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set herb a early or an era or two then that to minutes rocket man on the pilgrims' until iran that we have a kind of an eighties let's bring in our culture a doctor told me and fifteen minutes includes the
mechanics of six the mechanic says that's why not saying the dark creatures separately at least to know what the guy with the education the audio portion of the strongest force of the only to be used against the intended victims are children were really learn reports say that i married my wife and something their
leaders together one of the nice things that we do get a lot of them as well crime that's me in the german town plans go in philadelphia for more sex education is limited to a six week course taught by ella johnson his book love and sex in plain language is a standard text in many schools the school pioneered sex education in all areas of study in a free and open complex radio raymond davis
masterpiece i think and they may be the only way oh please politically ultra conservative writer and lecturer who generally credited win and are accused of igniting the concepts education controversy with these people a
catalogue of alleged horrors committed in the classroom claims ones apple accumulate clay models of the penis he struck one of the most sensitive fibers in the american puritan every already outraged by the singing excesses of our young and one a detailed study course of sex education and family life was suggested in cedar rapids iowa as in community after community there was conjured up the image of the communist conspiracy to undermine the american family and its moral prominence and teaching human reproductive process for you but now the city was confronted with a study which would examine not only the physical mr hughes most community leaders supported
facing a relatively small but highly vocal opposition in a local chapter of the movement to restore decency was born so was crisis see a rickety and imploring sanity in school the lions and the realities of a lifestyle captured by cedar rapids most famous painter grant wood or about to be as they will be in other communities across the nation and the school year ahead modeling a public school program a family life and sex education had been recommended by the local pta a commission representative citizens headed by mr dionne bartley of the school system took eighteen months to make its recommendations for a program from kindergarten to the sixth grade in october of nineteen sixty nine they were presented to the board of education in an open hearing dr walter block
and do you know it when these economists actually letting me and not be lucky to get for the technical section of a poll and they're actually all a little relieved we believe in you let me in and that was that was a bit of speculation that it may be an entire show you would leave the eu to their lips and i can see when something wrong if you're using a sex education i'm not responsible
it's it was possibly that the audience and all that kind of playing the insecure county it right to say you know we expect certainly you're on you a spokeswoman for questions oh i am it is time all right it's really couldn't be a big victory for the game
certainly is actually more problems the mother out oh yes and this time it's all about seventeen in call this our lives in the us on the parents that's bad decisions fifty five i think yeah it
holds the congregation most notably comes in second at peace section school sex the movies section select national magazines sex on television sex on college campuses sex on broadway it is all part of a satanic conspiracy and he died at peace oh so who say that the international communist
initiated the search revolution in this country if they did not initiate sex revolution entertainment education in charge circles i have at least exploited and certainly no one has more to gain by and there it is good morning in the congregation and the local society chapter cedar rapids has been dealing with outside material some published by the birch society itself football
reflecting its general funds this is he's a human rights issue you enter into the kingdom of wisdom
as pounds we're responsible for channeling their interests at sex has been one of those subjects reserved for the family yes three dimensions and humility of children are wonderfully alive recently though a new subject has been introduced in many schools in the form of continuous sex education from kindergarten through high school suddenly as it overnight every young children have been scandalized their innocence dash to the ground with sex education and slides like the you're about to see our babies and maybe a story about you in dogs as in cats horses and many other animals the father's sperm would pass out of his body through his penis when a hot dog wants to place his sperm in a mother dog he climbs on her back this is called mating
human babies begin just like chicks in puppies a sperm from the father i read that judge's as seventy seven percent says and there was no israel but every man isn't the headband which was right in his own right a minute possible requirement and a narrative that way
and growing up in america that is more replete with inadequacies in the area of sex education this was true when i was growing up and i believe it is true today and in many of the complaints that young people are presented to us about what is wrong with america what is hypocritical about what his authoritarian about america what is badly thought out badly and was in the area of sex education oh but today convention of teachers of sex education is open by dr hester president of new york university oh the featured confrontation a debate between an edgar director of the institute of american democracy a self styled watchdog on the extreme right and lack of sex education issue is supply and falling and fall of the school board by posters to show the general view the proprietors of the
ideology and the rat ideology the attack on public school sex education is almost word for word the attack on holiday it is the same ideology that was behind the attack on the national council of churches david us got a podcast i share a kitty of a state where the column and i don't care what you call the national council churches is labels begun socialistic that communism as a threat obviously we're spending as substance financially and physically i'm fighting communism so they have to figure out something it would work right into the marshes handler that not to divide family and child i can tell you how i i deal with my own children i'd be glad to do that
is joey asks a question we answered win over answer we answer specifically what she wants and if it isn't complete jody then we answer the next question us right we don't we ought to use sex education that can you think of things that happen in your in your question experience where you were thrown now where you really were granted answer as acute as we all have you know it and have an evacuation you know when you're going to have and it wasn't that little by little a feeling though that vibrant modern actors human sexual intercourse you eventually
was granted and then feeling it higher higher higher until as yet knows the more suddenly you made a confession john this is the server know i really love were occasional more turns out to be one where i'm the one spot on the kids and i think we got to face today that migrated and ted cruz and certainly one of the brokers know a lot more a lot of the things that we do so i wonder about the physiological changes and
they're feeling awkward not knowing quite what this is all about you and it changes so dramatically from one day to the next and so that really does i think i'm down to emotional reaction to it in response to it with great love unhealthy is that you know are they still you can take it on as as and recreation it's an obligation but even if they love them is that there's a tremendous question while a few athletes and you get because i mean i know you know something that you know now you know you think he was experiencing
but they are now stealing this i need to get a great feeling of like doing it and afterwards the london you know without love without love going on oh yeah in talking with shared experiences us commanders on top job in cedar rapids fifty three years john c movie cedar rapids iowa residents cigarette since nineteen fifty one vowel and buy an hour
you know it seems to me that the eu is now well welcomed some situation that that we as a possibility airpower at an election they are best pals why should you share an audience it seems ridiculous in this hearing and it should be the most violent and the man and that price and it isn't anymore where and now san lucas was only nineteen points and there was that is to look at the treaty and i mean it i had a christian at it that went wrong and i got press was quick as i could and that's actually gone from and there was something about white christian grey that didn't that passionate audience
will overcome by my feeling that was right well there are a lot of things done in the market and former days american ally scriptures another movie review of i don't know it's a little better that way or not it either i am i mean this is big oh really are you how about the actor uses the after every three or four years because the
nsa for this is a war plus talk about the too wanted to yeah and this community with a little now i have a community yet i mean yes liz cheney who is that poverty isn't it here's the soviet invasion and he is that average kids of the big town that has a qualitative study that became the city's social health society university of missouri kansas city school district that rock's opposite sex education i listen to the things that some of the most frequently
asked questions by apple but honestly some parts booties on psalm six hundred and listen to visit me because maybe i want to do you what kids do in london or what we do not know number one is ago people would go to sex to sexy says at least once or twice before match the number two can you get pregnant and you know that we the human relations should you really trust the boy if you detect effects should you imagine what makes putin's wanted to leave the house a fuss about it when you come home pregnant should you have intercourse with a lot of the first man to live within your and whatnot that christians are teenagers and this month the friday of asking do many many for sex nora was that an isolated a typical study the connecticut state board of education in a survey of five thousand students from kindergarten through twelfth grade questions about sex predominated
sexual like i i wasn't told anything about contraceptives you know except you know like some people took birth control pills to regulate their hormones new memoir but i didn't know there was such thing as i didn't know what that uniform wise i still don't because of religious opposition specific contraceptive information is excluded from public school sex education program at the university of iowa these women demanding former information at college level cannot isolate birth control from recollections of their own needs to know know him and so in a way
for you i think it's a telling necessary to demonstrate improve sexual attitudes but not given any information thank you but he's right elizabeth graham i mean when i see couples
one thousand and three with my girlfriends sit on the way then i thought why does that night i went home and then we had our movies couple weeks later and i said an honest know that's what you did so well you know it's a crude word but that's how it goes i had a lot of trouble accepting because i had no idea there was such a thing as sex and i don't think that's good all either on that they were just there were there were over careful about how to teach it to is the really scared to weigh the experiences were new when you come to a realization that there is sex in eastleigh having a sex drive yeah and says yes a question about it and you were tied right now with the past testing is sort of get the idea that it's something very involved in the sort of you know you can argue that
as beans i mean thank you i think a lot of times is it was the cells not the issue is iraq i think it has always been a sexual permissiveness with affection and i think probably my parents thought that i particularly heavy in a quest for the may but i think
my mother when explaining saxony and i know my parents were never i did ask about anything you know they try and tell me you know they'd be fairly matter of fact about it but that was as far as pure science win but they didn't say anything about the emotions which is to me the bigger part of your sex life is your ear emotional well be and you know that's something that your parents you know say oh is that sales touch had hired you everything else is you know kind of i guess they feel it's rather analyst they don't tell you about you know i'm it's natural to have a sex drive in and was a wild have some kind of virgins and you know you see pictures at something like nice girls don't think about things like that
nice girls don't ever want to have intercourse or anything in india just you know like you got this view from your parents and and it's really bad this mother of five year olds at the university of minnesota a role playing exercise can put into teachers of sex education up whereas the baby growing employers a baby dry air time we were very good i'd go back and encrypted speak anything up to the ninth inning and families for a full year and the baby had his own faith girl no illegal and fashion they hear that is disney lives alone mccann thank you there's a baby and then
there is a very long late nineteenth or something to get their mail and that is tag in the attack now changing one on the box said that his older brother came with this dark but i don't believe that that isn't a star no women with a baby bear we get bigger they come out i was there and female babies can't going to make them out the way they've been doing because they don't have to let the baby now they're going to be
unique right now today a male peter kenyon is a physical education teacher and he came on especially to the boys and he said that our notes and you know doing certain things i now know you're talking about masturbation on you know this and i wasn't doing it either retired or something in a way where he said don't do it and they say ok it's a boy's if you have that you have a direction i just get a washcloth and i don't like that bicycle local peanuts and we'll go away and then he left
it brady and it has humor and that's we talked about feeling comfortable as yourself the degree of maturity as a teacher but you certainly have that ascends the humor and be able to laugh at the things the time that you you don't fumble the ball at his first college i can remember my at least through my first year of teaching kindergarten going through the lake as the guinea pigs are getting rally today you know i had to gain confidence myself and realized how ridiculous that sounded so that i can actually say they were calculating they were making and then don't want to discuss that and this doesnt for the children in these they're able to absorb some of what you're saying but they're able to observe a tremendous amount of the spirit in which is true as i was buried here it
actually brought upon how ugly it used to talking about any of these things that all at it don't you know as a mother and anna the teacher and everything that you're actually the ballot as a charity point that i just tried anyway let's say the familiar four letter word that stands for in a chorus would come up pretty regularly in the class with non religious and i would go and i would notice the way other teachers would handle this and it was entirely handled worried you might not think is where this is bad etc etc and he came to me that if that had happened in the war i would have wanted to do would have been to find out whether that little side really know what that word meant hampshire but they know what it meant in a very unpleasant connotation that terribly confused and sex becomes an extremely cheap bad thing that you drive on
the ground you know it's not something that has any real meaning and it needed to be to be placed again in the right perspective i mean they they needed to understand that the relationship might say of love and sex lehman had an instance of that i don't think a rarity having fire rescue and the way the copts within it and there was a footnote that explain his men syphilis but it was parks was put in the contents of them they are to know whether was the great parts of the and part of that time black and i said our work here thank you and then going to minimize you know it again it is it is usually
about the sexual intercourse and what happens then we saw this film i made very important to know about it because in your sex relations yet as we said before it's important to feel they know that the other person's feelings and if you know it's going to hurt somebody yeah i like i like baby we're going to serve but the music and the city council is giving you you know the thinking happens it
i think i mean i think that the evil parts the great parts spread across asia and africa and a terrible epidemic bishop says he's doing is bad that's because i was highly aware that there is such a thing at the hands of an emphasis on information after filming with the taliban the near ulysses in the united states has reappeared in epidemic proportions statistic by a teenager
complex material disease every two minutes it has been reported in children as young as five ignorance is one of its major allies and by the way a great many teenagers business online service when they have sexual intercourse they quite commonly go clandestine reports that is only five of those swept up in a great passion and they feel it's almost a mile plan for takeover twenty days ago the veteran get a condiment haven't already it seems like kind of a nomadic i'm loving it endures just be swept up in the bath and that makes it all right well what about because it means but i know it is rather for sex on a basic know planning all of the larger polaroid us to oversight without people myself and therefore was all right
question mark this means for people who are already doing this on their own growing up from girl to woman this opening is the you return there to being in the urinary bladder although it has its outlet here it's not part of the reproductive system the vagina is the canal that leads to the actual organs of reproduction these organs are the uterus the fallopian tubes and the over fb under the influence of the hormones all of the new orleans have been
developing along with lists and it's getting pretty of boston what's next thank you this was a male
all forty three seventeen counties st joe leagues say it is to try to take you chop and then he said well all the lines in our lessons learned from the teachers as the alamo and you think that one one call of sex education and the us who are in the greatest news event last movement you creation and i do want to say you have to talk while it's totally different and this is this is right except this as a change
on birds that change and if it expired on sixth grade then maybe you that time and it pushed into high school that you started out with a vital necessity if anything else contradiction that substantive sense of the different ideas and fifth graders sixth year and you didn't know anything positive patients who were christian i think it is that you're saying and create your own and this week his innocence saying that they're not at
the marines fighting isn't the only insect and in a new situation and he's going to do who is going to see peace well it was the question after infringement
thank you my name i feel better for some from church this is a you know this is i think god had given us all around this city where youngsters who've gotten all rolled up somewhere you know because somebody shot didn't lay out you know and make it clearer with improper confines as to what this thing was all about you know this is it
the legislature since her hand on that people say will millions of years of education a cable thomas thomas basics that think they can get an education courses who is little more deeper complete in indiana sometimes are the facts of life they began spraying also sometimes in this this might give you if you need it or whitening keeping it
on for so long is something wrong with the system at your first dr busse that's what folks are both immigrants bearing on six great and new buyers much about sex education you know as we were that they had some kind of more risque thing that you can easily as it were a solid they were to teach it i saw something about the journey that a very good job here in the sixties by nineteen sixty three this is an outside the sexes is is basically
mr peters and the press it's b mr young people state of the union this week
after the first open hearing of the board of education special painstaking three months fully equating the community with details and materials of the program this meeting at another local high school for example when the safety and bio ink who spearheaded the initial program once again faces the unconvinced opposition do you mind you hear the case
that's right seeking an answer the same question gordon blake i'm letting fall of sex education goes to germantown when school there he faces ellen johnson's eighth graders the products and use of open discussion of topics which in most schools and in many families are taboo and what do you think we think the purpose of this school was in a heavy on sex education the most important thing for me during his entire unit was to find out what other people my age how about some questions that had been bothering me i'm sure everybody goes through a stage where sometimes appears well handled book and say here you ask me about and wasn't satisfied and i said okay i'll read it now when if i were kids my age think about it and i thought that we had excellent
discussions because arabic people my age really fell about things that were about you need to know it was good to know things are putting them on fire you know feeling the nineteen nineties employees not not just poison center of the girls and we lay we learned the tracks we learn about the basic facts and not about i'm really your feelings which i don't know an inner feelings of a counsel senate we tried to get them out of this to communicate well then would you say that and what you find the world market the discussions that is mostly like you can see his right leg is on harmful to you or
the other person i mean it's in your own mind everybody has his own definition of moral and it's usually what they think is good or bad and what they think is right and you feel very guilty about it other than you know a child in these are things that they could just get arrested have a great time and they enjoyed very much and be responsible you're not working at thirteen he's gotten a lot of time to have people he's thinking he's thinking he's going to change his mind next week you may come up with a lot of it is all an
update and there's to have solidified that idea and i've got a hunch that only a bit later on the line now which i really liked i became a journalist he seems like its gdp had to teach him a great course he would get to a point where he didn't disagree with where you do you disagree with someone and he would not say you're wrong he would say you're too young i mean you'll change your mind you're only growing in the us and you know he was
he would say you're wrong now i he you do it right you know say you're too young and that's not a really got be reset so he said that you must accept responsibility each other years responsible individuals on your own philosophy of law because that's where it lives if your humanist at all before if you had any reservations about human is not honestly it can possibly about this program i hope early in nineteen seventy the cedar rapids board of education meets again in open hearing listen to more public expressions and to announce its final decision on the kindergarten through sixth grade sex education and se i'm a genius and i
think that should be quite clear i was so concerned about the gentleman who was trying to equate few minutes first something else i think within the christian concept of living there is a deep deep deep concern about one's human understanding and how one lives with one in a community and i would have to go on record as saying i hope you lose the war and some kind of affirmative action this because it seems to me this is moving in the right direction nineteen eighty nine and it was that we can manipulate it's b my name is mrs john peters and speaking as an internal crisis committee just too much evidence of the philosophy of sex is good it is always good feelings that sex as any of our blessings
can be misused and other great fantasy in the program is it sex education is good which most of us would certainly agree with sex education to give the children in their thinking
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The Three r's... And Sex Education
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Episode Description
This episode probes the question: Should schools teach children sex education? It documents the opinions of community leaders, teachers, theologians, students, and parents on this controversial issue. -- In Cedar Rapids, Iowa, cameras focus on a public hearing of the local PTA, which is studying the implementation of a teachers' recommendation for a program of sex education in the schools. Much public opposition to the program is voiced at the hearing: A middle-aged man: "It's a parent's right to teach a child. Some say all they learn is in the alley. Well, that's all they learn from the teachers is alley talk." - An elderly woman: "Why should we share our bodies? It seems to me it should be the most powerful, intimate bond. And it isn't anymore." - A parent: "If your daughter comes back pregnant after a class in sex education, are you going to just sit back and say "the school did that'"" Opposition to sex education is a prominent theme in campaigns of ultra conservative organizations such as the John Birch Society. An excerpt from a film produced by the Society is shown in the episode. Fundamentalist Christian ministers, such as Dr. Billy James Hargis, organizer and leader of the Christian Crusade, have also attacked sex education. "Sex in the schools, sex in movies, sex in slick magazines....It is all part of a Satanic conspiracy," asserts Hargis. In a discussion group at the University of Iowa, a proponent of sex education states "I think I can bring my children up in a free atmosphere where sex is an everyday thing because it is." Perhaps the most penetrating examination of the issue is seen in a sex education class at the Germantown Friends School, Germantown, Pa. It is taught by Eric Johnson, an English teacher and author of a primer in sex education, "Facts of Love and Life in Plain Language." Johnson's class views a film warning of the hazards of venereal disease. The dramatic impact of the film elicits an unusual reaction from one young boy. "If you know it's going to hurt someone, I don't think many people are going to do it." Johnson conducts a frank discussion on teenage sex, but at the same time warns his students of the pitfalls. "An awful lot of teenagers have their first sex on the basis of no planning at all," he says. The episode concludes with a lively discussion of pre-marital sex between Johnson's students and the ultra-conservative Gordon Drake, author of the book 'Is the Schoolhouse the Proper Place to Teach Raw Sex?" In a session after the discussion students are asked their impressions of Drake. One boy expresses annoyance at what he believes to be Drake's condescending attitude toward the students. "He wouldn't say you're wrong, he'd say you're too young," the youth complains. Realities #1 - "the three r's...and sex education" is a production of National Educational Television. Producer: Richard McCutchen. Additional episode Description from NET Press Release "Sex Education - A Course in Fear?" For NET producer Dick McCutchen, the issue of sex education veils a more pervasive one - fear of youth. This undercurrent of fear is examined when NET presents "the three r's and sex education" on its new weekly "Realities" series. McCutchen's film focuses on Cedar Rapids, Iowa, where the results of a two-year study on sex education expose adult attitudes toward their children's instruction. For the school board defers its vote until the episode has been debated in town meetings, homes and church groups. "It's a parent's right to teach a child," contends one indignant man. "All they'll learn from the teachers is alley talk." Another parent protests: "If your daughter comes back pregnant after a class in sex education, are you going to just sit back and say "the school did that?'" At the same time, film clips issued by the local chapter of the John Birch Society stoke parental fears. While Beethoven's "Pastoral Symphony" is heard in the background, an apocalyptic voice intones warnings of children's "innocence dashed to the ground by sex education." Meanwhile, the children themselves remain undecided. One girl indicates that the title "sex education" is a pejorative one : "It should be changed to life education. Sex just bugs me." "The problem is that people keep inserting their image of sex education," McCutchen explains. "What we've tried to do is to contest the image with the reality of sex education." McCutchen found this reality at Germantown (Pa.) Friends School, where sex education classes are now in their 20th year. Here, kindergarten children begin their morning instruction with pet animals. "Can you tell the sex of this guinea pig?" one child asks. While the animal squirms, science teacher Gordon Cadbury shows the children "That's a penis sticking out there." In the eighth grade classroom of Eric Johnson, children discuss moral distinctions, as well as the physiology of sex. "How do you know when you're going to ejaculate?" Johnson ponders, then replies: "You know when you're going to sneeze, don't you?" On another day, Johnson's class views a film on "the evil pox" - venereal disease. He then comments on traditional attitudes toward sex, which can leave a teenager without adequate preparation "you were supposed to be swept up in passion; that made it all right." At one point, Johnson's class is visited by Dr. Gordon Drake, prominent lobbyist against sex education and author of "Is the School House the Proper Place to Teach Raw Sex?' NET cameras film the classroom discussion in which Drake challenges a student who says that sex may have moral validity for two teenagers. Later, the boy contends Drake has merely patronized him. 'If he were an eighth-grade teacher, and I said something he didn't agree with, he wouldn't say, 'You're wrong'; he'd say, 'You're too young.?" Similarly, Iowa University coeds note their parents' unwillingness to concede their maturity (and the knowledge that should accompany such maturity). The girls are protesting a paucity of information about contraceptive devices. One recalls reeling that her "sex drive was abnormal" when her parents refused to discuss the onset of puberty. Another laments: "I was brought up in complete silence." A third concurs: "The emotional part is hush-hush." Last year, McCutchen's documentary "Black and White Together?" exposed the educational strictures behind a government-funded program in Atlantic City, N.J. Two years earlier, he produced the critically-acclaimed film, "Where is Prejudice?", in which college students confronted their own biases - and each other - in a laboratory setting. Once again, on the subject of sex education, the sides are drawn. In Cedar Rapids, a pilot course in sex education has been approved by the school board, despite aggressive opposition. Yet the course will be under scrutiny - and with it, the very idea of education. "This is not a program to which people bring abstract feelings," says McCutchen. "It is a very visceral, subject and many people have closed minds." (Description adapted from documents in the NET Microfiche)
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the three r's... and sex education is an hour-long episode produced in color on film. Originally broadcast as episode #1, it was rebroadcast as episode #38.
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Realities consists of 40 episodes produced in 1970 by various producers.
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