whites the stubbornness on the part of whites to yield to the legitimate demands of black people we see that black and white on a collision call sign and we also see that the white man is easing the black man down easing in all of these jobs easing him off of welfare easing him out into the regular black professionals today i'm out on parole they're walking around with a dashing cases with resumes but no job the peak mr ahmed says the us that if we all one hundred years obviously an hour of three people we should not begun the white man to make a job for us we should make ourselves busy
building jobs for glaxo the honorable elijah muhammad has taken the nation of islam and has caused us to develop from nothing to the group today that has international respect and the cooling the honorable elijah muhammad as guide in his paw few farms to the clutches of thousands of acres of farmland in america he has caused us to set up an independent like education system he has caused us to set up restaurants bakeries supermarkets he's got just a sad a canon factories processing plants warehouses up a giant cold storage warehouse with our own press facilities where we produce are great people muhammad speaks elijah muhammad is not engaging
asked in international trade and commerce this great and beautiful beautiful that i have all signed by the honorable elijah muhammad was made for us about how brown brothers in japan we're not trading with japan and soon will be trading with other independent asian and african nations to give the black man of america everything on a sensitive between the uprights other commodities that we have to buy in america and we want to give the black man a standard of living that can cause us to arise and be respected so in this regard the messengers says we need now the professional expertise of the black man of america we need dentists and doctors and hospital administrators because when our building haas a hospital in chicago and was soon to build hospitals and health care facilities for by people throughout the country we need that rick
kind of technician when the architects and engineers we need calm business administrators by is manages art teachers professors updated replied we need this now because we have grown to the point in the nation of islam where we get good jobs now to all of our people are always saying to black people is don't come to pass think in that we have a big bank or a lot of money but we're going to give you do you say we want you to come and bring you an expertise that we may make that bank world so that you can live your children can live and the black nation cancer and then the sky fall your dietary laws must i follow your moral laws must not fall at any specific laws within the nation and becca the honorable elijah muhammad says to ask that every bright man
and woman in america is blonde by nature almost as the word muslim means a righteous person by nature we're back by circumstance we are other than that now we're not asking you do you smoke if you get a big factor then we're asking you to run the factory will deal with the cigarette leave without asking you did you have fought for breakfast we're asking you can you fly out when you fry this fight will you be a professor in this institution and live here we're not asking you about your moral line vote tomorrow when you understand what the honorable elijah muhammad is all about when you understand that he's trying to bill is a sad day a black people that will be a cohesive society is a sad dear black people waited together in the bond of love and brotherhood and we know that we cannot produce love and brotherhood on
the base of immorality or must feel from my brother i can't get the level my job if i'm going to take my brother's wife would broaden it again the love and respect but we know that is you understand that moore a lot better it will make it easier for you to apply it but at this time we're not offering you there were offering you a job to work for life the peak and this problem gets back to the war morales your immortality we've seen quite a few incidents where our prisons and i think it's a known fact that quite a few of the people who had been brought to the nation of islam have discovered there writes this while
incarcerated in a prison and our one of the things that most are males and now i understand from the news is coming out a lot of females have to deal with this hummus sexual relations and prisons aha called ten day serve the nation of islam and is the fact that a man is a homosexual have anything to do that data's coming into the nation and being dealt with other nations let me say this my dear brother and doing a viewing audience the honorable elijah muhammad has been raised up by a law not to convict him our people but to reclaim the fallen black man of americans no matter what we are engaged in now we can be changed from that state into a bad as they can for us to say that we were taking this one would believe this one all who are we that kind of judgment on the brothers and sisters we
go the question should be and whence came this is august the beach as the honorable elijah muhammad is caused us to see and understand that when our law created this universe he created everything in the universe to obey along the sun always the law and the witches created among the stands this planet are always a lot of its creation and what we see in the creation is that no creature deviates from the law under which it was created the plan it moves that it's all but not do is obeying the law one fraction of a second so teachers messenger muhammad and the astronomers can bury him with i don't care where you find a damper on the planet will be a barrier to fall fish they all obey the nature in which they've created a man is not created to deviate
from a certain nature in which he's created on the planet or is great at i'm inclined to the plaintive it's all that twenty three degrees thirty minutes the planet inclines to the plaintive it's all because the natural inclination or cleaning nature is inclined to and leans toward the right and the female by nature leans toward them at now we wanted no changes do you hear an ad at the honorable elijah muhammad and set the guts that it was not going to be made may came to operate
man that was made six thousand years ago made from bee old original man but made opposite to the nature of the original mate to deviate from the natural way of god and make him a panel calls the open and natural way so naturally if a man is in a pause the other natural way and deviates from the natural course this whole lifestyle will be a lifestyle a deviation listen very careful with the bible says he changed the truth got into a lie and when you provide the truth of god and make it alive then what follows from that is a system of perversion a system of deviation we didn't lie and his freakish behavioral in africa you know when
you're writing we land that behavior and also german in america as close as we learned this behavior weekend on learn it's been the point that assessment of it reads as a man thank you know it's so easy to make the man to be like along we have seen the bodies so powerful it projects itself totally on the man's body begins to read say the material so that a man who thinks like a war his face his features his movement everything about him begins to change according to his box so this fridge is that the whole i'm a go all things that we must get rid of the deviation
and rain man back to the natural order in which he's creator and the only way to do that is to praise in man's brain a new fall and that new fall will bring up a new idea and that new thought an idea will reshape the matter of the may change the home of the main change the expression of the may day isn't all sides writing as a homosexual agenda and reaching aaron not satisfying as a lesbian but cannot be almighty god a lot easier to change us all into a new growth and to bring us back to the natural order the pen so another question that i feel is
very important the warp drives prisons are removing a large percentage of black men what are the sisters live on the black sisters to do to fulfill themselves as women the summation of its long yeah sort of have a program that is polygamous do still believe in monogamy all how are the sisters and especially those who have received their acts and they receive their sexual necessities outside of the nation all how are they to deal with their sexual needs and desires these a good question it's probably on the mind of many people might get pregnant the honorable elijah muhammad is trying to lift us up marnie from the muck of civilization there is slavery messenger muhammad teaches us that white people use the black man like a
stud hawks who make him going to bow when i make our women pregnant with babies that that reichman was not going to support that the slave master was going to sit for we have a spin off of that same line to de waal is taking its toll on the black man president is taking its toll on the black men the lifestyle that we have is taking its toll on the black man and on the black woman but to promote a program up polygamy just to satisfy a sexually will not help the black man to all will come though weakness only indian by our sojourn in slavery we cannot become a strong people unless we become a discipline
we cannot become a mighty nation except we put up passions under control yes there are many brothers who want to go out and take two of three wives today to support them no they don't want to support that they want to do just what you say to fulfill some grand sexual desire what life is more than six that the honorable elijah muhammad is made us to see and understand that this is a divine things and once it is corrupt it's divine pryor was provided van that same act that was designed by the creator to motivate to stimulate to procreate that same at the end serves to absolutely be a great human being so the honorable elijah muhammad teaches the sisters in islam
discipline and all of her own backs him up it tells the sisters and their brothers to be patient until allow rewards them out of his rights because the great as a reward for a good one is a good man that woman will let her passion it's dry were to draw south away on even a bit she becomes a loser anyhow the main wharf to use the fact that men are killed and warm and the languishing in prisons as an excuse to run through the black woman knowing that she needs to be support she needs to be protected and it needs to be maintained and under the present economic set up in white america one black man cannot pathways support so
why does he says the honorable elijah muhammad preaches nora for joy brothers the honorable elijah muhammad preaches more for the breaches moral discipline and believe me when you and i learned to practice moral discipline to put this matter up under the supreme control all right leg it much audiences in fees among us and what is to be welcome about what we will have to be blinded by how wisely guided lesson criminal enterprise lie on few other things because a lot of things you know people i'm not audience do not quite understand
why is it that when out rather receives his acts he can still wearing almost re clothing and he can still move about the community in a way in which he is not that readily identified but most of the sisters when they receive a red state to a special gone take to a special way that they become very vulnerable and a very identifiable and community which thing for us i think we should understand what this experience the honorable elijah muhammad says to us that all of the names that we as black people have and presently you isn't where i'm really not our names what are the names of white people when we were on the slave plantations allah slave masters named this lady after themselves so if we belong to mr jackson this morning oh mother could get was being torn
off right but ossa lame ass they gave us the name jackson and if we was sold to mr johnson this evening we could retain talk in john and frank loesser name would be johns here we are one hundred years of princely state wearing the white man's name how can you not be respected muhammad asks where airing in nineteen seventy two invisible chains of slavery that bind us two oz slave masters in the gene you're not give joe stalin called mainly white you and all along that the property of white people so why should you go in the white man's name way he can claim you as is oh so there's a song that we
used to sing in the church is a man going around to and divide both says that we will have the name of the beast and the mark of the beast and we have is not enough oil in an iowa it's in the honorable elijah muhammad has caused us to understand that the dc is not referring to a four legged animal but is referring to a people whose characteristics in dealing with us have been as obese deals with its prey and so their thoughts that your momma as they have been out to give that trainers and out educate and their deeds and that these lions do and their names are other names that we were so the bible teaches other than the last day as god would raise up a man who would take away the mark of the beats
and would take away the name of the beats so we can get rid of while they list of a list of things it is a shame for us they already know people on the planet and the creatures of almighty god a descendant of god to be named after the creatures rather than after the creative so the honorable elijah muhammad gives us an x and that ex in mathematics means that on no we do not know now what our last name she'll be we do not know what divine characteristic we will manifest so that we could be named according to the attributes of dark so we receive an x and at some point in time alarcon his messenger would give us a name according to their characteristic of god that is most manifest in us
so when we get our x or become registered follows of the honorable elijah muhammad the mormons garment changes for us why does the moment change the woman's garment for the honorable elijah muhammad have taught us that the wobble and her dress can cause us to understand the degree of civilization and refinement of that people and it can cause us to see what type of civilization that she represents anytime we see a black woman in a mini dress us get halfway up for facts which does not permit our beautiful boxes to sit down in comfort without me in all doing ever been to this style messenger
muhammad teaches us and the world about time bears witness is an indecent it through malls and in the sense that for messenger muhammad is the man who recognizes the indisputable fact get a black man cannot be respected until the blank woman his respect for the black woman as the mother of civilization and if i'll warn women are corrupt and she she's got to produce a corrupt and she joins us we don't know that winking at our women having more now when the law now when i disrespecting hour when mom mom it was a black man to rise up and respect and protect the right one but the blank woman must be in a position to demand that respect what she must
be self respect and so the honorable elijah muhammad asks all black women whether you're in the nation of islam walked out to the middle of him of yoga clothes my dear sisters the dignified you're such a beautiful creature you don't have to sure all the beauty of your fault because showing off the beauty of your form will attract a man to you in an indecent way and when a man marries you for the beauty of your physical fall you must remember my dear sisters that time works on everything and what was a beautiful fall into data may not necessarily ukraine a man by the beauty of your own then when you lose that on you may you may be honorable
elijah muhammad says cover yourself and if you want to attract a man attacked him on the basis of your decency your righteousness the nobility of your character the majesty of your whiskey and so in islam we covered the woman for us because she is for what the black men can wear a conventional dress as long as he's not way out we don't like the spouse that the white man is dressed in the black man as a he used to laugh at us and called us a little black sambo enjoys all the different strange colors that sambo used the women's rights that sambo used to wear dresses you up like sound will walk around with what do you want you know the
pen seven nominees addressed in the warner brothers as both the pain it's not a unique black man is he's very angry with the sunni the honorable elijah muhammad was just that was according to our unique in a unique position in history now the honorable elijah muhammad is guiding us to the purchase of thousands of acres of land where we will grow cotton four bags with raising sea now for black
self and soon will be taken the wall all that she'd been taken that cotton and turning it into law it and turning them and then to brawl and run in that called into owned factories and then with bonus down the black man and also that will make human in the piano part the peak i'd like to ask you also about c i'll use of giants and there's so many brothers who are strung out on drugs today it's i'll probably been statistics agency one of the most destructive forces against black people in quite a long while and done i don't i'm never been on drugs
and so i don't understand the syndrome that goes down but a lot of brothers have difficulty coming off that they use at the naval war ii and then they begin to using it again yes how do you deal with that if an adult comes into a clean it comes into the nation of islam and then begins to use drugs again how has he dealt with an it was expelled from the nation law what do you do to encourage people to assist themselves the most beautiful thing about the nation of islam is that those will come about and drones as long as they remain with the honorable elijah muhammad they never go back to at and what this shows us is that the drug problem is not a physical problem it is not a problem that can be solved with methadone or with any of the medicinal uses of drones this is a psychological and spiritual crowd mathematical minute reign as i'd
like the catholic brothers your brother rain rather raymond is here where even the audience rather raymond used to use drugs before he came with just an abandoned ballerina the piano player oh not at the beauty in his faith to claim look at that you would never believe that he used heroin but for many many mini league says is that right now he's in the temple he came to the table with one so now it as many suits as he came to the temple walking in what they call for
performance i know she won the top but nothing on the bottom now the brother it's only a song in the dr the fine cotton even business he has a family and he's just been following the honorable elijah muhammad or the last now what is it about mom is teaching and all throughout america white scholars and social scientists admit that the honorable elijah muhammad's drug program is the mass now walk other any other brothers it used to use drones in the temple at akron well as
you know the thing about it really is that we are in one we are not only as some black people get high over religion some black people get drawn off of fame and fortune a position of power what they all high end all job and in their own particular and peculiar circumstances they are isolated from the world of reality and the honorable elijah mohammad says the us that it is in our human nature that has acted before you to seek justice and to be eaten since we're from the car and that this fall of well we being from the earth and from the
god who created the earth are also full of great spiritual well they're human beings feels this great ms williams but as long as we are deprived of the opportunity the proper education that will cultivate and develop the talents that we have an opportunity to express ourselves where we can feel the worth and dignity of a human being then within ourselves we had drug we are dragged down by the lack of freedom and by not being able to express ourselves we get no real happiness in life and saul sends we found that we get pleasure out of the ultimate sex and deny the prize it all the creative mind denied the prize of saying the work of our own hands then we re
route this desire for pleasure and all been published but we re route isn't a desire to be about president to act when we get positions to walk around problem we had before we go into the church seeking seeking a god will give us that freedom that joy of life that these include been of mine from the troubled existence that we have and so we'd be that tambourine and we've all met them up and we'd jump ball where the benches in a religious experience but it's a drug is just as much a drug in the church as it is on one hundred and sixteen because the drug addict the church and it is one feels now that in this called world i can find it so i confined euphoria i can find it i can find that aren't real world but when i
leave the church and going i'm going to the red sea and it won't agree to the cockroaches are going to help in the squalid although reopened this and so it is with the jump he's deprived of the reality of expression of his greatness so you retreat into the world of unreality is what the honorable elijah muhammad gives us a teaching that gives the black man the lovable accepted when he teaches us that we are the original may mean in the first made the father of all human beings this grass and the descendents of the divine creator well we begin to brace ourselves up as last august back to reach down for a cigarette because we're now
i'm going to do create a society that gives us a pleasure we get pleasure from each other's company now because we love each other and the bible said you all the good in a pleasant it is for bradley were injured twelve to get when you say when we have this huge you that the brotherhood it makes us feel good but it's real i can reach out and touch my breath i don't have to dream about and mama says come on in and let's go to work and will something for glaxo so now the junk he is able to express himself in his own school in his own environment now when you see the planes landing on a runway he's sees thousands of acres of ol he's driving tractors on his
only buildings skyscrapers out of his own mind and he's said i don't have to use junk i don't have to use why i mean you don't have to lay down at the sort of the white man and more than that like i'm a ball made in that and is that in the last month three main jobs in the world the peak to peak yeah the giants last minister farrakhan now one other question it's very important and that is
that our recently you've had quite a few people who are quote personality his own stocks who are turning to the nation of islam and then they become members of the nation we so don't hear from him anymore are you going to reprogram them i'm going to use them in the same vein that they were performing in before they came into the nation or what kind of progress do you have safe armed joe tex who i think has become a minister the nation are some of the gulf on its sentiments of the nation of muhammad ali is an information but asia program for these personalities and how you're going to deal with them what you will find that a man like joe takes a man like james brown the system like aretha franklin or i should say a brother like joe takes a brother like james brown a system like aretha franklin ray charles
flip wilson great performance analyst hasan writes these great blacks who have distinguished themselves in their own particular for you these banks have distinguished themselves in the fields that were all point to them but there is yet a high your talent and a greater calling after the song is sung after the music is pre and after the dance is an ally joe tex was great in his for you when a song and dance man is not respected in the world of media he's respected in this world because blacks low to see them it is saying and here than it is saying and see
that and that is that is saint for me dance for me as it is written in the bible by the rebels a babylonian we wept when we remember sally we are now hops on the willow tree in a joyful song adjourned to morning and they take care of us the way captain required a muscle saul and they didn't waste it does require the boston they're saying saying was one of the songs of desire only do this thing well we distinguish the seven that the honorable elijah muhammad said that the time has come for the black man to distinguish himself as our fathers did you say our fathers created the sun moon and stay bob has built civilization that this civilization has yet to master our fathers built the pyramids and this makes and if we are the children of such broad as father should i want to my
father now and say that i am your son and what happened to the world is the ticket oh i can say i made music app created a symphony of sound and the planets and their rotation and the words in the island of the creators of music now we must create a wealth of a black man to live in there when he plays music again it would not be the music of blue on another disabled brew expression we lost our luggage lost our home when we make music again it must be a music as david the sama says a music that is appraise of got you praise him in the song raisin in the dance franzen in the sultry praise him on the high up on the low end the porch and let everything be appraised of the
thing that we do have the black man up as much room for entertaining and they don't want to give up their particular up for that then boy what learn how to use their part to help the black man stranded build a hospital that can help james brown writes our skin health reform a good job you don't have to get all the state but remember that just a huge days the coming to a close soundbite of song singin in your business and they don't want all in basic common took roles because when the black man is hungry naked another ball you can sing and which way the black man has been caught in the act above painful white full time it's not distinguishing mouse cells before the world as intelligent man of wisdom inside the peak
has the virus i got a straight from you and i i thank you for participating in the scenes program and after we talked the other night of the restaurant you say joint to conclude today's episode with a special message to our brothers insists that interesting and who really has this moment in our history feel that they have no future but before i present you to his new orleans again i like to remind our audience that we need to hear from you we're trying to create programs of black love of black string of
black encouragement and we hope that you agree with what's going down and if you do agree right is if you don't agree right as we just need to hear from you i dress is so three or four wes fifty eighth street new york city one oh oh one nine right down that address it's so three or four west fifty eighth street new york city one all all one nine when the joy how we need your support we need your love we need your disagreement we just need to hear from you and now i give to his youthful audience until you are lovely television audience the minister louis farrakhan nation of islam with the concluding state wins to five to our beloved brothers and sisters
are doing this telecast in prison and that really is a rib like man woman and child in america all of us aren't the president house that begins the knowledge of self but more specifically to our brothers and sisters in prison and to our brothers and sisters in the streets where you may be the honorable elijah muhammad says to you and me the us that regardless to what crime that you have been accused of our love your garden mind eclipse that you're inside you're not a criminal by nature for your god who created you did not create your criminal he created jewel in the nature of himself and since he's a righteous and good it created you righteous and good what is ethical a criminal kidnappers and put us in the halls of ships
and brought us to america a criminal rock this country from a criminal now to the renewed a criminal robbed us of the knowledge of ourselves on that today we stand before the world without the knowledge of ourselves our god our history our god our religion up as strictly for the world we want dr steig biomass we were brought to land to cheat biomass self hatred was reading to us so that made it easy for us to stab each other that we didn't see each other to downgrade the job but that day weekend of all of that because god has come and made his appearance in the price of a master and he has raised up the mom is the divine messenger the honorable elijah muhammad took class of the sins of white people as it is written that he shall save his people from this it says so today as
it is written a blind man have no seen every one of you in this audience no matter who you are and where you may be you'll get a sense of the sins of white people but the day after you know yourself and know them you can't grind them any longer you've got to learn how the brain is so so out there come on up out of the mud by the system cop out of the drugs out of the valley of poverty and wall colorado eleven indecency and that us learn how to love each other as never before you can do it if you try and if you try the peak the peak
things fb the preakness banks to pull the pills it's bad
thank you you know one of the bangles were associated with soul for committing us this opportunity to be a part
of his great she'll do so i think him and i know you do you listen to as bleak it is just a pipeline as ben always happens this way so with cash
without responding if you just listened to minister farrakhan maybe as a few of the words to tell you maybe there's some upcoming event he can tell you about was something that's on your mind yes the thing is on my mind right now is that our beloved leader in teacher and down you know i was with him last night and we were talking about this particular show and as i always do always go to him and ask him for guidance because this is his work and these issues people and i wanted to do that which would please him and so he said to me when i asked him about the guiding me in an opening statement and closing closing statement in other statements he said well he said don't go there with
anything in mine what field full online in every answer that you do you feel for him that he will be right there with them and he will guide you and any answer that he gave you is better than anything that i could say to you so just go and stand up and feel for you and so and that determines what he knows and when he sees this hopefully that they were short in chicago as their so many cities when they know that there's something good for the land that they would stop that what i would say in our hope that these words were going to other corners that are thinking about that right now
the honorable elijah muhammad is not only important to black people is important to white people annie's important to white people because if you are in any way a student of scripture you know that they came a time in the history of feral with carol became so confused he could not himself died his own gun well i had made a man that was very impressed with that was able to interpret pharaoh's dream is any guide federal and the guiding of his own look at the scripture where talks a ban human and you can visit here was again we had lost the ability to run his own government problem but wright among the slaves there was been able to help him if he would take that hill
and save his america is going boundary and the government of america and its president got at their wits' end in their confusion to try and save no one right in the midst of you in one of your excellent you may not want he had this but i'm going to go on record as saying it in your head what elijah muhammad is saying you will take hold to white american you weren't absolutely save yourself and you can see but that's up to you as bridges is babylon could have been huge but she was not because she was too proud to accept died in some way on a common theme among the excellent america has for a look at america has the babylonian kingston looking for she is an
international role what rockwell
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Louis Farrakhan
Producing Organization
WNET (Television station : New York, N.Y.)
WNDT (Television station : Newark, N.J.)
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Soul consists of at least 124 hour-long episodes produced in 1968-1973 by WNDT/WNET.
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Moving Image
Producing Organization: WNET (Television station : New York, N.Y.)
Producing Organization: WNDT (Television station : Newark, N.J.)
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