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To be a part of the national picture so that I could get not some of the crap that has been placed on paper in front of me but maybe get some really important things from my station which I'd also maybe participate in giving them something that I will be producing. And so I'm asking the followers around here for chrissake give me some give me some ammunition and tell me what I want to do this is a new ballpark in which I'm playing and maybe I'm not the only ones and I think if you're prepared to bring this thing on the Fockers Jane down there. He failed to come up with something constructive I did it partly because I was about to show my having qualified till results such suggestions haven't come forward but I'm I think right I ought to say what he has one of mine. OK why don't you tell us what you think we ought to do right.
Well I left the well you know right now but you know my drug addiction right. Yeah. You know we thought that sure we have. Pretty well just because they are so good. Peter you know me well. Meanwhile. There was. No I think you know why don't you say what you think. I think we ought to consider what about
it rather if we're not mining. Legislation worth consideration just like distribution here in other words how. I earlier write construction rather than just do.
It. What life developed eligibility for operating if you want to go that far. Again thanks for the coverage rocking this nation. What like what kinds of research. Well you know I would suggest that you have you're going to love the answers I mean these are the kinds of which have traditionally based on the expression.
What the rich are really these are the sorts of things which if you are looking for hope to get better or does it matter here validating the experience. My little bro read write you a letter reality re. Road. RASH I think I hear that this was possible but there is there is there is everything. Oh. My gosh I'm so sorry there is such a service. Called the cultural flow and that's probably not but there is such a thirst for or Polish. Your name
just mess or things like that this is what gives me the leverage room for the projects I've heard. Now this need can be met only by this giving people love your very little life. And this is something you could. Probably best list. Was Just A. Little. Thinking about a series of things that might be done. I think the SAT for was.
About the loss of. Life and what was possible was not the start but very symbolic very little and more no. Less than that. Again not the end of it. We're trying to win back some of those days where just
by listening to the purpose. Hopefully this is it and if you look at educational radio in the end it's lives on one of the possibilities getting smaller and smaller. But that's what. We've heard from one of the stuff we share off set to use us as a radio show but there's a lot mostly one of them very much in doubt. You know 65 percent share. Credit. Rating with a housewife is what what about you. There's a bar stool the universe
or actually even available for drinking right. Now. The longer you look at that what what of what national no matter what just a very small that that isn't realistic right now but that's just. The regular stuff. So you know back to the whole idea here at least.
So that almost inevitably backs with the need to grapple with the question how are we so existing possible or is it possible to get just one very small number of people that I should focus on which is not where you live. So this is a. Very remote. Part of what. Is out. Of the stuff these items that any other possible know where that's possible. Once you accept this then the next step would be to see what can be done to make education.
Give us on board so that the federal legislation passed so that funds can be made available from either government sources or private sources and so that it can be kind of respect. They will find that a low. National class. What about this concentrate on the national even though we talk mostly about the low cost of the. National approach allows you to resign. Yeah you look very sad. Global. Was a place that was by building what existed
then what Washington had raised was this by some of the things that I suppose you're doing just fine. Just start small scale journalistic time service to restage it and use your a variation of the news bureau with maybe one or two people. To be a little more on that you know because larger shows use reason as it is I think we're seeing something very interesting. We have one individual. Running around on the radio. Great propaganda agent
in action that is out for you right after awhile. See he's accepted the real terms of the biggest network simply because he says that the post is there while he represents the Times and he's a member of the club club right. Do these bottles of water. And you do a lot of that is not respected by the political trouble for that little bit. There are other ways to Silesia access to oil in a way that no actual writers that are there looking for variations of less time to build a statue for this
particular example that we're talking about here on. This day. Yeah watch out. Watch. Out. About the only local television or radio stations. Yeah but that's not realistic. What national system that does that really go with the. Pioneering media operation which led to what happens later in the match. You then I was thinking about this on a national basis. Medicine works for me. What's up with the numbers of people who are listening now.
That's not what's the one thing that is that is available. That's not because of it. Jerry get some things out of your elections. Funny you would you like but practical so. Right here. This is one of the 5 0 0 0 0. But when you do this you will very slowly over time the worst anywhere you go. Laurie got some sun workers. Better Chance again that one would think oh that's money it doesn't matter anyway only that this was that one right. Something like 18 years. So. A lot of these things of I probably thought
was funny about limited goals as you can unite serve. Only so much evil. Only certain kinds of people drive very little less. Me I'd go back just a second. Right on line you know what he's talking about. I set up the Washington news bureau for RKO general broadcasting and I had my wiring to be the head from ABC and our philosophy was exactly precisely what Herman Landers and NC and also you did prove you are right and also you see the individual stations all in the individual market will have the ability of calling the Washington rep and saying from Wisconsin hey get me this clown Proxmire on such and such a thing and the guy in Ohio will say forget me already. People talking to her right now. There was just not right all
right get me this die young from Ohio get me jackets from Europe etc. etc. etc.. This is rather asking her not to play but those of us so know what Washington I do want to let loose because this is a very very good plan for the field has to be my thing. New York survives because of his political aim to accomplish that goal. That is at least for the first period all of this. Now while this is going on The View that you brought something to the changing warriors is a worktop. I'm not just an almost complete absence of discussion of this. Those of us who have teenagers just know
but this just isn't the right thing. Oh right yeah very very respected and well you know like that one where you can stand there and do not use their radio you know I was never suggested by this who is worth thinking about such things as future consequences. Also what you know what challenges opens up to people who are involved with it through radio was a possibility that this isn't a problem. This is a list of possibilities. So this is not the start of the realization place that you know a little minuscule by the right people won't either.
That is the best that you can live better. You should just built on that. But getting o really works to go head against my. Head up against the house to find the audiences in specific terms that. Can use or guiding light and then start creating the institutions which will be the correlation tools as well as the services know what to do they've got a lot of lessons here is the quality and extent of your service. Now the five years you may have done that and one other thing that her lad spoke to me about yesterday was the question of the old people in this country. We'll talk about that here. So that's on that bike this is what I need to know about. Yes all right the final point is with no doubt that they were attacked so that my proposal the foundation brought
us back. But. What can be done this year and then they you list in your life organs of people. Are saying we need to let the Baathist regime. Look I think some of these things are very specific suggestions which was you know you're writing these results back to low birth you get right through this in the way that I think some of the people who are they go oh are. Coming here with a sort of presuppose a rose as a guest worker. Program before they go back and do things. Oh it looks like you know so there's a sense that times are changing. The mufflers it wasn't possible. Let's see what you get on paper statements like your new you want to look up the teeny joints and ways of thinking if you want to look at the older continuing education
these are things that once you have on paper get action eyes. Yet they listen to you and then formulate some process. OK I'm going to demo getting legislation in the books. Very worthwhile as they don't harm people or read that right here. Swapping existing with the best. Program. We actually have your problem. Yes it was right just to get the answers with Yes I don't know. You don't mean right now. Oh yes or. No I can't. Think about this right. Lord Ernest. Wrote it with help but there. Was.
Little doubt about. How the only way to do anything under the kind of their very own people. When I first came to Britain. First around. The US. All right just for my money just for you here a. Lot and one of the first places like that
is exactly. What he said. All. That. Talk radio when your car ready to go back here and talk about all that. Don't waste my time. He was kidding this is his way along with you really was here he was dark dark out. But how this is going to push anything back. There's you know I work the way it works for you getting the brass rat race. Oh my I can't do that right now the initial plan was good I don't mean that. And this is how to get these guys sell your cars people that love the concern come up with the right language it doesn't get better. The lip service thing I could do this right. How are we.
Having a radio articulate exactly one way. Just one of the things we're also told. Why did I think. I'm wrong here. Trying to be very very objective was very hard for me I really did not equating it with me as the whole. Yes that's a very simple way for what I call persuasion Exactly. I go Well all I can say is all I can say that during I read one graduate from the rest of us identified in the terms that you got to the drivers of costs what did you get right about genius. We've got to get by
service first thing. All. Right you guys are one of my very bad and it is not only your lower back. All the way I've accumulated them may I say one magnificent goes up for election. He goes into the office there in the capital. And he uses radio and he buys schedules all over the state the way we have a copper dot of capital or anybody else will do. And it is at that time when they want saturation coverage but they also think of radio. But the operative word I'm hearing. Yes but the operative word that you used ready for service. And if we can create here some sort of a structure whereby educational or noncommercial station can be your service and I know this is a CPS title then by golly maybe we're on the right track.
And by service I mean service to the community. Forget about service. Only just use what the university faculty or any of the other service to the community. And service is a very tricky word because it reminds me of Will Rogers story you know he said you know when you talk about public service everybody as we when I was a boy and I know from a farm my father used to say to me we'll go out and have the full service the cow and I knew what he meant and then I got in the car nice to go along the road and I used to see these big size Standard Oil Company services the nation of black I knew what they meant to me. So watch the service but this is this is a sad look at them from serious radios has picked up here and yet others are the service radio work that helps some worldliness to dealing with we're dealing with reality now.
I mean don't you go where they work. Well Jerry you know a long life. One broke out the RCC buys for now the U.S. is forcing every commercial stick you show how it is about your needs and and did he meet form for the educational model and got them. No. That's not right. Yeah well the most life errors in your circumstances are what good education radio spectrum you're talking about what they should take a better more favorable sure that's what they expect at least so far. And hopefully
there is something crazy just seeing or reading about the traditional means those brave men are blessed with. Ross. Wrote writing with the admission that reading research and training when you go to the area of operations for this is what writers I really get that friendly. Oh sure it was your mother's for years to really hear it. You are a very friendly friend who is on my radio is general knowledge it's me that they were getting ready to produce and CBS News never used to program on television live radio on the radio before the Dow sank
and literally all over the place. They said we're going to have a lot of Sunday we're going to waste and you know years of history here I was in New York got to Philly I guess I'm going to die so I walk up frankly very frustrated surrounded by a sea of his aides. Oh for God's sakes how could you do this. You're you're getting is a program which is a sign of words for the way you walk and we don't you know it's like oh look this is. This one this is the one that is right here right here like a little boy. This means I restrict your gas route.
Roy writes a real life reason why Bush does this mean though what you say racist or something like that actually did you get radio host told him he. Might get. What you asked me what are you learning. Just looking around this thing. You know. Which one you think will work with us to run your life. The serious problem or desire. I think it's everybody was watching. Yes right. Oh yes you do because I go. By my. Throat right. I realize it was a.
Young lady when I said a lot harder. To get the closure of I think in this next session we're going to get our own wrapped up of her. Director also one of the drawbacks that we have right here in general for this thing. Because it doesn't provide necessary services before. It was. Like
a wild cat go workout. Oh yeah and purposes of such legislation. Well there's a way I communicate systems. Jesse. I suspect draw a rational basis for your work. Oh. But oh but I think Bush programmed me as well as for research and this will open the circuit. I love his enemy Romero You know we're one
force folks on the route. So when we deal with the. Situation where John Mark Karr. Oh we'll. We're keen regret. That people feel that it's all under the rug. There's another reality and too much federal legislation. Jerry was well aware that you are requiring us back in time that you might have and your home rule is not large enough sufficient to justify murder of the witnesses you need here so you're going to have to appeal to other audiences such as the German strong our
legislative. Just bear witness to these two. And that's going to be a very difficult task. You've got the disadvantage. You've done pretty well so far but you've got a disadvantage that you're not really associated with establishment. That's one of the considerations that makes a set structure of radio much more difficult. Yeah yeah I think the one. Time. It seems to me that I think some things have to be done under the sheets with. AGW or something. Let's let people at this point it doesn't seem to me that because you know this is the kind of legislation this conference is being held necessarily as of flowers that the next few months you better do something together and get in the hopper. I
think the reason that you've got this foundation supporting this me reason you guys for prior six other foundations here that previously been enacted has failed and the reason you doubt letters of regret or a right major foreign nations who say we are the ones talking Mr. Sandom over the slate is not the heart to me is right. To get the kind of seed money necessary to support my kind of by the FAA and others like him which give you that kind of stature and the kind of quality programming the kind of substance so that you can go on you can say we're not you know your organization but we're we're we're we're we guys aren't just the son of the lawyers around the country on the DNC matters and reaching people and you know it's enough work to sort of and we represent public service radio at America best.
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