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or a hanging when and when john yoo has its roots in the creation of the universe their elders tell young people to run early in the morning you would call a valuable greeting the sunrise vickie running includes senator says a call hell's but also spiritual and mental health insurance and daughter be such a finger at first when the bats confidence for protection strength most of the action happens in the last mile is all about
there's no way you stand on the same line in let's go it's bad i know
it's some kind of life and there is a patient we can be very tough thanks jesse various color line on there like there is too much
and it is no irony we are gonna begin today with our weekly awards in an ongoing today with stuart with lester celeste and thirty thirty seconds improvement ryan yeah anyone from fast even faster fifty nine seconds of islamist allies did billy oren wasn't satisfied with just an endangered and they maintain it if we have to work hard and but if we work hard we can meet anybody got time to get faster but they did to me i work a little harder than everyone else do you do i mean really for this
issue like what remember that today is august twenty first you need to want so when it today is i don't want to wait at the day the state needed it's too late i hope we can win the state championship again i would love the back to back state championships competition very strong this year on paper ken lay as a star retain than us by a good margin they finish second us last year and
van horn steve inskeep host this is serious i'm going to stay it was amazing yes it is
it is written for lashes is the only into an organ function and it killed there committee to develop it and he often had something to think that if i worked really hard and i can make a scholarship for college the point here today on that eighteen hundreds it was grandfather's job of state and then biggie it was his job and the family are to make shoes for all the family that you're
over it will hurt your first virtually worse yet it and one click on the job fashion column dialing mean johnny flats he keeps bahraini element in the analog and that left the former first thing it left me my four sisters and brother and he left us in boston i think as my family and they'll have to have been
in i'm know there were you know it was painful and rewarding workouts of the season we'll ask permission of the mountain terrain and they're everywhere there we're doomed retiring as pure misery let's read on your lives wang says beautiful afternoon when the enemy's returns are about all we ask that you carry as lightly and swiftly up your mighty ramparts and jazz violin is down people picked up the
pace and eight they include in this and they're getting stronger mentally tough paul ryan philippe can compete with any thought to save beleaguered a great summer it was sixty miles a week in the astrodome tune in and rethink about my future more rebound and scholarships are for you have one or even at all in in
any friends in this voice is alcohol does runs rising wave of in a sting in debates and filling out a recruiting question year for home or if search outlets it's insane billy once the litter into the city for fifteen years and a pediatrician at the local indian health service hospital though it's very much his own man i think it is a pretty
low yes yes for as far as billy returning to the reservation i honestly don't see him coming now i'd be very surprised it is it's bad policy he was the president he is much more of a team sport then people realize the top five members of the cross country team score points first place one point second place two points the low score wins and you have to have the five guys that margaret least matched with a five guys
out of the game you're up against one is to be the number three man in these three men it's very easy for one slow member in the viking far enough behind race and the advantage you have from having everyone settles in it's been really nice
this is thank you nice it's b the obvious difference is that belief that arises here ryan is as fast as it was last year is look it's not really new
a minute three times it is annie lowery is slowly tasty on their austin
robey is think about great team really asked me is it odd being one amongst my four point nine and i think twenty nine go bad does that all for nothing if i was told i had to have a whole team of one guy haggard began to deem appropriate dennis he's a great student is a great sense of humor kenny works really art it is not the most talented right now mccain but that he's achieved this group you are working your head coach can get one
the poor join us you're hungry sixty four years old olson says the terms were you injured on the plane
prices but our first or just under the name our nine adorable cousin walter james nine and here was this is now africa's assets us awake by and everybody else those guys that i met and they are not in their long as they're not a serious bar i go no no no it is a fee i'm personally scared mr nixon
amy tries lakewood skills talk about ending health is taking those years he was feeling a lot of pain and a lot more pills that has taken more i guess a snake an accidental overdoses in years while the us twenty seven years old us that's nice
i mean morning mood now a traditional stretch out her babies every morning and think that bus window and think about the man you want to become so when do it every morning we have a jeannie increases oversee element they won't talk about were actually do if we want even have a chance at the title the guys are also not without diets failing to advise not doing worse if we don't if we do want is
it is really on the copy boy johnny getting lazy joey don't know where but uneasy get on the baltimore call a stay away from the distractions if we just to do more dornan is keep things really easy reliant as war about it this season will get a second place so for us that if that's our goal but it's up to you guys if you want to close the gap and even try to go after team it was two state championships he's been south korea
this season the state this is krieger other big thing on the long run their uncle and his girlfriend has shown their mother uncle was distracted and my grandmother my uncle about the job i totally should catch a butterfly and put on your lady can run fast i wait for the fundamentalists seized do a long time ago with a lot of the events around it have to get up early in the morning before the sun comes out and you have to run a story where you
would find new listeners evasion isn't really interested in the question of running as a bit of an additional was the families have been running to see what mr rest of america we value the other team sports far above cost country like that out here you know you go across cultures does that mean and helen yourself mentally and physically in comparison to
them privately pushes the us singing and you're so lucky nice nice this is
being cast we've got a bunch of the new media center less than twenty four hours in our times as the war ii on lady tonight these baby i see a lot of that caron looked over crimea champion is no one in arizona more titles than you that raise me he's getting out there may
yet that that got him as a roommate in fugitive waves more than that i mean that is a really really isis and the articles that cheers you when he was in junior high i do not expect that he would finish school when his daughter running changed he changed and he wanted to be here want to be somebody and
to my interview on like denise complains that ryan any other student for seniors on the team this year ryan is the one who is as a potential to be recruited by a division one programs are tiny foreign countries that talent it's the first of the city where it was closer to provide it on schools have to take more of those tests may see tear gas at a nice kid yes well for instance sam kass like i'm kind of just on the new schools will hear those are there
so far as bolz weber's been very fun this appointment even if your number two on the team doesn't mean you're off track on your long term goals there still defending three a's they can't cross country in multiple events in track and chairs are just finishing behind believe it adds next year we're about teenagers we're about to trace it mr valle is running errands some ways and the home alive need for that year
it is many things in the past the crime bosses
for years and years ms williams yes haiti's central arizona it's ok
but first we go to la i'm going through a lot of stuff like this to meet their morale even cause meaning news junkies you lies to tennis great season and he has met an easy six months
his older brother died on labor day i'm shocked at how well he's he's in it for the reason why he's doing ok as does his girlfriend have been something like a girlfriend in high school to lift your spirits as beans beans lawrence taylor so i thought there anything in
dc set aside he just there was a noticeable improvement in and the foreman said to me on saturday mentally it was important for ryan to deal to race last saturday without billy there and i don't think he really started to train hard until billy thoroughly throttled islamist right now
thank you for their idea as the orthopedist of felt like the most likely thing that's going on that was just a ruse instructions on the move that's chile's ship is rising and the warriors as they gain a lot even a billionaire ron we would have lost to gently a four corners around here i think you'd see the warrior before sex yes but we have to break up this back years ago a closely as jack chiles on the move they are looking to
really cause i never want you guys gonna learn who these guys are you know where they are in the race and learn how to control he wanted me at all have days and laying there and the driver seeing less oxygen leak off for the last five years says the firm and lots of it some ideas were down in op eds and a lot more blood cells that carry oxygen and women on the phoenix is award season sunday night and noble advantage sweden has
a little bit more in some sense what is coming to talk about you know does not want to do you don't county has asthma is or is on an evelyn is or is off and arizona's off is to focus i think a hundred percent of his little aches and pains come from the doomed small things that he was doing the warm ups that he was doing in the cool downs he would have any problems and he wouldn't lose oh very
and it has a nice silver in england gets used to change it changes rules or small because they never did that you were there for me this business to say that this is needed you
i do not want a runner race not prepared almost forget after someone because your body was a windup and compare somebody hasn't really honestly weren't indians in the chief announced earlier on this theme this korean whatever korean does although raised his hat on backwards and there's not a company and i mentioned these guys do all the small things to be a hundred percent ready and a hand game trophies success
schools this is fresh air it's both it's been
nardelli maybe you're wrong we've got work to do and theories leads fifteen minutes late for practice health law all season one is business is business
this is you lose oh boy
it's really interesting before anyone can say traditional way so
the plant three times if you didn't finish the race two minutes two minutes left lots of travelers put together lt
gov christie's paid at the peak pulling away from here
anyway so close it's been
is it you know i lost my alaska i'm fine he's the suffering a large cross i don't want him as they set the limit
yourself because each and every one of you can do whatever you want in life if you put your mind and a lot of people on this team didn't picture themselves as a champion athlete and i had no idea how talented you are an actor this requires patience this is a citizen the pope
and so the place is bill cosby has been oh cuckoo
we just didn't realize it the last and parenting known thing is called the series and if he is tell my writing it's really different person he's motivated and he was the piano i hope he does that collectivization in the city by surprise
it's been it's b thank you me and
no man's man this week no man
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In the rugged canyon lands of Northern Arizona, Navajo and Hopi cross-country runners from two rival high schools -- Tuba City High School and Chinle High School -- put it all on the line for Tribal pride, triumph over adversity and state championship glory. Win or lose, what they learn in the course of their seasons will have a dramatic effect on the rest of their lives. A co-production of Wolf Hill Films and Vision Maker Media, Racing the Rez moves beyond Native American stereotypes of the past and present by delving deep into the daily grind of these Native teenagers. Over the course of two racing seasons, you'll witness the boys striving to find their place among their Native people and the American culture surrounding them.
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