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the pittsburgh fb we now
join iran backs unabridged videotape coverage of today's hearings by the senate select committee on presidential campaign activities it's been just a robbery the bottom of a well in the small you get this like that you know how does the bottom you're covered by counsel record do you have a statement that was the barber made that you wish to read or gifted comedian and that's because of money sectarian murders and along with that
you all this position as secretary the company during that time nelson's nineteen sixty five with what position to restart a certain quality art programming assistant secretary reggie promote the secretary was souring and you know i was a secretary to be a corporation twenty seven thousand by the way they describe your duties as senator well everything for training video or directors meeting medicine will work and shipbuilding company imports series star caller generation correspondents this is our reviewer is the corporation which you were to keep the
iranians no in fact he received the city bosses especially one in nineteen seventy two on top yes you briefly selling the un development program so back in nineteen seventy nine so there was a need to make this legalities to steinbrenner steinbrenner as the opposition's evil corp chairman chief executive officer and wealth and what was his position treasure and controller are now please tell us what happened need to make suggested that
dropouts when it pointless to happen a dozen or so employees who make a direct bonuses no matter what would be hell preferred term work on this mission these world person's going to the us and they doing to implement this program and provide hamas's political use of us you keep records to the bottom of these transactions yesterday at one of the record contains basic rules and are basically was issued regionally eight individuals involved at their name first market was no net amount of applause and the day in the amount and then persons ability to the
contributions now for the record does that provide or counsel series of documents that are bound together in the tags and seven you identify the document for the exhibit opens at seven april six nineteen seventy loans that were granted five thousand and one you know we have one thousand seventeen cents that
reason why that was that would've gone down with that to a bonus given for political purposes ideally at a quality of a teacher five pound these were all given that the various employees listed in that they won't register their purpose of political contributions over a total of forty thousand dollars bonus grows mangoes and they met at a given amount of what twenty six now the yankees many mr simon his office in which steinbrenner president said there was indeed like a competition forty five thousand dollars we want you to
read from the employees yes and using the bones program eurasia have these eighty five thousand dollar bonuses given that employees that are also at the same time one of the length last two pages of that that you see are these if employees payroll taxes payroll taxes and i represent and that amount given out there that now define a credit they really got a true now when you get these bonuses to each of the employees who are identified in the
federal register and on the subjects how did these employees now walk me to make out a check for president morsi to list the committee's consistently good morning at this moment as predators the clock and go it reseal slip of paper from me which actor named him an aspect of it that is the procedure you've already a nurse and it took the banking committee all unless you act like you knew these the committees for reelection press yes it's been elisa receive bonuses that particular employees who appear on this exhibit checks receive these
bonuses give you a check or checks and back to clear manipulation committees yes it was about those kids and other applications that has become far as fund yes for contributions i want to do with these debts that we receive from the employees who are now kicking back taxes for political contributions i received from steinbrenner a name the gentlemen in washington address phone number which i was have a courier the liberties checks along with his personal contributions you have now for many years and you know all the address that the chechen descent and seventy one points a
and you know one of the committees now they do as bellwether made by rob ainsley allowing clear is a compromise president works inspiration and was this later the but yes it really does and this is a narrative form which obsession the fact it did take steps to the committee if not washington and that on the west bank where the vehicle seven nineteen seventy two i went wild for an office building
fifteen pm and i've been there and i left the envelope with a lady in that office while honest about what was in his office that morning at the bottom you call washington and talked to the gentleman in that town and told him that everything was in order and in fact that will occur remember somebody's cell phone i am reading it an important question as the affidavit
doesn't even be a conference of the aisle right now you're welcome that's the company's long distance telephone low for april seven nineteen seventy two where i place for operator at all to washington and that is to come back we'll see the various something that has really come back and the number three are mindful that the number of community president so in
fact you did make that will have a confirmation that the fascination seventy ce who made it standard give me his personal contributions seventy five thousand and twenty five employees is twenty five texas three thousand each preval ever receive a bonus mini now seventy five nineteen seventy and i was considerably before this particular situation we're half the human will ever see any of us
that part of the evidence that you read your book that starts it was a nineteen seventy bones of civil rights activists and now mr steinbrenner contributors on press conference to the amount of money that was just the amount of they can expect that the company to give another reason for other than one question this program was going on you want to know i'll leave you want to know whether it was appropriate to actually do this mr samberg bison many
corporations in the united states now he's set to testify who kept records of transactions where was never given a chance to receive back to for political contributions and indicating who in fact really see these contradictions that was the bottom of what happened to rip it off one day visit my office mr simon or was shown there are records for some reason i don't recall reason later event that mr dallas green in that meeting this afternoon he asked to bring in any weapons which would show the fosters you recall about when this was the us house in the rover to land
the site calls around april seventy three you know what happened now the new person receive a bonus in nineteen seventy two the us and you are going to receive a five years and humid out saturday night as the attack ad and there's a copy of a copy of a check to but a decade of americans were affected people's expenses everything about three thousand dollars for you that second unit obvious and as the decade americans are affected other government while the committees on a list of the committee for president yes
how is the gross amount forty thousand bonuses get on the potter books state expands charged to a poisonous researcher it was three years ago this is nineteen seventy three questions were being asked about this i quote legitimate goals an implantable we should abolish in january nineteen seventy three which was not for technicians is enough and they would be fair to say that they were being in these are being issued for what would be called cosmetic purposes of itself
just i mean and i was concerned about the fact that these bonuses that have been given to employees and kickback contributions michael grabell i don't know the reason we later as a parent a proper record of the bonuses to show that they were for business purposes yes you know it's at nine and is that the memo that you prepared for that purpose as this is dated april five nineteen seventy two memo to file one the company faces georgia and division return of the falling received through seventy one port of the record meeting listing islam the bottom and mr
and mr that was a riot we're also asking for their services they tend to be signed by the recipients of these voters on the ces which alleged that they were born in fire not an economic issue you know and he gave you an ask your hands on some of our german receive it was nineteen seventy two nineteen seventy are you going to do in fact now
it does that is just is a significant elements mr tenet of the victims were getting sort of the course of the years an artist oh yes you discuss this with us to discuss the problem is part of the interview april nineteen about it you relate a story which was the
basis of it they want to make and committees to reelect president that we have for mr steinbrenner asking the best manner in which we could make a contribution to the top of the stalk on traditional political it was a large contribution first names the mideast and that the money could begin over and washed the youth activists and a statement rubio yesterday events can be a statement it all all this point to nineteen seventy three are in ohio they've been tested
i've read his statement these days is this a statement now without going into that in essence is the statement incorporate restorative mr simon talked about the fact that this is a voluntary contribution and so you're getting more of iran funnel yes and an effective force that yes the show has taken two and other employees the exchanges things amongst after they had been actively at what cost ninety interview was the trains that were questions and inquiries on the arts and the other six
interview that time and what was i asked him how it ends i know many in the state did you see any statements that some his employees knowing that it is true that each of the employees of the macabre now the land that the employees would have all received subpoenas to testify before the special grand jury washington dc yes
you see yes you really needed collins received these opinions to appear before the grand jury on september the fifth and that probably won't be receiving subpoena that we would not have voted for the grand jury duty and recall the story which was basically saying this and the fbi has played in this meeting he restated you in his own words the so called story of the fact that these workers are meeting in the old employees and on the wrong side of it well yes
conversations with the gentleman that they would approve of themselves or the grand jury beginning with mr steinbrenner on september first is that this was really going to care about that conversation the same runner again sort of renewing his recollection or just what he would like to be the story close to his recollection of what happened the dispute that i just try to tell stories that a lot of the one of the meetings here in the next two three days i get discussed lovingly life on a day that was a meeting or your testimony plot
this report and can you briefly tell us what was discovered this time are saying what was the balance between yourself fold the map testified really actually the fbi statement the problems you are thank you after that meeting they
discuss our conversations with that mr steinbrenner and we sort of agreed that the only way those children now several years of them are five and nineteen seventy three postpone the oslo that was put onto it and you know went to when i was born we show them a piece of generating at every now fire however this is about a five day when the original manger girl's reset its agenda for the unique steinbrenner there's the man mr meltzer and what the us has said that we can basically related the same
recollection as to how contributions and why they were made and there were large or small to the gentleman and if you really want to save it i feel soundbite of music i was following meetings from a man and mr melcher was the same day race and they just i mean does that mean there's an the state of the reaction to the fact that the truth might not
a last question and this man and related in the by true story distraught levy did not change his reflection of what happened that was in the top twenty now on september sixth the reason that if there were there were
various artists i know that you should not worry and these licenses under sixty million police in boston they could not testify it's funny yes eugene yes
it is that was what was happening down here the following year i do and that is why he is friendly advice association a perverse reporter was far more severe than it was for the other kind are you no i didn't that's right
the onlookers i don't recall with you yes the postponement receivers a lesson that the postponement that we receive from the grand jury the two week boswell was the best thing we could do until we had received illegal right now i went down to washington on saturday september the fifteenth when you want to walk or to advise that there might be some conflict of interest seven
cents billion we get angry statements realizes that mr makovsky and iraq conflict between us and the other sex and the best of the two of us we can obtain separately and on monday the seventeen around four o'clock and we will recover and we don't want them on wednesday the ninety yes yes
yes they do have that as the five hundred and eight and uses private lenders and that's yes that's right the testimony before this committee application of the committee and that there's momentum then and also now do one of the questions
to your top conversation on april sixth seventh and confirming that the czechs had in fact been received seventy no one thing i don't i take it that your testimony is that you're not absolutely certain that she called that you talked to mr carmack over someone confirmed that in fact receiving checks is that correct but the gentleman that you talk to give any indication that he knew that the czechs represented contribution from corporate funds to your knowledge has any republican official notably contributions are good at that i know that these contributions were made by use of corporate fraud in your conversation with mr
steinbrenner just prior to the bonus for twenty five thousand for the raising of twenty five thousand dollars for the bonus scheme and he indicates you who had made a request for a fine seventy one he did not believe in any promises had been made to the business do you make it to the us nineteen seventy one came first the conversation meetings he's under pressure to make peace
well as loyal employees and it directed you implement this program and did you in fact held each employee other bonus how much they were contributing to that we're going to set the direction i can recall you think it also gets you have authority to grant bonuses or sign the authority for bonuses to be granted now does anybody else know was issued in nineteen seventy eight
was that there was another nineteen seventies because that was his assignment a credible so in october nineteen seventy three was won thirty seven thousand five hundred and nineteen seventy one percent of our investment seventy one isn't the fact that these bonuses were paid on october ninth and october twelfth nineteen seventy years it's almost like they're sure that subsequent to the
boss came in in april of nineteen seventy you've entered her false statements to the folly we're words concerning the bonuses that have been granted three april seventy three in connection with mr steinbrenner's of almost did you have an earlier memoir element of the fall or change any of the records yes well as secretary of the company you write the minutes of this meeting this man is this the change that you referred to that's what changed though we believe the words that was granted for the fact that were sung us coast guard plane and changed really really active
operations during the year why was a strange man who directed make the changes was a change made to the direction of the board of directors know mr stein writer director do to change the minutes of the news september twenty seven nineteen seventy three those be was a grocer lot of evolution november nineteen seventy one twenty five thousand people was fifteen or sixteen thousand five thirty
what was the gross amount of the april six two thousand three hundred and what was the response there wasn't out of the sixty two thousand twenty five thousand dollars sent to the committee to reelect the only contribution made to the nineteen seventy two presidential campaign it's become weeks
before the piece blue mr steinbrenner never direct doing now to answer inquiries of the fbi and other recreational would you explain oh you mean in the meeting that i had and they started the fbi interview with the religious parties try to be an entrance and that's based on my own with easily purple rain had several meetings out there and we're determined to make a contribution and i came to mr steinbrenner asking
the best manner in which we worked to make a huge only debate activision was smaller local republican party that our universe is that as the committees and conservation mean what are you socially year or identify with us through a procedure steinbrenner where the story was a wave of injury that's what did you tell him to pay he related the same story really hadn't passed yes this the equivalent of the story of the articles were not gone for the grand jury anyway if you indicate you in the
september fifth meeting what your relationship should be with him this point that there should be a separation between us within a minute i don't know any further subordinate you have knowledge of another technique employee american ship building and raise money for the purpose of making campaign contributions for his early nineteen seventies through several this issue expense reports the netherlands were reserved for patients report i think that the employee submitted a
false voter initiative for civil war veterans wasn't a lot of money raised to your knowledge was any of this money is dispersed forty presidential campaign in nineteen seventy two well thank you for your questions and questions to work on the elaborate on the word the warriors the goals of the law now activision that the nine eleven these it were the pressure was coming from more than the promotion so what
mr president and a director of a merengue areas and company sectarian and a director of the cincinnati sheet metal and moving the company has been ringing phone as a company great lakes the international corporation great lakes association inc and eight by just corporation bodies are any of these videos of the migrants have been coming all of course one big hit with a tech employee bonuses average into interviews for
political contributions more dangerous even in the decision the conscious knows where did dare mention voting on any of the families receiving subsidies from the government on the nation building a subsidy program where building measures was there any association we've seen but at wyoming's you're voting for any of these companies from the government under the age of those subsidy program and paula lloyd is i don't know where you're going to need for the federal government
no no conversation transpired in the world record room with respect to the memo of april fifth if any was there any formal meeting of world records to discuss this particular question and they getting bonuses the annual meeting is falling and when was that an actual member and what was the discussion with respect to the chairman is given authority to grant bonuses to individuals where he sees me and there were these bonuses of who discussed and
a room within that context that they intend to use for funding campaign contributions buying recipients know now when did you first hear that they're the bonuses would be used in such a forbes nineteen seventy and that this was not discussed what directors need all it have any reason to assume that the word records were very much aware that that was the purpose of the reasons it's b it alleges morning rose garden
representative building or have a investors and your firm but analysts and legal basis and isn't that the former nixon only firm that nixon was an associate with us you know the officers give me your phone number we deliver we're always return return for all intents and purposes is it your assumption that just go mcenroe was in and
record it in fact average and well i don't know yet and i find so i don't recall at all a couple questions you give it to us assistant now you mentioned that i think it does obama's plan which turns out to be a use of corporate funds or illegal contributions for campaign purposes as a dye to work to make it look like individuals in the company employees were making person please
thank you a considerable amount of he testified that when asking questions the program that steinbrenner said that cooperation for this week you know this is a bar or getting all the supermarket killings plan was an operation that you feel this is an appropriate are corporations never be
president as the fighting it was inappropriate not a certainty of the operation using its money is through this kind of those divisions are suspicious of such a corporation one major legislation involving the situation he found herself and the other employees and those that are triple community this was justice obviously the pressures were on money get money from corporations and you have it rooted in these plants
you consider that pressure pressure obtain my political campaigns actually produces this kind of illegal activity on the word i no no as we do we want to make to the considerations recommendations the legislation gets another the questions sort of the service department at it and you can bring the council the people's
business but if the police by the pain sentiment audience question about government ships that the company was building in nineteen seventy two we were not part of that time we had built some governorships occasionally responsibility
of the soviet government presence we also as researcher klansmen turn down you know when there was some time in seventy two particulars of details i want to clarify mr barton a year for my own mind and asked a question about your conversations with mr simon both april and april nineteen seventy two preceding the attribution that time to understand your statement is that he told him he had a knee to raise twenty five thousand dollars and in september of nineteen seventy one a bonus plan first came out
he said that he was under pressure to make campaign contributions contributions did he repeat that statement in april of seventy two that he was under pressure from a camping thank you for the question on the piano now is that just two short hours for the american shipbuilding company story the only business of the day the firm's president by the way george steinbrenner is to be interviewed in executive session later tomorrow and thursday executives from the national oil company in minnesota mining and manufacturing company goodyear tire rubber company that their ways american airlines and the corporation are scheduled to testify publicly about their efforts in this political contributions feel some of them have already admitted to having
only really contributed corporate political campaigns last year ago vice president for instance was before a federal judge in washington this morning and pleaded guilty to such charges and was fined yesterday that is right big money in political campaigns is indeed an intriguing subject and here now the senator's table with peter to talk about it is mike mcallister president of baker mclester associate chair in washington a consultant on which advises political candidates on how to run their campaigns and how to raise money here miko we heard today a classic and involve story of political some confusion though elaborate detail how campaign contributions or concealed as bonuses and since you've been in the political arena some time yourself you might have be able to shed some light on the question that occurred to me since i was done before the federal law ms
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