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for men on the show this is a strange political season president who people love to hate it is numbers are unprecedentedly ahead of dull we have parole getting more airtime over being barred from the debates and if you were actually in them we have deja vu all over again sort of with helms and can't then there is congressman heinonen who is running his campaign behind closed doors in an unnamed hospital a governor's race that practically allows to republicans to run against each other then there's another couple of republicans richard petty and david funderburk who went to the same driving bump and runs school and then on top of that all we have hurricane fran who's rained on the political campaign parade what fodder for political cartoonists and as luck would have it there with us today doug marlette is on the phone from new york is the pulitzer prize winning editorial cartoonist for newsday as cartoons are syndicated in hundreds of newspapers worldwide including the new york times and the washington post doug marlette was a nieman
fellow at harvard university and he's the creator of the comic strip kudzu which the red clay lambert adapted to a musical he also writes a column for esquire and he's the author of a new book that's not out yet it's called i feel your pain it soon to be released he lives part time in hillsboro north carolina and part time in new york blaine palace here in the studio he has been the editorial cartoonist for the raleigh news and observer since nineteen seventy five he's the author of three books is that all you do is one of them surely someone can still sing bass and the reagan chronicles his work has also seen in the book jesse helms quoted compiled by the insider doing powell is a farm boy from arkansas and he's won the overseas press club award for excellence in cartooning and a national headliners club award for outstanding editorial cartoons he syndicated by the los angeles times and his work can be viewed online tune and o
dot net john cole is with us and he's actually i think drawing me as i speak and he's the editorial cartoonist for the herald sun papers is also the herald artistic director of graphics editor oh well i prefer artistic director bodies in charge of how that paper looks and a john paul has won the kentucky press association award for writing and photography and the north carolina press association award for news design and illustration and you receive honorable mention in the fish it editorial cartoon competition in nineteen ninety four john calls originally from kentucky and he's been with the herald since nineteen eighty five he's the author of politics barbecue and balderdash welcome man well you know we've got these three southern boys lampooning the world oh are we getting a kind of distorted view or a particular view what about that doug marlette swayze telling us a lot about that
well we have a southern in the white house and that i just then again a tough because i'm being made from arkansas most of them growing up pretty much light bill and it feels fine but he doesn't seem to be having much pain right now malley doesn't then i could've told people are writing his obituary years ago two three years ago that you can't underestimate bill cohen this common at that west in arkansas this chasm isaac he really is i met him at a class reunion bike and eighty two when the get down and out and he says one is that we made in these really a hard knock life why is that when these global you know in only just has a series of less politician i've ever run across well you know doug marlette you i recently had the opportunity to try to teach him how to draw you are you on a tour bus with him on air force one
we went to the grand canyon and at out all in one and no one would've gone or an end it was it was pretty amazing you know you learn you're in think in holland bill but venezuelan government relief on the president mr president it's is one on the shot me about the art and i was concerned when he worked awfully might have a jury the past and that was a little salt levels in iraq we can vote what he would draw a pretty long beard andrew jiang about media which allegedly to me i would've been more and intimidated about me are going up you know i am but i am more of the lord
i'm more than he did at him you would start drawing interim appointment those images right now a day and we have a a stick figure with a hatchet all right but actually no question is i'm a really easygoing be around though we knew quite comparable in and i've never i've never met a politician who has more on it inadvertently campaigning legal fetal growth energy and no we won't go but i'm going to make but only that he worked for grabs standing military up and he had to go back and work for the same people already was very thin when i met him early eighties way through arm the reunion with us and you guys wrote for a number were new
i know i'm a former force one rhyme about it in the current bill in the golem dylan if you did i give you if you had had the opportunity to teach him how to draw adult what would you've done how to be done they were all sitting here now we can all have a pen and i thought we all agreed that whole kind of like a barrier our updated carbon of richard nixon and he had a very vibrant really benefited from looking almost like an economical think that they have that would've taken el tiempo um have passes them around the it really looked a lot like mccain on how he does it really he really does or in the nose to like nixon with a lot of plastic and he hasn't signed an easy way about him you know is when crown my shoulders are up near his ears so i didn't have that look to them
with their shoulders up is this is this particular campaign a political cartoonist dream seems to me if i don't talk about that are doing it's not only about a lot while i wish i could get real excited about is blasting head coach bob go but today in ottawa embargo never did that the gadgets are mostly is pathetic know them and watching on the candidates and on our lives can get real excited about he reminds me sort of a my grandmother who has a bed in winchester kentucky and she was recalled it was i think it was a thirty four election where she'd voted for alf landon we ran against fdr could feel sorry for the poor man and really sort of it so far down in the polls and he just i don't want to know he wanted to get nominated and that was not something else interesting about this
campaign as a really wanted to stand to lose from a is that you have two men running for office or in the two front runners certainly none of ross perot in there and ralph nader with grains and things like that is that you have to manage his most profound closely now believes there should be president united states and bill clinton just as a much better job convincing an employee off that sort of boys and getting people to and getting people to buy that idea well aware that republican should be worried anyway they were not a republican in the white house going on for me and i would ask you though if we could focus a little on the north carolina ray ace races and if if there is if that's a political cartoonist dream or not anybody can you pull out your heart again jesse helms cartoons from the last time or what a story this is i wish i might and has been in the business too long something he says hardly excited about this political season maybe the hurricane interrupted things forward for him in a moment and people could
care less about that on a walk a singer with a trio my house and thinking i'm not want to get tv anyway cbs and more sick they got cable again i think a poet and a tv sets off color have that disconnected then a lot of the candidates also agree writer frank hit the political hiatus on that that was two weeks or something like i know that hymen price four times the hospital right now but they did it they agreed to withhold the campaign you know all that hole with all the campaign advertising until until the end of the period recovered from france and then i mean it's just it's a lot more fun when the race is a lot closer and it's like when you get jesse helms ten points on friday police according to the mason dixon poll standpoint and from all it's not highly regarded that from allison yeah but i mean he is he's on front and also up you know robin hayes is true and jim hahn badly and how many of those can you car to lead doug is going somewhere then to jimmy grimes in the
news and then i was looking through it through on one of your books here duane nineteen eighty one how prescient if you you've got a cartoon here of lieutenant governor jimmy greene you've got him stuff ups in an upside down glass cookie jar we don't get his haircut he's got his entire body waged a smashed up against the glass and he's saying he's saying i can't really became resented the role for being cleared of any wrongdoing as an and he really has all these years later finally in the news so so interesting for you to deckard singing actually ate it always lead developer living i think you have you learned working america halloween a book called the many people come and go in and people who were in the what widen
and but you learn to find you try and find a way to make it educational i think at even women at all on what you're doing what they're talking about is that if you get a horse race has always been a lot of media won the coveted make their job each year but at the time the time clement told ottawa becoming like good at drawing about them and it is didn't quite think in between a one and all in any names in north carolina are in that car again and we know there are i mean yeah don't you become a lawyer i mean he's softening his views now in understanding pro choice people a little bit he says so does that mean you all grab on to that because that's the only new thing is that this then the clip singing make that more important unlike when michael dukakis ran in the
caucus for court and it should've been great colleague had a great at it but he makes an eyebrow and twenty g all on an inherently had been in the party now and what we ended up for you and i'm going even though he was dollars you and the character during that boring that i drew up the plan to call whole you know you do find even boring kind of i was and during the voice you're hearing is doug marlette he's on the phone from new york with us is the pulitzer prize winning editorial cartoonist for newsday and duane palace here in the studio the editorial cartoonist for the raleigh news and observer author of several books and of course doug has another new one coming out called i feel your pain and john cole is the editorial cartoonist for the herald sun papers and i want to check in with you john on a particular one because this brings up a cartoon and looking at brings up for me where do you draw the line i mean literally
but but we'll have a cartoon i'm looking at morris you know recently bit more sick morris recently caught with a prostitute in the book the us speaking about dylan and this cartoon we have all the media's week we have the media with all their microphones in this picture screaming mr morris any comment on reports of your relationship with a prostitute in the white house and you have mr morris answering yes i resign for the good of his campaign well so we're well that's really well a lot of people who feel like may the air and i'm just following out the un bid to be extended bill clinton in addition to being were going so his career politician can basically just change and turn on a dime in our nets probably party i mean there are a lot of people a lot of marian wright edelman are probably a lot of people out there who feel that really has prosecuted sell for them in the name of what the polls say our thing and i didn't it it i wish i had run about maybe a couple of years but then i convinced them that they were now that i got the reaction
there what about your the guys here what would you have a line that you draw on that an interesting also talking about editors cartoon editors doing what her motor limit away with her do you have your own person all of three the deal you're doing your personal line he won't cross says if anything it's absolutely off limits for you the topic was tolerable or approach your style well and that when you're going for a famine is particular some monuments some places to get started on some were going to be given and scatological metaphor to things like that i mean he can just a certain extent but not go to for really think a lot of times i've had car to shut down for reasons because i'm a contained something that you will see three or four times on primetime television primetime network television and you know there's that's not an ardent they were writing because most of note primetime network television is just as a garbage but i'm yelling you know use a family newspaper and kids see it end and i think that probably there are certain there are certain terminology is a certain spinning these examples of
what you what an editor or you might not allow the paper amid talk to die in a minute about this busy vexed some experiences that are interesting too i'm rebecca really think of it in those turned out i was looking for something that works and on and it's i'm not trying to shock so somebody or delay or cartoon that sales were also a people understand it otero at that point i wanted to go to the award to hit the target that i'm directing it so what you don't really think in terms of an idea what kind or what will you including inhabited on the senator's temperament the more that kind of you know a week into the odd another thing what will leave and i worry about that we talked about when the ana know suspended new jersey only a film score
tonight in the counterpart of what we're going to end and we're going to know her work kathy to know when she came out in favor of those at the caucus is a daycare several daycare plan so and that they can categorically mccain at another one think compartmentalize than an american couple with throwing out of line that we're going to hire to think that way that actually an end and i have another one all i can ever deeper dahlen and so i had to learn to do it but what you do as a cartoonist to try to find out what's going to you can identify what are you in for me is what keeps me awake through the drawing and then let that ball and the editors are worried about what we going to do you know you deal with that
though the week weekend north korea out in a week we going to do go for ideal that wall will be lively and interesting and i keep awake and an alec baldwin in the end and the eu if you're doing that you're going to have to that call the editors the air and returning to your job in any economy going to the legal i wanted to say though that that made the difference though in newspapers when you're thinking of a political cartoonist or an editorial cartoonist we should say and a reporter is art what you guys reacting to the news you're not out searching for if you're not out writing reporting on the news you're always a little beat right behind it because you have to respond but the frustrating part of this business for i think for some of the sentiments on and a lot of issues that there are things going on that week that we've outed look a cartoon about
that is like what we're on the nerds thus far an album at the arena at this has been reported on it's hard for us to do to court and if it's something is not in the public consciousness from lawyers resort a beer reporter well what you can do is amplified in his arm i mean a lot of times i'll take a cartoon ideas from literally the back pages of our paper doesn't have to be your topic doesn't have to be in seventy two point above the fold every day is whatever floats above them in sundays you wake up you know we open the paper and it's like the store the lead story is about you know interest rates don't rise in absolutes or so and so what you do is you go to the inside bomb and look for something else and other newspapers are just urine or look a palette i look at i look as many papers as i can dick do you have to be cynical to be a cartoonist at the kind of cartooning you do know what it helps but doing this you have to get angry yeah let's walk
while adams' business in the first place and then start of a great skill center out in what quote so much a truth bridge de lune or whatever the school administration and that same thing i'm doing now politicians united states what makes me want to draw and draw because i love love to draw some townspeople ask you know woody did win a ticket and you don't pay it and i don't i never drawn in the summer either having a beer barn door a napkin or drawing that the artist i mean it's also has the same place now in politics might have if politicians can defend your kitchen you know you just can't wait to get aboard in and do something about them stephanie the attitude let any adult male you want a party and you know whether that particular doctor or whatever and they think of the grandma bratton oh orientation anyway i am
forty forty om om i you know unfortunately you do i would have a lot of imagery that we were going to go is that greek word not mean likened to a dog a minute ago that no one has that no value or important or everything will be equally meaningless and they would put a white dog and you know what what i think i know actually do have value and the political that there actually i thought i i find them out platters to be idealistic or are disappointed in the way things act and john cullum you wanted it to do a damn thing or what i think one of the motivating factors for me is also have to guess that probably if you follow politics after a while and the same in an audience get elected interpreter never term you can't help but you know start feeling that is a little dog like but i'm i think that
my main mind that what gets me to the drawing board a lot of times in mr source of frustration isn't really a lot of times what positions exact positions the politicians take it as the arrogance you know an arrogance of power of a lot of times is is my primary motivating factor and i think that that's best the main function of the press to me you know are always on the function of the press finds it reaches an axis editorial cartooning is editorial cartooning is the one point paper the dozen equivocate in our editor's an editorial pages and then say but on the one hand some people say some people say see we feel strongly am in or in the metal arm cartoonist will go ahead and dislikes now say at an end and really hold an end basically bring to work bring to head what what the press is working and we're going with what actually better than one of the things i noticed is that you can say more in one panel you just go right to the heart of the
matter van maybe the whole article and we're sitting here talking about political cartooning and this is the lead the band show on ninety one point five w and c at h o o o it's b welcome back to talking about political cartooning today i am
talking with doug marlette he's on the phone from new york pulitzer prize winning editorial cartoonist for newsday and a new book coming out called i feel your pain blame palace here in the studio he is the editorial cartoonist for the raleigh news and observer and nando online that's nando dot net and we also have john cole who is the editorial cartoonist and painted designers designer for the herald sun papers and and i've also you guys have won lots of awards you've got these books coming out in what i would love to be able to understand is if we watched you at work we might just think you're sitting around goofing off on set which you look glorious yeah they haven't insiders staffing only one they came around in one interview that if were staffers for and enroll in our case you're putting out for the office where i can command a report of an a cameraman follow me around for the day and about three thirteen atlanta's gave up what you were just sort of sitting
there staring well you know i'm doing they're going about abortion or walk through the news from wherever we've been reading staring at their computer till something history so it's what i like to try to do is re create what happens typically how you get from staring walking around going for years just snack to making a cartoon happened and i you have a wonderful essay in your book i feel your pain about that free association process so i thought that i could throw out a couple of ideas and have you guys and free associate how about it relative to football just try it doesn't work what the hack might say something that's on my mind in a lot of people's minds today a six year old boy who kisses the girl on the cheek and gets booked with sexual harassment and suspended from an ice cream party great fodder for a slumber well we go up a six year old boy accuses girl get suspended or what happens in your head with the first thing that happened and overzealous
so screwed and i'm sure they see go for marijuana from it go to police in britain to school aha so now we might see guns happy about it either you don't what about us the ice cream out of reach than isolation to keep going keep going you had to know your palate isn't part of the energy comes from i really love you know that was to you know make you think and i am a minute to get what you want and they are not what all of america reported on the make feel that way if it's for a
particular are point and very hardened crime how you are in a big one of those is i have as there are times i go out i just had no idea where the idea came from a man just it's a it's like he says free association it's a train of thought jumps tracks oftentimes and you run a blind alleys and eventually some somehow you get a cartoon in and i would say probably i'd say close nine out of ten times open the paper the next day and they have some better way i could have said what i want to say you know it really is trying to show the signs come from a new app i can struggle all day i can go in early in the morning you know say okay i'm i give it a money sucker up the valley office will play racquetball that never happens airway hampson sing it three thirty or forced many file a napkin and then it does sometimes it is so frustrating over and they'll even come up with anything and it's like someone walks in the north mali says his dreaded wait until he comes to you it's it that's the way it has been done the deadline is probably the greatest single source of inspiration
and i just had to get something in two minutes i just i hated their times were like in my job there occasions that i just don't have time i had a stack of artists who worked for me but there are times when it's like hurricane fran or something like that where i have other responsibilities i just don't have time to do a cartoon that is on those units on those occasions and also the occasions when i just generally gets can unite i'll come up with ten ideas none of them i wanted like inflict upon the readers the next day and she's now a religious sense of failure really a sort of a concern it's a dispiriting in some ways his job has become harder for me because it had used as its only issue seemed to be more clear cut and now it's really just hard to today saying sometimes tarnished to the final what you put back made some testified zachary what i think was that a function of getting as we get older things are more gray than they are black and white when we're young we just go right for it and we say
thats that's it right there and eating our mighty promise so that when we were known growing up in the seventy seven there was precluded issues that you knew you right a wrong you know all men and might prefer it with all the fbi when i first started drawing and twenty twenty five years ago it would take all day dr erb for bipartisan largely we're about done that though about having more delighted by acting more like a marvel and the idea of now come fairly quickly and within you know what i have with implementing downs you know within an hour forty five minutes and i usually have a mom and i got it really bad end they were looted all what i tried to do it didn't do a lot of you know in your hand and one thing the fine how much of a commitment of a lot about lincoln in trying to learn when i want to learn to be more time to interact and i thought by having more deadline that there would be you know you can totally curriculum you keep you out and you and all the cellphone that thing to fall away over time though thought i
myself actually i enjoy more than either enjoyed an idea to come up a lot quicker they become are much more naturally but your flow learn you're your that privilege or capacity to streamline in and you learn to recognize blind alley a lot quicker and you get to where you sell what you want a lot quicker than you might not go all or boredom with actually am i more all interested more and that and i know i know an issue that i can pick an issue that i won't comment on the sentence is very ordered still the signs down some issues a pretty complex i mean when you start making an issue complex recorded put up a big wall and producer right because years has to be sustained for you or i mean you learned all the fine wade and i think that's part of that's part of what a jerky about is finding a way i want i've learned not to defend them board bar i mean i if i'm bored by even if it's
something that that everybody talking about even dive i'm not interested and i i will not be a good idea i quickly and move toward where the heat is fire and where the nhl actually wanna i wanna move onto something i'm looking at german seem to be going after unity and i'm looking at a cartoon your habits picture of hillary clinton's face that is oh the old boy and the bubbly huge and it's just her head and big teeth and that we have bill clinton attached to her that her earring that becomes the chain attached to his aunt is a no shackles orders shackled and it says he's willing to sign it says and i repeat i did nothing wrong and she on her cheek as the words whitewater legal conflicts of interest and underneath you have the old ball and chain know as a woman joe i wanna talk your little bit about arm women
in cartoons we hardly see them i had i mean you i'm ultimately when these cartoons or in cartooning both i'm looking through your books here and i swear i don't see any women i was the first woman that jumped off the air after a line just a nice one about this will women mail poured out there's a woman tells me about once a month she wouldn't carry and cheese comply she says shell is to start selling most enjoys mccourt has but then she goes on to say we're listening why don't put more women in the curtains and you answered but what really is women empowering women
now what you see when you look at that dirty are a lot of women in power by sidestepping the issue now c'mon guys where the women and in first of all political cartooning its college as the one one point to crime rates are but i think part of the reason that they're not coming and more more women because women did on the greenlight more for the aggression of men and had first been worth about aggression really an end and women now it they're moving into power an hour more mccammon in cartooning as opposed to women who were being courted as the long i'm talking about both of those categories so when i identified i have a drawing and then a number of would be right on hillary clinton a fighter to an awkward end of jarring to college and came out i mean if your business is this woman was
complaining because just in the court as we go along so i always had a minimum you know when you draw the legislature we've got about or best known around debating a bill chicago at all but a destiny our courses if you if you drew women in the same way that you draw many probably be blasted by when calling for more women their women are not so long ago when i have these these women go up the timing of the hate the way ago when the old think you don't think i wanna know what things make you laugh what tickles you don't girls cartoon talk the simpsons i think the
law would open the day no i think and i've seen i've seen i've seen episodes of the simpsons which you talk to some other cartoonist before and i think that they're built over the pulitzer prize this river broad satire of american culture in society in politics in but iran best offer specific what other kind of things it doesn't even have to be cartoons what would things make you laugh as eric the comic who makes you laugh is there a politician who makes you laugh it makes you guys laugh the idea that the job of this you can figure out who made nothing more work for you are your tough will come back to this we agonize over that give easier and feeling kind of cartoon characters in clearly does your next quote from agonizing it is a mistake do you do you ever feel like you want to throw in the towel you know i was there i was listen to woodley was saying earlier and the issues aren't as clear cut as they used to be fine when you agonize about which one
a draw and which topics canadian and one way i've found out but i found for example that the pro choice pro life you know the abortion argument was going on in the country right now and i drew cartoons for a long time i'm pro choice can i drew cartoons for a long time that basically bash the pro life and sit and you know they're bunched neanderthals and who are they to tell a woman what to do with her life until i saw realized a couple years ago that really wasn't contributing anything to the argument and it was like we got a conflict around the country i think it's i hear you talk about a complex somebody it is intractable i mean literally it's like the palestinians and israelis is almost like the north in the cell i mean you have two sides that compromise means to flee on either side you can do with ios and so to me the argument itself has become is interesting if not more interesting than the two sides of the way you know crippling integrating that really mean that i
don't and the thing about it not because i am not actually get an oreo a note or a writer an end but what there are are more hung up about the art than for journalism anyway are not were not injured at a lot because not arguable in court in a minute you can find a way of looking at things like that about anything to live are very competent or you could end up like when you have a boring car and the boring know when someone you when you draw cartoons like what are you hoping i'm reading it in mourning sitting at the table and it i flip your card you know the page open i looked at a cartoon what you hoping my face registers and goes on in my head what
you would replace eye and i'll be honest with you i think it's you know i'd like it also were mostly a shock of recognition when people you know you know when they laugh openly laugh and and find an agreement with iran on trial you can't you can't make everybody mad but they're just the worst thing that could happen to just have somebody not get the car tonight and then i've had that i've been us like of course when you have a people miss the worst thing could happen is on people like you know start floating in and footing a cook for the phone lines would call to complain about the cartoon for the wrong reason and this summer heard of the court hughes overstimulated the point that something will agree with that and i'm talking here about cartooning editorial and park and political cartooning with doug marlette he's on the phone from new york who sometimes lives in hillsboro didn't have any did you have any free in damage well but your house we
know i'm sorry i'm doing how you had some flooding from from fran and you lost a lot of cartoon sales of mayor said two years ago tensions minute i was some pumpkin and lectures to announce the basement flooded an allergist in mass a pulp john cole is the editorial cartoonist for the herald sun papers survive free and yeah i was really lucky a little over a minute to park in durham and within two tours of my house in an interaction or just enormous trees through roofs and i basically a head i mean you know it took me about a day actually my lawn look better than it did before the storm and the reason i'm bringing a friend thing up is because you mentioned earlier it really kind of superseded any political cartooning but also when something happens to you personally when you are affected by whatever is going on does that affect how you didn't draw something and in may because i'm evil at first the friday that they have nothing had him in the can get mind strain of movement will grab chainsaws
and so our way out to be portraying it were to fall apart well i got a hammer and overall a few times and still a menu down and his barn summers downtown streets is just our you know here we are on the planet every hour or two so it's affecting you so so when you i mean what happens if you really like a particular political candidate you really hurt are there's a great political cartoonist who died not too long ago he was in canada and various problems greatest cartoonists of a surrealism latter half of toys and you know the mcpherson is that even if you agree with amanda's it is wrong because attitude i think analysts say you don't want to be seen cow towing and i don't
i don't like kurt his account at a particular political candidates or political the report abuse and in the end and that they're out there sort of like a mostly listen and all's not going to boring but having a camera who was it said everybody has everybody every politician every public figure deserves one last one good fortune one pasta cartoon that you drew the obituary court because when i'm going to the clinton event during the week we all fight with oh my and i like quickly like go quite an operation like a complete unknown but that doesn't mean that like drama newt gingrich oh like you're in a border you have women out there to annoying away was true i voted for bill clinton you know the notion that minute film about a war torn aorta different you know i'm looking here scuse me
die get your book i feel your pain and you you have you take on the media itself the effort on earlier about their oil lifeline into interesting as it appeared immediately and then opposition and encouraging was the whole the whole thing and i put out a lot of unknowns when your time's hostility and i think the people who are the most awful thing they're council voting to go within themselves and i think you're going to have an end reporters very often find if i get older your time but the thing is i find myself on more admiring of all a politician in an interesting way than when i was younger because i realized that the people that we were willing to go on the playing field that's right archer i would say we will not your fingers really will not go out
of my work and you know how i find i find that i don't like him and called them about the writers in our own right in a lot of ways you know i think it's certainly a particularly in and amend the little national media marilyn it know what to think or originally when ted koppel decide to bail on the republican convention comes at no news will be out here and in hindsight really and i was thinking that at the time it's just as a sort of air to what he did and said don't use people realize we're in charge in order not play along with us this is a large and prominent and for marshall and there's azhar sanctimony lot of arrogance on the part of the media too i'm wondering when duane powell wintertime apart and politicians here for minute you've had some interactions with jesse helms having audio years to sleep cole's cover cartoon or something he's actually quoted as saying he likes to put your cartoons on his wall was not as mindless is mrs willet
baucus or something and i could hear was that sometimes though it reminds him that he takes himself too seriously believe in don't know why i was so they can be very disarming over the telephone these are very courteous and the connection is as a politician says if he really does know a lot of us a lot of us a lot of other people make them out to be would be reelected are coming same thing though cuomo yeah well it's about the power of the men you know to say don't think you're gonna batting market in the state have been drawn about ants and seventy five jobs been drawn about their love and years and we still have the story so well that you you know if i couldn't as well i mean it's not like you will fire not only that you don't like anybody yeah like my mom but i have to say and i didn't want the curtains
for a while on to become a cartoonist because it was ray political cartoons but when i decided like back in the mid eighties this is really what i want to do now after years of being reported photographer serb jack of all trades master of none at very small newspapers told him i wanted to and he just could not figure out he always read political cartoons but he didn't think anybody was actually paid real us money to do for living going to the un doug i'm looking at a cartoon i have to tell you there's one i don't get maybe you can explain it to me by one out about one out of the whole book is pretty good that looking at one year you haven't all standing behind the podium with a couple of microphones and says good news phil graham has thrown us his support in incomes as jock strap line you know now that i think the midnight so what boeing got a real accounting a reporter
right there to jock strap right okay nfl and said well not one minute we couldn't be available without a lot more than men are and i actually still don't get it but that's ok dumplings it does look like look at some time there were no known not annoying cell what i'm gonna find one that i do you have a pulitzer prize won that that has uncle sam is it still there and working uncle sam lying on the ground roared and snorting lines of coke in a big circle here snowing and so what was that one in response to you know
a lot about drug that was in nineteen eighty nine so that it could be something that's kind of the things that really struck with in your work all of you is that so i went back to a nineteen eighty one so many of them can still be current does that mean things never change letter b carroll not repay their cell from an hour and a quarter last year of the novel's great britain up to more than his own gun quite often asked apuzzo the cartoon took up reporters for someone just say whether react to it when the gas looks the sign says will listen to court and why did you do this about ten years ago when a memory that's nonsense that redraw mccartin i'd done ten years of how you really did yemen and the minute what he pointed out our i remember doing you were mentioning to me that even though we we open the paper every day we see political cartoonist it seems like the perfect thing for america hello is to be able to go straight to a cartoon because it's easy it's quick
you're actually getting laid off in numbers aren't yet not you personally but but that there isn't trend that people are proud of it is is a court has a tough road his dues aguilar carter ham in the old old saw goes that there've been probably a grant total have no idea and it used to be only about a hundred and twenty full time for tennis in the country and i think that number may be down to a little over a hundred now they're only a few more cartoons in our us senators was discouraging a lot of papers with traditions of having cartoons are unifying their carcass laying them are not replacing them out you know becoming more like her like a banker an internship an editor about the bottom line and i you know actually we are an indulgent on is it became budget what we really knew what we're about we're about our third of three top free inquiry in britain at the
end and the new income went to make a book and the surf on the cartoons and running your cartoons right they can get done for manna from weaker what would that affect so that's what happens in a modernization is this cindy katie admitted they weren't aware of our time and enjoying and then it will become a barrier and the narrative the heart of the whole of the paper and regulated and heartfelt way yeah they get rid of the nsa has also is competition dies down because i think the court is slow times hopes maybe to human horn here are our hormones curtis really helps delta personally paper ever become legend and having a person and they they get more and more doll an end and that people who do not have the
kind of war over believe it even and recognize that they're going to on the paper and coming down and make no idea that i will actually no need to mistreat you an expression of the spirit of that and an end though good luck a great deal and go on the argument that we're going to be on the rolls away or anyone are confident about that in and it requires good people being in power and clear about you know the whole building were or are having having art and i'll be able to work their way into a ballad or
having making money we're really glad that we have the cartoon is working for us and starting their own ending hour days every day and we've been talking on the phone with doug marlette you come on you come and they come after them and that he's a pulitzer prize winning editorial cartoonist for newsday his new book about to come out i feel your pain blame how the editorial cartoonist for the rowing is an observer and nando online and author of several books and john cole editorial cartoonist for the herald sun papers and author of the name of your book is politics barbecue in boulder dash and we want to thank you so much to be a man but we are we have we spent time here a lampooning some politicians a bit and but we give these guys a chance to redeem themselves throughout the month of october beginning next saturday with three broadcasts the following sunday mornings i'll be interviewing high profile candidates in closely watched races next saturday along with political analyst ferrell guillory i'll be interviewing gubernatorial candidates robin hayes and
governor jim hunt at three and four o'clock respectively will be asking them your questions and those we also think should be asked in the weeks to come i'll be interviewing second congressional district candidate bobby etheridge his opponent david funderburk has declined our request for an interview david price and fred heinonen will each be here in the studios and i'll be joined for those in it use by political writer rob christensen of the news and observer harvey gant will be back he was here in the primaries am well we asked his opponent jesse helms he declined to be interviewed we took him on his word in an article in the news and observer in which he was quoted as saying he'd be happy to talk to any reporter who came to washington to interview we told him that we would he still turned us down we will however do shows about funderburk and helms because we think you should have as much information about them as you do about the candidates to actually come here for interviews and we will bring your questions about them to a panel of diverse experts who know helms and funderburk voting records and their histories and i wanna thank those of you who have sent in all of your good questions for the candidates he
emailed use snail mailed and you've called us and you can still do that for body average and funderburk helms band price and heinonen you can do it by calling the lynda bell and show comment line at six eight five one thousand or you can email me balanced b e l a n s at nando dot net remember registered but if you need help in figuring out how to do it to get today's news and observer for this special pull out section and how to do their time in the balance fb
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