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with a gallon that's the perfect because you choose national educational television present an issue of commentary on events and people in the new issue this week a view from brazil first a look at the political and economic status of brazil's revolution as seen by robin follows the new minister of them a lot of the revolution is part of brazil's history it is
the property well done that's right and this bitterness vengeance
the innocent than my notion of personality and their reach and be a rather bitter divisions that they're isn't political prisoners being held those situations meditation it is so the
us and in this situation in the political system this is funny some excesses committed and those excessive scrutiny are much less than those richard be committed to so the fact that this match into economic chaos and destruction of them about the rights that to continue an effect that i don't think democrats have the budget believes the writers on this
that's it was virgin atlantic ocean then said the engines that invitation that despite that there has been in motion here and they say that demand is that it in the us genesis prices rise the united states has some of the major nations surely does not exposing
democracy when you know that you know what about economic chaos is a concern adam what about this as an inflation mandate represented by this allocation within an increase in inflation that the revenue base senate i've been there and the technician i think that i don't think has a certain extent that these days finnegan the scenes say i'm the adapter making today the mistakes of no
uncertain that's right prices the case of the patient is being accelerated in the last few years one hundred percent very act of nineteen sixty one percent in nineteen sixty to eighty percent in nineteen sixty three the second generation and the nation
that patients first crisis and crisis of motivation has the president been acting is feeling a bit intimidated by the uncertainty over economic policies surprises because the nation of americans have been seduced and that says that about me santa's lap the energy crisis mrs
jones so you know one of the principal means of budgetary debts that he's going to increase revenues someone the national systems major effort in prison and education and conditions that's the plan
and patients so that last month and the nation's lowest points of your basement next to suggest that raising the navajo nation we know it that's it it's nice that's right that is such an amount of bitterness and frustration certain areas that provision that's not because of its
economic competitors with the unicef amount of investment that a musician schemes those basic decisions fast that jackson visited get the skeptics such as ask the massive base of this man's manages that it's tied to it is
so close yes it is university campuses lately public lands and they sent to battle a limited extent said and didn't know i didn't know but i think we can break the back of a long week and well then i having something major is that
right now if there's a ten as an evolution of the indian mistresses and losing the amount they shut down and he was an opponent of the tendons defeated i'm jewish the search engine michele l they imply that we can say at this plant is that this book was
when there's an incident that happens in may and in june well done as an industrial city i'm a journalist
thank you and socially like the french but only after living room is brazil richer than we sell a social menace poverty and social injustice and people did thank you but it blew the situation and they're not impolite version
of the earth they were considered leftists concern within about some of the candidates a lot of them and i'm sure that they helped very much a table and there's the anticipation an independent socially conscious than a conscious jamie dimon is no evidence it's the spray the situation ten days this revolution us to steal inside a bedchamber pain as you know i'm a democrat and i think that we're a democracy into a bed when
the market but government that if they sent an intelligent man and that i will like to see a democratic regime writers understand that the situation is that the progress of the extreme left is very great they're trying to work as long mission i think that it was a silent in fear that that's the case i think the writers you should speaking and writing to ask for the reforms that there are any variation wanted
but didn't believe it i'm thinking in terms of their political affiliation some of them i don't i don't think that a writer should be implicated in it lies the engines were in europe especially for a fiction writer i think that was necessary in russia and for years they didn't do much having well the liberty and to freedom of changing people from place than sending people to jail and even to people in the name brazil's problems into the day it
is mission and that they don't appear that they're expecting that it's going to get people that get this thirty dollars they don't match well they go back home and in addition to jobs in order to have jobs and the government and because of that they are the number one and the planet earth and should have a change i would like for this
insane they have to balance the ship activities well i think that made many bad mistakes in my opinion again ran a minute ten state first shaped american foreign policy it's a big business and no appointed him to the united states and in mediation that has been taken and to give the world when in the united states that we need a change in the pace in the shade
of this that relationship it's going to be done it's not easy but you have to imagine that the number of it to this country and in most latin american country where there are much of a cent for wrong reasons and some reasons and that is that it's not easy it's not cheap to be in america how would you like to say the united states in relation to brazil this is an intentional so commercially but at its students and most people in general the members know that there's people represent brazil and the big shots of been interested in the sound world
that bankers very productive in this society with people that's right i'm not have to admit that because her and tried to you know you don't expect that you have people like that you know this you have at the rich and your defects than men
other people they are politicians and the biggest banks and it's very difficult to the post leadership it's not expensive in terms of dollars in terms of them that work commission they don't want to be in your shoes about to find a lawyer in brazilian huge regional transport the region's and temperaments interests that may have to be a means of communication does but patients are parents to their acts that temperament sky and the leftovers of
irresponsibility is a little bit different is that they're not so well fat of them here in this southern part of the country that are very friendly than the fight within their talents that imagine he was a gentleman and a talent that have no german victims immigrants coming since the lesson to believe that it wasn't the people of the sentiment that the expectation that that people in this city and asia would lose your eyes and frank people were kind of
sly the tension there is no sense of future that capsule a bunch of foreigners to see bell and they are the future and that is the same engine engine that much different than you and you have something different set of people thank you in the next ten years we haven't been
republicans including not the debate it is any he's been
as bad this is at national educational television fb
At Issue
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The View from Brazil
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National Educational Television and Radio Center
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Library of Congress (Washington, District of Columbia)
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Brazils newly appointed Minister of Planning Roberto Campos contended tonight that there was less violence during the recent revolution in his country than there has been in the United States civil rights struggle. While reacting to questions on the direction and the methods of the new Brazilian government, Mr. Campos said, I would say there has been less violence and bloodshed in Brazil than there has been in the United State on the Negro issue, and clearly Negroes there are not enemies of democracy. So, we have managed, with very little, if any, physical violence, and I would say, even with less deprivation of civil rights than there has been for years in the United States on this question of the racial issue. Mr. Campos said, There was an initial moment of revolutionary fervor in which come excesses were committed. But those excesses, clearly, are much less than those which could be committed were it not for the fact that this march into economic chaos and destruction of democratic rights were to continue. And, in fact, I dont think the Americans should be particularly self-righteous on this score. Mr. Campos was interviewed by Juan Deonis, foreign correspondent of the New York Times and Nathan Miller, correspondent for the Baltimore Sun. In reference to Brazils agricultural problems, Mr. Campos said the government has already announced its intention of going ahead with a realistic and democratic reform. By realistic, I mean a land reform that takes into account the enormous variety of regional conditions. The solution is complexbut I must say there is seriousness now in this purpose. As for the governments plan in urban reform, Mr. Campos said, The approach to the problem of urban reform would be largely through the restoration of incentives for popular saving, designed specifically to housing. Mr. Campos said, We shall make time to do all the present government has set out to do in view of the promise of a new presidential election in October 1965. Also appearing on the program was Erico Verissimo, leading Brazilian novelist and social commentator. Mr. Verissimo was interviewed at his home by N.E.T.s Alvin Perlmutter. The program runs approximately 30 minutes. (Description adapted from documents in the NET Microfiche)
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At Issue consists of 69 half-hour and hour-long episodes produced in 1963-1966 by NET, which were originally shot on videotape in black and white and color.
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Executive Producer: Perlmutter, Alvin H.
Interviewee: Verissimo, Erico
Interviewee: Campos, Roberto
Interviewer: Perlmutter, Alvin
Interviewer: Deonis, Juan
Interviewer: Miller, Nathan
Producer: Zweig, Leonard
Producing Organization: National Educational Television and Radio Center
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