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We are. Then she added that an interesting experience had occurred a few weeks earlier. A father it called to say that he was teen age daughter in her late teens who had been dating a particular boy for some time would come asking his opinion. On a discussion which the two had been having as to whether or not they should enter intercourse. The father said that this request had somewhat startled and he did not quite know how to reply but he asked for an appointment with the social worker for his wife his daughter new son. The purpose to discuss the various aspects of the daughter's concerns the appointment was made. But the social worker was surprised when the three arrived to find that the daughter's boyfriend came along also. Thus she found herself in a situation in which she was discussing with the parents their daughter and her boyfriend. The pros and cons of pretty Martin intercourse
the effectiveness of contraceptives and simpler similar maps. Now my experience in relating this incident makes it clear that few American parents or youth. That. Can accept the procedure followed by the Swedish but. I am not saying that this is the only way to deal with the free choice matter but I am saying that here is an illustration of an effort by a family and a culture to look at the free choice situation. My audiences who hear this illustration often take it as an expression of the free love. Quote practice is in Scandinavia. I do not see it so. I have visited the Scandinavian countries three times and while I have little. Actual research data to support my view I suspect that we are more casual indiscriminate and irresponsible sexual behavior here than in Scandinavia. And I think again we
come to the point where we have to face the fact that we are really caught in our inability to face realistically the situation which exists in Topeka Kansas. A couple of weeks ago I used this illustration before a group and at the end of the period when questions came up. One question said would you they provide teenagers with contraceptive information and advice. And I said well what do you think we've done. If we haven't provided them. With the information then I don't know what I'm seeing all of the books Stay with us. And if we don't provide them with the devices then I have misinterpreted a lot in our culture. And I mention that in December I drove from Chicago to South Dakota across the state of Illinois. I stopped at a filling station. And
went into the men's restroom and here I found a condom vending machine on the wall. I decided that I would like to see whether this was common practice. So I stopped at several filling stations. I and so in one I really hit the jackpot. This filling station had seven. Condom vending machines on the wall you could buy Big ones little ones long ones short ones. All the brick and then they had a nate machine which was a stimulant to trade. I'm sure. It showed a picture of a woman who was either taking off putting on a slip I wasn't sure which. And a slot where you could put in a quarter and get pornographic or girly pictures. So I said to the audience this is what I experienced I told you about Sweden. This is what I found in the United
States take your choice. Now I am not simple enough to believe that the illustration which I have just given summarizes the whole because it's not by any matter me. While I feel. That we have been hypocritical and so on I don't think that's a solution you just simply have no concept of information. I think we've got to come to the point where we teach about this aspect of human living in a total context. And until we do that. We're going to be lost. Now I think that this recognition of this neat. It is a difficult one and the implementing of it even more difficult. For it's going to take a very different path of thinking than that to which we are accustomed. And speaking of the US and thinking of it I often recall
a. Couplet in the song puzzlement which comes from the musical Anna and the King of Siam. And I think it expressed. What actually is happening to us in this area where change is so great where free choice is becoming a matter of fact where reproduction is being divorced from sexual function. You remember that the king in this musical employed a governess who came to his country to care for his household and her different views very much upset the views which had been implicit in the household of the King. And at one point. He's citing this couple sometimes I almost think I am not sure of what I absolutely know. Some times find confusion in conclusions. I concluded long ago. Thank you.
I am sure that very enthusiastic response to Kirk and oh it says more than anything I could in words the gratitude far. You're very provocative and insightful presentation. I might just comment on one thing. There is so much that you had given us to provoke our thinking. And that is in this matter of education. On the one hand that which says education is only something that is transferred from one person to another didactically as contrasted to. What we feel that child study Association of America if I may say so that education particularly in this area of human relations is a far greater far more complex process in
which people in small groups as Professor Denham was also pointing out. Needs to be experienced. Again. A very very sincere and grateful thank you to each of our excellent speakers of this morning. Your response obviously is one which. Indicates that this morning session is indeed a real send off for the day's program. There are just a couple of announcements that I would like to make. First of all. That the material which Dr. Kirk spoke of. Has been placed in the publications room over here on my right your left as far as they will go. And the reason for doing that rather than passing them out today always because of the fact that since we're working on a very definite time schedule and a luncheon session will
be held here in this ballroom it is imperative that we clear the room as rapidly as possible. I would only like to call your attention to the fact that this new again we are very very privileged to have an outstanding person from an entirely different field that of the arts. Again I would like to remind you that in this afternoon's panel session in addition to the presentations at each of the panelists will make. They will address themselves to the questions which you submit and there will be the volunteer hostesses with the blue ribbons on their badges who will be glad to receive your written questions. Shall we see you then here in this room at 12:30. Thank you very much.
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CSAA Annual Conference: Sexual behavior and social ethics
Reel 4 Prof. Lester A. Kirkendall
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