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as is the following program is a presentation of national educational television the first in a series on the malcontent political minority both left and right amy jonathan green one voice of the radical right there are many such voices in this country's best known a john birch society but what about the rest of the radical right the voices of a third party of states' rights of fundamentalism of the political greed a strident anti communist anti social welfare voices what kinds of these opinions and how influential are some voices from the radical right through
eighth grade a gentle green part of the christian anti communism who saved her daughter's friends sees schwartz the russian communists and their affiliates in the american communist party led by gas coal and contained that's programmer gary morrow isolation is to hypnotize the american people by co existence into a state of complacency and salaam law and that in some us indifference communist in settlement will be adequate for conquest however the chinese communist have come forward with an alternative plan which case they used that for some racism demo revolution that will result in that and i play and
pass dr french warns the old time richman gone ideological pitches fear of communism abroad or fear of communism at home in fear fear fear a middle class middle aged unsophisticated audiences across this country love it this picture boston massachusetts suggests domino's about my negro discontent i was amazed when it was reported that in the watts riots in the same period that only two percent of the negro population that has abided dubai say and yemen's reminder of the state of california the anti national bout and i think i can absolve the entire military might of the united states yes the table because their objective is not communist conquest it's an empty bank an alarm on them as gnats in the price at the unsettling communist might
domino's will take over the world in nineteen seventy three and schwartz says and lectures like this and in anti communism classes in holes across the country is lingo has reaped millions of dollars from the public since the crusade again in nineteen fifty three main of the radical right is also home to our church in pompano beach florida named by the congregation after a man they consider the christian martyr john wayne twenty years as an itinerant preacher in the bible he speaks for many small town in rural americans who believe the bible is the final authority in all matters even politics and economics
for anti communist anti intellectual and like reverend auger sincere in the usa this is not to be trusted you know he says the average young seminary today that is to a seminary that's controlled by the national council of the charges of crimes and its affiliates if you send the young man to the time of seven young men who served a major nominations of the national council will do is they will be destroyed and torn down around you know this one the reasons why we have the revised version of the line this is why it's been on the american people will use the revised version of the scriptures in this church and you know churches and that's a lesson that except the revised and a version of a bottle you always
a gentleman we face tonight the world alone believe we say it is i went to university the ideal university because their professors that appointment from work just walk and one of these professors was pulled in this particular week in fact was in today's paper and he gave the saints i had a line that we've heard from the lives of liberals for such a long time we've got to be cautious we live
ladies and gentlemen you might as well get there straight from the scriptures there is not going to be any war in white humanity ask this business of the body is something that the liberals and the renaissance is something that they used it rip there isn't going to be any war the white ear it's actually i remember this is for little that was written by robyn god and all i got is told is what's coming off a head and what lies before us this is a tragedy
every time i think of young men over yonder in vietnam and every time i think of the young man or when they're standing in one of the last strongholds of freedom we easily it yet we live in i just wish that we were dealing with because we're faced with an ongoing war with these little world is running scared or less apt phrase the doll from a john birch church to secular political activists in north canton phoebe courtney leaders of the conservative society of america and leaders in the conservative third party movement they applied the birch shortz ogre philosophies to political action in ten years that have risen from obscurity to national prominence on the
radical right on the on top our society is an educational organization and there's a score all fine educational organizations that are doing great we're of course a conservative society of america is a political action organization after people get a certain amount of information they got to do something about it and that's where the conservative society and the new party movement come in because unless we take his education in order to be effective political action will end up becoming the best educated anti communists and sometimes concentration there are both democrats and republicans who are conservatives and women in party movement do not intend to oppose that we intend to oppose those that are voting for for me becomes country and there's a bomb that they're going to is evidently some democrats and some republicans and of course these will be our friends after we sail like to hundreds of conservatives to the primaries we will then get together and will become the
majority party a great deal of public work manipulation is going on today that people should support johnson's policy and big man but if you asked somebody what is policy as you go around they can find someone who knows what it is because of the banjos we double talk examinations press what is the policy is in a long war that's what rustin mcnamara say it's going to be a long war era is it to win they say no the man is the last great communist aggression he just absolutely refuses to use the war and the innocent he wants and they apparently are saying that the hitman our policy and that now has two leaders to negotiate on limited
negotiations well if that is the policy then the conservatives on foreign policy conservatism for a policy of twenty four instances over a hundred ships belonging to the allies well the united states as a quote i engaged in the trees in this trade of supplying our enemies and not viet nam now if we allow our commenters out there to win all we have to do is throw some bombs in the heart of haiphong serving not all we have to do is tell those ships that were in a blast you out of the water continue to supply the enemy not be a man that water would die out in for paul wakes because our are so our allies the resurgence of our one eight ari are helping to supply our enemies were going i was insulted when i say let's get in their win will reflect on education is that in the beginning the federal government built schools and they live they just live in mine and
mine on the same number of school rooms that were needed and the fact that the stakes were not a building that was a complete lie it was but the fact of the matter was out there the only reason that the administration the kennedy administration a dozen restriction is far away is because they want federal control of what is taught in the schools uniting get back to the er they know there was a supreme court case it was all with greece's government has said it is hardly get it really is it due process of law the federal government can control that which it subsidizes and so it's actually a supreme court ruling that the federal government by giving federal aid education can indeed control educated well have even though education you control the correct a lot of the score control the selection of peace and the indoctrination of
you just one final thing about what they see as a house as an organization because of its close affiliation with the independent america which are the cs a suicide bomber is different from other obvious political action groups like karl bill outweighs american conservative union unite republicans america because for this reason we have a newspaper in an american we have to re engage in the environment which is can vote once a week and then we have these position papers these talks about ali leeches for instance treason and the gap is that the top candidates are infecting the youth of america and los angeles riots ali details the name eileen possession get that we're here the constitution will restore liberty and freedom to the people and if we
stop financing our enemies through for naming and through various international organizations connected with the un in a subsidiary organizations we stop financing element then we will have freedom here now prices of my calculations of the soviet union many of these so call civil rights organizations which have been infiltrated and dangerous as they have been infiltrated would die for lack of money and direction because most of the civil rights organizations have been deeply infiltrated with communist agent coming to you on december seven nineteen forty one before this attack was over some three thousand three hundred american soldiers at the marines will
die here at pearl harbor because they were not warned kent courtney rob katz if you like the way we present the truth about the disaster of pearl harbor who was behind that if you want to find out why the johnson administration is designing the united states instead of trying to win the war and so we have now and then we believe that you will want to subscribe to the end of an american today the radical right that it takes the radio to spread the greed on hundreds of stations across the country they tell of the dangers of liberalism socialism a leftist national council of churches infiltration of the civil rights movement by communist the dangerous road this country is traveling toward a totalitarian welfare state in the bible is quoted constantly to support individual isn't laissez faire economy and a tough almost warlike anti communism yet station kplu fs eugene oregon top heavy with radical right propaganda station president marvin stephens as we have in our morning block a number of what we have chosen to call provocative commentary
commentators among these are dr karl macintyre of the twentieth century reformation our the lifeline broadcast now with northern one formerly with the wayne culture going thorn and others and then in the later morning because of the change in our cbs arrangements we carry the bible institute of the er doctor see that uber pull from mesa arizona and also dr billy james hardesty tulsa in the evening we have a replay of our lifeline broadcast this is carey locally this is local sponsorship and lifeline and during the weekend we have some blocks around noon with mr kirshner critters commentary a dance movie mannion and as you mentioned we have what might be called a preponderance of conservative viewpoint we talk among liberals and modernists and fundamentalists an orthodoxy my personal feeling is i have printed in the freedom press in iran
i am convicted along these lines that the restoration of new testament christianity in the mainstream of american life i will be the way back to economic freedom and free market economy shall we say and constitutional government the telephone message gray the nation schools are open again and the liberal extremist who control most of american education are publicly gnashing their teeth about an alleged takeover of the pta or the bridgers and other patriotic groups educators newest technique for spreading the word as the telephone message now in a hundred cities coast to coast pga columnist samir the senate held a hearing
the phone company now requires disclosure in the message of the name and address of the sponsor of dr john birch society member conservative party leader in florida founder of let freedom ring dr william campbell the us less free rein is the national anti communist telephone network the station's contract with us by the year and we send them our scripts or two minutes and leave an airmail about each week to other stations seattle boston so forth these are recorded with local voices onto answering machine dislike time and weather sent the tape is two minutes long recorded on the answering machine the message stays on for a week so in the subsequent message weekly james weekley the radical right also spread this message person to person it has been most successful in the john birch society which only sixty thousand members this organization has gained national attention successful mystery story writer from glendale calif elizabeth lending she
writes and works incessantly for the birch society we all have different methods of reaching people and what our jobs were saying i do regular correspondents i happen to have a large part of it is not in one of our members my chapter and see a doctor here in town and he has a habit of leaving a lot of our literature and christian crusader treat so he's had a very good reception from only two or three people have objected from the pta to the united nations to the new math support your local police education in general every aspect of the communist socialist problem that's a little problem really we know as we have been accused we do not call everyone a communist and not say that the leaders of the pta or communist we have said that
political affairs out for some people you cannot reach the heavy absolutely closed primary this was all lies about the society and will not instantly many people well to give you one example we had some work being done here one day i just bought more local bookshop and brought some leverage your home with a silence among the hall table and he came up the kitchen after a party set you remember the verge science yes i am and we went on talking most receptive most responsive to smoke at your home were going to read and obviously had not swallowed any of the lines about what's not so i do not think that the average man in the street is automatically believing over thirty years and a truck with relativity we have the absolute truth in god's word knowledge is not attainable except through the channel the individual
and freedom i believe resides in the individual and so as we present truth and these programs facts that people can consider in wait this we feel is fulfilling our responsibility here in our community he's in a new movie and other places on the west coast and incidentally of resistance he's right
for the problems that we face misunderstanding hearts and minds to understand these journalists times that we are living in the woods is big and i think given the spirit something that those outside their undesirable the title race as dollar signs of them in like all of the things which are important to baseline and the years the spirit of racial integrity and we might understand these things we don't quite understand the president as a man the congress of racial equality organized to disrupt this meeting confrontations between the suspicion between civil rights groups on the radical right on the group leaves the
radical right is racist radical right who uses the village's communist inspired at it's b but also it made you the bissell agency wrote this is their
houses so the situation at our homes at our house that's right this
boy the peak is big news it's both
but the radical right does show a legitimate fears of other americans about the plight of men in an increasingly complex society the radical right targets may be far fetched but what you have heard is what they stand for and what they stand against the radical right is trying to broaden its
appeal to the middle class as the john birch society is doing but most americans don't belong to the john birch society don't support let freedom ring dove appear to support of the conservative party or any of the dozens of other people right the mainstream of the american part of that failure to attract more support its failure to suggest palatable to us domestic locally the radical right on the device is organized an opposition is complacent this organization has given the radical right of collective voice is not as big as it is loud but it is within our tradition they should be heard that they should be judged by what they say it students
re enter a dj adam norris has been at the national educational television network fb
Radical Americans
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Voices from the Right
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The thesis of this program is that the radical right expresses the fears of many citizens of this country about individual liberty in an increasingly complex and regulated society. Members of the radical right themselves talk of these fears, what they see going wrong in the United States, and what they offer as solutions to these vexing problems. This program deals with radical right organizations (that are a legitimate expression of the tradition of radicalism in this country). Examined are the Conservative Society of America, The John Birch Society, Let Freedom Ring, Christian fundamentalists and the anti-communist Christian organizations, the Citizens Councils as constituted outside of the south. This program goes into a fundamentalist church dedicated in honor of the later John Birch, into a radio studio for Kent Courtneys famous Anniversary of Dec. 7 broadcast, to a riot in Pasadena where Sheriff Jim Clark of Selma, Alabama, attempted to address a Citizens Council meeting that was packed by CORE and resulted in a noisy disruption of the proceedings. Appearing on the show: Dr. Fred C. Schwarz of Los Angeles, Christian Anti-Communism Crusade; Kent and Phoebe Courtney of New Orleans, Conservative Society of America and leaders in the third party (conservative) movement; Dr. William Campbell Douglass of Sarasota, FL, originator of Let Freedom Ring; Walter Harnischaeger, wealthy Milwaukee industrialist and a contributor to very conservative movements; Miss Elizabeth Lingington of Glendale, California, mystery writer under her own name and three pseudonyms, and a member of the John Birch Society; Marvin Steffans of Eugene, Oregon, operator of a radio station that plays hours of radical programming each day.
Series Description
The growing wave of radical movements in the United States today both on the left and the right are examined in first-hand, on-location reports, interviews, coverage, and commentary throughout a cross-section of the country. The Radical Americans explores the underlying concern of both poles the threat to individual freedom. What the left and right wing radicals have to offer as solutions, the means they use to proselytize their views, the real motivations and historical impact of their power are probed in the series. Camera crews traveled throughout the US documenting campuses, ghettos, towns, cities, in meetings, the views and actions of well-known and obscure citizens and groups involved directly and indirectly with radical movements. The gamut of spokesmen includes politicians, historians, Communists, Black Muslims, members of the John Birch Society, ultra conservative and liberal professors, writers, and civil rights leaders. In documenting coverage, the production crews of The Radical Americans at times were met with resentment, fear, and opposition by people in places chosen for the series report. The Radical Americans is a 1966 production of National Educational Television and WGBH, Bostons educational television station. The 6 episodes that comprise this series each run about 30 minutes. (Description adapted from documents in the NET Microfiche)
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