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they thought enough for themselves to have it built and not depend on the cover it in other words they're still maintaining their thirty five that will be an independent at nineteen seventeen in american indian law than group of people try and that's the way it was before the court and on the music scene they carried a message of unity it was the just injustice that i've been and continues to be inflicted upon avon an only rock rock n roll continuum they brought indian consciousness to the world to rock n roll and may twentieth they celebrated their thirtieth anniversary and the celebrity palace at the mystical a casino in minnesota and it was a reunion and one of the world's premier american indian rock n roll bands it can believe that they're using
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bess the group's founding member tom is now president of one of today's leading contemporary native american record companies saw the messiness of this incredible legacy of shame are now as it was back then there have been some changes but the devastation has not as much life because they tended to go up i never do that educate everyone
are very bizarre beyond the services even getting behind a rowdy job here at all but i think that there are people at all i like to our exodus of the members of the band that i had when my senior moments and in the car we have jim boyd jim boyd also has a solo career corner he also appeared on the music track to have smoke signals that you don't know what is the format a member as well and we were happy for his continued senior success and on the additional the guitar
also written for over the paperwork for willie blue house johnson right here and it ordered the result means these women don't want to work together on that chance that fans are going to handle the celebrant on keyboards and i say this there's a huge rumor has been with me for more police accused winston use us and other commodity right as you probably as the reporter you lonely jennifer
what the night with is that they actually told him the exits from our own so laura sullivan those are the power it's been
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the message was also one of beauty of an abiding respect for the harmonious ways of life that was made of america be for fourteen elite police sullivan takes its original keyboard player talks about that once peaceful world and how it changed with the arrival of christopher columbus so fortunately we were only dependent on our mother earth the great spirit and then we became dependent on the government and made us dependent are we were independent free cycling people start this
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means but you can that
it it's almost impossible to describe the insolvent in louisville union people continue to endure at the mere mention of christopher columbus to even think i'm quoting him with discovery is an absurd and allies we are forced to live their life every day of our lives we watched the pope we came
in close became a week has been the pip pip pip pip pip pip with its been weeks
banks the people you can being on stage and performing that people really can feel the
midst of trying to get homer pj west joined exit on the last of three world when european tours today he cancels inner city youth that's hard isn't this music is my heart so today when he loves as a guitar player and vocalist an american indian reading and is also the journey of tribal judge outside of albuquerque mix is doing this for thirty years it was b so it's nice to see a
moment the band made some friends i think that our members volunteers takes a lot to get them to pay the price to take a message is that makes ice fell on deaf ears and their leaders as cynical as the political climate in indian country shifted exits message was regarded by many as a militant battle cry but as tom be points out we were telling it like it is and the truth hurts ironically that very message alert may have to offer know rendered them as renegades and the eu was quick to label ex it as a musical ambassadors of maine the american indian concert promoters of the nation's closed doors and ravenous original members began to drop out and to multi the truth they were replaced by a very young recruits who honored to be part of an excerpt red army of american in iraq jim boyd was one of a six let's do the news
i had started the facts that when i was born in seventy nine or something like that i'd listened to their music was in high school and things like i think in madison wis a so called you know i don't i ended up in it going and to me that you know that was like a dream for me record many tribal elders praise the rekindled sense of self respect and dignity that accidents killed in the young people exit was no longer just a bad it had become part of the movement electrifying voice dedicated to union pride sovereignty and survival you know how does a little is a lonely young woman and end the patient
lawyer referred to the indian americans who fought in the vietnam war was not reluctant to serve in a country that didn't recognize their paper this song fake review those on the song thank you thank you you
can thank you and so it's been
and i did it's bleak
our veterans found themselves in the midst of an enemy was the government that it was a war of survival to women and children it does even today
indian people struggle to a library right to exist and some tribes already been recognized by the government of the united states just to be able to survive there and that's what the great spirit gives our ancestors and gave us the will to survive when you're first born to take the partial birth he'll graze oh
geez that's it it's been
years oh yeah oh
yeah it can ease as he says is his source of his spiritual most feeling of unity the somali have so much in common tribal people that that one message gets a salt like a domino effect it goes all over one another grows together north and south it's
been the center is bonnie ms bailey is by a piece by fbi the path is because it's
by the piece but it's been it's been nice it's been weeks but the fbi has been
ms but in the united states in the end people legally remain wards of the reservation's exist today a lot because of the bureau of indian affairs the early morning problems nina pham will the seventies
it's been limited so both those of the movement that risked their lives for our survival they were the warriors and spiritual life liberty and just them they were simply wrong it's been
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as a white actor as the war years old because they would be millions of gold medal in the eight years old chris it's
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it is for the peace talks is it
it is i'm saying it's just a masses of our lives the
masses of the urban masses in each other's life so lovely no music i feel that such a strong formal education to get one more opportunity the heavy television a lot of the youth are not aware of the issues surrounding the things it's going to run this to be privileged to have their that's the sorrel about thursday june after thirty years of growth the crew the police
it is as elders and political solution it was loaded it's
busy the plan the plan include the point the police thank you
the prize oh yeah oh yeah the point
the pay to play many many things sunni the
paintings thank you to me ms bettina we
need to pass by twenty first century and despite everything we are still hear that you two ago at
the ending this is because this is the piece he knows that this is a farewell but you know it's
maybe that will outlive cousin ten years in yemen until i know that we enjoyed clinton a rarity
XIT: Without Reservation
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In 1970, a young American Indian rock band burst upon the music scene. They carried a message of unity, hope, and truth to Indian people across America. Their lyrics brought to the surface the injustice that had been and continues to be inflicted upon Native America. They not only brought rock and roll to Indian people...they brought Indian consciousness to the world through rock and roll. On May 20th, 2000 they celebrated their 30th anniversary at the Celebrity Palace in the Mystic Lake Casino in Prior Lake. It was a reunion of one of the world's premier American Indian rock and roll bands. Without Reservation is perhaps the highest energy live concert special to emerge from the American Indian music scene, thirty years after XIT signed with Motown and toured the United States and the world, Tom Bee (founder and lead vocalist) and band veterans Obie Sullivan (keyboards), PJ West (drums), Willie Bluehouse Johnson (lead guitar), Jim Boyd (guitar) and Louie Lomavitu (bass guitar).
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Director: Banner, Chuck
Performing Group: XIT
Producer: Bee, Tom
Producer: Banner, Chuck
Producer: Westerman, Floyd Red Crow
Producing Organization: The SOAR Corporation
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Vision Maker Media
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Format: Betacam: SP
Duration: 0:56:49
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