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bees are when we decided that that these requests were clearly escalating into worse and that they would involve cia people he wanted mrs annie one of the top of the monitor there's an answering service would only was the sole speaker was just too much and i called up the cdc worse than i thought you said he was not exercising proper government or a passport law and what was i said okay i would like to imagine that we don't have to actually do a concert question your move on the
construction of the idea i make a phone call on his instructions that have that data it was about making a request for the agency i don't have any knowledge of it and the others have turned out and as a new information that he has military got only thirty three of the voting yes i think it was when i was in
europe just before being called back to testify via oversight committees of the cia was thirty may i think i heard about it about those things that went way which he had nineteen seventy three ce in january of this year david it's been the navy has already been journalist
the radio experience circumstances thirty nineteen seventy two i was found at the marine corps at the time and with the nsa they use only a number three man in the cia and the seine and stated that the agency had been directed generation the prosecutors on the case so i think a
reflection my memory on the phone call i can remember in the summer of nineteen seventy two who in the white house and bottles mr owen sure conversation names had been brought into conversation with paulson's for months maybe just the i don't know an idea that i could be razor i refer to a memory of family and friends live conversation and walgreens name appeared on an island although this recession for me to go up putting it in writing or not operative da vinci's know this forest fire i then the memo which is david on the january when
apparently these papers so were the subject later conversation going to go b prosecutor and i guess i don't know the next thing that happens tomorrow knowledge was on about the seventh or eight january issue that's right my recollection or perhaps instead prior to the twenty second of july in fact my record show i was out
of town for example like the time was so shook up my recollection even worse so i offered without being asked i offered to take names out of a sense that would be fair when i could swear to a psychic moment in which i said that i couldn't recall who placed the call late date that it was someone not recognized why don't they yeah fact of the matter was that i haven't combed through the balance of the daily staff meetings i had to check my own files the office of cia to see whether there was any record of his phone i could find however in the statement before the committees that dr schlessinger at the maid in may he had a thorough search made of all possible documents and came up
with the secretary came up of the minutes of the meeting of the july which i definitely state of mistreatment had called so based upon that the baby leaves the thirteenth of may use that affidavit before the cia oversight committees the three of them before who might have to testify and so the rocket will be cleared up like greece the rubble him to myanmar and solitude from each e j you were a memorandum states i received a call of the white house won't even this development goals or perhaps dean ran i simply cannot recall at this late date to switch point was stating that missed the point would call and ask her some support and that he was working at a recent poll now
in the january can memorandum the listeners for years i cannot recall at this late date in place to call someone with a poignant as opposed to his brain and the names of the game you know i asked you just a few questions and these documents first you'd be transferred out of your conversations to work on this and the pain and those unpaid three of that friendship if they would call and what did you have any real doubt that indeed was made available and all my hair recollection that was that was what i was more concerned women about a newspaper i didn't
notice that i can get a transcript of the tape i didn't have this transcript the agency have a show tomorrow and the fact that it was a tape recording of all the agency that's right and i wasn't on may of this year we found several big rubber an entry in the record now after the january eighth navarro sent to the white house but you also recall wistfully recalled as i recall i didn't go to college being what you said that we didn't know each other and he was certainly and i agree with them that we're not i couldn't explain it
one of the papers well i don't believe in the french friends that we have which they leave some sections of law i don't believe in a tent that was the team's name viewers to have at any other explanation at this time why his name could've your ingenuity so now believe you stated that you had movies preventing this or is it your testimony that no pressure on one pastor congressman emanuel has got to get back on your views at night nina
at utah west and then they make a request to the first mammal be drawn up in a second now i would say that that is an inaccurate phrase he had asked me to turn out like legacy kept the original online on michael up while the new memo on the tenth of january nineteen seventy three but he did not make a specific request that high turnout mr vickers maybe i don't know the secretary lew took over at the agency and retailers don't have a noble chairman i have no more questions
my pleasure mr corwin reports over here you say oh i want to mention a man with a draft of the us puerto rico's things name is not mention and anomalies or
the middle or c did anyone suggest great difficulty in reconstructing the thought processes of putting the name in and the best i can do is that i haven't mentioned by meeting that was not part of the conversation which is come out of implants were awful awful before the game as a hollow and it cuts are some point in the conversation on survival of this excerpt from when they cannot be and i'm
melissa block caterpillar is reporting don't worry about it i should right january one occasion now
among those voters and it has been thank you yes sir you're welcome at a nineteen seventy three what we call them around which yes i was late january nineteen seventy three a memo
mr williams now during that time receiving information that effect that this plain that he was not though and what about that thank you but the name of the man who called about the call was on april nineteen seventy three with huge david macaulay a problem are also all evening winkle winkle was
that late nineteen seventy three and soak up the white house so they went up to use the default on the us and this is our home state and beyond do you approve i didn't have any recollection of what joy i can recall
as jesus really it and now when you will follow you just a moment before we all psyched when you see it that was a section a record of who did call they call it i think primarily at all the records were searched because dr schlessinger had testified he was newly appointed and he didn't know anything about any of this and had to find records to make sure you're always operated that's it just you that was in reference to the testimony of a compilation here is that house or justify all sorts of what he knew about any connection between cia and any of these affairs
they don't show the phone call i had been committed yes sir i'm not mistaken that i got the schlesinger so testified for size but also that no question conversations yes for one night a member gloria said that he would like to have a meeting to be just between the two of us because it was highly classified and very sensitive so i tell my ears executive assistant
police remain outside rome and i sat at a machine and multi instrumentalist think it was not that i know how to push a button to record conversations her six children three years are those tapes available to the agency but we haven't noticed there are a number of omissions in iraq reaches to plano is an ally if we wanted to to the committee have those tapes i don't have a specialty of yours while the hunt for a letter asking for they maybe a half dozen
states have resulted from my conversations over a three year period i'm talking about the transcription of their meeting rather the tape of your meeting with mr cotton twenty second of july nineteen seventy one would ask the only point i'm trying to make is that you don't object if we nominate general cushman kim has anything beyond what's in this transcript and i have now read the transcript of the conversation as carefully as i can and can you tell me you know it might be somewhat repetitious what material mr cottrill question in what curators services that the agencies supplied well the way it was set up was that did he simply asked me for material that would provide him with an alias so that the person he was interviewing would not only was a detainee who that person would be needed not recently said it was a
person the highly sensitive onetime interview on the the person was of an ideology which he was unsure of unmarried and one and disposes of energy while he was interviewing the subject and so that that this was a highly sensitive mission charged or among white house visit and illicit information from an individual when did it did you gain the impression that sense he wanted disguise material it was that the man might have known restaurant one of them that certain of my mind that this might be was great concern of the time over a security leaks and he had been in iraq to consult on security matters yes or the ballpoints alteration device for that purpose well it's like to come of his body when i said
ok and i are based on this in fact he said this recently a national interest and so forth and i had my executive assistant call technical services people in the agency and say that most of the levee or request are they honor this well one summer on i was kept apprised them daily basis of what he was getting and i found out after the event rather stand firmly document that's been handed to me my counselor what was applied was a massachusetts driver locked driver's license i'll say this was back in september of nineteen sixty one astronaut was working for the cia you're right in nineteen seventy one it is
joseph or i understand he specifically requested the alias edward yes or explain why those are never requested an airbase and from a disguise materials weighing big lances be cooperation because and then song about a month later a tape recorder and five days later associate this guy's wig and viruses georgia liner docked mr like that we understand now that mr levy that's right facilities developed in return they'll jr return now and it requested to read in your address your phone service which declined the credit card which
requested to climb support for it i can answer that serve on how is it that space on the technical services relationships with him you know many other support a collaboration with mr kotter mr liddy other than technical services just like viagra profile some feelings concerning that but you know no other interrelationship between libby in the cia other than those that we know no sir no i might point out to serve that if you noticed the calendar that goes with those items that everything up until just a few days before we hear call the white house and said no more everything was consistent with the purposes of conducting an interview under an alias
when the request began to scale up to an office in new york i think it was an answering service with fellow these things were not insistent my mind the purposes of a onetime interview also that would involve agency personnel that are therefore discussing mr helms we agreed to do so or white house though not wild west seattle has provided such a technical logistical support or any other former agency of government regional activities now servers then considerable controversy there have assisted i believe whether police should say police departments by furnishing around with information on an invention of the agency she
recalls i don't know for three years more personally i'm beginning a conversation with you he says he has to have a conversation that i want a retired nineteen seventy availability celebrate an art form i think that he liked meeting the one i work with connections pastor vice president because he had been monitoring things operation
a seizure remember the people in those days he says mr martinez we're a testimony from former director helms this morning i understood his testimony be the material which was used here was not used in the aisles or break an ascetic bored with your information and understand you simply don't know you don't know what it was used for except for the stay at the restaurant that it was more i guess it would be very prominent billboard interview at least to conceal their identity interview with someone
named her that's all you know we would not be here so unusual at that time an interview for example of those who seek asylum in this country in the interview portion of the interviewer have to be kept secret any other state yesterday did not really were upset that he did not want a return to the agency buildings because he was afraid he'd be a spotted owl yes but former soldiers were requested that the technical services people meet with him somewhere
off questions we find out what's that's what you're talking about in a transcript which we read i wouldn't want to be seen walking out of here i'm sure that has a question and i remember at the day that all runners win at the division and so many students parents most parents their career as a sweater or less than it is now they claim the senate and we
really didn't the pistons i believe the most important question is why all of the justification for this very few days ago the justification was national security he's in the saudi embassy your publication of the pentagon papers as deputy director of the central intelligence agency calling
yes sir don't know my own knowledge that it was associated with one of the mornings that notion articles of a warning will rely on will probably have to be i think just they're not aware of any hospital copies of the soviet embassy i don't know session to see what was in front
of course the new york times for everyone will be reading and so on that were read from the point of view of what that intelligence sources methods and so on wednesday going to be compromised and given a lawyer as i recall one stop on the village green and what they did with the legend some kind of action taken concerning certain intelligence sources about this practice not using the soviet union your jurisdiction issue to investigate whether these they did in fact get into the hands of the soviets' house wasn't a considerable remarkable investigation was was up to the director share
the house you know whether to recommend an app that was a sin togetherness users of the week as another
voter interrupts her committee work we're going to pause briefly public television's coverage of the senate hearings will continue after another break for station identification on a bridge to coverage of these hearings is provided as a public service by the member stations of pbs a public broadcasting service fb the pie fb
and pike continues its coverage of hearings by the senate select
committee on presidential campaign activities here again correspondent robert macneil going back to the caucus room senator challenges abroad to question general question david uses the list are going to give you instructions to boost obama's generally you assume that the man can with the authority in the united states that they could you know because it was oh geez one
specific question you were the deputy director of the cia you know i think that was a goal back in about nineteen sixty and that was that he had known me before you think it was at an all white house who requested this guy is one of the only venues for security purposes and not the federal bureau of investigation there was unusual you do wonder why wonder now this was like you to tell me what he was going over to get money game on twenty seven july stated that white house instructions it was to conduct a one time sensitive
interview us invaded states to finally live the agency would not have anything for the law is that rather forceful language used when you had shown that mr reitman speaking with authority and said well sometimes you're right sir you know me personally i don't consider myself i worked for him for years when he was vice president search and what i was his assistant for national security affairs thank you for the question joe you did mention in your
testimony that you know was the forehead you seen in tucson gunman fired too is like that in nineteen seventy two back in olden times during the central intelligence agency in nineteen forty nine nineteen fifty one i'm a well run into america we get all of that just beginning and also love working for western action in his capacity as vice president national security affairs it really is on the cia and in particular i'm monitoring the progress on
vacation planning an issue this election got elected president then the people you know as a thing mr han solo be talking to the same people about the go to live well it's swell and something unintelligible i just possible this friday and europe was ok let's see you give me a number one time where i can get you
might support her character why is that when he came in this particular time i think it was one called point because a phone call like that that he would call me at some time you know he must to call secretaries set up and it was years budget been in touch with them on many other occasions last time frame we're talking about so close
that's right this these conversations as one of a small and this is at a step preparation of highlights and stab you with your orders first and it has your stories this was in reply that the man is in
response to western colorado omaha airport was coming and that's restrain just curious about why did you think he had ordered the agency for years for years one interview and up until that was about almost twenty year or thereabouts those requests were pretty consistent criticism that such an interview exceptions in our lives but then only escalated to a request strangers asia
in your judgment he was trying to get the agency do you think he's doing this as you say a white house task is only one the technical services people in the last three four five days on the subject called up my offices well certainly
their other than any other demands like this from the white house this is part of the store was the only one so i have just one question do you there's usually a person who's interviewing the
contaminant mr mann that's an interview was that the same camera in which the post removal and about showing the years ago about there's really a victim or any other prices in the us really rises again as i understand it go into my knowledge and collectively of the village years he asked that only picked up at the airport and developed for this was done a picture together and get back to him to know they're taking this out thank
you go back to your records or more specifically did you go to the tape recording and listen to him prior to responding to the notion that the call came to my office and show them a producer finally i went through it and then say it that's true a tape which was in the custody of the agency an imperfect transcript of the agency in terms of dollars and in the sort of that was i myself and not listen to that between the date of january seventy three in the tenth of january
seventeen you've got the cooperation of the secretary's minutes house or the senate so and i love about her in this general area of the forty second to our previous it was not until may of this year alone all of the agency's files were given a very thorough going over there dr schlessinger oversight committees and that was like the advantage of the finding that two previous guests in the in the polls you're
welcome well huge series transparent one of them there's a suggestion in other words first started a sentence with his name and then i say yes i don't know and they will testify on the eighth of july i had made a statement that call had been made by mistreatment and therefore some
people joking when you inhale there are certain your testimony that was on july seven nineteen seventy one at your testimony before the senate armed services committee on my fourteenth of this year you've indicated that may be reporting with his relationship with the nation and the reason that was the whole women's name was left out of that january
eight women and when you were speculating on the ocean it might go you know i just don't think that the people of the others might have magical then you said i believe enough in response to a question that i have here that you're not sure if mr haught adds that only escalated its request for the agency to head a new cyber like to show you a memorandum that is very good august twenty six nineteen seventy one of labor day he's been obscured by this election process and the subject of this memorandum is tsa the requests for guidance on extent of the suspects in this plot haven't you
one occasion and there's a certain point in connection with his work yes this is one of the us that's correct do you recall anyone in the agency as mr in december nineteen seventy a new relationship there's disappointment announcer go
to understand the prosecutor justices are well it was the one with the direction because that i provided first of all it was the way that i bought and recollected the phone call and i gather that they were some sort of a synopsis of all of me billings of the agency with mustard and that this i gather was on the subject of conversation between a prosecutor and i guess most of those i received whatsoever and that he had been that he was even in town at the time but the facts about these papers and i said okay
you're very welcome i think it is in may of nineteen seventy three and i take it that you have nothing to do with the operation of us are writers who are now is that the mobile courts from new orleans a vote on americans that his masters is the unusual anything of another instance where this is going the coming three years and i think that this procedure is usually reserved for
foreigners yes this is what you do right here the markets are likely to go back to them you know
that was one of the three documents and of such as georgia or that right you're welcome and amazon it's b with the appearance of the two former cia officials today the committee's probe has entered a new phase with the senators seeking to fill in the blanks left a mystery set forth by the principals in the case it was a
sharp day and one generally devoid of drama but there was added detail we have a marine corps commandant robert cushion say he remember john erlichman calling him to ask for a baby howard and even about whitman couldn't recall a conversation the greatest spies continues tomorrow as the candidate tries to pin down the role of the cia in the watergate cover up and in pre watergate aid to the plumbers today we get to see our first official us government spies or i'm like freelancers bernardo barker and tell us what some others richard helms and robert cushman were both one hundred percent legitimate jack murphy professor of law georgetown university law center near washington and john lockwood was about to become a syndicated newspaper columnist after three years editing month fb fb
1973 Watergate Hearings
Part 5 of 6
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Robert MacNeil and Jim Lehrer anchor gavel-to-gavel coverage of day 34 of the U.S. Senate Watergate hearings. In today's hearing, Richard Helms and Robert Cushman testify.
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