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ce a because at the national educational television network for most of us going to the supermarket is as natural and as harmless as breathing out and breathing in but for others the marketplace has become an arena for a contest being waged between the lore of the label and the housewives perception one legislator has even called for a sweeping new laws to prevent what he has called a fraudulent activity it claims that through these devices we lose millions of dollars a year at the checkout
conversation a national educational television network presents commentary on events people and ideas at issue this month the great label mystery in nice season do we're doing a supermarket in america has become more of a real cultural center a brave new world as well i'm lauren rise within the temples there's a yearly movement of some one hundred and eighteen million
boxes bottles cans packages and tubes of merchandise often it would appear are still object is to buy consumer and by again as rapidly as possible in the past week an equal nice nice boy
far removed from the plastic pandemonium that marx today supermarket is the general story is almost indistinct on our scene like an overlooked gossamer aware of that the few that have defied the laws of marketing can usually be found in locales as quaint is the idea of the general store itself such as the new boston and sanders field massachusetts does uber today as it was twenty five years ago there is more personal contact in his store that innocent reporters supermarket only carry some prepackaged merchandise many things are still sold today as they were years ago and well hopefully i measured on the scale in the shop not by computer and for a town that he was the phrase he uses over and again there's some things in his customers and this is to sell more things about flour and sugar and the second thing was
to barter year to farmers would bring in their eighties to exchange for grain or butter to trade for supplies but even this two hundred year old store may be in danger of extinction the owner is losing customers to the beach a nearby criminal easygoing methods of looking thing will have to be abandoned in order to stay open long today most of the goods made by the eighty billion dollars food industry are channeled through the supermarket the package itself is now the salesman speaking in a voice is seductive ritual as the outsider out almost three years ago this voice sounded not only raucous but confusing to the white house president kennedy talks to the nation about the rights of the consumer of us consumers all of us deserve the right to be protected against fraudulent or misleading advertisements and labels the right to be protected against unsafe the workers drugs and other products
right to choose from a variety of products at competitive prices but modeling it's so complex that the present laws on the statute books are inadequate you're right it is an expert on mathematicians chemists and he cannot properly and economically you run your house a job or a new bill was introduced which became asked ninety five the so called truth in packaging bill authored by senator fell apart its major provisions call for action on an issue that could be observed during any supermarket visit as nine eighty five would prohibit the use of sense of claims on labels where it is alleged the manufacturer has no control over the retail price it would prohibit the use of size designations the courts have no actual relation to the quantity such as the smaller size being marked large it would insist on a clearly legible prominently displayed statement of net weight and eliminate fractional waits altogether such as packages that say thirteen and
five eighths ounces or seven thirteen sixteen ounces which senator hart believes prevents housewives from comparing prices sen hart tells why he conceived the bill i was a boy a mother semi restore i came home with a whenever she had sent me for a brown paper bag with a string around and standing on that i knew what was in the news at a mistake she knew the grocery be there in the morning and he knew that he knew there were that package today the package is the only salesman from that but you have to get the basic information and there are eight thousand items on the supermarket shelf today a few years maybe twenty thousand and we leave an awful lot of nickels and dimes at that counter about twenty five percent of the family budget is spent on these items and let's get that package in that label clearly that tell us that things that we really are entitled to know does senator justin martin republican of kentucky and former head of
ballard and ballard this could come with it there is no great mystery about the label or for private industry probably has two who wouldn't engage in some form of deception and merchandising or advertising a product or most of them are all reliable companies and they're interested in getting the media consumers business and holding it and we have the labeling laws in this country we have laws that require you to put content on the package and that weight on the package and so forth the lease was a carrot out and by and large and i think that the industry itself in its effort to build what is known is repeat business wants to be satisfied and schumer a satisfied customer and is not interested in that first sale yes they want attractive package to get the consumer to try their merchandise they want to be there and wanted the day and to be honest we were a person represented because they start getting
their money back and made a profit not on not for sale but maybe that ten of the eleven or twelve so they want people to stay with it and for that reason i think that this legislation is unnecessary because the competition at the marketplace is the best policeman will ever have for an honest raw and honest we advertise honestly feel there's that great abundance in the marketplace today but i would say that all is abundant there is a great deal of confusion and it i know myself with a housewife when i go into the marketplace how do you know what is the best bite how can you make a rational choice between conflicting products when airstrikes allowing says and one for thirty three and three quarters for something twenty nine since november forty six and seventy percent in fact since i was at softening cents off of what a serving or serving for my child a story for my husband what about the packages that look so wonderful giant jumbo super and all the rest of it
is because the giant a jumble i came out one about a giant court is the court the port last year in order to be variously need to lowering are odorless we americans spent nearly four and a half billion dollars on cosmetic and poetry projects for labels have been scrutinized by the nonprofit testing organization consumers union john herbst here we see so different brands big brands sprays of water and one still looking at them to see that they all look the same size and the same that mentions however at one end or on land is only thirteen ounces if you can find that the other an ostensibly the same size as a dorm which is fifteen and a quarter ounce is not only with a different sites you really have to look to find the size in some cases when curtis is brain that has a going fine and the tiniest imaginable figures
in black aren't very point says net weight freaking out and you don't see too well you know the response was quick from owning curtis industries george factor vice president we're bowing curtis know that it is important for manufacturers to properly identify the size and price of a product to the consumer it is precisely for that reason that we always plays the size and the front panel all are containers yes the size itself is not the most important part of any label identification in as much as the brand name and the manufacturers name are important elements of confidence and assurance to the consumer wants a consumer has made or purchase however she is no longer interested in size or price she is most interested in having an attractive package when is visible in her home to the best of our ability we attempt to carry out our responsibility of providing proper information to the customer
as well as providing her with an attractive package our packages and people are given the responsibility of combining these two elements properly accordingly in the case of leaders spread that we provide the size identification with the end of the major panel on the front of the package on another lingers hairspray the sizes identified outside the major design element it and a third product the size is identified as part of the entire design element in order to provide an attractive package in some instances manufactures provide package identification in a manner that can be completely removed by the consumer in order to maintain the attractiveness of the package when it isn't now apparently we're telling hers feel that we do properly carry out our responsibilities to the consumer and pro it all the buying information she
needs as well as attractive package among the most interesting in the way of a packaging space toothpaste that not only we designed the package they've redesigned the english language in one these are the smallest you can find what are they called lives that lives that so now it's more have become large what is largely cut john mccain imperial colossal you know a family the family is the largest the war aside from its use of language that's good news if you're minded
it strange price location a fan thought eight cents off while there's a fenced off the regular price well there is your annual press the regular price is meaningless although it says hey you're saying that it happens with this was i can fight or flight the makers of these toothpastes were invited to respond to consumers union's criticism all declined to comment and regale of ingenuity is gone into the designing the packages and labels but nowhere is it this way we make as much as in the race hi than a content statement previously we look at a bottle which the contents are on the front label gets a dark green background very small others larry doc try another
method is not put in a conference on the front middle but to make you look through the bottle and try and find what you do this three or four times may have eyestrain i want to buy the string of course all of these things that are causing a lot of confusion and you know did a housewife ideas better educated she sharper edges asking questions that he wants answers to these questions answers we saw during a rare meeting between housewives of manufacturers other manufacturers will as well as president the grocery manufacturers of america even wait sir of the new executive vice president or general mills and cooperative the third package had slightly over but not quite a war or ask again nicole director of corporate advertising in public relations thomas j lipton incorporated all within the same brand was
brought up with like ellen and vice president the general foods corporation well mr crozier director of home economics the national biscuit company what it allows was mrs betsy what'd berkeley california at berkeley ms terry mrs evade o'steen of monroeville pennsylvania and mrs virginia bright myrick dearborn heights michigan us why new products most often there wasn't hers are confusing attraction now awaits we can walk into a store in the german without doing some fast money impossible you can't make them fast but without doing some how traditions on which products or which of these passes the retailers actually giving us the best idea that this is a new yes the manufacturers' living out a new product are still even though they voted on the show you're buying a research chemist to home economists are still working on that problem trying to
make it better because we never really happy with our products were always working trying to improve them were always checking consumers to see if they like it but would like something different so that all time we're introducing a new product we will be working on improving their now as we worked on this and we're trying to different ingredients that we put into this package the manufacturer we are buying product at changing he is in other ways the density of hispanic my chain or we might even change our one year slightly because it makes it better pan and by changing it we can vary a fraction of an ounce and that very often is the explanation new products and i've experienced that working on some of the new products this just gives a sense of the background of what goes on when we're bringing out a new rod even our established products we may be buying ingredients from a
manufacture he may be changing his imaginative production so that the density of the product we buy from him or change in other words we buy a pound but it may be a one time it might be status for the sake of argument to cause he might change it so that we might get two and a quarter cups by using the product as they put it together to make it for you is going to affect the end result some way i would like to have a question about your records have virtually impossible for me to hear different kinds of theories why these odd factual numbers about this you know amazing writers and every single label
we declare that we can help do it would be wonderful if we could find them all have cancer that's where your hacker is very indebted city in shape and size and it's just impossible for us to happen in a half hour or one pound packages for example take your solo track how we do that by camps are so many cookies or attackers put into one package that there may be thirty six cookies and it comes out to nine and a quarter ounce is this is very much like you make your recipes at home when you're making a date not cookie that much heavier than a sugar cookie with the and you may get three and a half dozen from here aren't doing that and for your body doesn't sugarcoat things and then i'd like to go on and say that all our tractors and cookies that you know do you care and that wait there's one package that i'd like to tell you about because this is a package which was design several years ago for a specific rapper for
eight ounces this one package today now carries fifteen varieties this package is phil kline bought into a certain law and that the creditors are come out a mission right into this package and there are only two of the victims were ideas that will have eight ounces the others mary from a quarter to ten and a half ounces however the net weight is declared on this track is they sell so many years at mt well it changes from time to time but we also are trying to be for the consumers happy you know we have small earthquakes in large family and we do back in the us more of what it is to make the small families kathy an important one to have to make larger families happy and you know about compelling ways i think the easiest way to do it that this
drug fractured because all baking company do exactly the same thing they're all on fractional waits well in this episode our paths for instance which is very close to isis is trying to keep as a sailor consumers happy for us for example ethics at war for five and a half ounce packages which we are small us more accurate or possibly think that to go from a man to know more than ever thirteen have the house pass
it seems to me like it's a gimmick this particular box something i was taller than you and with color and rose garden tearing prices and so we do declare everything right on the label this when there was a knife and inside the people could compare it doesn't help to drop the factional how some thirteen compared to fifteen hear that you are well i think you'll find that as i said with your density and their size and her variety of characters of president bush's we do change and provide that time the time and also there are formula changes and this may be the case that they changed the sounds
the price is right last month and we have many thousands of the nastiest they compete for your dollar to
foreign manufacturers concerned day he will differentiate in his own prices to the trade to the extent he has a cost saving in the various sizes it's a lot of sizes cost to produce it was silent through the distributor low price we have no control over and he is twenty months ago i had to an extent anyway by the competitive conditions in the market and maybe also some of the reasons he may be on the lawn on a certain size and then four would be selling at a low price of the time want to move us went so far as in fact his concern he differentiates in accordance with its cost differences the next question posed by mrs virginia reitmeyer concerned package illustration how accurately she wanted to know did they represent the contents with him your packaging fried noodles and
there's a lovely illustration which is not how it is a bowl of rather wide bowl but it's difficult to tell the depth about next to the back of her next to the ball is a sandwich and now this would seem to be an individual serving i say seem to be because there's probably a good argument about this but in this poll also many many very luscious looking noodles and yet i have yet to make tissue using only end exactly the canteens in each package to the number of cups of water and be able to duplicate a bowl of soup with as many angles as they're in battle i find that in order to get this all given dee how horrible density i must get dry
noodles i might add this was about my are that the photograph of the novel opens on that package has exactly the product it would make it i would say do not at least not now actually i checked in with two percent of the super an appetizing than that so we hold the camera will catch the little about are you the party certainly on the surface when you produce you'll probably by chinese servant was a draw somewhat into the contents more than week more than it has on the a photograph the photograph that has not been changed because of the missile this one on local or less these aphorisms a unity now has not important in any way whatsoever really you know bad news for that
part he didn't photograph then it just that right there is that i think is a different there than when you forget your children you know us into state mark ritchie is that you get them at the right moment with the best and we do this and i think at the fact that we ourselves are among the new year's entire industry is really leading subjects the test of the fact that the consumer you and your associates we offer one of the most controversial of all questions was on the use of sense of claims used on virtually all labeling by major brands misses the medieval theme was a fascist youth facilities max that to a simple answers one isn't a consumer like a bargain and that bible the only one is that they did not in fact says it found out it is the shortest route by which they can get a
price decline on to the consumer not the manufactured all the producers and creators of the parks in the analysts saw it we sell them to the list of women who maybe also sort of a poker champ was to market we sell and i had a headache and a fixed date net price to them they too that they had only surprise and then you read all this route laura now tries to distribute to alert him that reflects that you know and maybe a longer laden in arriving at this price decline and it may not happen for so many things of our lives to make this point that i can even though we sell to wholesale and retail grocers our main customers you the consumer so we determine everything from the standpoint of well it satisfied a consumer and we can sum up by now many years ago and at night it began
with coffee remember we buy coffee was a high price and the market with declining and then there was no assurance on the market that the market would stay long so this is some copy people came out and then alternate the sand salt on their coffee price it became the reaction from the consul emily was so popular the military is now you see since all on almost every product in the store so you have two reasons one is the consumer like a bargain which they get the other one is the malefactors founders the shortest route by way they can give you the benefit of the price because the result and so that those are the two reasons or you could use it as a nice about one hundred percent that the consumer does not always get this year
or two was on show sixty nine cents whether the label says heads off one did not have an old boss sixty nine festival and had its all about the only thing he was with the sentence that i think i've been on the shelf i wouldn't say that seventy six so in a sense as i was singing to us that same product same so you maintain lower prices jeans but the very next day the same product same store with at times sixty nine sixty five says nine cents off so obviously the assembly floor since they will the sentence itself was meaningless to me because i was homeless and
therefore it is not a bargain over sometimes it is no guarantee that this ladle you're getting a bargain really hasn't been competitive it's a situation that's what dr may be procedural obviously is true for my this is one instance besides the matter of this is that the manufacturer has a sense office and cry he does for two reasons primarily probably foremost is to attract new consumers like yourself who is disable a product you like it will buy more of it more often secondly to reward the those who haven't used in the law now it is definitely a bargain because the saints off and taken off the envoys to the retailer and he passes it along it may be
that in your essence and this is unfortunately a a situation that applies i think all over there is a human element you believe that in this particular instance the stock boy inadvertently use this same stamp shame on the panel could be either say joey by larger is not the case in the sense of his past actions as done with complete integrity of the parliament a factor and i'm sure with complete integrity of our retailer after all he has a business to make a profit he isn't business to increase sales and he also faces competition and you will not have all this and the nice thing is you can get a gmo label the usa
you now is only love and i'd like to ask a question then i indicate the reason why the manufactured does is to him as the quickest way of an annual price decline and if you wouldn't mind if it how would you handle it sally that's not really true you understand you to say that you have never found a price of
reflected on anything people are judging from your comments never found anything except a regular with the sense of has been passed on to consumers just continue no matter where you shop and i'm not interested in where you shop but i do know that in the retail grocery business there are many wonderful for each who live by the golden rule so because you're a scenario that we are subject to which is human nature quote spoils and sailors and my reaction would be this that if i didn't see that reflected i would talk to the manager how are you absolutely not the manager and the manager is usually very happy are you have no idea how sensitive retail grocers managers are to what their customers too the war watson we have to
complain about the retailer a thing going on why now you know surprise the problem is that we have this is the second edition of a book that the trade practice recommendations for the growth industry and which have been developed in cooperation with olive also recounts association and we say it they clearly here with respect to have a sense of to assure problem price marking by distributors on sense of deals manufactures label is your show in the area reserved for private market but the following sense all accent you pay only access stamp act
that price and their leaders say thank you and i know when these people is amazing because the study is that we are they would indicate that the consumer's elephant being reported near his memories i have a wife i think if the grocery a lottery retailer a dozen pass those along with this is that if he doesn't do it on one is going to an all but obsolete human or maybe just one enormous omelet would almost say if he's deeply zimmer really forging on this
the consumer will go across the street are up the street because this is part of the market basket the ninety percent that people spam lover of their total income on food and believe me that i'm getting saving whether saving an item fora she was a candy bar with a sense of a label on a soft little are our experiences they're going to wear that we're hearing in connection with this going across the street or going down the street to a different retailer this becomes more difficult every day with our huge shopping centers we are no longer close enough to our retailer in most cases to change retailers it would not constitute a real inconvenience for us to decide well if we don't like the way he's praising this fellow because he could be several miles farther away why should we be forced to do business
is the package itself in the beginning this controversial not according to the package designer and was concerned as more with form and function less with some softened fraction alone says william snake president raymond loewy and snake explains in today's marketplace where there are regular salesman if any they package must be its own cells and it had several functions it must tell what the product is less give some idea of what the nature of that is especially at a time when new products are constantly coming out into the market and mice it someway tell how he uses all of these things are the function of a package not the first and foremost a requirement of a package it is recognition and needed recognition ah there is a container it's a well known soft drink and i think that everybody would recognize one product that was a mistaken remain because
it ends on it as already established an identity so that looking at one knows this is cocoa to let me the french have achieved seven autoworkers paul virginia willis you know that is it the question one generation they are we have to go with the label and raised me as that recognition which is the graphic when you take a look at the baggage searches as one it's a symbol i way ali a rebel in essence ideally all the pages up i swear there are blonde and baggage had several functions in recognition won the maine it must tell other product is increasingly we're emotional of it we know why
because like i'm only one which is recipe how do you use this product are in an ambulance is all essential functions but now i'm coming in jail end of an era that we didn't want and which by invention and with new materials we are able to develop ideas that not only contained lead but i'm able to serve as an end use foul we find that if we can get a bit of a looking package in a subconscious way thousands of people a great chasm taken in the creation of this package the same sonic care has gone into the creation of the items are among the packaging from a prolific for mark dog food and adult breakfast cereal and the graphics for the presidential plane
air force one but designers above all want to be left to their own pursuit to be is they would like to think that free spirit is needed right h o o k and what tone of voice does the package speak to us to ensure that it speaks to all but convincingly is the job of the photographer years moments ago we had thirty one
wielding millions of dollars worth of packaging persuasion as bill to pass by the meeting is with our director frank character literally advertising agency to give and take to select a male model for the ad that perhaps the teenage blemish green called disaster this was great the male model is finally chosen songs that remain find happiness through disaster
and sickles it has been like carriers on different errands the models wait along and separate soon they will be brought together beatific and forty by the artistry of cycles the piece well
what most merchandise beyond the package designer and the photographer or magazines move merchandise and one of the prime as movers of all is the good housekeeping say ill for years many american shoppers of song packages with this ceo to learn more about its meaning and background that issue made a tour of the testing facilities of a good housekeeping institute later an interview was given by the publisher or a fearsome through an eighties morton's overstating the purpose two there's been criticism that the good housekeeping seal is meaningless that anyone advertising anything in your mind as a neocon and the sale even if he takes place to say compliments of a friend nothing there probably always will lose some skeptics suggest that is mostly gone with it
cheeseburgers the privacy policy we sent a slower sales of products services and the planes and rivers and this is backed up by heavy the housekeeping institute which is comprised of people that the principals because they only estimate of the yearly kos is a place that sees a million dollars over your how often have you rejected advertising by ma right well i was one of them several years ago
we are projections oh another source that probes the great label mystery is the organization known as consumers union friendly independent institution exist without benefit of advertisers gentleman is often purina consumers union also was involved in testing products i'm like good housekeeping however that believes in publishing compare the ratings as chairman of the board of directors dr colson he won nearly thirty years ago people apple mobile advertising some motion olive oil which advertisers were telling the truth and which were not we measure many things we seek to find out what works behind the advertising the advertising that
we see on radio on television and newspapers billboards we try to distinguish the meritorious articles on the market from those with hiv are the imaginations of advertising agents thousand i mean i think the answers that you just can't tell by any of manufacturers trade name mother goddess at the top of the list or at the bottom i don't mean to overstate their influence because we reach a layer of really small fragment of american market what i do sense that to the criticisms which we make of articles on the only advertising of articles the claims all this is brought me of a lot of better business environment in that fraud is not as profitable as it once was one there was a religiously checking our lady
of an overachiever because all affect virtually everything we use in our homes the truth in packaging goal ever since its introduction three years ago as night with either powerful resistance or passionate support first astounding of the retailer's point of view next time on the owner of the fearless market in studio in new york instead of indicating the contents of the fight even ounces it would understand and what about the senate the corner outside and how's the others haven't been a thing about which is about a viable to was seven take one ounces about a lively the flotsam and a quarter ounce that's probably within the law but it certainly is not that the consumer does not fit the disability because when this went against all a bit of a bite and she comes home she finds less than what's expected to inspect a distorted bubble is the immediate contact with a price and other retailers position as stated by clarence adam a vice president of the national association of food chains i think that the american housewife indeed receives the very best opportunity by virtue of
packaging that any housewife in history the world on a place the world has ever received on the other hand let's not be silly about the saints' millenniums are not the nature of this world we live in it can be better with the reason i'm so proud of this industry is it equally well assure you it will be better industry will develop new and better and more satisfactory methods and they will be utilized so that with great pride in what i mean what's been done i'm also very proud of what will be done you go in one of the great supermarkets today you find a greater choice of merchandise of greater quality than a better bargain than you will anywhere else in the world right now honestly that competitive system remain because i want the american housewife to get the best market in the world should get rid of a day and i dont think some new law is going to help black people and you know it's only objection that are made to the bill had visibility as i see it against a bill to the suggestion that what
we're proposing is to turn our supermarkets in to a drab facsimile of what you'd find in moscow is isn't going to celebrate in american woman that there'd been so concerned about images and selling may even be a bill has nothing to do with improving the quality of the content of the box were all for that failure there could probably get better can it does nothing except require that when they pay the jam label and they do put on the front of them in a fashion that the average person can read and understand the information necessary to make a rational shopping decisions i don't think it will be passed in this session of congress now the white house takes this up seriously the president makes a real issue of it but with the control of the answer with this congress you might be able to get it through but i doubt they will be as a message that this daily show no concern of this bill it's true that members of his staff says peterson has testified for the bill that has been all message on it
and so far as i can see there's not too much interest in it in either the senate or the house it or disagree with and working on this question because there is a great deal of interest in the senate then there's a good deal of interest in the house as well and i must say there's a tremendous amount of interest on the part of the president so it was in his original consumer message and it's true there has not been a consumer message since then that it was in his race for consumer message and it was again but he stressed again in his economic message is part of that so it is there there is the statement four and that knowing as president he does not go back on his word on this and it because it's aligned completely with the quality of the marketplace the quality of our society that he's talking about a mouse and consumer council for california tells about packaging standards set by manufacturers you can be my sure that the food processors won't tolerate that kind of chicanery and chaos that they expect consumers to play him when they are the buyer instead of the cellar where food processors buy from the farmer
jerry schilling played by bank by specified graves and that they buy in units of major these huge food manufacturers and certainly buy sugar by the hundred pounds by the time they buy flour by the hundred pounds or by the time that in california many of the food processors have been successful in getting through the legislature legislation which specify very precisely the size and the shape of boxes that farmers must use to stand their produce to market this makes it easier for the prices were to handle the produce once he gets it and so the law requires primarily that the farmers saying his produce to market in certain specified quantity but actually identifies to shape the women to get behind the inside outside dimensions of the box he hasn't used to send it we as consumers buying the most essential everyday items in the
supermarket cannot compare prices and cannot take into consideration the matter of the crisis when we make a decision when jamal many eight thousand products they say in the supermarket we're gonna buy manufacturers of both victims and instigators of this packaging fraudulent it's a round robin and no one seems to be able to tell our state those are the consumer the ice bear you're also there's a need for legislation packaging and labeling guidance groceries that seemed to be fine now self evident wall will as president the grocery manufacturers of america the foreign
drug laws we have the weights and measures laws we have it at nearly every live metropolitan city has its laws so that they own the requirement isn't i haven't in the bark that's ian label my show the legal name of a producer the product the net quantity of contents and the statements of dietary properties and so on if there's artificial coloring also you must be stated on the label this again so requirements so that they become someone does have this protection of knowing when she buys when she goes into the single mindedness they co founder of consumers union the late maynard brady and i walk around the supermarkets it's sometimes really puts me in a rage how much of a dope they think i am fine and they think they can get don't they think i can't really think i can't write that when they say one third more and say no more than what i am really
is is an insult you know insulted by intelligent as well as to my pocketbook the lack of faith for lack of the arrogance the attempt to tell me why can't i find with confidence why can't more women buy with confidence something is wrong in the marketplace when packages their mind boggling fractional ounces leaving intelligent price comparison the mathematics expert we have to remember last week's price to be certain that this week's and software really means a letter by one count and illustrations are often more glamorous than life when a small size becomes large bill would propose is to eliminate these practices are still imperfect critics charge that standardized weights could be unfair to one manufacturer whose three ounces of detergent may be more efficient than another's five ounces elbow the price the same they claim that eliminating on sizes and waits would mean drastic retooling resolving an increased cost for the manufacturer and consumer those who are against the bill so there's no need for further legislation
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This month At Issue examines food, drug, and cosmetic packaging practices, and the controversy that has arisen from the truth in packaging legislation introduced by U.S. Senator Philip A. Hart (D. Michigan). The report studies the pros and cons of the Hart bill still pending in the Congress through the comments of government officials, food and drug manufacturers, packagers, and Consumers Union spokesmen. In a special feature of the program, four housewives question representatives from General Mills and three other leading manufacturers of consumer products about current packaging practices. The housewives, recommended by Consumers Union, bring into discussion areas of dispute which include so-called cents off pricing, shortcomings in package illustrations, the use of fractional weights in measuring package contents, and the inaccuracies of indicated per person serving directions. Senator Harts bill has been attacked by critics on the grounds that it is necessary since existing laws prohibit deceptive practices; that it is contrary to the tenets of free enterprise because it denies packagers the right to be creative; and that it is not economical because it would increase prices. Authorities who appear on At Issue in opposition to the bill include: U.S. Senator Thruston Morton (R. Kentucky); Paul Willis, president of the Grocery Manufacturers of America; Clarence Adamy, vice president of the National Association of Food Chains; William Snaith, president of Raymond Lowey-William Snaith Inc., a leading designing firm. Supporters of the Hart bill contend that existing laws are vague and leave a number of loopholes for alleged packaging manipulations. In addition, they contend that it would not restrict creativity, and that it would enable housewives to make clear-cut money-saving purchases in the market place. Those appearing on the program to defend the Hart bill are: Senator Hart; Esther Peterson, special presidential assistant for consumer affairs; John Hance, director of marketing services, Consumers Union; Mildred Edie Brady, senior editor of Consumers Report; Helen Nelson of the Consumers Counsel of California. The program also travels to the Good Housekeeping Institute where the significance of the Good Housekeeping seal and requirements to be met before it is granted are discussed by Wade Nichols and Ray Petersen, editor and publisher, respectively, of Good Housekeeping Magazine, and Miss Willie Mae Rogers, director of the Good Housekeeping Institute. In another portion of the At Issue report, Melvin Sokolsky, a noted fashion photographer, demonstrates how a product ad is actually created. Running Time: 58:49 (Description adapted from documents in the NET Microfiche)
Other Description
At Issue consists of 69 half-hour and hour-long episodes produced in 1963-1966 by NET, which were originally shot on videotape in black and white and color.
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Talk Show
Politics and Government
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Moving Image
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Assistant to the Producer: Zucker, Lisa
Editor: Solomon, Lawrence
Executive Producer: Perlmutter, Alvin H.
Guest: Morton, Thurston
Guest: Adamy, Clarence
Guest: Petersen, Ray
Guest: Peterson, Esther
Guest: Nichols, Wade
Guest: Rogers, Willie Mae
Guest: Brady, Mildred Edie
Guest: Hart, Philip A.
Guest: Sokolsky, Melvin
Guest: Hance, John
Guest: Willis, Paul
Guest: Snaith, William
Guest: Nelson, Helen
Producer: Silverstein, Morton
Producing Organization: National Educational Television and Radio Center
Writer: Silverstein, Morton
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Format: 16mm film
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