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the national educational television network presents at issue a weekly commentary on events and people in the news at issue this week goldwater the european response from london an et reporter andrew stern the first european backlash to senator goldwater's nomination is now over the outcry and sometimes abusive tone pound and many of europe's leading publications have been replaced by a more sober and reasonable one it was perhaps natural of the first cries were so while us presidential elections are vitally important the europeans its economic dependence on america has largely seas the question of sharing military the bands and the western world is still unresolved as long as the american president controls the use of nuclear weapons the europeans will want to know
as much as possible about him before his nomination senator goldwater was largely unknown in europe they rejected that idea has passed many europeans may reject his views on foreign policy but his nomination has acted as a catalyst and a new dialogue and relations within the western alliance we now bring you reaction and comment from france germany and england in paris we talk to me showed that political reporter for francois and a close firsthand observer of the usc we asked them about french reaction to the nomination of senator goldwater in general i would say that there was both of bewilderment and ignorance bewilderment oppose the french government march the republican convention of what happened there at the cow
palace which was mostly it's sort of surface noise and a lot of the usual things that happen at the american conventions in which the french don't know very well about singing oh through his program was his position on national international affairs and then became a reaction which game from more informed sources which was very action i would say over war ii as a working reporter here in france do you have any indication as to what either general de gaulle or a high administration officials might personally feel about the nomination gemma logo and i don't think that anybody knows about what goes on internally wells mind including his ministers but that we do know that some officials who are both around
general ago weren't ago those worried about senate republican nomination that day so in this nomination sort of confirmation of what general ago has been saying in the last year is another was that nobody can know what will happen to american boy in the future two men from the wild was two members of cowboy hats one shoots from their families on that notion from live from texas and since this is based on something very real and magical feel present and it was shot in texas and people are going to assume you're on western movies here and they have an image of violence and brutality in america jon jaques ashley vera is editor of the influential french liberal weekly l'express
recently l'express says cover display this portrait of senator goldwater with the caption set dumb it down to this man is dangerous we asked mrs shriver that about the role of the press as it concerns an american election and my connections to my collection is not enough so election the us need to answer questions i do have a way oh this is delicious the scientists say about the election night and president i think it does make sense of all of the new mac and i was possible that sort of the president that confidence in the george li will make the europeans are completely porous and they can say what you think but that has no bearing of unimaginable jones this anything yet there were the americans like god i'm not like president ago should not make it
in the past the recent trend towards conservatism in america as evidenced by the nomination of senator goldwater you think that this trend is likely to have any serious repercussions and other movements here in western europe it from i guess east to command the confidence of its allies then probably most other countries would want to follow that president grant example and i'm born atomic weapons which is obviously dangerous an absurd also i would say perhaps thinking about boardwalk floated that the most dangerous thing about that is that it doesn't seem to understand exactly is the importance of this we on the economy
of the tight control and civilian when you have nuclear weapons in the country to be a quote even a little bit of the absolute control of the civility our military people is madness and that goes into life in the army and it didn't fall into and so is the opposite lives in a way as a weapon anything further that you know nobody's calling it which rely solely on the show although he's a resealable vote on and that i don't like it but a moral political columnist for the figaro has been called europe's walter lippmann we talk to him at his home outside paris senator goldwater has stated that he would like to strengthen the atlantic alliance do think that there is any possibilities of achieving this poem for his shows it to maybe being yelled
we speak about american isolationists all along if you read the speeches of go toward an unusually special is a box of his advisers carson says the people on him i mean for a lot of stolen sisto says the collision of the atlantic alliance in to the point of getting to the european countries so mcclintock weapons but the question remains so this is a delicate means is that there's a negative world war toward be such as to make possible what he wants to do because they should take a payment is what's it would enable more favorable cozy austin yelping so many problems and candid in johnson's we're so you had a contradiction between between what i would call is upon com isn't and nobody wants that they naturally election could be commuted and decided by finance and i know that when i'm writing something against in a billboard what i'm fighting for him but it's
extremely difficult to pass through friend john lewis speaking fabled goldwater in the hope all bringing enemies to him the truth is likely to complicate it did not and destroyed by the plan changes it would be better if we remain silent but as you know this one sitting which know democracy can do that just keeps cycling and to say that we like gould will go for the time being is the last night of the state would be bitterly from going up staying home in the comment and contribute to a mechanic and in terms of taking a harder line towards me and eastern europe and with the russian space face you think that an american president can change the united states foreign policy quickly and radically an hour before the nomination of goldwater might also would have been negative ago the united state their
belief to know the united states of coolant on view and all eyes and nels jensen the kennedy and johnson wasn't predictable united states and one shot lead zinc wouldn't be new citizens of foreign policy of the united states according to the men playing the white house with your fundamental difference that if you put to use the same question about gould holiday homes a good so my guess is that the warning or the economy and can change inspired those of a pub on those things by the list of words but i don't know if i'm up on salinas use way because i want to hope that it will be the same united states are that come on the show anymore and if youre asking you guys use the action of your eye with israelis me is the unpredictability of more toward the spice and nobody can be quite sure of what you would do and after all low when he teases him he can't win at zeno the world of
reworked the unpredictability is are the unbearable for the imf ms dahl where end up how did europeans form their opinions about senator goldwater and kazan did says the europeans knew of course the early innings and a price of course namely the new york times and the nfl season he was a teenager to have bottled water is money the fable with multiple stories are coming and maybe the image will change and german reaction to senator goldwater his nomination has received a great deal of attention and interview during the republican convention and was widely reproduced in america and a number of germany's publishing center we ask cardiologist there should be who's managing editor about german reaction makes very much like in the press
what a lot of criticism on global development a bit of a personality that one of nevada's politics but i think in the country and they say this looks very much criticism already think this is so it because some of the positions that they are in line with german thinking of thinking for instance as anti communism you know it's rather strongly especially the catholic part of the country and that lay neatly was quote what they're saying about a valuable you know things like that we have to fall many many years since nineteen twenty five and part of the thinking here in germany you know we have that we have we are a conservative country and conservative politicians like wall of water haven't appeared
on the germans why do you think that germans have such a reporter with conservatives with us who is a conservative who is part of the german tradition religion always was marlo week in germany especially after the great gifts to the head and they can't afford a doctor you know afterwards many germans immigrated to the united states because of that and locations and it's a part of conservative than that but that's part of it but it is predicted that right and enough to be a lot of such big was you who normally have a fallback to the right the people want peace the week we are again more difficult for the country and why has there been such a proliferation of stories about senator goldwater and the german press our men don't go for that
he was very much the risks that his cousin had that here's a person makes in the pew of the drama that they have halted a million dollar and that patuxent see a politician pick up opinion solo and lebanon as fife as we can figure out something and then you see the moon it's the comeback of our writers we have here now thing that they we have respect to a person in another country especially in a big country like america and they could join and you've been writing at differences the last interview he we head of the jump with the jungle about that side to me a paper menu very much widely read into jumbo industry and the german army and widely read by the veterans you know an important
position as something like you push society and now they had demand which they were i think really that you reprint and then but i don't think what i would like to be proven the most widely read daily newspaper on the continent has built a circulation of formation we talk with editor peter vanished i personally do not think that a lot of the ashes because that one has an extremist in defending freedom that just the opposite a long one as an extremist and destroying creed and i think that question of the men replied that historically them and not to the country there has been some talk in and european press of making comparisons between a goldwater in and mccarthyism you think that these are justified in all
that fighting mccarthy as merely a try so prosecutor the comments and global to me seems more to be ready to fire people the senator goldwater were to be elected president of the united states what effect do you think that this would have on us foreign policy views of the germany one is a german who lives in a divided country and is probably more confronted a prominent in the heat and your country are not the story of an american policy gets broad as broad common is that and it's not because we are good will enter the us
he's been reading this is ok pace in relation to that promise in what ways american policy oren says it has ripened one point that that was one of the greatest mistakes of american policy that in the four parts to the bone and they met at an addict of the commonest is a buildup along without doing anything against them do you think that there was something like you in american foreign policy and the fact that perhaps they weren't aware i'm not of the continuing threat of communism they were very much especially a very well under russian pressure
because this is wrong on all the nice things in democracy that if you put them on the pressure then they get up and they don't want to be terrorized a new love by a minority law by a foreign enemy march by a foreign partner and get it to get this is a very good career he was on the outside of his very danger is that if the russians are starting to kiss babies my family life these people can be in the next echo and then the next minute the opportunity to do so marianne down offers editor of the liberal weekly the fact she comments about right wing german newspapers that have supported senator goldwater and the
implications for germany it i didn't worry about in a bit so i'm because i think there's some on people and there's no country which is not someone be for that but i think that by me in part of nationalism which we automatically get from france today if we enter this status update we're mortal isn't this might actually relate to a danger because some will soon begin school howard opinions like that girl they now some have time to go and that you can you have thousands or pri and the need to be duty and the john is talking about that and now they've since it has become an issue they tend to stick together and fall i mean they might have come of it
what about the argument that some liberal papers in the united states and making that perhaps the foreign press shouldn't say that much about senator goldwater because in effect it might be helping his cause that's an image which in this campaign we had heard all along that was art i don't want to compare a lot of days was there are no borders but that the the basic and we had the same argument she hours should your being and i'm on a human being should you go into very beginning into the poppy and tied to my five one was in our should view i'm not that remain outside and put your finger on the verge of goodbyes and say that we were out of the sand and not the capital i having had done seen that sort of those days what happened i would always say it's better than to save on the very beginning that they saw that is dangerous malcolm muggeridge a former editor of
punch and now a private eye as for a long time and a caustic observer of foreign affairs we ask them why british reaction to senator goldwater his nomination had been so sharp public and i think beginning to understand american politics one and they will think that when roosevelt and kennedy with progressive goodman's and then i go what is the reaction in batman anonymity for the rest of american politics which of course we all know is nonsense call well my feelings of a mixed i was like who gets an offering against the pundits an effect that go to have all the networks a lot of an old columnists against him and for that in its to me sympathetic but it could be either for me to pretend that i like his view of iran lower leg and i think may have been a bit exaggerated i read that paper back of his that was a recently rolled them all or nothing very
terrified bird i don't know if he would've become president i'd be out of it would be this sort of dissolves there was a lot of english and the bulls think were to mean is paolo i'd make says that would be the goal the wind blow going wrong all these people were failure go watch or it's like hitler and it was with saying that well the goals that is that frank convince prince a war we must immediately raised an international brigades then about a month ago we got rid of algeria which is the intervention i would think ago what became very likely that he'd make what's called a realistic which means a dirty deal with khrushchev which is really what the russians would like we'd like to have an american could make a deal with them and said hell always insignificant european countries involved with two big thousand it's so much more likely to do that lynn griffitts a former foreign editor of newsweek
magazine now a conservative member of parliament and a speechwriter for a prime minister that was your own comments on british press reaction candid about that a lot of the negative reaction to goad water in the press particularly in the london times and some of the meat of the week of it was like a spectator and the new statesman and share on the americans and they have been provided by goal to win a peg on which to hang the anti american thing that and i think briana bad feature of the press reaction show ignorance why are these lines of communication so difficult i think most journalists who are observers and observe a lot of things the war all these talk politics ten to understand that there's a complexity to invent to pluralism corners and i think there are the sense of their intellectual sense is of prompted by oversimplification i think that is a very important
aspect of the year hostility to go and i'm certain that the goldwater reaction is a sort of a chain reaction there a movement to the loss off and challenging american pow you're beginning to shine a little bit off the top it's a kind of the great number of americans don't understand this may so why are we not able to achieve victory in vietnam and why we've given all this money to europe don't we do is we ask them and they're frustrated and annoyed by i think goldwater is cashing in a great deal of that and not say the country believes himself he just wrong at the university of london we talked to robert mckenzie professor of political science we asked him how the american campaign will affect the coming british elections are afraid of his list of that in the contest between goldwater johnson there's bound to be some very rough passages where there may be a competition and
subverted toward the communist world where cuba and so on and that british politicians may find themselves drawn into retaliation to certain things that they said in the course of american campaign i got in line for example the fact that all parties in this country favor trade peaceful trade with cuba but your argument here now if johnson goldwater and one thinks particular johnson brought the revolt whitewater again talking top of those nations trade with cuba then they find body politician strong against their will and sometimes landing page with the american intestines were trying to avoid it but there's a genuine fear that could happen i got to face this fact that is that who wins the american presidency is a more important figure really in it for the fate of this country than who wins the election we've gotten a sense of scandinavian politics here a very progressive conservative party a very moderate labor party
and a small liberal party and be very hard to argue the fate of britain or the world is going to be in any serious sense determined by who wins the election i would argue course of the highly unwise for british politician and i think they're aware of this but to indulge in any great detail criticism or condemnation of goldwater or as bonuses and other hand you cannot escape the nomination has called profound concern and for families you know on the part of leaders of all parties european concern with the nomination of senator goldwater is very real the fact that both republicans and democrats resent criticism from europe well not quieted as long as the united states continues to carry the burden of western military leadership almost singlehandedly we must be prepared for the closest scrutiny by our allies elections are always difficult period of the rest of the world to live through a major policy decisions are sometimes
suspend and europeans feel that an air of indecision seems to drive from washington whatever shutdown does come during the cuban missile crisis just before the nineteen sixty two congressional elections or as in vietnam now europe knows the united states is perfectly capable of acting but other less urgent decisions will have to weight comment from abroad as befits a free press will continue but it will be more restrained our closest allies will be nervous until the fourth of november neither
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At Issue units traveled to England, France, and Germany, to present an on-the-spot report of European reaction to the conservative movement in the United States and in particular the nomination of U.S. Senator Barry Goldwater as Republican standard-bearer for president. In this examination, At Issue presents the viewpoints of distinguished managing editor of Der Spiegel, the German news magazine whose interview with Senator Goldwater caused an uproar at the GOP convention. The magazine story quoted Senator Goldwater as saying he would turn the problem of South Vietnam over to the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and that he could not beat President Lyndon Johnson at that time. The guest from Germany are Conrad Ahlers, managing editor of Der Spiegel; Peter Boenisch, chief editor of Bild-Zeitung, largest daily newspaper on the European continent; Countess Marion Donhoff, deputy chief editor and head of the political section of the liberal weekly Die Zeit. The guests from England are Malcolm Mauggeridge, widely published journalist and former editor of Punch; Eldon Griffiths, former correspondent for Newsweek magazine in London and speech writer for British Prime Minister Sir Alec Douglas-Home; Robert Telford McKenzie, political scientist, London School of Economics. The guests from France are Raymond Aron, columnist for Le Figaro; Jean-Jacques Servan-Schreiber, editor and publisher of LExpress newspaper; Michel Gordey, political columnist for France-Soir. Running Time: 29:10 (Description adapted from documents in the NET Microfiche)
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