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it's b and onto trains again is a matter of public record two or three that were sponsored by the ford foundation one in which japan i believe in one of the cells where again my view is that we want to make the whole question of tax exempt foundations and they use their funds to two especially a giant lawn like the ford foundation announced a political process and the will to make it a public and political issue and i've recommended speeches dealing with that subject now on the muscle that recommendation i think you would have to before moving on that you have to make to make the case nationally against against the ford foundation and george w make a recommendation that investigations should be
this our main destination and an investigation and myself in nineteen seventy and in the summers and again said nothing was the nineteen seventy one listening to every article that was written in the books were written on the ford foundation and the ten day vacation period and you did not need to other than the material that i had a hand in the public sector has to have a sponsor of internal matter of public record with a ford foundation put you on or seven people twenty four years a memorandum to john mitchell make your home
i mean i was like yes it's b the senators are again headed for the senate floor to vote on amendments to the military aid bill so we'll take a short break for the television coverage of the senate watergate hearings will continue after this fall for station identification on average coverage of the hearings is being broadcast as a public service by your local public television station this is pbs public broadcasting service it's better
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in the polls again and that continues its coverage of hearings the senate select committee on presidential campaign activities here again and by correspondent jim lehrer as we go back to the herrings to councils and they're just questioning pat buchanan on his attitudes toward tax exempt foundations what's going on nineteen seventy one memorandum which is a memorandum from you and the president on the subject the mosque a lot of issues look at page seven of the memorandum i'm
the foundation now i'm john ydstie investigation should be done on this court is going to end and the low i guess i'd go with a foundation speeches before you were recommended an investigation into the investigation that the investigation of the public record in all the materials that i had on the ford foundation
came from not huge volume of magazine articles i came from reading the loneliest testimony before the campaign committee which are uncovered i believe or elevate the fact that the ford foundation i provided senator kennedy's campaign systems an investigation would be a simple matter to go down a list of both the hamas key staffers and ascertain if any of these were on the payroll of the ford foundation so i can say well then actually it did testify to this that even a practice particular memorandum actually your earlier march nineteen seventy that you indicated to the president or the president actually indicate you believe that investigations should be made of the large foundations but the land which foundation support of the democratic party and which were favorable to the ministrations of all
that all that which of the investigation it was the date of the two year memorandum march three nineteen seventy which is that the main five percent investigation was made it was made it was made by me in june of nineteen seventy i've got readers died every publication books everything i can read on the ford foundation have been hearings i took them to florida and spent ten days in researching and writing and i wrote there i had every connection of the ford foundation that funded the brookings institute of fun for the republic the institute of policy studies and various other satellite institutions and the idea i had made my recommendations in the form of two addresses the speeches were written to mention here they've never been delivered all wrapped up the scene at a purely legitimate activity and the law the fact that
ford foundation is using that tax exemption to fund a landmark for liberal left institutions presents a distortion in my judgment the american political process there's no conservative foundation which has anything approaching the resources of ford or which is as active in funding had a verbal institutions or social action agencies and so my argument was that this is a matter that we ought to put in the public record and and that's why the speeches the investigation was not anything done covertly in nineteen seventy so the president in which you could go down moses on record and i think from this memorandum of the upcoming investigation and greater understanding and donations this is in their criticism levitated their second to the political realignment
the brain of the american conservative is put together of brookings institution i believe is is the idea for the macarthur institute now i want to have that for some of its a memorandum on white house letterhead have not been shown a commitment to forgo those macarthur institute i'm not binge on this point in the first place which is they have the data to tell you for years it was twenty minutes but in any event is it not true that the very opening paragraph of that memorandum things that the president directed several of us to give thought
to how the combat power of the left concentrated in the foundations that sucker the democratic party that's reinforced the suggestion now do you believe that it is appropriate and for the administration either to the white house or any of its representatives to influence federal government grant programs in a way to the nih grants and if you're three i'm not that converse grant if the grants are based on lois better than it should be those veterans should be done honestly if the grants are discretionary along with an if it the president to turn them over to one institution or another i would recommend to the press and he turned and he grants her studies are projects like that over two institutions which generally support the values and principles and which we believe and not to other institutions such as the brookings
institution's my judgment eventually a government in exile for the democratic party we follow the recommendation there's a public funds that i don't remember that at the recommendation is that all federal contracts now going to institutions with our sense of essentially have administration would be shifted to this new baby and other quote ministration foundations and the administration foundation should be cut off without a law one who took that would be required to get cooperation here and budget will be on notice to notify the west wing the brookings it's a mom on a millionaire of course to the lowest bidder then and
i would the nixon administration and there are depression discretionary funds there are institutions which are supportive of the values in which we believe than our discretionary contracts for studies in the likeability institutions that can reverse it i would re emphasize lasted but what does this have to do with the campaign than it is in context of the question as earlier about the court nomination and the influence of foundations and the campaign i think this is the background of that which led up to the most widely believed most of the canon as inappropriate function of the white house of representatives using television as a weapon against foundation leaders and demonstration all i have recommended on several occasions once when i received in the mail a political attack on the president and the vice
president and the attorney general it was a strictly political attack in violation of the law and my judgment because at the end of the political attack said please send in your tax exempt dollars now on each of these occasions are to a three when these things occur i recommend it to mr hall that this matter be looked into it appeared to me to be a violation of the law is use of tax exempt farms and for political operations it was disadvantageous to the administration and if these institutions were using a tax exempt status invasion politics than now when we should have we should move remove that tax exemption to recall in nineteen sixty nine or arms are sixty seven i believe president johnson directed the tax exemption of the sierra club be removed for its violations tax exemption by virtue of its lobbying coalition of a single apple event comes ocean conservation issues and this is a memorandum and eighty five
years of a liberal foundations and the requirements but republicans say about this is that require that's exactly right ms loesser yeah right now when they give their reasoning on this and after the election of nineteen sixty four when now barry goldwater was defeated it was a conservative foundation who had some personnel who have worked in seneca gore's campaign they came within an ace of losing their tax exemption are even though they had not engaged in political activities there's no question that in my mind is an apprehension in my mind the democratic party came into power and
this any tax exempt institutions you had created which was not really cleans house chosen which any sort of violation occurred would have that tax exemption not jerked where's next i think that's on these expenditures of foundations i believe as a result of the nineteen sixty nine tax actively the public record i've never seen a tax return of anybody any institution or an individual i can close at seven in the white house our i do not know why you would have to look at the tax return itself public record what the ford foundation's income its assets dispersant you could just read their annual report oh i couldn't believe
it whether or not that based on the invasion you aware of any implementation of all true of any requests for vets reports no because as estonia i it's not a tax court you would look for if you're trying to remove the tax exemption of an administrator's not any financial hanky panky it's whether they're engaged in the political process where they have no business for example i saw a report back in sixty seven or sixty eight national student association our decide to engage in lobbying and the like and it was a vision and wholly political activity ah but the same report that it was engaged in that which was a public importance only show that they did set up some sort of dual fund which enables them to get tax exempt bonds and one on one pot pie not the other is a non tax exemption what would your recommendation now
of activity always widely known that the internal revenue service in our judgment was is controlled by politically by democrats or have been adept at the time and you know whether or not a week later that yes i think we've only got something like can schedule see positions i think in this particular time we'd only killed one of our own and it has been our impression i think that's justified in the past that the tax exempt division the internal revenue service had been biased against a conservative tax exempt organizations and had been not very lenient with regard to those two liberal tax exempt organizations and their activities which cross the boundary into politics or you know more horrible and i'm very well you know his work at the white house what his role was in the white house i knew he was a routine investigation they have no knowledge of some of the activities that no special relationship is very different
now that you know about the political activities of a person known as that statement indicated that jack was when the game and constance wu wear they're committed to their religion i was not a spy we received i receive personally documents from the muskie campaign which were fairly low grade political or they were senator about a committee to reelect their unsolicited papers and they were in a photograph or whether the individual there was a leak or aspire what it was that jack or or or one of these other a code names or how it came to the need to act i could not tell you to this day how
he sees some material are it came out of a nasty campaign that's correct or several batches a photograph documents cited it's fairly low grade political war leaks are not uncommon and campaigns and my work in the community and i guess what i thought they should do that and i said well most of its own insignificant but there might be one or two items here in which brothers evans novak might be interested i think one of the facts and mosque proposed using public funds in california for public hearings to advance his candidacy which would seem to need to be a matter which the people are right now i couldn't stay with certitude that what i recommended that we send to our was until it was published i just know i would have to be joe mother stephanie yeah yeah the column and i would also have to be shown i think again that year we had that we didn't that nature on
two occasions and i did recommend that he be sent to thousands of novak and as an elected a print on two occasions i believe a mature from us can get out of this was the same thing that commonly just fine again today that there were ten yes sir and i would say that in nineteen seventy one as i said what the recommendation was but given the fact that we had twelve democrats opposing us all in attacking president that we ought to concentrate and focus our political resources primarily if not exclusively on
senator muskie who was then the front runner being the president's fault and the conservative out it was their recommendation was not to make it that the republican party campaign actually primaries so as to of that was that at the time in the summer of seventy one were counterattacking on again senator muskie he had to run the gauntlet of the political primaries and write to you if you are divisive political strategy would have to take these things into consideration in providing scenarios for the primaries democrats
there were four basic ones one reason houses center muskie one with analysis and senator humphrey another analysis of senator kennedy in another analysis sen jackson is it natural gas began and the new prison believe that the nineteen seventy two election was more than a presidential election but not a direct relationship to say that's a you know that is a ally not believe that a meme a memorandum of mind the mosque you watch let me say i would not i would've been less apprehensive had senator jackson the nominee even had senator muscular senator mcgovern and senator mcgovern are senator muskie had won that election given their views about american policy in southeast asia i think it would've been little short of the cash that was given his views on southeast asia and even later campaign isn't so mr humphrey the only democrat i would have been allowed to come
with and i would've been senator henry jackson denies writers of this disease and lastly much the line the president is what the president does my view is that you serve daschle he read my articles in the new york times with her fourth or fifth draft you know that our leverage is somewhat heightened you can imagine what the first draft was like and that is one of the up incidentally let me make a point here that exaggerated metaphors really the staple of american political language in the campaign in nineteen seventy two a recall
mr gary hart's and publicly the nixon people to tell us what the hundred people did to us which is underestimate us we'll kill and should <unk> heart not be invisible violence on us and then i said were born out of the kennels references not to continue the point that you have in mind others disagree with him mr buchanan was an operative and life and planet the campaign i'm a strategy recommendations others disagree with the others felt that senator kennedy for chance would be a stronger candidate than senator must do and that if we focused our political resources which are formidable opponent senator muskie and he what decline in the polls a result like the nomination senator kennedy he would be stronger but the view was otherwise i've always felt that
senator mosque he would be the strongest candidate that analysis indicates that and we do have a limited political resources we cannot focus on all twelve are democrats and i ask president reagan and the person that the limited resources we were building and that they really focused on some of the mosque whatever this is we have testimony in order to do anything we do do you feel strongly as much
i would do anything the president united states asked me to do period now i would subscribe to that statement for this reason the president united states would not ask me to do anything unethical or improper or wrong or illegal or how to do it or that you would go well i don't know that mr michel was that has been demonstrated to be guilty of anything i don't know the facts of these cases involving the watergate i think we'll leave it up to the courts i'm loyal to the president united states that's correct i've been loyal to him for eight years my question and obama visited your question with a memorandum were you in it the soul of the country and the importance that the forces of the republican party in the white
house in the end at knocking out of autonomous mosque and that's how far tax revenue and use anything i didn't know that was not immoral unethical illegal or unprecedented in previous democratic campaigns and i believe that general definition and see whether that's so this might be able to find that you had any discussions with anyone at the white house about the possibility of hiring someone like we certainly did as you know mr richard dick chop is the well known democratic prankster we enjoyed some of his tricks against us as as well as i'm sure he'd he did not recall an hour just really briefly three of his favorites when i was in nineteen sixty two
and estimates and began to deliver a major address on the back of a railroad train depot and engineers cap and similarly engineered or gravel imagine standing as a major political speech just as a speaker which is the denouement he drops a fire escape one and a third was weird an empty hotel hilton down there in miami beach and that was out front demonstrating there we thought was welfare mothers are regarded as well there was the time they were all black or all pregnant or carrying placards that said nixon's the one at at some of the things gun deaths that indicate that maybe it's about time we have ourselves little bit taught i was called into a meeting with mr chabon and several others to ask how the job should be structured
my recollection of the meeting is that it should be a small operation and because the nineteen seventy one we were de politicize and publicly the white house will be under the committee to reelect president that was the last i heard i don't not believe that was the donald's really turned out to be the guitar gone awry or not that was in his chickens are in fact pirate i've never heard the name of masters and ready until it came out only a banner headlines or composer means they can make a point you're also these things were done by mr richard talk they were considered viewers pranks guns and we thought of and such but when similar things done by our people which were similar to those were done it resulted in screaming that our headlines in washington post about political satire that is a line across which political tricks should not go quite clearly one of them obviously was in florida the
salacious attack on senator jackson and senator humphrey which and another i think was against us against president when phone banks of the veterans campaign ad we reuse and california to get to a park no violent demonstrations of another present any state's right to speak these things clearly got out of hand and i think in both campaigns but the move to new york the dow's updated the first i heard of it was us it was washing posen i think you have testimony that i was called into a meeting in the white house in october of nineteen sixty nine when this came out to discuss the handling of this event in that and that was the first of the idea we had about rat about his activities what was your relationship with the president and it really was a political ad
was heavily is on with them on some matters but my strategy memoranda and my analysis and and things like disease would go directly up to two dozen or two mr haldeman ehrlichman or sometimes hassled my relationships with the legitimately were very few i was on a committee what's a way that i think monday nights which that which was not a significant but they were fairly minimal advantage of the border did not become aware of what kinds of activity may have dealt with the issues and i think he has pleaded guilty something's going on abbott wanted millions of it was a scene of differentiation between now pranksters and
infiltration i had to mention that receivers must be devastated not that there was a spy or that was a leak i don't know today the source of a contest i do not believe i i knew of any us possibility of places i do not believe i've received any any other documents of these two and the very fact that we see just these two would lead me to believe that we did not have any widespread espionage operations which were well you said a grand grand strategy of it if that's the strategy that i recommended an engine had an ancestor i was not on the senior strategy on board and campaign and i do not set the strategy for the
primaries but i recommended if my recommended strategy were adopted and there were pranksters out there i'm sure they would fit in underneath that didn't but i don't know there's just not that you recommended as a republican campaign effort during the democratic primaries they should set the securing of sentiment well that would be not be accurately and i think giving them of avalon in there that says that we have not been so good in our lives of problems and rewards for the nomination senator mcgovern at stake in nineteen seventy one oh i cannot even do an analysis from senator mcgovern in nineteen seventy one because we did not set consider him a serious candidate we began to consider senator mcgovern a serious candidate just part of the wisconsin primary when we get reports of the state to disorganization an edge of wisconsin
primary we did do an analysis strategy now city of the coming democratic primaries which led us to believe that the governor could win the nomination in my judgment mcgovern was the candidate we wanted most at that point in time and i believe i did break make a recommendation that all political resources of the on the next in the campaign and of the nixon pardon campaigns that they still leads senator mcgovern along and letting it proceed unimpeded the nomination because was a strong chance to win i refer you as you can into a memorandum a book while seventy two to mr mitchell all women from you and jay images of that money for it fb at that time
autumn in the right government and belongings of families of this is right this is our scenario i think that probably how we felt projections and predictions of the reveal is the person that report i think sets for a position that i rejected i am the likelihood of rate three months ago the democratic convention will be counted dignify coronation ceremony for centuries the media not important election is about moral now look at that sentiment
unintelligible seventies i mean what we know that was great and so well as they
validate our desks for a decision i believe from the campaign hierarchy in the first sentence my recommendation was repeatedly that we ought not to do anything to senator mcgovern in any way to impede his is his run for the nomination and frankly if anything was gone against even the way of cranks or something like that against a senator governor knows that period of time than it would certainly been contrary to the recommendation of maine law that's right
and the reason for that was that there were some self starters on our side who had we had done we frankly had one candidate senator must be only done enormous research without better race with an enormous research on senator mcgovern and there were some individuals within the campaign organization what we're recommending we move now to be critical and to lay on the record senator obama governs positions in order to get him a record before the convention post convention criticisms being given little credence and my recommendation was that we not do that it wasn't i'm going to stay out of his effort and meaning and the joint offensive with the renowned criticized have an unwritten state is legible for the bottle with that and i agree with this yes along rnc etc that sometimes looks like it's the
very first scene of that notation that indicates that mr mitchell concludes reading recommendation you're really going to campaign in every day at the administration huge accuses our imagination appointments including the president's economic forces for supreme court vacancies even for political purposes oh i've recommended since back in nineteen sixty eight and nineteen sixty nine that the president of united states a point our first southerner judicial conservative to the supreme court and secondly an american of ethnic descents are probably italian to the us supreme court a distinguished jurors because i feel it would be yeah that would be good for the country and i think it would've been good for all you have been good for us and it's consistent with our philosophy that turn
on october six nineteen ninety his opponents this is a memorandum on dividing democrat us search us out many many places in context it says from research as requested my understanding of this i haven't been asked to do a long range analysis of any issues of any recommendations of any moves that we could take which would result in divisions in the democratic party but the facts being that done but we can't well as a democratic superdelegate employees united with that twice the size of ours was no way we can win a national election we recommend for a long period of time we moved you to endorse it certain specific segments of the democratic party my recommendations of the southern
protestants if you will on the northern catholics both of those strategies and i think this is a my long range around analysis of all the possible futures and faults running through the old roosevelt coalitions number one a supreme court nomination mm hmm but other cities were good policy is also good politics oh you're recommending this year was that even presidents there's no secret to any individual the national press corps or any individual knows me that i would
recommend strong conservative jews judiciary officials they put on the us supreme court have been recommending and since nineteen sixty six to the president i reckon i would recommend it to date and the side effect of that is to be divisive within the national democrats that is and story benefit which underly them and soaring all right girl that was back there was an analysis of law i think this was all requests have threaded the mosque in ourselves as do analysis of the other primary candidates we get one on senator kennedy the year memorandum was in nineteen seventy one which is that
the regime will well i'm not making any special references to that that that memorandum does do is i take a very strong possibility of the pentagon is not right there wasn't we weren't we were very low on the polls are relatively low on the polls and in seventy one and the working things i think has been reflected was our feeling that we were low and the president looked extremely vulnerable that senator kennedy would move but if we were strong and we looked around failing invincible that senator kennedy would lay back the reason we've already received and this committee is july nineteen seventy one which recognizes kennedy as a strong candidate for real the way we received testimony
from misrata yesterday that he had received instructions for mr paulson to fabricate some state department says that has educated i never heard of the howard hunt antelope mid june of nineteen seventy two this is a memorandum it's a year earlier by my connecting debate that memorandum which certainly show that the weather does not sure that's a memorandum to the president on an analysis of edward m kennedy and my analysis indicated that we should focus on senator muskie and i don't know how you get rid of i don't know i don't believe there's anything in here would suggest we all know do anything unethical
it was three years division of opinion within the white house and even within the opposition research group as to who would be the strongest candidate i think the feeling some individuals was that senator kennedy will be a good deal stronger candidate than the center must but i didn't share that view never has and he's just nineteen sixty nine but as nine is attacking the muse des moines speech and the other speeches these were all of these woman the nineties it's not a lot of isolated in nineteen seventy nine you could dissipate and getting a place in newspapers against democratic candidates there was only one candidate govern right i'll be home we recommended that was what a large portion of what we were going was recommended significant budget for the political
offensive as opposed to the pro nixon commercials and we recommended the placement of both printed materials but even more importantly the hour and in it johnson commercials against goldwater and the country against agnew use of television spots again senator mcgovern and we've had some object over at a successful and that reviewed those materials and while i don't know could prepare the mercer reviewed ads ahead of the road we look at what is that you know that right now we know that
like this along the same people so that might you know what i'm going to lose on who would make an ideal all purpose that the gop is in areas affected by mcgovern space defense cuts and when you move or we lose again the negative that i would think would do more to make the president a big winner and positive re elect the president really the main guy to play with that widely that of course i'm at my feeling was that when the president was in the polls of sixty five percent that every voter almost every vote from thirty five percent to sixty five was less a pro nixon voter enthusiastic protection boat that was a vote against a candidate the democratic party
and that are most effective political strategy rather than seas were democrats rather than have the us say you know a great job and we don't use you focus on the reason why they're voting for richard nixon never did richard nixon quite frankly and recognizes not because a really strong supporters pause here and actually the most lukewarm but because of their strong opposition senator mcgovern so that's one reason why we recommended that we get a larger slice of the budget for the offensive side of the campaign as opposed to the on the pro nixon commercials what is that supposed to be signed by the president of the republican party or whether the use of troops no you do so i would think democrats are mixing with the ineffective what it was set up at the time make much difference to me is a true some sort of group that like a group of citizens then there is a threat of political advertisements and newspapers are common staple and we ran ads in
newspapers and i don't know the neighbor down now and actually i think they were the only attack ads which were drawn i think one at the republican convention i think most the attack ads are the offensive as i should say these had on them the identification of democrats for nestle which we felt would be more effective if you're the democrats in the republican recommend or approved use of the republican campaign funds to go into an editor's time which would be quite a place in the papers which would provide had as its support a citizens group says the warner campaign years and hundreds of citizens' groups that go out and they were set up you know citizens for honest government citizens of this is a disease that can now and what he's going to do the kind of copyright clear copy i don't do work to find out what political committee is going to be i would do the car i would basically probably not to
copy i would be advertising folks would bring copy and i would clear says yaupon is an it were and i would say it should be placed in illinois or there should be a place of california and the details of these things and when it was a republican group or whether with democrats when it's these wood done more than likely the decisions about of other individuals whether republicans and democrats would not certain that you have that a manufacturer that it's really impressionable citizens i felt so strongly about that issue that they would be putting their own money into purchasing that space and get less it was less to basho boosted speeches for presidents vice presidents senators republican chairman of those letters the internet and what is the elusive about those individuals are using any question what solicit in effect
speeches to manufacture an ad or a letter to the editor that purports to be a letter from a citizen and rent by fellow citizens as an irate citizens by which in fact is actually written by political campaign worker and sentences scientists say that it's the way i'm also been ordered to give his lawyers years and individual who's willing to decide in a letter an suv draft every address something individuals it does not conflict with his views and he signs and i don't think there's anything as i say that would seem to me to be in the same category with up with a speechwriter who's told by a candidate or president or vice president can you direct me speech and make these points on it it becomes the property and abuse become the views of the signers minute nothing strictly voluntary about this we can recommend there are clandestine activities to be taken on
well bp began on my own view is that there are such things as covert clandestine and intelligence activities the bitter bitter nut butter not wrong that are not unethical and things like that and it's conceivable the us sharon two words that sixteen appeared july twenty eight nineteen seventy one
was sixteen and her music of teams are recruiting sort of yeah he finds evidence is not as miranda is nineteen nineties not my miranda for now i didn't do it it's an ally is that this is
kind of a renovation we have the senate must be traveling to actually integrating twenty traveling national press corps which is literally inched in the size of the crowds at airports and a bs in the circumstances surrounding his fans and if you've got at the airport a group of individuals with this idea that you're at the right moment this is nixon country for example are your loving at an associated press photograph with some of the musty with the i'm with the year with a sign which would be or which is that we feel advantageous mr ron walker was up seven assembly was rejected this was a recognition on walker was in charge of the president's advance man and so he would have been prevented and we have in various cities around the country are going to be held as crowds in the scheduling and they can organize these demonstrations that would be less expensive operation than have somebody a travel around in advance and
so easily without an organization in place but i'm not certain of that but my view is not my recollection is that this idea was rejected that we were not allowed to use white house advance in the state of things than we did use state chairman announced a committees and and and the like the phone with them and they would set up demonstration of a reason to stay anyone that would be one one example user or you could have driven the committee to reelect or you could write ups at a center mosque you have difficulty recent picture question the questions republican draft questions our local republican senator i'm on the press bus or to hand out their fires it at the empty muskie rally pamela seated fears and secure the nineteen seventy wild stab at
it seventy two sponsors connect with us join this could be a race by having the individual right in trying to read about the women's beds and set up the administration's policies and was interviewed here and become a member of the law many years or that it has taken over the campaign going he's recommended is recommended in his campaign book is a good thing for democrats to get on the mailing list for all republican materials they could
find and our recommendation was that someone get on the mailing list for all the democratic materials so that we get an ongoing flow of their of political leverage well i'm not in one of them about that republicans because a mandate is that today there is a thought of infiltration it is not a form of major get an analyst i think we're on the mailing list of a lot of support for new centers on a mailing list of common cause we get all the publications our reason is that the pressures daily news and it's not because we agree with their goals i don't think it's a mournful occasion will you have any covert activities that were sponsored by the campaign and only for the democrat national commission convention was airworthy know another where i would trust we had some intelligence people that miami beach to see how they handle their convention that's a gigantic fear and how they handle their dress how they handle demonstrations frankly they're scheduling was a little weak in terms of that our morning richard
mcgowan spoke i would hope we would have people down there looking at this but this was not my function mr mitchell yes sir he's down there distract attention from themselves thirty they could get some demonstrators to negate the republicans out there told us to come down to race know anyone the observations pose should explain how that happened and the others shouldn't
know handing over operations on one man you try to look at the top of that page says republican forward observation post should be made public now that was my recommendation i was at the nineteen sixty eight democratic convention an observation post which was made public i have recommended a reasonably similar observation post miami beach with the democrats and then i go down there white house someone else in the white house i think we didn't have one but the reason i did not go into this recommendation withdrawn was because of frankly the on the watergate incident and apprehension my part of it from the podium they said they'd get some republicans buys up in the air the fontainebleau and again there the white house would never caught up the story so i did that many fort observation post and there were just with an operation in chicago i'm sixty gonna love was it but in sixty eight and seventy two was an aberration but the difference is that i'm
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