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or a hanging who follow nick the fact that can't really knew whom i need in the unforgiving arctic survival depends on agility and strength and john survival skills impasse time during the long cold winter games are created and passed on over the generations each game links to pass the high kicks allows hunters to signal across distances apart to play we're breaking i can take your life but you know the game's abilities
and focus that these are against the genes of the north is made possible by the rasmussen foundation a catalyst to promote a better life for alaskans the arctic slope regional corporation with additional support from these organizations it's because this program was made possible by the corporation for public broadcasting in an environment where temperatures dropped to sixty below bring people together and celebrate called an ellipse
villages personal endeavor with a personal mission to yourself in the whale's like half a last offensive they are exceptional athletes like david thomas jesse franks and elizabeth's register david lives with his grandmother near alaska's largest city in anchorage combine the issue if it wasn't for her i went before and today
around this can lead to seemingly seafront and different kind of view of the traditional ways just as we're doing in her i remember my father dying and in that it takes but mare that inspired me i've never been out on the sea ice they're seeing a seal and while before i figured the named plaintiffs are they gaining something to look up to a gaming goals and a way to
challenge myself wherever he competes such is his first visit to america's northernmost settlement in the middle of the day you need to send the arabs at the traditional barrow christmas james tries again to dinner is designed to help prevent frostbite by keeping circulation and chose some of the guys on either side and i've just asking myself what they slowly i
like the alaska hiking his way hunters can stay fit and tight quarters during storms and long pole in some of the information in your body and above the law and kicking very good land and maintain your balance you know part of your body can get a lawyer rather than bouncing teach us history says eugene i'm representing the
main pieces of the universe and you could see in their faces that they were saving their own are bringing back memories we need to continue to talk so it seems to me a pipe there has been
this game is survival skill my grandparents this grandparents made these games are he likes her own and given food and clothes and knives will indians the ability to peer group aiming at is key to survival in the arctic we're able to endure a lot of the thing you think to yourself wow so which state including which mimics the motions
it's been three years for medicare you could carry many seals was possible i was mars fool us elizabeth is a world champion in the native games as well as an ivy league student and rugby player at dartmouth college in the law
says one of their nose or differences in the alaskan girls they have nice job corps wassel as we trace requests for an actress elizabeth returns to her hometown of barrow regularly to visit family and to train against going from that the un's most alaskans the people with the cold and if anything from wearing five the most amazing place on a dare that time a florida later
when a lot of economic health care elizabeth is part of the culture that thrives in one of the world's most extreme climates do during the frigid winter months when there is news i'm going to see this love lemurs opponents lap dogs the weather is incredible and the thing that i owe anything these days as a better reminder of all i
used to be back then they still be in the future it's been it's been thinking i mean jesse thanks and holds more records than anyone in the history of the native gains ninety eight inches in the one hundred and sixty four inches in the meantime sci fi ten inches in the one our reach and the guinness world record for the highest martial arts it's
expensive laughter i'm very disappointed in clean game six inches the eskimo steve gould teaches he grounded his culture the archie a narrow advantage of any time we can't get away from work all year long and i don't see any young faces out there i can see the traditions and everything just kind of disappearing with the younger generation americans are losing interest to figure out some way to get them back into hunting jesse is passing on these traditions to his family leading his brother's song in the same way of life
at jesse invites david still hunting for helping him to reconnect with his sculpture things happen he's trying to get all those things and sinuses never left all year so once that burke's laughter i don't think it's going to come back and that says first loose so the walls i'm on the shooting cia's both
hunters rely on the utility strike fighter wearing as they develop a man's got to know when the seal hunters cut out all these tinted nugent says the job is to write a quick fix most of confusion without any hesitation one through four a bearded seal speaking to secure this area whistle blew my fur seal and bring home
and the first time that my family seal in over twenty years the postal service is being able to provide for my family and also realize as billy answers big business world ten years you
know there's a lot of there's a lot of what we are live from that time on i want to learn from him he was willing to everything you know eighty three i started going to new york we have this ability to tell and all of the new book the perfect if they did know he could jump into one knows her instruments i knew we had the ability the new year all it is what little bit of coaching and all that thanks in part to bob's coaching brian holds one of the most enduring world records in the lead against
his market at the eight inches of the two foot high gift remains untouched after more than twenty years the piece be it's all the economy without gold record for forever for the rest of my life that would tell me that the culture and people are at have a reason
today indigenous people throughout the north gathered for the world eskimo indian olympics and every two years a certain color nations and their best efforts to different fonts nation in the international data hack every country that's just really having a good time the arctic winter games united native people from all corners of the polar ice russia finland norway canada and alaska more than two thousand athletes compete for medals in the shape of a traditional schooling i mean do i get into the top three you can really see a direct correlation
between religious and people sharing the things that we did that were separately richard gorman covers arts center a lot of people don't know that we played a puppet richard barrett her survival skill hand at this but listen to compete in several events in the world we can i'm going to say
it david has featured personal vested interests finally this the pay to play well let's bring you the best of them to be able to do things like oh
well when something inserted new form so perfectly so will do you have the ability to a duel or it becomes held for a time of grief and the driver was wounded though your own limitations a lot to deal with because it is something positive something to be proud of my family really proud and to actually keep that traditionally and i are passing on use are really important and sometimes i worry about the games because i don't see how i knew upcoming youth and if you do they're not staying in the face of modern pressure is an unprecedented chance encounters of today we're
committed to keeping alive including one for future generations to do it interesting young kids these diseases look at because they live too difficult to tell it will have no knowledge and experience and some are lessons of life and i've experienced and we need to make sure we keep these gains strong a real role was not appease merkel has only to serve as a lawyer first native games superstars are counted on to share their knowledge and help others
exceed their personal best i think i'll be playing their games for a long time as a way to pass it on i might not be as competitive level asked that the same passion about picking to inspire somebody to keep the killing pass from generation to generation the gains of the north hope are good peoples adapt change their test endurance strength and agility they bring people together to have fun must evolve they celebrate their traditions and rich heritage of one of the world's oldest and most adaptable cultures get a few plays or you have to you know we're fully aware and more insight
didn't you can challenge elements with the ways to lower that sister of a newer explore more content and games of the north including downloadable educational multimedia online at pbs dot org has been to order a dvd copy of games of the north visit shot pbs dot org or call us at one eight hundred play pbs funding for games of the north was provided by the rasmussen foundation a catalyst to promote a better life for alaskans the arctic slope regional corporation with additional support from these organizations has been this program was made possible by the corporation for public broadcasting's
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Games of the North
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For thousands of years, traditional Inuit sports have been vital for survival within the unforgiving Arctic. Acrobatic and explosive, these ancestral games evolved to strengthen mind, body and spirit within the community. Follow four modern Inuit athletes as they reveal their unique relationship to the games and compete across the North. As unprecedented change sweeps across their traditional lands, their stories illuminate the importance of the games today.
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