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or a hanging chip brock is a rock that the navajos feel was that big bird him they say that the mouse came here riding the wings of this big bird and dived into the ground and that's part of its wing out i assume that we all jumped out that really it as geological it's a volcanic rock the cone of the volcano but i think the navajo nation is better than it has been a rocky has more significance to it
i'm not really sure where the name should brock came from mit from the angle of people who work who are settling here and probably looked at it and thought it looked like a big ship the college shaped rock we call it said the tie which means iraq with means and major funding for rocks with wings was provided by the ford foundation a resource for innovative people and institutions worldwide additional funding by native american public telecommunications of pawn the family foundation the bay foundation know these additional funders the corporation for public broadcasting and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you thank you nice
butt it's been nice he's been is being
in the polls but they're ashamed of the culture proves their social economic conditions ladies and gentleman of the fork over syria we are live at the chieftain don't think you'd want to mexico this great championship finals some of holly's every avenue here including unemployment insurance is diverse poverty level just over half of the families he's known as a real radical community were known as ns people who are divided among themselves i had never really seen a lot of
people unify ancient rock were divided among the issues are used to the government coming in and failing they're used to businesses trying to make this building scared drag queen for us to failure there's a lot of this feeling of holding people back in down like you stay in the same color as i am don't get ahead of anybody you stay with me down here in as long as you stay with me down here i will feel we will all feel good description of your past ten years a great problem among my navajo people in terms of motivation has a lot of them are motivated in the beginning but once
they get into what they're motivated for you guys they don't finish it out of court as workers joe reed richards about his seventh year is but it just is worse is the reason a basketball team here in this area they're really doing quite well there are girls basketball teams to call related to things that i have never seen that community people of chicago relate so you mean to one another i have never seen smile as i have never seen handshakes just did something to the community that has brought us closer together it has really really unified she is an example of something that your situation to taking personal responsibility to protect and the reason it's
important is that it stands out the pittsburgh to pay off big if you feel like that's in sicily says the va in the marriage amendment has done is that is we disdain in the arguments with visitors
have asked among neighbors it's been questions to pass by have a bad impression making out
this show ms bishop the piece is and my mom that festival jury
has been it uses mr wessel well
and for the ft play along by danny why does time that's how i thought of were being used to my dad's view that was more important to know he needs no help me within the future my dad says it is not important to either see what likely to survive is by name as a tradition is a sacred that's what it appears don't want to waste a sacredness they don't want a tragedy sickness we want to be the thickness out because you think i might step up my grandparents through the ages they nearly two hour more it's a dissent said except another lord jesus there are
things looking is it half my call today alone empty part of a hard sell the news is a family job my hard left that's a story i know more about christianity and breaking through how it came from what is bloated were good days but going to war but michael yeah yeah yeah he's been us
why right now in eighty one night that she's someone you were but he comes and visits as he gives this money and he helps us some parents but we never never we need some money he he covers yes to pay for below so now that you know it's hard for for maybe to be without a father and the police became the pay is better
i'm at the cornell university a melody played in the ivy league of the thinking on his own and it is going to go away from the society thirty years it is big
this is big
james well i can't help but its unions do things in a certain fashion
wears the things in linear fashion and that accounts for a large difference my this i knew that what happened to those years ago it was two years ago is still terribly important to us and we have ample culture that says forget it there have been years ago nina let go of that go from here but we can't because armisen are spiritually teaches us that emotional thoughts spiritual thoughts mental thoughts physical movement all traveled there is circular fashion fashion then a generation that says that when you see all that has happened to survey continuous circular growing up in texarkana texas has most certainly know about seventy thousand people in
a single payer my mother to marry her second time said look stuff up their success to us and that was a very tight family and the church's most other defendants too when complete integration first cain and cave animal was a dehumanizing matter for blackmail for the blacks and the athletic field there was nothing even exploitation their roots at the beginning of the integration i started elementary school in all black schools on my first year in junior high school we were asked to go to reward schools public schools were closed a few teachers able to keep their jobs
most of us are played sports are treated a little differently because we have something to give us that after that gift was given that was saying we want you to be successful and they did and you've got a plan the pen i graduated high school in nineteen seventy four or five guys who i went to college at northwestern bachelor's degree which is in natchitoches louisiana
as if nour they continue to graduate for years
twenty sixteen six inaugural ship asking on itunes to ride horses ship that i saw fewer people and our allies same as what i've done i think it is
soon when he reported for duty we walked into the secretary and he said yes ma'am i said that the outlook of pseudo can i can i help you i've been on the road for work through the forties logo tank top and fraternity berman i didn't look to the plays of times it's not really not really sure you know they didn't hear yes ma'am i'm a major richardson lifted up and she lifted up measurements and yes sir that's right we do have your employee here he said she was shocked you know that was a black man at the time you were not required to put a photograph or an application so i think the person they expect a person that showed up were two different people that i we were both ten o'clock on a situation that we needed a teacher and i can afford to go home so marriage was made in
the spirit in my bag as i was told by my grandmother shows into just that he can box and you know i have to do it the old traditional story among navajo weavers that they should never encompass or encircled their designs that going to a navajo rug you know you cannot leave or riding bikes everything in its right to let up a spirit so they put an intentional line cutting the border already rolling so that one of his artistic abilities and locked into that one last piece which is sort of like a doorway to your house or your body or your mind it a lousy to further expand your creation and now lives
it really is signifies get any kind of these omissions were there clearly he has a way to get out you have to have a way out and that's why the sly goes from your center after because like he's a continuation never stops is sort of like the way children are born born we grow up into adulthood and then the h and the only guy at the continuation goes on
spirit why helps us remember we can continue no matter the fall of nineteen eighty eight i was an assistant coach more difficult to travel with carry utility con and i was running into it and we were south of cuban mexico on highway forty four which is two lane highway fell asleep says those
loans and took that long for them to get me through the car and then it was another forty five minutes from so the accident threw acid on the beach so dan and his car for two hours on the nevada desert and literally almost died and that time i spent two three weeks in the hospital four days in terms of cliques and thinking that i have to prepare myself for ten fifteen twenty years down the road everything was what's going to happen later and the accidents are brought me closer to grips with the fact that any momentum and b with that i started to live my life to the fullest each day obviously still prefer for the future but i don't take the present from planet where bourne were giving this cricket says amy it's a
life force that enters a us some of these life forces fought last very long it has a certain light period some people die during childhood some people died going to use it hasn't turned the nation point now sometimes things can be prolonged shortly thereafter i became the coach of the women's basketball team that's where the story began i think intuitively chieftains i guess accidentally i kind of inheriting no one else really wanted the job at the time roosevelt because it you wanted to play basketball and i was really no one to work with them and basically took the team and we start off point
the politically inconvenient over the two girls something to do with the rooms weren't need to consume the bills just play it with an eight day at aei we're too much and so stu walks
through thanks to samantha i am all male a highway on a higher listen you know you just you listen to but that was it
when i was working overtime i thought you know people just come in and saying all junior girls and almanac teach in the play basketball in common i do this with eminem and do that with him and to look at are you crazy i dare you ask me to do this with my kids and i don't even know you with mr richards and you know that may have been the case also you know because one thing he's black i was at a zoo a lot of time and the three four years before or i could get the players to really trust enough to do some things that i want them to do the formula for the system for success
the tunes even in these girls from the merge for says rumors were already says he too needs to happen in that area the peak is my cousin's persistently and for syria mike tramp tart jam where assault close as he's a plain rural small he really only started in red white and blue uniforms and his complaint different tournaments around the reservation in kirtland scully all started small and so you can say that seeing in this generation these tunes
anna kirkland so any football game at basketball team at volleyball team competitions very fierce between the two screens sea currents basically in angleton kirkland is our own large predominant mormon community and so what you have is a lot of ngos going to school there and then he had survived which is predominately navajo then as navajos got into the house buying market the bar homes and i don't know what the percentages of students in those dunes but there are a lot of noses it in her twenties shortly after learning to the area i learned of the school group and central who was the power at that time in mexico when i came and shook rock could not compete with herman central
it's a curtain central interview and we're really afraid in central and i can understand why after the man's song why burton central had the best coaches german central have a program when most everyone else had teams have been sentenced on a parent players working at a young age and the bottom up through a system and by the time they were to play in high school they would just medicare than most of the other teams say was successful also fearful curtain and we're now dominating the entire state unlike a stage at the shooter wrote my point break state chair shook her says you know it's awesome it's awesome everyone to use couldn't central as a model for playing girls basketball i felt that there was more to the game than what has been shown by the curtain style of play and that was my motivation to get my style started the two then begins class because my style of play was just the opposite
of what everyone in this area have been taught to read was the only way into playing field last few restless healthy competition is for a while and then the last thing a lot of attention was frustration a lot of it was racially motivated the fact that i'm black but in his native american the fact the kremlin have been on top for a long long time and a lot of different factors that went into the rivalry steve inskeep part of it was just her one having been on top was so long and not really understanding how to take the fate they really didn't know how to hey hey well it
says a maryland summer coach says if it's their lease seven hundred hours as it in our debt clock in the morning so eleven o'clock and walid is to stand there and soon enough for about four feet away from the basket dedicate our lives and twelve and then i went from twelve to three dead end up staying there for a precise authentic about nine hours in the gym basketball thousand and one thing al mahmood it was my sophomore year and i really want to be in farsi and they practice in you know whatever i could do work myself up to the varsity level one name cults as well that was one of you has an outstanding prison has moved up i played with this band game ever had the
philosophy at that time of the coaching staff was we're gonna play our top five art of seventy and three quarters and that's what we did this was established method here and they was they can't just wake you can't argue with that what they do with that but i think sometimes it just felt like that they were more thing because of racism and arguably because of that and they felt that way i'm at twenty one points had a rebalancing defense that had like three often surveillance and ahead to reassess and that analysis could mean a payout well as well as higher than that every game is over are saying that sea is why as usual and see got pulled up instead of me and hours and hours confused frustrated were not end
at that point you know i was as ceo of the us today i thought i love flight of the night and one standard bank now you know i did remember when alice first chance ring on the rumors were going on and i knew myself to chip brock and his intellect i was walking around the hall in terms of knowing when it's a way this guy pulled me into one the quiet rooms in the area where it's all patted down from stuff he pieces killing another is a greater conversations to the site and then transfer and i said yeah but i think so this is a well i've been here for about twelve years and i've had a lot of experience with subprime lenders and retailers to survive on tv say it and within nine year i was going to say you know it was tough
so at that point she transfer from here to share prof issues a starship from allstate yourself offshore the whole thing you know and she felt much safer much happier were shoe that she had brought this year but she wanna play and i think some cases like it feel that way but they don't make that move they don't think that still even with mr gowdy over a curtain and i knew he was the best coach over there and they didn't even given the chance to coach of the high school level that's why he came over here today as an assistant coach and so i thought you know all over here that's arthur south with current analysis smaller for twelve years and then i want to ship rock was curator says his assistant in long
island with my mother being a weaver i took it upon myself to do the same basic thing about imperfection in any of my pieces that are made whether people a necklace cost two or some other type of jewelry that i make by putting out a line to break the outer circle out a rug design that is supposedly where the artistic spirit are able to go into now because of human nature human error a lot of the exit for imperfections teeth naturally happened to his desired yes according to my mother and mortar historians as an outlet in the navajo stories you're never able to
provide any of the eighty seven season the year that we didn't win the state championship for you that we ran out we don't have the team to win the chemistry wasn't what it could have been an issue i don't think our team realize at the time how good they were i of course knew and now is having some difficulty in of relaying that information to the team i'm not sure the team have total confidence and what i was doing or my staff at that particular time because this was early on in our development gavin seven season was tough it was difficult from a mile for citizenship or on an idea knowing that people and the head coaches they did my son an assistant coach was my age and nine
there was very obvious from from the rare dna that they they didn't really all i guess you'd say you probably had a pretty talking to the longest active coaching girls' basketball most at mexico when i came out any masculine ideals city three basketball would not recognize as a mere scholastic sport while costar leave on the plus i was a good teacher he knew fundamentals the conflict i think was he was an older guy that had worked for a long long time and had always wanted to be a head coach and unfortunately he was my assistant coach and i think where it was racial i think there was that aspect that i think there was a conflict there over the older white men have difficulty working with the younger working for younger black man there are some things there between you know what i mean we just didn't
do all we just we go on get up as hard talk doesn't like that because we were together and we get we name that we didnt work together they would get out a one message that they also have very different approach host alli was more the fatherly type more low keyed softly spoken and jay was more like this stern taskmaster he didn't try to be so personable it is so would tell us to do one thing that we got three stars know it's not right to be this way and isn't going as mr downey and so he would say it's a year because you have to do it and so we would do it our own way but it's not usually the way mr richardson want it slowly he would say that there are you going to do and then each of us was always so i guess you get sick of it because he thought that this dude that was trying to take was
to richardson's position i guess mr gowdy would be on the side helping diversity does the first five and as the b inside he said okay go here and that's where then we come back on verified with the first time easing are we doing this now an endowed with wipeout and i told him to do this and that's where it started like i guess which is about doubting and how he i guess he didn't really like mr downey or something because i know a lot of the girls looked up to him because he was real sympathetic said things that were happening around us other than basketball is one virtually everything anything about girls' team he he knew the files there's that's the best that one could do it's been insane
so i cry i mean you know what do these guys and he was never satisfied stuff like asthma navajos it was like yeah it was just more of a put downey savings once you get ahead of this self quantification state between it was it wasn't peer week is there now are the reasons that giveth now cause he can put down our feelings can be hurt really easily i think that he's doing it to make us get better but we take a person even understand uber and sits on three meetings to some of the girls on the team that you are so just really mean like mm hmm i've been accused of being too hard on the kid you get to lines will
discipline can be pursued and different way to fight push and i fight for the best for them and i expect that the us found and when basically trying to show them is that if you work hard you commit yourself to something you do you will be rewarded i think you see any this year my mom because a lot of things that all players and work with were things that i was so and the one thing she always left with us was that you'd have to be covered then we cannot his clinician must be so i took up with everything i did athletically i could not be just a good plan to be the best player
academically i had to make the best ways that i could and if i have a job to do who's done the pacific be done to this day is still doing no philosophy it's a dual philosophy into words one is new one is female they compliment each other to make life for themselves so which means in a very rational translation your life and the other one was saying that really hits and their needs beauty is what this event in the creation stories that person in person together and they
survived all the things that happened in their environment to give them my father died when i was so the women in my family were the focal points my grandmother my grandmother when i also became an american individual and understood a close relationship with a male i also remember when i was still in the early years it has to be a balance it's not that the man is over a woman in and control it was to working with girls i just don't like to have you know a year and oreos of that she had a lot in that she was a navajo woman i could speak the language and i understood the girls she brought something to us
but by the same token she didn't have a working knowledge of the game itself i was a teen mother when the girls were interrupted state it was a special role for me because i was a navajo teacher and i grew up in this community and they needed a woman on the team uses coach richardson yes income gains and games because sometimes they're really bad and hewitt that after you've won again to some high as it turned out i began to see what jerry was done and the skills when they get their heart out for cherry in there and it wasn't good enough to go like you don't play like you shouldn't be very good basketball right now no and yes you did win
but it's not good enough so the girls somewhere along the line going to slow coach downie began to notice that coach wooden began to notice it but no one wanted to say anything this all boiled through the whole season through the whole season and and i was an outsider say always without really knowing any of these people in and just gradually figure out what was going on and now it all came to head at the state terminated as bell
any right yeah oh ah ah last game we played the reasons that this mention to the girls on the damage and then one of the girls notice i think college daddy wanted to say something to coach richardson and jerry didn't like it philip hammond a game that night and since then fifty percent of her such as so in every into to get that neither shooting lines richardson in his ceiling with what's it going to
do now he said was do as you're told him he said okay in legacy probably thought that she did it in that in a crudely i i yeah i did guess so then he came over and during a rare kind manner that nice talking least look at him in this very reticent such you're smiling as their body patting her and saying it's a great as it did a good job you know what you're doing and he didn't like it after the game was overwrought going to lock and he came out and sit down and the tone and the head coach i say what i say in a gross receipts mean that to you in your this system and he just ended or a reality around esther dyson is not merely in the good views that really plays it as play he said i'm not my plane retired hollering you just laid out his clipboard and it's like there's a fine get it in his wife janice i mean when the time we need every night is that he came into is that that isn't enough his top notch players one of them was
totally in tears all the fans of course the biggest cheers for joining it some people guessing why she cry finally the guys came to me and said is to tell him something if that it to coaches thought it did say something to him so yeah so how did the game goes well it was all right glass their hit the ceiling he was furious so everyone was here we it quietly hire flown to the us the other two coaches were no doubt he split jerry sinatra particularly since been just completely white in a blessing no you weren't taught research associate these areas are talking about me
in young man and that man and how did it change you walked over he says set up eerily i can't make the decisions he says you tell me where you want to be any part of all at this one restaurant that was pretty heavily then we only got out and you're not worried you want sleaze and it is quite mother you know and in a really sad away from winston that searches incident using quantum not in riyadh talking listeria harnessing lessons to teach either side cheering it doesn't say oh where is the us and one of the girls analysis or what the russians and he's staring at me
he didn't even eat maki get that matter in the case he illustrated it is when many seasons to berlin and start listening to come back to the hotel after we ate we quietly gotten the us and as teen mothers of history i tell what a crazy situation to be here we had opened this bottle of something that is bubbling and you know i had to deal with it he asked us what the news they get together and talk about that tell me when you come back to all the changes the girls were together tony tether came down here in the very white actually come to institutes in here all volunteer their way we knew we were going to have it tea meaning afterwards
laughter our own the players needing so they tell me no stuff that was bothering them and i said ok well on to say this in our city and i hope they bang we hope we delivered an afterthought i'm just a simple its mandate and stuff we this stage and tv images and indian home repair something else in the room and then we heard this week dr you kind of like it was a team event the next two sided deal and pay pensions so ira mehlman was the first time but this weekend eight they went up to the door and they started looking to the people not arguing that human so the arctic tern the content that people still just everything
now sitting in right now yes a nineteen sixties that's his home state i mean i was furious and saying you know why we do this now and handmade it's a statement supposedly an ardent spirits and jerry started he was furious he clarified as he was trying to summon motions to the girls had all their hits and how he asks okay what's wrong and he was like ok when i say wouldn't have to tell me what you think it was so what we want to say yes the big steamy what am i doing wrong
he was like ok you're reducing i you know and then you go you know when he had to say they say he was doing is easy what wouldn't i did to get this honor you're not listening to me it is a solicitor what i say in the court and that's when somebody came in it came during his am i interrupting a meeting i you know when this meeting is well this is a meeting he said to him to mr downey in his own camp won this thing and that robot nights with richardson said that's mr gowdy said ew girls were coming to see him because you think that i'm going to get mad and say something from now on a minute be asking you guys if it's the way you want to do it or if it's not we wanted to because you know he signed the satire that shit he said one of the girls was brave enough
tears in her eyes and she said were confused we like danny and we like you but every time we talk to dowdy you get furious about this latest jealousy we see you biting the court just clears their silence years and we don't like it you've said you know that i think home cause he drove the airbag me and say well they don't like the way it attitudinal euro not vicious knowing that change really tell us things because it hurts sometimes we meet all on the court but our hearts can only take so much there is a breaking point and sometimes he'd go until too far beyond that he says ariana and i said there's no right side and believes there i didn't know when he's sitting
home hannah i'm in trouble now he'd see my has really surprised by what this young lady has said that he started to talk and he ran into what i always scared sometimes write like jerry sometimes we say i'm a black man only black men here and they get nation and dealing with all these out how to disable people who you know you find out a lot here and the border towns so he went into that moment that people always talk about this and now i'm hearing there and i had ensured and i said that jerry you're talking to indian people i said don't give me this for the black boy day i said we've gone through this all our lives too he said that's enough and then i went and explained that he doesn't given the perilous and strokes he doesn't build them up enough he always tell them they're not good enough and that's what i think we're seeing in people we always hear that
and he i could feel him reacting to every word i said lesson about how they she noted the response billion coins and garry came out of the things i've been with his podium and i've seen how you treat your girl i'm going to let and now they're just scared of you and you don't need to do that because that's not a thought there wasn't right and that's where it started in which we just came down he was just as my teen these are my girls and the coach i'm the one telling and you don't need a cheap to mine this that are rich to montego had take over take over and that is i know it's your team and deserved but the night before a championship game a lot coming apart knowing what to do is that existed
like when he disappeared since it is with me he said that when an arab state at home renee this in a sprawling blaze says i don't think it's much of the coaches fall somebody just on when it doesn't when it's your fault it's an old charity yesterday a hillel paris matisse in my place to where i was telling him what he should do and i should be coaching my mother every day since the second grade it was one thing time for dance for us to go into town the streets and homes churches and should be coach and you know we have to be told once in a while i'll should be human i don't know i feel that was it really is too rich and spot that a lack of it was kind of all of this you know so the thing is to be dominant than a jagged edges and it
cost that slot because we have on a cheery to see what was happening all along that he needed to take a look at the things that he was doing wrong and green attitudes boost it back up this is all out of pocket knives and filing very simple yet said anything cold toward what you think and so that i don't really know what to think that it's really don't know that what i was thinking was newspaper all crazy where again to more on with an animal the night at her argument that all those little stuff one of these girls they'd been bed when it be making a game plan but what i thought and probably should've said i did it seems like the hackers are sounds from a all these bad feelings all through the year and the carols since then but still it wasn't over yet
they just do the feelings that i left over from all those things been brought up on the open so someone in infamy and said this is to re instill the tall handsome everybody held hands to give us guidance tomorrow with the championship game it's been proposals been a peak
talking about all this is good and fine if we don't have any bad feelings afterwards i said we've got to leave this tour and after we leave this dark we have to be wondering if we can be divided into said only then the stall marked me when are senator leahy is mean to ruin so if the golan think about what he was doing and what this film was just like a whole big are you mean it's like a whole thing began rapid you know that in a way this is harmony we have brought our harmony up a little bit here we are a tool to function for tomorrow's game saturday night's rest and we were ready to play the next day it was a line with what is their riches in this
intelligence these days baby we went into the dressing room and jerry was very common in humans that was a good feeling all in the locker room and jerry said he gazes out pep speech to the girls the girls listen very attentively to him you just tell us do afford ourselves not for anyone just to play this game it was your very last game that you would ever be pine
since this is your game of you please which is dead and i understand it you win we win after jerry gave his talk he politely turned and he said do you have anything to say most of it after daddy kane and she said this and wouldn't he have anything to say then he asked me and i just had to sit for their parents and that there was a whole like beware one right before the guy putting inanimate toy i mean we've always feel like we're going to win he's been
with the poem is bigger today labor day is over a
day potatoes you know we come to pass but the peace between
the poem that is beside the point weakness but the point is because it's been ty first quarter a tie a half thai third quarter
high fourth quarter tide first overtime in only defense was you know one point in the second overtime we were still in position to have won the game you know films of the last final point the piece is the piece be you can do to use crime to
you know you got to let out the spirit so that one's artistic abilities of locked into that one last piece of who track if you try to be as creative when i'm not get it then that's when you do your spare time and then there's the continuation goes on and that's what the spirit by top says remember we can continue no matter what nina penny we lost some of them sit well with that he didn't win because otherwise he just holy spirit behind he get all the
glory it was hard to see and thinking are we get mystery to say that because you talked with the interrogation to afterwards in the last he asked for forgiveness and i was in high school basketball to lose everything one of my dreams growing up with professional basketball everyone thought i would go to college and play basketball and i did too unfortunately during the time that i was growing up student athletes were not allowed to talk to you didn't have an opinion and who are supposed to resume it's all right or wrong we're thinking of there was a tough time i watched my mother my mother have to do things that i swore i would not do who were child and swore
i would never happen to me finish with my high school career which was a very good one that led to city and scoring for a couple years in was it going to college and play basketball i was a really given any office only to find that i had been black ball but my athletic director and coach because they didn't like my personality susan collins who was richard simmons we don't want which just tend to take so i had just that label and i really didn't know my only thought at that point was that if i didn't play basketball or i'm thinking this is one that i would be able to go to college or i wouldn't be successful at a track scholarship it was something that would give me the culture of the education is more important than the basketball with adversity
well it came and you just need the most avid announces another terminal illness he went on saying stuff about you know when i was growing up this happened to me i did this change himself or the bear yes he knew that i mean you're saying that all of us it became as one has before they're cunning just all faded <unk> and then you know when he just added opening occurred so we still cannot to him who knows that it can be easy to get along he's the minority and he was just going to say this and make us feel bad about herself and make us think think about it and try to do something about it the whole scenario or that we didn't have in effect it changed everything for the better i mean it couldn't have gotten
much worse everything just got better from them that's when i realized that he's not as a lot and then he wants to succeed in life and it says tens on monday morning was where they can we have not going through this and we have a committee tennessee there are questions though people say why haven't you that we don't want to talk about it and in the mining and i came back to where i had to get teary chirping and i was kind of the face to face but i bravely with the good warrior woman i walk down the holiday i knew him and i handed him the trophy and he surprised me he stuck out his hand and he shook my hand and he said mr cheney thanks for helping michael brown but the basketball girls and every day and he says at how next year
and i just there was a stir a maturation period that we have to go through the players richard from that listens to swallow say don't think the team realize how good they were are the potential they had at that point losing the game might have been a blessing for us there was always concerned with what he called which you alluded to winning the right way and maybe this wasn't throwing away thanks danny what happened to the wall could study he resigned after the farmington as head coach of funds that did not lead because in him what people say or did people say you're only after several attempts to but i got a chance to move to for a class high school be
a coach i think in a distant my career that sweater that the conflict we got a lot we still talk you know we know it's not like it's just out there we're still talking i think every player saw that during that state and went through all those emotions economy and the people and i think that's what's it is important in our lives that we grow it's just people despite all these bad things that happen we are reaching for something that sometimes i don't think we know how to handle for sure got to get that are especially the lady children's money that was pride and joy and dance out a community that's what's it's like now they were only known to dream because next year we could take state
the pope has been many things but things became pretty nice but he's been
appeals he's been linked to put it really
at at this became a few weeks back nice became fbi to pay
the peak to peak fb freak is a peace but
the peace bell sixteen so we lost a leader who is going to love to have like about seven minutes to its eyes came in all high are stated in the i hit the wall blue ribbons that hard look on their face and he can fill that he gets killed in texas in the room you know and they could fill all the energy talking for a couple minutes and then we also listened to him and coach fitz and seasonal talk to me and just talk talk to me and it's we just we just
sat there doing anything i don't care i want you to sign and he was like oh my god shirley mr richardson said anything was supposedly negative about about you know the way we're playing know we always try to prove wrong what in the world is going to let that one of the state championship in recent years this could come on a show and issues ali that initially hitting the law misses the point that and this was going to cause the steelers maybe that's where i just didn't know that i wanted to see anybody might have closed just like businesses come on we can take its basic know we can
can we say because because because braley the secret is because big
cities but it has been with
the pittsburgh penguins beat the killings but many things but it's been a
nice thing ms binkley
says but he's been many years but it's been a perennial is the peak
typically the peak is building this base it's because there's buildings became a secret fbi has been this way
he says the people he's been the case but he can to pay its budget is bleak
he says became less but it is but
the penny's beans but it is big the peak is because the police became fbi has been
at weeki a penny case has been
linked to be a peak is in baseball nice bonus but it has been these be the pope has been the peak of
the plan the people to pass because it is
a particularly compelling has been has been it's because big a piece of
the piece because he's back the protests but to pay
the county has but he is a poet what would happen if we did with people think it was an accident so i think it was more fear of the unknown they had never been there before and we're afraid to go there and i came from someplace else saying we should try this it feels ah greek
greek week today in nineteen states
yeah it's interesting because you can't plan it's just that moment for him as a sort of a long struggle and his eyes are on a lassie protests in iranian waters and were thinking oh no he's just see them trying to lower spending and teasing in the city's interior kraidy says nah i think the downside is generated because he's got a heart you can get a really big heart
and my work reviewers spirit mind that no one can see you there i met up with her spirit and has its own reality he can't be chief mom our tradition and the creators and from generation to generation you
know you need to be an artist game even harder line of my ancestral belief their prophecies couple dream vision to understand how the circuit likens vision is of strength through our heart mind and above all in the distance it has really cares about the carols is really honored to show he's really tried to
keep the navajo people now your songs were elected chair a night where educators we teach we enhance the lives of every state and a lot of people say that it's a school that really can make a tune in it's happening here the head to head
many crimes day nice nice nice his
head major funding for rocks with wings was provided by ford foundation a resource for innovative people and institutions worldwide additional funding by native american public telecommunications of pawn the family foundation of a foundation these additional funders the corporation for public broadcasting and by contributions to your pbs stations from viewers like you thank you ms binns it's
Rocks with Wings
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In 1980, Jerry Richardson, a 24-year-old black man from East Texas who had just finished college in Louisiana, took a job coaching basketball in Shiprock, New Mexico, a depressed Navajo community. He takes on the girls varsity team, a losing lineup of girls who seem to have no chance or hope of succeeding in anything. With racial tensions fueling the fire with their biggest rival and eight-time state champions, Kirtland Central, Jerry pushes the girls as hard as he did himself growing up in an all-white school. Their work pays off, and by 1987, the Lady Chieftains are state contenders. Behind the scenes, however, a conflict divides the team and coaches. Much of the community feels that Jerry is too harsh but Jerry thinks his authority is being undermined. After losing an important game, Jerry finds a way to open up to the girls and this culminates in a nail-biting finale. With real game footage and current and candid interviews, this is an inspirational look at winning and losing, and everything in between.
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