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or a hanging inside city hall beat him without resorting to stop the rain maybe good read and a filmmaker you can definitely make a difference in the men's names and again how this program is made possible by the corporation for public broadcasting and by contributions to pbs station and he was like you thank you they read about places like that you know with the water the soil kids start getting sick and the only choices that pack up and seasoned line and start over
somewhere else unless you decide this because you really do believe there's no place like home here the world's largest think and live bullets two world wars and left behind a poisonous reform town sharply divided between those wonky and those who want to stay independent producers brad davies james cain and juliana brand drill beneath the surface of a small town looking for something worth saving something worth fighting for even if no one's quite sure who defy creek runs right next it's busy the issue was one of those towns in the world in our skin grown up here we had five movie
theaters today skating ranks to bowling alleys we had wanted to mars at one time that he was big enough for a quarter of anwar you get a shot of whiskey as just one building after another list or down the business buildings the few that's left does have this vast like it now and i'm moving pitcher is my home we were the largest lead and zinc mine in the world that led those two world wars came from here some of the mindset and story building
before the mine started up this was all off on india and most of the land still belongs to the twelve years of mining of small amounts of waste that we call chat items left ear out of mining went belly up all mine for things down once the mining companies pulled out the ice and water just completely flooded eventually heston water around pretty standing in red water starved mornin the creek that's when trouble started just take a problem here in the top three superfund site found amounts of lead laced mining waste already seen
calls that open up on a regular basis threatening to swallow animals back in nineteen eighty the government created a superfund cleanup the most toxic places in america some point and that is number one alleged politicians in town leaders have argued that kids should be removed to save lives by scientists is a tactile sense
i've heard other people describe it from an aerial vehicles like the bombs and drop in a desolate money and in their homes or to be and it's not conducive to know an issue fb pics
the state thank you did it the thing is like time politics
because the us image problems like that they can say that as being contaminated in the lead in anything i mean well we've lived here forty years the boy leo certain trailer cabs and granddaughter live right here then down the street lights were our daughter lives there and there you know then our granddaughter live with a white corset about them all in a line here
that would not the arab world right here together we are we all when i first started out in order to court ms bailey thank you
he says it's been here and they should be rocked the plaza in his power in the star always
wanted in war is bow ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha and what the public failed walt reviewed festival all on the curb the wall so many people here it was the best year in my life here
are the keys to pass by all certified as a museum in ninety three still got the cables and if anyone was late poet play on time and i put the money in the nation accusing the nation right right so pretty another than how they grew up always had a rule in here you can't you can't come in here you're cranky and you can't if you started playing in here your rump it's a cycle real first night his no nonsense all and then when my wife died eight years ago
at a new ad at hand the land and the soil in the city limits years is not from the real houses here years ago was an enchilada visual walls as i did with late night they burned down toward an opening that live with that and so think has lost the horse has just maybe we got those troops who serve on new post office new high school new water tower we got something to behold from now and you still got four five people shot the whole financial they can sell out of fear
and for kids it's been two
years the rose bowl and we've got eighty acres and pillows and crawfish is all around on the building to our crawfish family you know we were a very poor trial and they discovered their lives think it was a blessing and also a person to do it again so families a lot wealthier brother
happen to have one of the larger markets and so he got a lot of money and he didn't understand the need for money didn't understand the use of money and people took advantage of the government itself against lawsuits today what most people don't understand is that we have a connection to the smothers she provides to us and we interned have to take care of what's happened in the tarp precarious was like cutting your own mother and then leaving the wound opened become infected destroy your mother they didn't take care of it you know and to be to relieve people that cycle and we start off in the forced relocation of pizza and i don't wanna know
who have just two hundred years ago two hundred fifty years or both if you will move from arkansas we don't want to uproot we will forge that they move out of the us are a form of feel bad for a walk it is
so that all this federal money at a cane and so do all these great things to fix a water problem or everything to try and say now they are scared and the high levels of lead in the children's here comes ep ok really wanted to fix it is tom moon toyota has created and now face the music hit fix it fail the other thing you should get these kids into here for a year or so back in september of two thousand called the first public meeting the plan was to just relocate it starts somewhere goes on friday just want
him to complete bio and picture a safety incidents and it's those people are her against my relocation likely this problem and you're never going to convince another was that its detriment of these kids is never going to be a hundred percent majority one william probably the most egalitarian just comes with the territory and laura
linney if it is headed parisian the picture this is no specific model if it uses a wide artistic license if you will and isolated as it shows the area with owls it shows period where you got on the gas station and a dairy queen sign him on this idea before long you won't see any word at all it will be all covered the veins of the voices there the last ferry or every location that have longer have any dreams and desires and that's really that's what the key to this is a they're not all
right this is my grandma's house things easier than not that there was she going to do if if they say you have to be bought out and she does love about that is that does that not mean anything is is that not an important issue things we could take a buyout i mean it's not that hard to get a group of people together at a town meeting their signs and the different places he i mean i don't see people who are saying that that once the regular members necessarily involve a site that will be constantly the overthrew also be visible that i don't like to
see our girls are doing in school they're very nascent peace corps i say i count is the lead investor and they can't really be doing that but basically everything seems like it's more that you know we did it was b stephen is a knight on bass home tonight tonight in when the five very reliable
hardware lab tech announced this week it's one didn't just laid to carry our heads for a case of what made the sixteen day no explosive what the state of oklahoma is not a more than six eight ounce of ways are not always so easy
yes we have enough to do the reason that this is a tv a hair band this is the water stains that we drink and no one in the bcs are less firm last tuesday and one in that coffee that is rented a three state is
chris crane lots of things and center figuring out that a thoughtful path of mind when thinking of it that way so much keeping diseased aliens streaming not just native americans which we change it had issues
with its forty three percent of the population here have high levels of diabetes could be related to the issue saying people are poor they are interested cyrus i think
the way to stay safe burials by its as bass berry says beacons to play radio so it really
can help families exercise that's why i was really surprised by my father's thieves he hadn't we're like these didn't vary i have a next few years this well i don't care if a bias that they relocate is to secure place i don't care as long as i can make it safer mice that appear what they do with this but i want to get him out so you can have it three years ago he was diagnosed with a tumor in his spinal cord
and it is going to hit out of nowhere he was perfectly healthy healthy boy and then just all of a sudden he stopped walking his tumor which is so rare i mean no at the time you know up in st louis and though the neurosurgeon to get his surgery was there was only one other neurosurgeon the whole country that was that even attempts to do that type of surgery you know it was it was a miracle and the fact that he's even able to walk we used everything i know in my heart you know his problems costumes i don't think we get a lawsuit against the airline companies or
not a lot you know a lot of people on these native american so the banks are not alone any money because there's no deed to the house there's people here that are really stuck in particular though we're like year of this chapel right here on land that was my two hundred and thirty are altogether so you say yeah man come visit less since nineteen fifty one i just enjoy been self and meditate you know with the world what that world go by and watch the problem here are saying the problems in certain grade school i was in grade school kids could learn why couldn't they didn't get is one boy it was twenty eight years in the second grade
the property or sweetheart or somebody said the safety mandate saying no i had planned on land on and there's some iconic this is our dream has finally starting to country it's twelve years of our lives that we put into what you're seeing now is not at our doorstep this are actual to or that we're talking about and to me that's why it's a it can get so personal because you're talking about your year your family home
not just the place we're houses which are home i've never been able to make anybody feel what it is that i feel from my heart that this is more than just a place that has that chat piles and different things like there's this is the place where my family as came from and i'm the fourth generation deliver my kids are the fifth and i mean so it's bad
we do they're beautiful they're buying their precious mccoy so they look like any other child because there aren't really any outward signs they would show the betty an onlooker that there's anything america's children its the neurological damage that's been done that i don't think that would have encountered had they not been exposed to other schools with similar demographics don't have quite a struggle with learning to read and then at the junior high level of power thinking skills related to math that occurred here
and i and making it essentially it's because of the lead contamination in the children that have quite what i want when i want these children to be able to hear some place else and i think by stating environment and provides a risk to your health and your learning that just and this is the opportunity for children to be able to pursue the american dream again when we became worried be a ledger where the jet we got on
board with the epa we got involved with a garment buyer a lot of pantry turned on the city council and twenty three are non vulgar part for a dollar you liar and the price are right ms bee has been dave waited it's
because it's the piece has been these birds bees be things better dana
mrs this be we
have to thank you and they live he's been killed in
he's been the pope for a while you know now you can get your choice isn't it
and you know a nice meal it happens that i don't take anything now have an out ms boss bill it is both that i know you know when they risk is
instantly used to come out and campaign it was a teenager you know to party and sterling is that i think that then i know it's for the best you know it's just kind of torture in math with everything that's going on after i got divorced i had to turn back because of my family and stuff was going to help me out and stuff like that and trying to work my way to get out there or so now i can be that ohio i don't need the government's money or anything like that another reporter well yeah that bit i came here and i might have only i my choice at our
advantage in iran in june in that final words were well over a hundred million dollars and nothing if the va is as for his work on this fall for three cheers day seven days and we were thirteen years old as these sorts of options but epa project which is
a big waste of money they come in and check to you and if it that showed any signs of a related disease so many points they were supposed to take their four houses on fire about six or eight inches of water under the feathers that much smaller than our own in five years post lives up to our yard at and now you're in is yours now the reading in water standing in our yard if it rains you've got a cannibal our view is that they based the character parts or you're working on this house here they get that all lions the gathering menace get two or three houses in a youth another house and
noma time it rains are the wind blows the jack goes from here with here is ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha i think this barefoot celebrate with joy to be here most
part read it's been going on for how many years living forever and the problems they get an identity that we'd lose sight over twenty years here on one hundred years ago it's beef broth you know when i walked in here i say okay what do i want a pitcher to look like and i got out of this world
whereas when i walk out here i have to work in a group or have to my i have to take into account what do the indian tribes wanted to all the different entities that exhibits here i don't have to do that because i can make it look like what i want to know a narrative put the water tower says picher oklahoma city that will be pitcher up or injured in those days have it happen again is any of this is the volunteers here
this state initiative does not absolve of mining companies or the federal government from their responsibility to clean up this area and dressed in the us you make your own this area was secured why are these last week was a very very good day for the children are between the words and i know when i started this that there was a lot of it i think in the long run the system as a whole we're very least three of our family and be able to write i'm going to be sure what i
think the people who do go below or work the perversion rhythm early in the meantime reza city and it was a dad and a river can do it was the job of the theme for the lottery is a volunteer part of our view we go with some of the year it's
b fisher patients to play with his head these
are for visiting independent lens website for updates on the people of picher oklahoma share your thoughts and talk back online at pbs dot org so on the next independently in cameroon wives and daughters are still treated like a man's property crimes
against women and girls a lot these tough women the warriors are battling sexism from the bedroom to the courtroom on duty as sisters and lived underneath an independent foreign policy yes yes this program is made possible by the corporation for public broadcasting and by contributions to pbs station and he was like you thank you are
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The Creek Runs Red
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The EPA calls the mining town of Picher, Oklahoma the most toxic place in America, but the Quapaw tribe still calls it home.?Today the town is divided by fears of serious health risks, environmental politics, civic pride, and old racial tensions between the Quapaw people and the non-Indian community that share the town.?The Creek Runs Red explores the human response to an environmental disaster and the complex connection between people and place.
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