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last time where's that they are the pope bopp and the preacher which you should be seeing soon for local theaters and as most of you know one of the promises very easily recognized he's sitting with me and he had sidney poitier and the other was not so easily recognize dissonant image is he's harry belafonte crime hari in sydney i guess we should say that our city directed and also stars in the
film a long time mvp i question why that makeup job well you know we used to see much prettier than watching prefer the sparkle i've had to make it happen and what also the years a great deal of difficulty in the personality that so just as a play castaneda what might an intensely was no i felt inside was always hard to get on top of our audience is very with a song mean anything that was the figure that goes on the president have both on the breakthrough sly got sidney we felt in the very beginning that they're one of the things i was doing something that to the needs of the tactics of the consequences like it was a great thing i
was in the ravages of a bubble in the region this is unlike a select that as opposed to maybe something that because i think the film you know and i think it also is that is to say a day i think it's there's a very high among them is that why would you select that you think you can help you won't commit to care unit in a normal fashion sense it was a selection made by b and myself together but we chose this kind of material because it says what we once said as artists particularly at this time we have a commitment not only to entertain people try to say something important things during this particular time in our history and we thought that this though this script contributed largely to that also it's not an easy film to do a director
it was quite difficult to deal with a hundred and fifty horses and two hundred extras and forty five actors i like challenges and if i'm gonna i thought if i was going to step into the directorial shoes i wanted to take something like a really pretty violent do you think it says that you are hardly think will assist you in your development i bail you think the film scenes of controversial cases oh wow that's entirely up to the audience's we made it as an entertainment we had a statement a positive statement about black life in the united states how it came about that third history books excluded us when the west was being recorded we thought that black people played an important part in the building west we want black children to see that but we couldn't spend an hour half showing black children what black people did in the west unless we made it entertaining we could do it otherwise by writing a book but if you're going to use so and
you have to entertain people why we were detaining them we were saying to back children all over america that this is really the way it was the west was not won without this question of our heritage and find in a sort of a censorship issue making company or did you find the assistance from columbia pictures of this trip is that the producers on top of the money in a sense on colombia has two million dollars to work with oil i think it's a turning point because that's about the antagonisms in the nineteen eighties was a kid so a lot of your reconstruction laws of the lesson just that that there was going to be great equity for the newly freed slaves and the newly freed slaves found that was impossible to find equality without with the slave master
going back to africa was an almost impossible task and the only other alternative was to in fact leave the pain and the anguish of southern experience to move west like many others did so the new tariff herb salad when you experience when the blacks left the land west white landowners ex slave owners saw this great force labor force leaving and they set out to devastate these groups began in west putin's signals about whether mr lizza responsibility many of these groups to have to a new promise he comes out of the experience of the picture where he wasn't part of the union army fighting for the certification states and freedoms it
the public to him preach glasgow pays homage to know and fleeces whites blacks children dogs when i come upon the city in the picture and the process of working on that he says during the course of this is also facing one of the groups that he's trying to get through the light the courses the group was devastated by white vigilantes and he and i join forces seek vengeance and in fact do do is the text before friday july i'm a citizen i hope you won't take it as an insult but for both you i find the film it's that watched what i would normally expect to see and it's the most believable film i think i don't i think if the flow so so brilliantly why why did you select this material to deal with apart from that it will have a black message why this because i couldn't something say more
fashionable you know that you didn't know that there's a lot of fashion i think one has to understand that prior to this period in the black experience there was no opportunity to deal with black history because there was no frost in the black community either among artists are us citizens were stated unequivocally that we demand our own demand today her agency within the context of our own truth prior to the civil rights movement prior to the revolution is taking place prior to the tents push black consciousness we were always condition not just sitting and i think conditions by those things which media only other groups said was the only platform which we can communicate or or or suffer as the only thing that we could communicate philosophically ideologically politically and with this new consciousness with the black community exhibits of song half time fulfilling and
supported school we were given an opportunity to do things on the screen that heretofore a despite our best efforts time to time get things the media kept that the state was an evolutionary process you know i'll be in i grew out of other black artists who preceded us artists such as cement turmoil and phillies beat is hattie mcdaniel's step of those legit those were black artists who were terribly circumscribed by the time the period and racism are outlive their suffering grew yet another group of artists out of us hopefully will grow as we've just seen that incredible lady will grow people like that there is a historical perspective if we are we're going to properly analyze our movement
as a people historically there was a time when he and i were simply not able to make the kind of film that you've seen that the powers that be would not permit it they would not give us two million dollars before be and i came along they wouldn't give that step and fetch it apart that was commensurate with his talent or his dignity as a human being so we grew out of stepping fletcher we grew out of my own turmoil and staff out of us will come yet directors and producers who will have infinitely more freedom this freedom that we have the freedom that they will have comes from the strength that has been has been now in the black community and is being felt politically economically and philosophically throughout the land use it again to come with his positions that can cause besides the man on one of the head and then instantly stop insurgents we also had a period of incredible inspiration in our life cycle in our time in a
very young youth pull ropes we had canada lee yeah james weldon johnson so something a flaming us continually forced us to seek greater troops in many of us would triggers off a question for me and that is you know you've been a very successful and in that you received two million dollars to make a film i think it turns out successful in the american sense for how you find it relating to those people you probably grew up with a live with before you were successful and finding them on the same level that they were at that period and the difficult times strained relationships you say because we live in a materialist oriented society out one in which the term making it is the panacea by which we judge each other we describe someone's success directly to our failures
that we don't share too much to live in a competitive selfish it as such other kind of success that i've experienced certainly creates problems for some of my friends particularly those who have not been successful and especially for those who feel as if they are equally gifted and should have had opportunities we live in this kind of iniquity and it has a bearing on the nature of the relationship between friends between relatives center so it is not easy or has not been easy my dealing with my success in relation to a great number of the people i came along with sometimes it is too painful for them sometimes it's too painful for me it's it's difficult at times it is unfortunately we are not taught in america i hope that they will come when we will be we are not taught to share and as black people we have not had the kind of success that has come to
harriet night on a general level it's kind of phenomenal and because we come from a deprived community in many many respects are the guy who has not made it looks to our incredible success as one guy having somewhat too much do you know what i mean there is such a shortage of that kind of success and there was such a plethora of poverty among a black artists and black people generally that to see that kind of success that harry and i have happened we're not conditioned to want to share it we're conditioned to really negatively to it sometimes i don't think though that that is our i think that's the way margaret let's face it america is a country get it if you experienced failure that failure is directly related to
your sense of yourself we're not allowed to experience they had and hang onto our dignity because we evaluate everything in terms of materialism so if one is a failure it means that he is of no value in life are we one is a materials yet but that is that is what we we see we see material wealth to define ourselves and i were the biggest battles bread and that and stuff there's the prius check says he gets almost surely unfortunately that's the value system of our country and out of this that assistant grows an awful lot of difficulties for people because most of us unfortunately cannot make it quote make it up the people who don't make it however we need a society if you're doing a political we need a society that would take from them what they can give to follow to give back to them a sense of human dignity a sense of participation
a sense of where you see the average get on the street who considers himself off at each incidence of offended because he has made it and he hasn't made it means he hasn't made some money ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha stayin here without a thirteen club solo that the audience at home and large which is an academy award winning scene from bach in the preacher and this scene has the incredible talents of his ruby dee we go in all that we say can we care that you don't want to goodness continued all and don't find gray
i knew it i was then i'm really going to know by the eighties like a poison soaked into the ground that applies in that column that won spend the rest of my life was not be spoilt problem and it's similar to natural raisins someplace where the shadow of slavery you think of that as making pretty things and that family wanted to stick to our children about all have a i am a god so
i and ocean waves singing yeah they have not day and no food no see when they stop and when the kind of beauty is one name that came over but it's film nicholas in the end really gifted phenomenal men and i do find it out and it was his dog
habits die ledger as the hairy is a very volatile personalities having having been very close friends with and now for twenty five years six twenty sixteen in the arm it will come as a surprise to a great number of people and it was the most corporate of actor i have ever worked with never once in ten weeks defeat question a direction i never once did he not do exactly as i asked him before hopefully ten million people i want to say thank you the political for any future film where we both have i'm directing a film in london starting
april seventeen and they're hairy and i are off to east africa on march twentieth we going to zambia and tanzania at the invitation of the presidents of their respective countries just married too to see what's going on they're culturally to see out what their film activity is and to see if that we can work together so it will be after many years to bring to the world or you know films relating directly to african life and african bodies and african ones i remember how i quite a few years of those not quite a few a few years ago was involved with trying to structure something with a dance company in the region then signed up call to a kind of exchange was more than just an effort to get fulfilled itself i went with a group of
american skills black scales live in a phase of theater dance ah charlie blackwell well the next day you can't write something for an entire team went over to west africa in guinea it used the americans experience the skills abilities shape a bandstand and dance projects most of which is called soul album which will be announced it shortly i like you can cry congratulate you for i don't know her talent existed very influential in introducing million the key to american audiences and dial you were fifth avenue and i think there are two incredibly do with half it us and we are off the mission due in london would be dealing with black experience as if it's a love story it's a love story
between an african woman and an american black america they they see is that in london working with her country's it's an independent country and he represents the country in trade mission was in europe and the american backed doctor goes to europe for a clandestine meeting with a revolutionary doctors from all over the world and he meets her and they get into a very heavy love thing and it is your love story we don't get it because it's not been done yet you see we have we need and i think the relationship between a black woman and a black man purely on on emotional love vibration me and let the politics and the race thing aside for a moment the activists are just odd directness both on the air
i what you think you think you'll continue or concentrate more on acting as arnold singing we're cool when you really see it i think until that day and i keep myself committed to live the experience of personal finances dealing with audiences live but more and more of my time and having talent tested towards media was motion picture work and i found a few seconds i just like to make one point so the aggressor submissively point out from your question about our peers are individuals who knew before you became successful not too many people have left the arena friendship that i started when i started with isaac davis so we started with us again she startled frightened you started with the end of all they are many inequities none of which have
been self made those relationships with saudi which reviews costs of their platform announced project new people get used to out how we've used our craft and what the sec platforms for other artists to be able to inject themselves of a black artists so that despite the inequities despite of the contradictions within this society but that has not deterred us from a black consciousness so we have not left the community i am physically removed from the community are especially committed to that community as long as one black brother or sister anywhere in the world isn't bondage there is no freedom to me i may have a certain way to freedom but spiritually i am in the same doctors or lawyers will find interesting about now you say you are shedding some light in there and i think it's the it's time that anne and it is this coming full circle that people recognize her for you made
calypso music popular some black rock city has walked away with so much of the film from the very first of which was with family wasn't very first woman in blackboard jungle which was the one that you really excel you have art i think it has been a commitment that people have appreciated and you get programmed aside from google just him being busy and being successful but with buck and a preachy a kind of border around full circle again later and a lot of young black people come along was soon many things about what we do the great playwright lawton in which case you have great influence on lorraine hansberry uncertain was the most important literary influence in my life a nice scientific once said that if he won only have to come live with me and there are many people assume that drug with which you know success
comes a certain kind of absolute power of the idea say that there is no such day if you are black in america in the black and american regular fat after being with us and i'm going to do the pope plus the church of god and saints and is martha chair and bailey elton john wald but fadhil nelson's obama's brother melamed churches fill more you also arrange all the tunes of our singing tonight and a portion of the value on the show was my beautiful brother named william galston
and god and it's all pulled together by a young man named mikey man this and the show tonight was co produced by one of my closest friends is maine's job and there's an arch oh geez dc any day it has been i'm dave
davies it is the mm hmm
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he came off beat it's b it's been many christians is the series is made possible in part by a grant from
ibm's interdisciplinary metropolitan systems incorporated you know then no mahmoud the
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