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there are eighty eight this is bad for american families the primary purpose of it as entertaining career in its first isis it's a medicine than medicine the ability for it was one of the names
it's been it's been it's been in korea he's been
after the fifth the preventive a car that come across the fault they stop like yeah ok you dossier body of funnier than we do for you and he pointed to charlotte that you see in there i taught my boys in the class where's waldo it's our heritage and the trees that the plans to a lot of our ceremonies that taught
you you know you're going to have pieces in the class of victims our eyes was considered probably a pretty good player has always planned i wasn't always sit there and watch that in whereas other kids they would call runner on snacks and stuff like that but my four boys i can say honestly that they would sit there and watch and i don't think of my boys is being asked by special class players his daughter them as average the craft is that any other boys you know people it's so much fun to see what he did an
intelligent hear in a moment a global player or simply they are the voices that would say that the same aide says these kids off just something appalling something special there is a reason for their success it's been great etc want to play the number two major league cost a number for those years or inhaled
we're playing a game that way that makes us different plan is not outrageous just going around the world there are per play hard on compassion for their career for assessing jeremy gerard play was the night parade some places where you know some believe were credible what they didn't do such a healing agent guard austerity you know i see a light rail disorganized it's a secret
oh absolutely i mean you should do it
this is jermaine on the always thoughtful player from syracuse it was two teams has two little kids ran out of airfields wants doma the first russian insurgents someone in ottawa citizen the yankees and baseball's notre dame football and as a kid who was going to play and they have a whole thing i really wanted to do just don't talk about that one of cinnamon crosses over windows dark we have all of course the middle stop on and that's because the puzzle rita wilma over for the team and then they have the title that
it does instill ask india remains have recently to me one of the greatest accomplishments because i know what they went through is forced into school and then their own life his sentences are more than some high school so
when i'm scared i'm really really into just finished up and fled out they're just afraid a billionaire sheldon daily for their hits the violence and says the surface of his skin set to go to the shock of the day
always be sixty due to us it's both it involved a lot of ladies who is
exchange houses and this is tony snow so it's to offset what would an mri that we not only that a first date to me all the fifties and they can listen
to us that when you're i am et it was hard because it was a little different in tucson on our inmates one else on it was hard for us to like put the two together and they were both of them at the same time the city to just pass to you starting ordinary what do you have to like our way out and were growing up they started school a n and comic con for romney so far behind and catch up a million dollars while lying all images to get that degree to show everybody that i know the people that they actually know that they don't think they can do it
so i can serve them academically is why the ministries there was a lot of teachers a lot of timely topical is thomas wesley germany germany had the word sober heart i would say it's probably too when i first got to know his cognitive ability was such that we knew that if he put the heart work inside of us ms skillings no
you know there's always been tensions between the two countries families came together today a cultural difference of voters and white voters when he wears a white players the kids was how we are and how we respected each other news service there for those cases again to get this is what will you do i wasn't on that law that point across though because the whole team and all the coaches were all pretty close in the family a freshman year at one game a state senator he's
sixteen another great second straight chance happening says so far in this season and all people know that lawsuits when we're going for this still as awesome it's beans everybody called jazz players everybody needs to work a little bit harder the issue that i think we're starting to get i think some you guys start understand i've seen some leadership
passel says those little is really an awesome and they won unless the year they can the whole thing is although back a law that will put the halls been pushed over on the villages that were pretty good and not all was leading the team in points in the journey he was installed one there were fifteen into a year in state and children thank you the case became schools and malls when will decided that convoy you
know and it was really knows someone to go and the wolves wanted those surgeries i'm going to go there and yet illuminating in buses to paycheck is stereotypes still think at the scores the way that to put the visiting us through the worst surge is we need to find a way to get the scores up
these guys are fighters why not anybody else and having gone to do because they told me and say this is why it god is releasing its sixth
season looming mr justices didn't put its shows that exploits in its justice and practice altercation the boy's fight
to the hospital disability is this is interesting the whole thing was made when over in the corner to sac davis winery
her and then to see it going on and no one that i could play in my last high school career day and you just mr rosen yes
it certainly is mind we will we are
to go into a celebration in only one area that offered to wash your four a gallon is to ask the schools and i want to celebrate we want to be different we just wanted to celebrate and in the best way that we could do only go to high school wants in all those kids that were involved that they don't walk away from the school with lifetime friendships on both sides are going to see you're wrong with this bleak
the pope so that's something for those bees the poor
and the main german <unk> still had to figure out do for college college was going through room for us to be a little closer to this we're realists julie
with this issue sometimes you're going to be knocked down to make them great and become a better student manager over i think they were they don't acknowledge that i realized this in my last chance maybe i'm only about right through the sixties i was hired and became a crowdfunding because i'm not a good and not good in school and i can't go to school learn whilst want to run and find a good because i could be out of a community college in india persecution university
for you and i suppose this was said about the cause of this prosecco wanted to syracuse do the first year of those dc we had a lot of their kids go and they were in the same bowl as i was don't have the grace to get into a good school system one thousand points or two seasons
melissa says because the toast this is beth novey it's b
in this you too mr liu come on
i'm lead dual use it uses light it's red dairy shed their feminine side of the finals and pass on my classes as light as i the last step but i'm going to get to cities senator larson thank you ha ha ha
well not so much i'm melissa block i know he never stays and i'd never think it's very clever not one k and l allen is your work that is at stake here jeremy god he's given a bookseller time studying late at night say in iraq really wasn't me and he stayed at her england ireland know and a deprivation loss reservation conditions in sickness not having proper medical care do is really a crisis is richard crisis local
the second year was about sixty thousand are really focused and also kind of my mind can wander off and to the things i wasn't supported into an arrogant powers of our people trying to nation in just helping out because he hit it pretty good i really believe in holland brought our promises that we made to my dad and we would have started to nose smoke and i've been
re no alcohol bottles and hair salons and have americans to fight then dismember english channel in my room or an award for either something and they're just in a local bar those other painkillers as asa candler a nonmember taken those just two were just a number of things i guess i won't feel anything at that time cause of well as hold and then you know with my parents in the family while he always listened to home tomorrow you can listen to
cruz alcoholism and then there was a problem he actually doing so he knew what he had to do was actually help you know inside me he started to himself inside
hello on going to the same time because he's fortunate enough to sustain that it does
ortega's drinking problem he realized what he was missing all along because he has a purpose in our he saw a focused man like i see it he's focused in just about everything these usually gets discouraged you have to fall as a trainer have always been to walk all i've done to someone tried to murder on behalf of there
there are first class merlot the lowest frozen going on while hunter thompson
as buses chris christie race the filing made
these thoughts or harvard he's really worked a lot to get there and he and he finally he finally got there and really was in mosul in these villages traditionally feel a little bit this program will have the national title and here's they are now on their wings in doing so university officials prefer sharing all the four tops the advance warning
calls a huge many diseases he'd been to school for a little over two weeks in his workload now immediately it it doesn't solve all these guys they do the next day he'll stay up all my clothes are he's got out that it's appealing play lacrosse loses jim chiodo syracuse university employees across your source for about one album sold bed and i don't know how to do it really by you that is dr wojnilower succeed is going to do it no matter what appearing in the university my mind knowing that my family my people are for myself it's almost like live in two worlds haven't call indicated with what's required to live in a society along with that i trained myself to
cohen that my nation taken a time studying things that they're done and the loss and you know just to understanding is that's really a part of me myself and that's who i am you know a lot wasn't that the inner city and i'd been in school in america and ban in a sport in iraq and there's been so much a thing on and then to me you know it did cross my mind where i want to give up local singer is oh i stuck you know in the state up there and you know stayed strong within myself an intimate moments in them or less been a role model good example are not from my people and the young ones are on the meaning
biblical to me and you know that's that's how i see as those fears that for me and you can get everybody's best for me the noise issue to jeremy's separate issue now and i'm like yeah they all escobar i know and then nightfall hinds hinds inside the animal it's going out with that i was telling when he fell in love before he finally fell in love no
my second i know when he when he starts something he'll finish it was his relative along in policy in the middle east is always was always volunteer army or are disabled it is going to get that we're still hoping i know it still is still has trained and are many more obstacles as the american culture graduate courses
lloyd jones sometimes he'd have selassie and i honestly since the way isn't the only bad you know philip you a lot of people don't know is on a honky tonk eric try to get what i can do because it's like i really wish that i tried hard and high school solomon i don't want to say to try and ice cool and silver star and the answer to sustain our contract because science tongue it since time on any you
create a wave eugene kane miles ms lawson yes
trainer two years tyson and local papers are common causes and a very much needed all his classes to graduate school for girls in the past those ones bother you know the ploy all those years that i was trying to think it was so stressful from fly off on everything and can then have thirty
seven offers an often went away with my question discuss there's been enough but for scams come out there are surges saw this fire was going to canada hasn't where would only in a row on crime it's
hard for me because like i thought owls among the candidates loverde an orphan girl that's michael oehler
who's just a lot simpler he says his blues bee syracuse
the pieces fb pics
it's been all of this and when visiting his duties as you and it
italian catholic you'll be fine people are saying it's at our
own women and nine an analysis of his own i just love to do
there was fierce competition the game in the law says there's a german lawyer were deadly attack by coursera is temporary anaphora from five wins
the greatest gift that you can give your child use your time money and this and that it's basically meaningless because it says it here and then it's gone we can but your time with your child will stay with them it sticks to them because something that you get the troops face to face with my family is close he gives you joy and happiness in their faces and they're back together time especially among grandfather know
i'm going all my kids and raise their kids and saying right now at the chance to see it my hope is that other people can she was going to need
season is at aei ah wow ok in nuevo need
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"There are two times of the year that stir the blood. In the fall for the hunt, and now for lacrosse." -Esteemed Elder Oren Lyons, Jr. (Onondaga/Seneca) Two brothers from the Onondaga Nation pursue their dreams of playing lacrosse for national powerhouse Syracuse University. The obstacles in their way are frequent and daunting, but their love for the game, each other, and their family's unyielding determination, propels these youth towards their dream.
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