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the pain you know you know the police six days but i absolutely think you're able to cancer should be
a lot of us to what a lot of these meetings were and what information was given them as much reporter asked my question of you know what the details of any specific there any specific mating what exactly the details of thirty six meetings making that oh geez knowledge as important to you and i'm sure that their partnership with the party yeah yeah there were twenty three disclosure
the investigation specifically anything specific information eventually individually ricker with inconsistency and replaced with mr mitchell but as i've indicated to do it in so far as the general time period a number of meetings i think you should be recalled was best so basically with that the civil suit was of a concern to it will involve civil
litigation lawyers hired for those are particularly the us are confronted with the possibility of a deposition reading through with the loan made to nineteen seventy two that were you and mr martin instructor the night before to interview a living or you instruct on the night of the nineteenth mr martin
and when did you interview that mr cohan after january twenty nine in june twenty june the twenty in the afternoon is when the reagan took place and did you then returned and week after mitchell in the late afternoon of the twentieth of american revolution and at that prevented mr mitchell was the information was you wanted to write a complete accounting as to watergate and the events that led up to what it was a rather complete accounting of the ladies of the discussion we had haven't really
now on the mitchell and mr mitchell's live as you need in and around six o'clock in the evening with mr mitchell on the twenty is that or would that be the time when he returned to it in your report that would fit in the proper term prediction same logic it hasn't at around six o'clock or were you in the room when mr mitchell call the present another ago an earlier today would be that in june the thirtieth day that john mitchell resigned his campaign chairman and i gather he had a meeting with you at nine thirty five in the morning he resigned and you are joined by mr martin
martinez mcgregor mr mitchell indicate you that he was going to meet the president and resign or have heard i made the confusion of them mr june thirtieth which was the day that commercial was a woman referring to his lungs which in effect i have meetings with you at nine thirty five and with mr martin joining at nine forty five and then have that initial meeting with president that twelve thirty in the afternoon she and my question was whether or not mr mitchell discussed with you and with martin his
resignation and the resignation of me that late that afternoon after you talk with the president is you want to be talking about before he went in to see the president in a moment chairman of them will take over the questioning of revenue public television's coverage of the senate hearings will continue after a pause for station identification on average coverage of these hearings is provided as a public service of the member stations of pbs a public broadcasting service fb is
fb the point and that continues its coverage of
hearings by the senate select committee on presidential campaign activities here again correspondent robert macneil if we go back to the hearings john mitchell's former federal and you know oh one and one involving chemo that as the services of a long ago liberal lion with an election that would enable him to serve the best interest of his client funds wait now i ask you a few questions as announcement and you know
probably recommend all things enter the democratic warning that allow people to be going right drew they will be permitted oh yes we do you
you know i think so oh yeah you said that all right good
morning right yeah thank you thank you you will immigration
in nineteen seventy one requested i'm david greene oh god now when you do it you
know that security that's right we implemented well the use of the community at the time
senator and actually new we have the possibility that it can take place there's less money and new for washington you
have a conversation with you all with the reelection of the president president nixon and you can follow his lead among a salesman well it would be repercussions if all the responsibility for all this though obama was crazy about a lab test all through the league committed to elect one of these huge versions of these individuals mr martin
it was a huge mistake we belong to you any information this week i'm not asking you i'm going
home and regeneration and also to you that's right you know you will
oh really thank you to an r how much of this money he's
been we're very mobile and that is wrong words are calculated oh really
you're welcome thank you that would be it too long
do you listen to thank you who are many yes so
people knew that he was a local grand jury and not testify that he had made you know as usual patients all
of his work now they don't get it made though revelation for you what you can do you know a whole lot of the new monument in the fall john mitchell about it and there's no where did you get that money there you
go three hundred and thirty years ago and the fourteenth and our contribution for mr barber you know rachel you know strong we do this treatment was available anyway money
money and yeah and it was three hundred thousand dollars no it in heaven on in this strong value
almost unnamed sure yeah why don't you get that money it was rude well you know i'm sorry that it was a rare pope used money vividly like the present to all people regardless of the
key parties to sign up groucho version oh wow mr grady financially great great job call it a
very contemporary political convention entities mayor mike forty seven reporters but the state like the state of mississippi where they have great faith in the practical also got on and i think it does this album
parts of this god is not ma also on and so that have you also reading fb questions about the police it was just a temptation the controversy just as we had with other witnesses
his testimony i think it's unique it's useful it is important i think that hip hop is in conflict in collaboration with other testimony that we were saying the military's attention we can't reconcile complex and setting a troop lot will turn out of our sources of information we can proceed or gain access to the members but i think we ought to conclude with this witness as we are with others saying you know it a valuable contribution to record and for my part were grateful for that you know maybe
you're right straight now for the fbi that's a possibility replying
i mean you know thank you he's been the part of the point as bruce
well all right the financial services industry this week has conferred on two occasions with the united
states attorney's office in may nineteen seventy three before his appearance before the grand jury on may seven in those conferences and grand jury appearances money into the city at any constitutional privilege and he asserts that he did however on my promise city attorney client privilege and so far as questions related the conversations he had witnessed a living on june twenty one nineteen seventy two what i ask all over attorney client communications with other persons no privilege was a city because we were satisfied that's much of a person's have waived the privilege accordingly why pre arrangement with the united states attorney's office when questions were compounded before the grand jury relating to his communications with us all
proceeding the jets are a disco on the same day an hour after taking a hundred dollars in court ordered the question has to be answered and this was now later as the money spent today's conferring with the staff of this committee on june one and july fourteen nineteen seventy three all the questions were fully answered and he now stands ready to answer any further questions after he makes a sure pickup in which have been furnished the white house says it insisted that there is an existing span attorney client privilege and what residents living on the issues that it is right there those aren't made the point that the attorney client privilege wasn't a lot that we feel bound by the determination on the question but that's a river
on may seventh the day but when he appeared before the grand jury and we will comply with that ruling to let no privilege on the attorney client base is visiting deserted today any talk like writing i was born in pasadena california for twenty three or nineteen twenty three graduate of law school in nineteen forty nine from that time in nineteen sixty from that time nineteen sixty nine except for my moment my family business in phoenix arizona i was engaged exclusively in the practice of law either in private practice or as general counsel from nineteen sixty eight to nineteen sixty nine in nineteen sixty nine i was appointed general counsel for the united states department of health education and welfare which title i held until september nineteen seventy billion commencing january nineteen seventy until november nineteen seventy
i was also the executive director of the cabinet committee on education which was charged with the responsibility of implementing the administration's re segregation policies principal in the southern states from november nineteen seventy until late nineteen seventy two i was assistant attorney general internal security division department of justice commencing may one nineteen seventy two until election i was employing the committee to reelect president on november ten nineteen seventy two we move from washington dc and we have since that time is that in phoenix arizona my three brothers in the beginning of my tenure at the justice department but the attorney general john mitchell live the department of justice sometime in nineteen seventy one he had the
nineteen seventy two presidential campaign there are also rumours starting in the fall of nineteen seventy one and i would be leading the justice department to assist mr mitchell the campaign and i do not recall discussing with mr mitchell his intentions regarding the campaign until fall of nineteen seventy one as best as i can recall he told me that it had not been fighting decide whether or not to be heading the campaign effort i cannot recall discussing my possible involving campaign with him until some time in january nineteen seventy two i had agreed with my wife prior to that time the administration of the president's first term in anticipation of this we took advantage of an opportunity to sell our home in mclean virginia and in january nineteen seventy two we move into an apartment and watched oh i've never discussed mr mitchell my specific will play
it tonight in february nineteen seventy two to accept mr mitchell's invitation join the campaign organization which ended on may one nineteen seventy two i was has been testified to what had originally as a campaign corny but with respect to the events which are the subject of this committee's inquiry i should point out that i have not in my capacity as one of the political or neighbors or otherwise and consultant advised or flavored with any information relating to the dirty tricks campaign which is now come to wine much less given a hint of any proposed burglary or electronic surveillance i was not included in the inner circles of knowledge my help until my help was needed as a lawyer and if i make no other point in this republican race that i would like it in the record that as of the morning january seventeen nineteen june seventeen nineteen seventy two i was
relieved of my political responsibilities to the extent possible and charge the responsibility of acting as counsel to the committee at least as far as a lot of these concerns i accept this responsibility with the understanding that i wouldn't play any assistance of independent legal counsel and that i would be the really into this legal responsibility when they were sufficiently acquainted with the facts to handle that the attorney's report and the litigation pending between the democratic national committee and the committee to reelect president and others this is a layer and not as a political solution and those persons confided in maine and this was made clear today not by implication but by express state and that was as a lawyer and not as a political prodigy and i agreed to maintain these your obligation
not to disclose that once confided to me if this be the basis of a broad brush charge of cover up and it is a charge of every lawyer must answer an adversary system of criminal justice system that requires a warrant a respect the confidence of those might be lower i didn't have this principle in seeking a court ruling and the attorney client privilege before testifying today before the grand jury in light of the court's ruling in the waves resulting from the testimony of others i feel no constraints now been fully discussed the facts with which i am familiar without causing the public world war i feel that i'm not familiar with a duty of a lawyer cruz what respect his clients conference i'd also like to say at this point the information that i received on the morning of june
seventeen and june twenty one was the most shocking experience in my entire legal career the facts just learned for us to be into a situation which i can only compare in terms of personal anxiety being caught in quicksand commencing the morning of june seventeen nineteen seventy two information was imparted a bit by bit much of it contradictory which truly inexorably into an intolerable and at times unbearable situation crystal conscience the situation in which i was precluded from acting according to the dictates of my personal desires or interest situation in which ultimately my only hope was a selfish lot of not becoming implicated in the conduct of others were i thought my duty to serve i'm not all that all sure of the exact sequence of events all the times places in the party's president i shall attempt to really capitalize on
the history of the warriors i learned that concludes my statement on preventive care like you know it's more than any state in your statement family business businesses and state your position the business is martin construction company vice president martin construction company and is that an answer morgan did you disappointed in the presidential campaign of nineteen sixty eight that sir and what did you have in this campaign i was a western regional director for the campaign responsibility for players are
in western states and it very gradually it was exactly later it was twelve you're an inspiration to serve several questions about well you look at the internal security division did you have responsibility for the prosecution of a criminal case against the mail for this idea and were you also given and he's wearing a nineteen seventy two the test findings a nomination this or
if you weren't closely with john mccain this year and do you still maintain a relationship with them my relationship was a close a professional personal relationship i have not maintained i still consider him my friend but i have not talked with them which would seem that mr michel since the inaugural i'm renee montagne the point this week yes sir officials
it's got there really situation was only describe as a state of confusion i have no time i had assumed and i think in fairness i should say that the assumption is that purely subjective on my part that i was going to be a committee to the rest of the chili's detonate when i got there there was a need and also wasn't until i don't know when it was an appointed time that memorandum was sent to me indicating that i along with four other people would be appointed as political quarters you may
after may have been after the convention i'm not sure i have an activist mcgregor came over i was i believe named special assistant resistant to the campaign good morning so i tried to indicate to their work organizational problems that committee when i got there and the title campaign coordinator was never really define for me i devoted most of my time in the
five or six weeks before watergate two primarily organizations in the western states good morning they don't have knowledge of any intelligent intelligent plant operations that have been gathering information look none whatsoever and i've been involved in numerous campaigns and it's the first time i've ever heard of this type of activity the campaign may have gone on arrow's aware of it when did you first learned of the break in at
the democratic votes on the morning of june seventeen and will were you at that time i was at the hotel in inglewood california people usually the comedians i've made arrangements to have his little league with the people crp people in california was a large meeting scheduled initial meeting at eleven o'clock that morning various health insurance from the two organizations regular party organization in the crp we were on our way to the
hotel from one hotel the other we were following a limousine in which mr mitchell and governor reagan arriving the president with me where the national committeeman from california mr mcgrew told me in the car on the way to the airport or that he had a slight pr problem he wished to discuss i suggested that mr mcgrew that it was a pr problem that he was better able to handle it i was i had arranged the meeting and i know most people and mr mitchell did he told me that it was a pr problem that require a lawyer i attempted to listen to in the car or what it was but he indicated i believe more of a gesture that he could not speak in the presence of the
national committeeman from california and we arrived at the airport hotel i believe it was around eleven o'clock or sometime humans before mr mcgrew the detainee and said that it was essential that he briefly on his piano part and that mr mitchell had told him to tell me to forget the leading until i got the information used to impart i don't know for sure where this briefing took place i've heard the testimony of witnesses and it's hard to remember one of the best of my recollection we want to really enjoy it large meeting where the political meetings take place i thought
that mr lew is with the us or his testimony this morning which would indicate that possibly he wasn't my recollection is just the rule was president he told me that it had a call again my recollection that regimen was it was from his throat just now that it was from mr liddy did call me about watergate sense and he had this call for mr libby had been informed that mr mccourt who was a security officer for the committee along with five cuban americans maybe for a mature have been arrested in a breaking into the democratic national committee headquarters he told me that the idea that
the people arrested have all had a fake id cards which mr hunt had procured for them from the cia and the league although they were incarcerated the identities of the accused was not know he told me that yes in response to my question of howling wind told me that mr libby was some kind of a nut you should have suspected that something like this would happen he regretted that he had not insisted on firing him when he attempted to some weeks or months before oh i believe it was more than he told me and it's difficult to
recall as the brain is leno or lying i've given testimony mr martin didn't come to find later that afternoon when the financial industry group ruth as the details of the events surrounding the great thing it just reminded me that was one other thing that i was informed that time and that was that this was and i'm sorry and like there's a lot of previous question
about romney i believe that this was not the first brigade of the democratic national headquarters it doesn't disappear when you have a further discussion is when we say mr mitchell magruder and this could ruin my i can't say for sure that all parties are present at all times i can recall a discussion with these gentleman or some of them what
i don't know when i learned it i learned it soon after we left the airport or as i recall over a series of meetings starting of all of them and ending regardless based solely on schedule which a copy of what you it's definitely over the us attorneys right mr mitchell last event on the schedule was a press conference at one hundred and i believe that press conference though must've lasted a half an hour so seemingly got back to me beverly hills hotel fb fb
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Part 2 of 5
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