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ms boss only recently as april thirtieth of this material you know and i know the gentleman from california has expired all time has expired and the question now carries on the motion of the gentleman from alabama follows in favor of the motion police say ah follows a pause no no's appear to jam with the new jersey a lot of the role has demanded and the clerical collar on all those in favor of the motion we signify by saying i all those opposed no mr brooks mr gerson right mr
oliver well this to all the rest of our resident mr mann well mr simon all this through cyber now yesterday newsweek elle was it aligned with europe mr hutchins it was just mr sandman i was to rails well mr williams i
used to denis is to sell this to maine <unk> with the other fellow this july mr morgan it was dinners at this guy literally no no germans but from members of the
twenty five members voted no when members of the bedouin from alabama whose heart will with or promote management mr flowers strike some paragraph nine of the sarbanes substitute chairman i ask unanimous consent that the vital my mama b landed twenty minutes with them is being allocated to the proponents of the moment in the midst of the couple now your mom do you think we've had complaints concerning like direct evidence points concerning circumstantial evidence and what you know these people in jail they encircled ordinary citizens their lawyers than a quarter of the land there on circumstantial evidence every day the
president hadn't hands agents confidants an employee in this debate we have been shown the problems the agency on the opposite theory are i sometimes think that we might be convinced that the head of general motors doesn't make a motorcar that yes virginia there is a lot of agency and that applies to the present as it does to you now direct from the president's own transcripts and in his own words this isn't a fifty five am this conversation began on april fourteen nineteen seventy three in the executive office building president coleman ehrlichman with the president speaks lovely wife and all arrested just break your heart and say this this is a very painful message we'd bring i've been asked to give you but i must do that and it has that put it right out that way
also i would first put that in so that he knows i have a ripple effect that's the way the so called clemency has got to be how do you see john ehrlichman replies and then later in the same day in conversation taking place eleventh beginning and eleven twenty two pm and the president says the one point you're going to talk again ehrlichman i am president of what are you going to say to him i'm going to try to get him around a bit it's going to be delicate president getting around in what way ehrlichman well to get off this passing the buck business resident janet it is a little touchy and i don't know how far i can go president john that is not going to help you look he has to look down the row the one
point that there is only one man who could restore him to the ability to practice law in case things go wrong he's got to have that in the back of his mind ehrlichman oh later in the same conversation in response to presidents as well with dean i think you can talk to him in confidence about a thing like that don't you he isn't going to ehrlichman i'm not sure i just don't know how much to lean on that read at the moment president it right now but i will sound about president well you start with the proposition of being president thank you have carried a tremendous flow then his affection and loyalty to you and just undiminished all right president and now let's see where there we go president we can't get the
president involved in this is people that's one thing we don't want to cover up their wages and then he's got to say for example use with cancer go on the business of obstruction of justice ehrlichman that's right president look john we need a plan here and saw that the ruling party and the others around me ehrlichman well i'm not sure i can go that far with him president know it can make a plan and ehrlichman i will sound it out i know they've won fifteen of the transcripts of a recorded presidential conversations on the date of march twenty first nineteen seventy three president says well another way another way to do it than bob goldman is there too and jon
realized this is to help continue to try to cut our losses growing up a look at that course of action first it's going to require broadway million dollars to take care of the jackass is they're in jail that would be a that could be arranged all the ordering an option or yell president that could be arranged but you realize that after we are gone now i mean assuming these unintelligible are gone they're going to crack you know what i mean and that'll be an unseemly story immensely all people are going to care that much being that's right it's a president people are going there being so much history will pass between then and now present in other words what we're talking about is no question gentlemen is consumed five minutes the gentlemen from new jersey mr salmon is recognized for five minutes a game in
iowa i hope that that's a part of our colonial district and i think that this above anything else perhaps demonstrate a contradictory evidence which is presented here and with a supposition that some are this is clear and convincing proof the president in this conversation which i referred to use the expression best wishes and gratitude and that's one of the important interpreted as clemency i think the only true subject of clemency was the one with colson following mrs man's death which is perfectly understandable how one man's wife has been killed and he was suffering from that loss and that the sun and i'm about to go to jail and the subject of clemency would be discussed with mickelson and in that context and it seemed to me to stretch that info at or an article of impeachment against the president is completely unsupported whatever i thank you
very much it looks like it i can yield any a limited time that i have because i would like to make a summary of what i have witnessed the and i know people have to as an amazing how that magic vote has held so far more even though a point where the gentleman hold all of these notions of right didn't even support the motion can you imagine such discipline uncanny to say the least and this is why i suggested when we opened the second day that this would be such a probe was waste of time and it has been two hundred and twenty million people knowledge or uphill you didn't kill anybody you tried to selma both goods and we even with all of our arguments persuade a single vote there's no way humanly possible that though that this forum and this is why i suggested that my colleagues there will be another day and god blesses and we have our right to have another
day and that's going to be on the house floor now let's just take a look at where we are today certainly some good soul makes up his mind as we heard so many say the wait is conscience would make him or leave what do his own vote on this fire because of over one of these sanctions the stricken as mama not such hypocrisy and this drop this says that the president is like can i have my own my limited time leap a president has to some people to keep their silence or your testimony atlanta may be when i'm finished please let me try to get some votes on this when i'm reaching out we all live in a feud you know you make
it sounds like i'm reaching a song like i give you my last thirty seconds that you let me get on the way now all of the people who were involved in that saying boy now while only get a favorite treat so much has been talked about they make the most out of every word that this man ever worry the throwing of that ashtray while i had a guy like john been workin for me i'd probably thrived on the house not throw on a day and so you know at any rate here's a man will the troubles of the world was had very little sign that he says line up to the rooftop they didn't get any credit for ending a war and like that if i get a little peeved that henry kissinger was done so well i thought that he owed to come back
and testify about something he said or he didn't say in the senate nobody knew that the soprano in a country where at least a year i suppose and getting somebody now the most important statement of all affecting clemency have the right in the senate select committee testimony john ehrlichman we'll get a lot of things are no bodies at that but we're talking about testimony when ehrlichman say when you walk with the president on the beach it's a comment there he talked about clemency and the president said this is something that cannot be done and will not be that i think that all of them that it meant not as thirty seven fair minded people hear about a vote their conscience and for god's sake not on the swan began again about on the other day what earthly good has been accomplished by all of this but jen
aniston so i like that had unanimous consent the ideal thirty seconds of my friend from alabama i think people without objection chairman the time i mean it's in the valley man don't love new jersey persuaded me i was already persuaded i might add on this particular or so the gentleman from new jersey was going there as he is i support the motion of the gentleman from alabama were a number of reasons let me say that the bar not sufficient allegations or this committee to know exactly what the charges are
not sufficient the allegations for the response to the president of the united states to know what the specific charges are simple reading of the year yeah that would indicate that be when i'm a endeavoring to callers the prospect of defendants one prostitute if we know with ayotte and we certainly talk to know they are if they exist after seven months of investigation why could not with that or the proponents of the raza most of the arc of impeachment here have named them goes on to say an individual dooley time for victims onto expect favored treatment and consideration what favored treatment and consideration
in return for their silence or a false testimony or rewarding individuals want individuals and what we brought and nanny is so mobile more i've heard that that was thinking here of possibly executive clemency i don't you know that you're from what i've heard is that if they're not by an amendment to the articles of impeachment with i certainly would be satisfied with but with a recitation of other evidence or information that i suppose in due course is expected to be the fourth to prove the allegations this is the problem we've had here for today i'm sure that i've said previously as lawyers we know exactly what we're talking about here and what the differences between allegations set
forth it in the article of impeachment and the evidence and that and the pro i will say that that's what we should be doing amending the article of impeachment but let us talk to me yeah but the facts have been that have been discussed and i think that this as they have been discussed that it's only proper that we all may not agree up as you have an opportunity to answer that yes it's true that the president has on a number of occasions and discuss this subject as other subjects have been disgusted and we know how he has an area on his activities as the aca had been evidence by the testimony here and the other information we had he meets with his staff and he throws out ideas and suggestions and an andy
wants alternative consider the alternative then suddenly makes up and minuses yes it has not and i think it's very clear that he has rejected and he rejected clemency on a number of occasions and make all we got to do that to select include all we got to do is referred to be a faithful march twenty fourth nineteen seventy three and after discussing it at clemency very very emphatically know it is wrong that was your know it is wrong that for sure that again it is a gray and the second thing is we are not going to be able to deliver and any of a clemency the allies to make the newer members of the
committee that certainly never that was that i've made many suggestions for the president but also listen to them and i accept the rejectionist case in my opinion the very affirmatively rejected amazing and i met a gentleman from new jersey has expired and the gentleman from maryland and gentlemen from missouri is recognized for five more minutes and regulate it was german i yield two minutes ago from ireland i thank john from missouri for healing and i'd like to briefly address the questions asked by mission are the with respect to the last sentence in this paragraph are bar rewards to individuals who have perjured themselves as the maladies that one individual's and what rewards and i asked my friend from new jersey and he is my friend not what the reasonable and prudent
man would conclude from the facts which i'm going to resign jeb magruder testified that he had in january nineteen seventy three fold h r haldeman that he would commit perjury in the trial of the united states versus living which he did on february nineteen nineteen seventy three dean testified that he prepared a talking paper he testified that on that day he prepared a talking paper for a meeting between haldeman and the president at which holiday would discuss with the president and administration job for mcgruder the paper said that the rule would be vulnerable if nominated for a position which were court required senate confirmation because sloan was going to testify against him and reveal a number of things after the week we tried to subpoena the tape of that conversation between how the president was refused but we do know that after that meeting between hollande the president
mobutu was offered the highest paying job available in the government which didn't requires senate confirmation yeah thirty six thousand hour job at the department of commerce sort of commerce annie retain that position for even a month after being to discuss with the president on march twenty one nineteen seventy through great at magruder had committed perjury i submit an individual who was known to have committed perjury was rewarded for the perjury well i it's not my time the downs are in florida and that gentleman problem is your ears three minutes renee i don't you know you briefly though udall monday i requested where the us are going to require actually million dollars to take care of the jackass who are in jail but
that could be arranged is that the same group in jail we're here a million dollars as an evasion cases i think it very much is a revealing about a reference to the questionable pounded by it and my friend from iowa if he has the information and the family has some of it either life like as the devilment why he had not listed at these names that is what we are talking about in the articles of impeachment the names then the favored treatment so we want the specifics are not talking about the evidence the specifics of the allegations that reference to charge ney as evidence that the president has
offered the job of the group organized i think it seems we end that we began with a question and there are different views iran's widely respected and i think also to respect different views because i think they help the country to develop the truth from wise management the truth selling pure and simple i think we see that here today i would apologize to some if they found the occasional attempts you or offensive and i'd never thought a sense humor need to destroy your sense of responsibility and in my case i thought it better to have a sense of humor than most of the people the most serious know because this is a solemn responsibility weighs heavily on the staff
the american people we all seek to the right and proper thing and i hope we can have a divine guidance and difficult decisions we must get right and remember that i can see all beats a national cemetery there there were war to the united states in an and installed above that monument to those minutes as they endured all and suffered no but maine karen michel freedom and justice deliberations here the gentleman from missouri has expired on time has expired and the question now carries on the motion of the gentleman from alabama all those in favor of the voting place say it all those opposed
jon vickers in nineteen ninety eight in this job is based on iran this morning say ah this is true this is true mr shortz i ms june nine dollars business ms durham
ms fulton mr owens you listen as vincent well mr hutchinson r mr mclaurin it has to smell like mr sandman i used to rails our long term partners to wait mr dennis i was terrific ms germain is devoting mr butler well mister cohen missed a lot
higher this time mr morgan i used to marry is at i was i just really no no fb is the chairman but for fifteen members of online twenty three members of potent know the martian has now agreed to not
agree the question is gentleman from texas as amended really gentlemen with all the iowa poll in motion with oli of motion to let without objection the great mass of local that i will be guided by the facts and the constitution and i honestly believe that their commitment and i'm certain that i have nothing to gain politically on alive from what i must do here but after weeks of searching through the facts and agonizing over the constitutional requirement it's clear to me what i
must do what i must and all preserved and phones any other person and i recognize that there can be differences on this grave mother that regardless chairman let me say that if you were and they have people in my district who disagree with marbled hear someone say that it hurts them deeply formidable for impeachment i can assure them that i probably haven't applying for real manly i have close personal friend to stronger support president nixon to several of these close friends of song i hope we hear and see the proceedings i say that the only way i could vote for impeachment would beyond the realization to me anyway that they mapped friends would do the sign sign that they were in my voice on those unhappy very and confronted with all the same facts that i have
and i have to believe that they would i would not think that and the chairman of a plan to vote on this article that they were before so doing a lot to address my colleagues on that committee and particularly my colleagues on the side of the democratic column one of the folks here will be reduce the influence and power of the office of the president to what extent will be the terminal about future action in the house or in the senate we've heard some eloquent statement and honestly believe there's been more sincere call themselves working with ford on this terrible proposition than in anything else that i've ever been connected with anyone this is an extremely difficult vote for most of us what that phrase it is most difficult for some than others summit led to reflect on whether they could or would vote to impeach a president of their own party
a democratic it will get the facts justify i hope we never have a chance i hope not one of us ever has to look into another matter of impeachment again but i suggest to my friends here that they don't have to wait eight hundred and seven years of aural the nixon impeachment approved responsibility they will undoubtedly have many instances as time goes on to prove their capacity to make those hard decisions that will have to come before this congress or the next overnight and i believe that congress to reassert its oil that's what we're doing here but we will and should be judged by our willingness to share in the many hard choices that must be my four nation such as allocation of scarce resources such as management of the forces of inflation and recession such as balancing priorities in controlling the spending of the taxpayer's money within months and get all my friends and all that i'll be around to remand him when some of
these large or says earl we'll be able to judge van are responsible we can be without newly found congressional how i couldn't have it without the german feeling this german film the side of the aisle who have labored with the seven months but also my friends and supporters in new york or also while our supporters of the president mr chairman i intend to vote in favor of this the first article of an impeachment this comes after more deliberation becomes because that analysis of the evidence of this proceeding has led me to this is capable conclusion i'm sure you realize that my vote is not as likely my decision has not been hastily this least of all with deep reluctance only after i'd been persuaded that the evidence for such a vote it's clear
evidence wanting the recommendation by this committee of this article of impeachment of the house of representatives on the ground there was serious question is before us and there be no objection to put the question and the question occurs on the substitute offered by the gentleman from maryland as amending those in favor of the substitute of the gentleman from maryland there's eminently signify by saying aye close quote the eyes of the plant will color all loans that lie in favor of the amendment that the gentleman from maryland substitute as amended five ice and i and all those opposed no
ms didonato mr brooks used to customer mr edwards <unk> hyundai is drowned out by the wolverine was this command is is disarming mr daniels and i used to go in the woods doing this during our visit is wholesome
ms jones <unk> mr hutchinson for mr mccoy right now he's dismayed bill this dissent on all news to rails mr wiggins no mr dennis no <unk> fish aren't ms germain we'll mr hogan right mr butler mr koh <unk> no list of really odd
mr moorhead go to a misdemeanor as well in ohio to pittsburgh has been on the plight of the poor twenty seven members of the nine eleven members have voted no humanity is the question now carries a lot of the other resolution as amended by the
sarbanes oxley man all those in favor please signify by saying i always thought for all those in favor roosevelt la
la la i miss your life busy this is not true ms giddens no was
all i knew it was joao know the wisdom or a male that's because the pope mr chairman federal report twenty seven
members of the nine eleven members voted no one percent of the resolution article on that resolution is adopted it will be reported to the house and the committee will recess until ten thirty monday next wow there you have it the first article of impeachment voted against the president any president in more than a century by a congressional committee first and fox since andrew johnson's impeachment and eighteen sixty eight the vote again was twenty seven to eleven and overwhelming a decisive margin which insurers which our shores of a resolution of impeachment against the president will be sent to the house floor on the house floor a majority vote if a majority then
votes to approve the resolution then it would be sent to the senate for trial where a two thirds vote would be required for conviction and removal of mr nickson from office the vote again twenty seven to eleven the article charges the president with obstruction of justice and basically it contends that the president wired and cause others to make false statements the watergate investigators that he withheld important evidence that the approach condoned acquiesced of having witnesses why do investigators grand jurors in two congressional committees really interfered with investigations conducted by the fbi and justice department the watergate prosecutor and congressional committees that he approached condone and acquiesced and hush payments to the watergate break in defendants to be tried in issues the central intelligence agency he gave confidential investigative information to an authorized purposes a
person's for the purpose of misleading the prosecutors it made false and misleading public statements for the purpose of deceiving the american people and that he tried to obtain the science of the watergate break in defendants are leading them to believe that they would get favored treatment well i suppose that in all of our lives jim that we experienced events and actions that affects us quite deeply and i must say that i found this a profoundly moving experience today the vote itself and then of course the result the thing that struck nepal must confess i think i'll leave the question of whether or not it is in fact a valid article of impeachment and whether and whether in fact they will be finally adopted by the house representatives and lead to a town the senate the others and forth for the water and under all kinds of bridges but i think the thing that struck me was just the sound all that while a few moments ago we had the midwestern forthrightness of the rails back of holding
out for but forthrightness of a midwesterner dennis voting against we have the high pitched voices we had the port cargo voices we had that kind of lyrical humorous voice of a hyundai from missouri we had the masculine we had the feminine no misters in and knees as we head there a new york accent of wrangling similar for very much for impeachment today a new jersey accent of writing sandman very much against him impeachment i work best selling this off southern tones of a man saying no i saw seven pounds of what a much younger man saying renee i was struck go above and beyond the question of whether or not this that turns out to have to be judged only by contemporary historians as well as historians you should write about this two hundred years from now is whether this was it just bored or not i must say that if you can have
this feeling for america and the fact that i don't mean to sound corny but on a world that the fact is if you know this thing for america that it is in fact you know fifty states different types of people of all ages of all backgrounds conservatives liberals etc and you really saw and action a few months ago that's a that's a very a very good view i think that i subscribe to that because we had the southern democrats joining with the northern democrats all twenty one democrats voting for it the impeachment article today and we had six of the seventeen republicans voting for it so what happens it seems to me is that a strong coalition for impeachment is now emerging from the judiciary committee but about me on that i mean i'm not speaking just in terms of of those that voted for a nonpolitical terms of what that may result analysts in the us the fact that that the fact that you're from the south doesn't
necessarily mean that you're for impeachment or against impeachment the fact that you're from new york or new jersey those necessarily mean you're for or against the impeachment the fact that you're young lott is a very young man he's against impeachment a coin is a very young man he is for impeachment the fact that a man is a conservative pope and the most concerning on this committee he is for impeachment the yo man mike wiggins very much of a concern even that the legal backgrounds i mean the does the fact of all these people taking their positions of their tour and i was struck by the whole thing not so much in terms of what can happen you know and i think improves jim i think it proves what some people have contended all along that that to public opinion and political pressures and what the white house admitted that these actions would not really be influential ultimately that the members will decide on the basis of their own personal convictions on the basis of their consciences i think that was what that
was what happened i think at this point we'd like to talk to our colleague carol lewis who's been standing by she's been covering the proceedings for a passport is carolyn be in that room during that vote gave you a sense of unreality it was very hard to believe that this was nineteen seventy four this was happening in the united states it was happening under your constitution and your president i there was great stillness in the room you could you could barely hear a pin drop its each man and each woman solemnly announced how he would vote on how he speak to how she would vote and it was a moment of really a chilling moment because you realize that what was being done there in that very room room twenty one forty one of the rayburn building was a piece of history and something that could change the future of this country change the structure of the presidency change our history it really was an awesome moment turning out of the future of this particular article
must go to the rules committee a probably within ten days and there will be some discussion about the procedures for the rules committee to send that article to the floor probably will be something like sixty two hundred hours of debate on the house floor and that could take some ten days i bet you're the committee of course next week we have several other articles of impeachment to vote on but this particular one will surely go to the house floor and then the house must do is we'll back to eugene i go i'm standing here at this board hear additional point make a big thing about it you just saying that these particular individuals casting their votes i just think though for summary proposals we should go over in the eyes of the final vote was twenty seven to eleven twenty one democratic votes with the possible exception of water flowers them and you just saying who carried that the many emotions to amend or to strike throughout the thing he was the only one the
only democrat who was really in question up to the very end and he voted so what we really hadn't these twenty seven vote for the twenty one democrats who were there from the very beginning was these republicans larry hogan william cohen author of virginia fischer new york and rails back of illinois now you go up into the knives and then we also have just afraid that you're those of you were watching last night and the helvetica wisconsin we had him up here as an almost sure naval and drew most of the debate to date you just saw he gave the continual indications that he was going to vote advanced article on that when it came down to the to the final vote even though both of the sarbanes amendment as it was drafted presented to show them as it was drafted and for final passage of article one so he comes down here as that twenty seven vote along that nobody expected and in the republicans inventory well solid all along the possible exception of mike carey writer victoria lloyd
who has been who has said he would vote for an article of impeachment but not for this particular article in this case which was article one obstruction of justice there's so many other articles to be voted on henry smith went into this whole proceeding considered an undecided vote the word op ed also declared himself on the first day that he did not support impeachment except possibly on the bombing of cambodia and that probably is not going to be a critical issue so that therefore summary and review proposals is where they'll stand all stood at the end of the evening tonight all that would like to turn to william adelstein a constitutional scholar from duke university and martin diamond political science professor from northern illinois university there've been our guests are for the women's liberation sweet and i would like to get the impressions of both of you as this historic climax was reached today he's done well kind of drain either from the huge
weight of history or endless hours of sitting in this chair or some combination of the two i would like to work make a comment that may seem at first the distance from the immediate event and not at this moment so much concerned with the exact vote and how it will proceed instantly to the house and what might be the future of this involved when it reaches the senate floor but what i would like to raises the question of why we have this impeachment how that might be useful after watching four hours of nitty gritty the constitution but the impeachment power of the framers to hundreds of constitution included of course on impeachment not to weaken the presidency not a lesson president pollick but precisely in order to strengthen and i think it's important to see that slight paradox for the first time under the american constitution and a democratic country
that was intended to be an enormously powerful effect but precisely in proportion to the power given to the executive there have pithy comments you have democratic responsibility now the first line of defense at the responsibilities of course popular like the opportunity for the people to determine they did that in nineteen seventy two they chose richard m nixon by a massive majority and his policies and what he represented was the popular will to be respected by law the second one of defense against the possibility of abuse of presidential power or the improper use of that high office is the separation of powers and for four hours today and previously we've seen that feisty come with the enormous power it finally happens because of because it has the sovereign authority of the people the third line the first is the impeachment now it's an emergency problem is what
and abuse or closed during a presidential term that requires that action we have seen today an historic moment in the exercise of how to one it can be a dangerous if congress were to take the bit in that speech and seek to impose its policies on the president i mean so the impeachment how i think that's unlikely and i think in the conduct of the committee today you so they mean to avoid that home the other danger would be to render the impeachment power useless by demanding of impeachment the standard of proof of guilt that could never in practice beauty because high office can cover its tracks the problem is to achieve a mean an hour scripted in a golden political that mean i think was suggested to us by the wisdom of the founding fathers especially the wisdom of james madison the
architect of the constitution grave offenses against the fundamental constitutional system like as in all right quick followup question which are suggesting that the dominant it is has the judiciary committee now struck a golden mean with its approval of this article i think that for the one of the points in the report forty years earlier i suppose when we can both assume and i think it's correct that no court whenever possible not that many people wonder about it as best as i can understand it was unplanned responded question i think it's a valid article of impeachment there's not to pre judge whether or not the president can be proved guilty to the satisfaction of the senate that is to say the specification of the kind of thing with what you've asked and security are among those things i believe that photograph of the constitution had in mind in providing this means removing the president this is not a petition for a recall and it's clearly not as the article was for it
a mere expression of dissatisfaction across the committee is set for itself a very hard task of establishing criminality of a white house in fact is that we've had an opportunity thing about this since really since the days of live proceedings it has occurred without truth of odd uniqueness of this proceeding the heavenly history become further even only three real impeachment proceedings one was very early against the justice of the supreme court changes in my view that was an expression of fury against the political party or the federalists a tribe entrenched themselves taste represented that proposition and jeffersonian republicans went after them him and they say out there they succeeded the impeachment talk might have been converted into a weapon of political recall retaliation and triumph the second lender johnson and i think represented the use of applause and expressed frustration with the white house's ability to throttle congress that also fail and i think rightly
so those with diamond said that essentially would use that clause override executive role in the killing farmers and ambition and for managing national policy but a special about this in which really gives me pause no i think it is well with iran the legitimacy of applause is that this is the first of applause of the news to come for allegations of stark and criminality and the white house has had over storm think about it what's so really really is the accusation of criminal wrongdoing it's not just joining the issue and policy i think one of the house managers in a very great burden in the senate because it means that people are going to have to compose their judgment ultimately about motivation as to why certain things were done in the manner in which this article is framed doesn't make it possible to oust the president because of the disagreement awesome i can bring that full circle to your question out in heaven absolute confidence that insofar as there was original concerned about the
very possibility of this sort of gross misconduct it live well with it you're finding meaning the clothes do that before it measures that'll stun and diamond we'd like to say once again another historic milestone has now been reached in the watergate case the house judiciary committee today approving the first article of impeachment twenty seven to eleven wins the vote on the article which charges the president with an obstruction of justice in the handling of the watergate case this sermon of course means that they a resolution of impeachment approved by the committee is now certain to go to the house floor it is all of the second time in our history only the second time that a congressional committee has approved articles of impeachment against president jim and on monday the committee goes on to consider further articles of impeachment
and we'll be back on most of these pbs stations with our nighttime coverage of seven thirty pm eastern time until then forgets build analyst on a martin died in all the power in fact colleagues i'm jim lehrer thank you and goodnight from washington you have been watching videotapes gavel to gavel coverage of the house judiciary committee proceedings production funding provided by public television stations the ford foundation and the corporation for public broadcasting president of an auction of em but the division of gw eta you are a new ruling new movie fb
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Speaker: Rodino, Peter W.
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Library of Congress
Identifier: 2402944-1-1 (MAVIS Item ID)
Format: 2 inch videotape
Generation: Preservation
Color: Color
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