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so some of the pieces native american public telecommunications additional funding provided by rasmussen foundation charlotte this was margo this long fight this long term charges the corporation for public broadcasting and by contributions to your pbs station by viewers like you thank you nice because you can you can you can it's always had a great question and i think you know for people who said that ever since she was little her grandmother had told are handed down in about that i
drop my grandma and you know we'll be more other explanations about in washington by being simple it's it's hard to forget that one oh
yeah i don't want the indians be about by something i didn't do why do white pumpkins pumpkins pumpkins pumpkins the pope clifford i'm not every year i dedicated public months of smoking fish that organized my business months in advance to have time a way they are new design that particular be available here within weak un visit is examples they looked
fantastic were really excited about it the pay is better well thanks thank you unidentified housewife and some is it like ads
sales reps that help sell products and so i don't want to tell that he had been a good smoked fish mike visits his conservative opponent assistants were going to go alas my dad lived and
unfortunately i don't know anything about that my mother is clean get my mother chase my father down to san diego i think my mother was like wanting their run away from the cultures something and was considered a modern thing my sister throw away your roots and talk about a solvent in western civilization as much as you possibly can it's been quiet and i think me up in san diego brought me that then allows them and we ended up hitchhiking all over the playoffs a member look around the map as in cooking and i counted twelve or thirteen state early seventies was
like to stand at a concert and stuff we are really back here that's right the
condition the peak at headquarters keeping my orders coming in from overseas from china and india and vietnam is it always the easiest to pass because blank those they just brought us here to fire started and then to get ready for smoking fish
and horsley moose meat or goat or whatever might fly it three other plants around the skull casa through on there to make a smoky sweet melon i'm not sure what else it does a really what's as this was passed before i would start using it again in when i came back the last living with my great grandmother going to happen is that we discuss his own business or anyway that's my grandson doesn't know what snow is gone once on this might start by getting it out at a meeting here the light was gonna kill me that the whole world is alive down there only people are alive if i have said anything here the spirits were going to take me
away and the berets would eat we sell there is that political identity a problem it is as the past the present and the future are one of the same in the way we think it's obvious at its intertwined with yellow call it an r oh yeah our mom would one for the patients and all of america not to be given year
for me because i'm right it's by the pay to play the idea of this
thing is that what the negative way it's been tough but and my grandmother's place a lot of people this is mom's my great grandmother's this is a cabinet i went to since i was about seven years old i think old family went
there all aunts and cousins and relatives pull together and we all congregate in james standing up one every year we all lived together and gather over food for the winter to cook their names stay till the middle of the middle of the snow was flying small cottage really bill vaughan a staring toward the tonys this particular spot fires oh charlie these days but it was very realistic that even smaller remember jane gigi age just
a bit of what i'm looking for is that feeling that my great grandmother had provided with the families believe in it i felt really say my great grandma was feeding me and i did summer this day nobody was hurting me and everybody around me was taking care of my kids and a great grandma east village
once i've always done even impress my grandmother you getting the fifth one way that it eventually became known to a shift and this one right here has all been no claim to love the smoke talk getting people together if a fire going and keep the door close to the bears of command thing about maximum smoked his
day it's a korean colleagues wanted to be an indian politics in your life you want and forty five and try and finally got my fad or cr this is matt sly shout oh aha that means he's not has been made i shot means he's not old man they use in italy is my indian petition va am i going when nick repeat valentino is can wail away ad from the non i hear that how so many nations with j and my name is huge brain that call a lot of the i need a dollar for free
and for troy i don't know anything about my dad for some weird reason that families kept it all from may be called an overused bank robber or a murderer should not related to charles manson and but that's the cool thing about that when that culture is it awful is your mother's side anyways in the name dutch women is what i lose reincarnated as anything that theory apparently as far back as it can go it's something about the fifth hunter include one and apparently i died in a mudslide or landslides you saw a porno people's names because it's it's almost a dual person's like we're talking a core it's almost like utah uno me in in the flash by it if you could kind of separate
that we're talking to coach quinoa it's addressing somebody that's been reincarnated over and over and over nobody can step on a new winch and learn what your house is who you are where you came out and how you got boy is how to set out from is called the thunderbird house thunderbird houses have been built here for generations and generations a trip from mark on ours because of attention to the details and four squad at the whole role of class and hollers kind of jared call are of course soccer match there are ethical well
maybe seventy five people would live in the palace and let it go try and hours after school and it was determined to go on to earn on their culture and traditions the stories tall there is that and jaws and forty people agree on how to behave or even for your ego boyd would be sent to fare better not to learn how to be our hunter how to be a fisherman or at all healthy narratives of
town he's been in court eight all the women you know idea of victories but all these women
last it was seven for it because it made him is now that i'm going to put my uncle mike just disgusted in korea you're not allowed to say party on my boat every good tv is that you can say it or is it more manly i've grown up around to many women had major major problems that according to clean gets long been raised by your uncles were deftly
from perry and her heavy duty action that for me christie has been going you
can mighty mighty god that that there was smith who does come from a trading that omar is new and he wants and meaning the area behind the news they think doing things get they were not change she's now than i've seen with my great grandmother lily and who's always talking or girlfriend in clean get i didn't understand what they were talking about and it really bothered them on how
can you say no when elaine wage what is what i need to speak english or when they look at me i know what i had done wrong when you did something terrible was the mess that i've received and the minions indeed we were there to do it's really in paris what went watch what a watch was to fight it finished and to shoot it at the time or that was a central issue
in a way i kind of feel like i was one of the wrong time i was like man born in a long time ago before contact with white robes are no non indians and the indian then or in the theater right to travel to different worlds it didn't seem to really surprising things didn't seem quite as a magic wand when people talk about history with us ladies and now with an exciting enough that was enough to scare your take you to another world on itself woven into one another
and i think if i recorded her i asked her what why bear on it and there's always always wider woven into the blanket and just that with all of the like they're a cross slice field you don't know i mean thomas woven in the what if you don't know your history almost like it's not yet really excited to tell you this is when we left the interior we'd follow the white prayer across the ice failed to get to this area everybody in my family says we came from nowhere that it's mind blowing that we walked across all of the grimness of
the ice was always alive and not him often cross i still don't have been scary all the crocs opened enough and even people descending from that while leaving home without the fashions in crossing the i still follow the fair cross cites for european leaders over towards the world's fish are in are tastiest fish much of facetious is it we prefer to reach of the law that we can tell there's than thirty seven doesn't mean you throw
so the state of the point human thumb of like how you want to wake of what's it you know how one can only know that we want the head that way this one is my mom you know i learned how to do all the food that i know how to do now no it was always teaching everybody around her about the food it was you better damn to say that they feed yourself you're an after show your kid is in nobody's gonna make this food for you know you have to make yourself ever get hungry for real can be inferred my dad was a deal that are and my mother would prepare the fish that my dad cup they would pull up in the fishing boats and
dropped off three hundred fictional setting up a kind of thriller fish in a day why if you can live off of your fish three hundred stations and remind you when you die twelve fifteen or other media family members to do it the police beat you quit fish and bizarre probably in june unwittingly about david's
given the fifth sixth thing i think with the right amount of one thousand one hundred seventy four dollars and sixty five cents one thousand two hundred ninety dollars and fourteen cents talk my customers are native and they want real traditional designs that they can wear depicting there's crowds or their family a lumber designers time about the evil the re when you're trying to keep your traditional possible <unk> faith in a ford fiesta for ford for the navy everything anyone as carpeting that won a month for modern times mouth my grandmother's that was
ok for me to do it as long as the design or traditional i had this meeting in vietnam and the persian knock off levy of amazed knocked off the persian rug design and we have the choke up going to design woven in that so it's kind of like a knockoff of a knock off we deserve ever relevant ever ryan's i usually play it you have to come to us all oh wow no
no one thing with that fish when an animal is we can't touch each other preventive this hour both sides if it's why she now that you about half of them with the small but dangerous circle around this low cost lower and now a weekly feature it be terrifying because he was
an all around and writing did a year ago we should say you know well into the fire and by the way you know old school run with that there's enough you run into them talk about their our family too i'm an evil evil hundreds and the barrister is part of a legal claim that they're part of the family like the top of their display tucked into a family member if you're scared you tell me you don't want to hurt if you get if you're out angry well taliban eu dr fisch now i can talk and i'm not scared of them was little you know ten or so big and carry it should it
can cause burns he came to pease wire money on my business or criminally and go every few miles i know we
speak this week today and
then they haven't answered the defendant answered with a fairly rich in revere and here's a game so is it was i'm in waco and now it's like this it does
in the no man's land at the end of the defendant of them didn't come to the old india than the dividends that this was not a super eighty eight cents i received a fine we try not to think the irs that fish can't do really approve of how i ran my business yup or your business investment fish at the same time and i think they're they're me what candidates devolve some fish tested something that all bucket of fish that sets up this old priceless but no they get it sees my couch in the empty yeah my
you're welcome the state french the white man's ways before
yesterday regardless of how badly people would like to go back to a changing white people back out of america what about it like why didn't it made it in my grandparents and my uncles and aunties and my mother way but the white men with gigi sohn plays double the part for me learning english way and learning oh wait sweat it's hard trying to embrace what you really believe in them and with my grandmother was hard growing up with her should always say i'm gonna be a good christian in this life because in my next life if i'm
not i might come back as a rock you is confusing because its know reincarnation with their the man in the sky and i was wrong with the rocks so there's a big fifty fifty of you know i think she's half christina inches off salmon worship or most of the people who lived in the last year who are not made of lincoln center of my own beloved theater which was right above their level of a bug like this all of this year although he lost his base in the seventies everybody was on about three year your bread this way without way racism was still pretty thin in fact you as america the american thing to be it's going to be
five very same five people a lot of the youth ministry corn is as big as if everything they weren't wasted away from it just weeks ago here was my grandmother's family begging pleading with the city to not that the road through here is all small classes were a worker and it's the roach right world this podcast is worth the pro
gun right here you know you walk in here so many had a good probably five feet this way that the fear is you know it's a place where every had come together thousand years ago a lot of the family when a drinking about him too calm and sober up and come back to reality with the bulldozers cameramen and demolished or as bee somehow broke up front of the family what that's been as a grandmother in juneau and i was i often on with my a cookie again the work that he had was stuck with me
forever cookie mike's house was pretty school and my grandma's house was full and my brothers they're just like i you know where's can tell how i feed myself with the passing of our grandmothers believe it seemed like the family somewhat dismantled without my great grandmother taking care of man and overboard me my grandmother at every checkpoint was like all crap is that again that again my uncles and their wives were drinking heavily and the fighting with the drinking and terrified me my grandmother drink occasionally it would make sense it what's going on i need to get out here
the government if people did ask me to walk away from my culture in with all crapped and i have i might even when i'm president oh i am going to make you just a thief electricity bills that they run that always votes in an unrelated mm hmm right after the piece blue
it is is this i needed a big break and i thought i think that colleges about the party you know partying to break a break from reality corina playboy magazine years and analysts within the top ten party schools in the nation that was pretty reputable so i started studying business this
country after a day here getting creative my truck one the bar up four hundred and fifty bucks and that's right outside right now and i got here i want more jaded didn't want fifty bucks the point oh yeah
states along the way i diversified into pitch after wrangling over the money was the novel idea of the political guard in any here and trying to find a factory that would reduce down where you know every day was a day with a hard work day o'connor sick of running around hitting all these places that are given me where wall i buy and dry red and her burma where all agreed this is it isn't the puny fact we've been looking for this and i go inside and have a condom factory
so disappointed mr moriarty reports they'll drag athletes all that wealth on and isn't that far off it's bonnie started reading so this one guy a real vaguely i had into this what feels like a compound big cement walls that i was ready to order and thousands that view of underwear and he's sad i know what you're doing is you're you can make it by one with all of that fell military riverboat with what's that weary of the detail and why is there an opening for
that maybe that was too much of a lens of poems itself what will win even if you so wish i would sell stuff that's gonna kill people so they just really hit me so hard for the ruling will have been so i know that makes a salmon taste really good is that none of the walls and you know that the fifth us
i think everyone in the vehicle you know it's been built on top of so many generations my grandmother spend a lot of time just building and no razor resurrecting that she hired a lot of native people it meant to come and work on it and finish it and i think it just didn't quite get finished before cheaper too old to do it and after a couple years i decided well i'm just gonna finish and she was super excited when i'm the first fish came out of her small caucus there might have been at one of the best days of her life you can get it anywhere else you can't buy the
fish that i like to smell this up for sale is not enough of a two part a word i'm not going to sell you my fisher twenty fives among assad to four hundred folks are not a sell it to a period of impunity that really beautiful when you began to write it's coming to them and where the world is going to change and now it's worth going back to the old way of living so of the leg electricity goes out
you know what to do sure it's good they have television and and computers in and the lights but your television you can't eat it and neither kenya eat your computer there's nothing malicious about it with me to learn more about this visit pbs dot org and you order a coffee of smoking fish called home video at one eight hundred like gps and four visit wksu kevin you got shot pbs dot org i believe in the themes
this is made possible by the american telecommunications additional funding provided by recipes and foundation charlie crist called margot chris called practice called character guess the corporation for public broadcasting and by contributions to your pbs station by viewers like you thank you there are eighty eight
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Cory Mann (Tlingit) is a quirky businessman hustling to make a dollar in Juneau, Alaska. He gets hungry for smoked salmon and decides to spend a summer smoking fish at a family's traditional fish camp. The unusual story of his life and the untold history of his people interweave with the process of preparing traditional food as he struggles to pay his bills and keep his business afloat.
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