At Issue
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Goldwater: The European Response
Producing Organization
National Educational Television and Radio Center
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Library of Congress (Washington, District of Columbia)
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At Issue units traveled to England, France, and Germany, to present an on-the-spot report of European reaction to the conservative movement in the United States and in particular the nomination of U.S. Senator Barry Goldwater as Republican standard-bearer for president. In this examination, At Issue presents the viewpoints of distinguished managing editor of Der Spiegel, the German news magazine whose interview with Senator Goldwater caused an uproar at the GOP convention. The magazine story quoted Senator Goldwater as saying he would turn the problem of South Vietnam over to the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and that he could not beat President Lyndon Johnson at that time. The guest from Germany are Conrad Ahlers, managing editor of Der Spiegel; Peter Boenisch, chief editor of Bild-Zeitung, largest daily newspaper on the European continent; Countess Marion Donhoff, deputy chief editor and head of the political section of the liberal weekly Die Zeit. The guests from England are Malcolm Mauggeridge, widely published journalist and former editor of Punch; Eldon Griffiths, former correspondent for Newsweek magazine in London and speech writer for British Prime Minister Sir Alec Douglas-Home; Robert Telford McKenzie, political scientist, London School of Economics. The guests from France are Raymond Aron, columnist for Le Figaro; Jean-Jacques Servan-Schreiber, editor and publisher of LExpress newspaper; Michel Gordey, political columnist for France-Soir. Running Time: 29:10 (Description adapted from documents in the NET Microfiche)
At Issue consists of 69 half-hour and hour-long episodes produced in 1963-1966 by NET, which were originally shot on videotape in black and white and color.
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Talk Show
Global Affairs
Politics and Government
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Moving Image
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Executive Producer: Perlmutter, Alvin H.
Guest: Aron, Raymond
Guest: Gordey, Michel
Guest: McKenzie, Robert Telford
Guest: Griffiths, Eldon
Guest: Servan-Schreiber, Jean-Jacques
Guest: Ahlers, Conrad
Guest: Boenisch, Peter
Guest: Donhoff, Marion
Guest: Mauggeridge, Malcolm
Producer: Stern, Andrew A.
Producing Organization: National Educational Television and Radio Center
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Library of Congress
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Format: 2 inch videotape
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Color: B&W
Library of Congress
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Generation: Master
Library of Congress
Identifier: 1832686-3 (MAVIS Item ID)
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