Mayor Robert F. Wagner
NYC Housing Authority - Dedication Ceremonies
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Dedication ceremonies 120 W.94th. St.,Vest Pocket development, a West Side Urban Renewal Project. Speaker:William Reid Chairman of the NYC Housing Authority refers to the nine-story-70 apartments building. 25 apartments are for elderly. Design is in keeping with the brownstone neighborhood. Inclusion of a unique play and recreational area behind the facility. Housing for families of low income. We have no more funds now. But people can bring this matter to the attention of officials in Washington and Albany . This program cannot be abandoned. Urban renewal's continuance depends on community support. Introduces the Strikers Bay Neighborhood Council Father Henry J. Brown. Father Brown addresses his remarks to the Mayor. He refers to human-sized neighborhood development. What is good in this community is because of your (Mayor Wagner) willingness to listen to the people of this neighborhood. Vest pocket housing as a positive development. Overcoming of old real estate mentality by the city bureaucrats. Social service help for the re-located. All, however, is not perfect. Social needs of the relocated. Financial support for Stryckers Bay Neighborhood Council. Improvements in relocation. A permanent home for the PAL. Have not yet gotten the last of these. Outlines other needs and lauds the Mayor's efforts. Herman Hillman, head of the regional federal housing office. Hillman says the President of the U.S.A. sends his greetings to you. This ceremony follows two-day conference at the White House on natural beauty which includes public housing. Relocation resources involved with this project. End of SRO housing nearby. Says the versitility of the federal housing program is demonstrated here. Manhattan Borough President Constance Baker Motley talks about the time and effort involved in this project. A pioneering project for beautification and construction. She congratulates small army of private citizens involved. A high standard of action has been set by the Wagner administration. The progress made must not blind us to the tasks ahead for safe and sanitary housing for all our residents. There has been no failure on the part of this administration to recognize this need. However, the Wagner Administration has called for more money for public housing. Two bills now pending. We need to reduce number of slum dwellings. Mayor Robert F. Wagner. keeps remarks are brief because of the heat. Thanks Father Brown for his remarks. Wagner says he is proud of the urban renewal process on the West Side.
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Speaker: Wagner, Robert F. (Robert Ferdinand), 1910-1991
Speaker: Reid, William
Speaker: Motley, Constance Baker
Speaker: Browne, Henry J.
Speaker: Hillman, Herman
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