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the investigation you're going to lose to that idea of being with their friends of hearing those songs and giving that the gathering and since time immemorial across the north american continent a simple yet complex game of legendary members still be in play where native american people and some tribes the hand in a sacred to others it's a means of passing away trying to get rid of the steam is a form of competition from the initials to express my abilities gets your beliefs are taught me not to be afraid of defeat even
though clinton in movies for the moon it has been a new woman but but this happened long time ago when animals in the thirteenth day when the people of the land and he recreated make
way that would come later so the story goes there is a coyote eric i think it would be killed his wife would come in trouble really of baghdad where and really become alive again and then there is all the help when they call that's not for their italian guy you can come back to weekend wonder what you think it photo let's play game is bill is
big it's because the way we did basically the
pope it's because you play the game he's interested in how you do first you start again you have a portal into two black ones and lawyers and the obvious point to get away from the hybrid ii the bone and aviv is ok which way on the side are you got me into mr what happens i give will you give me one day you know this is
eight it's been in the previous year officials believe the pittsburgh
the purpose be when you're born as of slide into point that way that's actually what point that way that's that way at that point the middle management you could be the news it didn't matter it's been kind of the point a
pittsburgh is binding i mean i cried actually in honor of the ocean stuck in small doses to just be automatically and restarting of people from the south so that they start criminal ring is trying to challenge to create play the game they then flying onto it for reservations here at
the border all right you can do it well ms
beth equipment but they come from la today they revised them to me when i was born the school razed have capes and listen to them and no my grandma told me he said well if everybody can sing she said guys i suppose you can sink those he said if you want to as you say you sing in school i'm saying some of my sins i don't want a better or not playing because they give you better let up
eight years old and now my father was working on a building trails and open at the lake's not the mountains and we were camped at dawn lake leaving place again my uncles would be on one side and it needed to last week have few tourists should we have to fight i'm going to play a guessing
game you i have a sticker a year ago where it gets this thick gets to decide our fuel and it gets what to be guests for cronies hiring around you'll be good cake jesus overall plants inside the hero of the movie if you don't need it to us that
when a lot of that will come up inside of me there's a tree right there and then and that's the set three that we're less would sing and dance to that tree ms nyad what they said they were not yet what people in some place far you good night and we have a clip of that country play an opinion from whole new global you when you celebrate your use that either way try it they were played by eddie murphy says time
began really an animal or human beings with you and to the people as a trading game has a chance save a lot of baskets of them a lot of carol oates and then put it down and then the other people that were deeply gets the maximum the same value fruits of the same value in a place that tested across iowa won the game it has been the
movie that is because this is a huge plane he's been and
things to put any kind three are overlooked in this place seem all the scores of all the development that's happened in the first hundred and fifty years i could imagine before the dams were in here too in a longhouse is drying racks those used to be here so while la to the big news from the ocean came up the columbia river and it must've been an awesome sight to see are trading parties
with all their goods drums copper plates things that came from in the coastal tribes that are there in england people never saw today alex got this it's hard to imagine that this is the center of commerce or the endings of autonomy are historically are people used to play the game so i imagine that same thing happened along all these villages along the river i imagine anything that was leftover was used to somebody get in a friendly game and they bet i will float row may be eligible for shell's stick game was used to probably just as much as the trading was people are still making migration sorting through two hundred
years of territory relations has been so there's still a cultural exchange working on maybe not so much in the earth as in la culture fits it's been thinking is is that this is
the point i'm seeing signs that confuses each other and they'd been many things the concrete save it because it's a mind of an ending the olive make them fb that was my my brothers it says these islands felt that because i just it like it just they're still in a contest my skill we wait we wait better than one another like people do each other in and then went to replay because they had an era when we have no set out the back that we had a very good and they had been seduced by the bill and those people
i was thinking about making things better cheering and melons i get inside i could cite traces wait wait has a mistake when he made those a mistake you told me about a point a light bowling alone traces an hour the
pa judy and he didn't know any signs and i gave him the time and you know in the you know the scariest thing in these various singing if they have any knowledge david that though we play a day everyone with that the ntsb know it and you know i wanted so i gave it back but if bill if
by the police bomb and this old son and he's the code to going home so i knew the tree lined up to game day seeing the one guy at the questions he's both al's beef
in the end the woman you are it
has people from listeners couldn't hear he used to come over until we used to play them and gave me something changed that we played we really don't if you've been a nice as people like that they like to play these kinds of games and it was entertainment this is a ham yam baked and game because demand says there was no one single event that time but it did wherever they're just a game it's a cruel
sister i'm jewish for ships in the stinking cardenas says that when his ship picard gaze down the sticking with the ruling let's say i just that goat up with it you watching wash and clean into him and dancing in state gave something was simply images that ran into a strictly in her forties are people used to be taking to yakima least two room free clinic and chong said were made available to them in picking hall says picking stronger
nation tuesday outpost in june and then my parents when they're twenty one fall and he says those sunday played against is the c in it and they were the ones that he's been through and so after that you know people out here still using like when he says dealers have something that was sealed when his he says the only thing that i can i recall is we have people in the thirties that they are trained and they claim that they got their power but he says produce people and there are no longer with us in the
flint and sixty scrutiny are still people there is building
in our own family my grandfather and at his two brothers were born into the only do or the teepee and into the officers stationed at that ten day that service had come in and taken over and morrison and that the vote and imprisoned catholic and so gambling was that was not allowed hardcore steep employer is very hard to change those that don't like the different ideas she would save from the ones that went to church and the fearless into the fifties say one day there was a group of people that started to play they have big game set up and they knew they weren't
supposed to do it because of what the crews that told them that they had played anyway the leader was seeing and then they were all and they had the bones and they were all happy and they were all singing and all of a sudden the lady looked out and on the hill those priests coming down here do it here does sticks in here just saying so he calmed down he was mad when he comes storming down that hill and without even stopping the leaders since the song is at the same time and everything but he added the words and the words were echoes the breeze and so that frees comes storming down and he was going to stop it and when he gets is there's nothing in that there's no nothing that
it's odd everything is empty when the gambling which under a member of stink game goes inward are just enjoying ourselves so that these two have reese's book about well we heard rumors the gambling was illegal and that we could not least again because the lawman incident stand replacing him my act in england corley resolution of his house with a young guy in income the biennale says american horror jail or taken the money that writer named down the hole the hall a few loft to jail for stinky we couldn't believe that my goodness sakes was judicial form of entertainment here
used gaming sticky in our past our culture and our way of life as a waiter the form of common form of a form of enhanced in our work or are worth today minow is doing the same thing so we have called for triage there were through playful take him to build a school to become self sufficient women were like before like a family was for a semester in cody well
go all those people was against our there is no food to guess it's no good to have a new crew so the fed and one would think i really think clearly these three poles cold i mean he's been
blessed to it takes two to you at anna do in handy in the season in april with fear self esteem then women tended to go the senate district values that we can support families plans during the week a shirt and tie nine to five you know
liberal in the white man's world and so on the weekends and sold some like this i didn't shed my my a suit and tie and i'd been once again be what i am a native american now we've got and he says he's an abuser and will be going into what we call the arrogance and after that we've got or the isolation autographs and they got caught for it or third week in august and we can ride around again to hangings in this situation it's on the reservation they invite one another when assembling the only one who will also ensure that that one on for years and years in here and we had a long meeting one evening in baghdad i've been watching these basketball tournaments got into my mind
it was that's because the pay is bad is the team captain is the one we mixed medicine the expedition and he tries to the test to see
whether they can win or fourteen it's a big game you take those people who gets to make those motions they imitate well maybe call you invert a sometime they buy the waterways in oil gas or cannot guess i'm mostly by one from somebody one of his uncles they probably have a sweat and you'll have a big lead for that man and now given for things or good
friends then the man would accept them once you accept that you've given your way out of motion they had that man would tell a boy you do this you do this polls because you were jewish they like that that way maybe maybe we believe that eclipse
begins also there's nineteen seventy four but this year and what it comes down to is that it's a double in the nation so we win or lose we had when the ft it's been the peaks but i'm
mam christian mission creep tim and beyond this bill
to pass but it's being is because it's big the story goes that there are two men that
were on horseback they were most people's the departed they're sold so they said we're going to give this to this story that they get into these two lawyers who taught at the other end of the crowd who'd go with the game hanging there is tension there that there is too much in the way of the patients to excess there saying that people who are sick or about to be called home and then you find out that there's too much and in the nation so we don't like to excess abuse louis
fifth sixth this is the wealth and washington spokane indian reservation says like this became captain of the world everybody comes here to waste you can hear it well and then you come and sit down and bring to pulse and sit him down a new challenge to everyone in town the games will go on starting probably this evening they'll start to pick up and by saturday night they'll go on all night all day and that hollande will be able to pull off something again point of
view people could people could conduct a role would you want to see what i thought or six exxon on north korea can't even when i watch that i don't know that it is he thought people learned that could be one of them if i did that unlike the content of the plot an interview you can see you can have a long time along the cellar hardly another elder louis kelly don't be scared to think about that you're you want to win argues
states two years ago you see a lot of things there that first year that i came i think there was a lot of drinking and this one year at times and labour party hearing and i got really cool anyways this is the last in to be doing either make or break your career at one time it's
just publicity we are with you know canadians you know the coast indian yak montana's they are gathered here just place and the game it doesn't make himself whole society fb the key thing is is the song that is i think you'd say where if the carmel where the feeling when our language the smash the salmon that's the
power and my grandfather's band was the charm of a medicine man on each of those songs my grandfather had received through this fear it's in during his trouser and then he would hand them to his children during the during the medicine that you would say here is a song for you try this maybe this song will bring a theme i'm sticking with the form of competition in the form of being able to express my abilities gets your abilities and it was more than just the gambling part of his
term now we're sharing a springsteen but how can we want now we have to be speaks english player was there the power players are really had a gentleman from cameras main way would assume and so what washington he would come play the game then you point it when he lives to people and as corum with mundane taken back can get you that money we would best ones were losing clients more than play again bring em back in seven and he played again he beat he won it bao adventurous a minimum minimum conservatively
fifteen games straight from this guy was he was so it's so much sooner so much power that we couldn't beat you and i know he and all the old folks assume it's really because you could see if you would be like two different animals are in the middle of fighting it now whoever has this medicine when he rolled around one year that would win in an all suddenly flipped over and then the momentum area this is they say that life and a year and it's no good you into the air this'll be
a good game truth to pay my mind we have nice cars now the sheriff bill that much harder that was big it is i want to know more of victory twenty when they clearly think we have very very
few lines of that says ok and i was going to die with their time oh yeah thanks
baker fb fb there are eighty eight
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This documentary explores the mythic and historic roots of contemporary gambling in the Northwest Native Society through a look at the traditional hand game (also called "stick game" or "bone game"). Traveling from reservation to reservation and meeting engaging and colorful players, the filmmakers show how traditional ways of thinking are alive today in Indian country. An inside view of an ancient form of gambling that combines strategy, wit and skill.
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