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The right. Back to back. Right. Right right. OK here you're. More or less. Right. Yeah. So far you are exactly as we reported was with one of the servers. That's right. Yes.
And the specifics that need apply. Yeah yeah. Fanatics like to say. Find us. OK that's very. Good. Oh. Yeah right there right.
There. I think that we have very clear. Idea whether you think there was progress or something there. I think you're right. There are. No good. Oh. Yeah. I've been alright with that and I could well have.
Been there. Perhaps you'll. Think A. Day while the movie is very good that it. Has a. Picture where. There's a next. Right Thing that they owe. You for all the. Work. Well. Yeah
or what I mean. Oh yeah I said something like So if you want to write this have it up not be what the Earth are doing. And it will not be here again. You said a word to the. Point or I think I said I had a great I thought I was a nice service to yak about her birthday. Halfway there at. That. Meeting. I thought. I had already paid off the whole broadcasting but that was over.
Right. Or just. Ration. Packs. Or salad. Bars to color your supporter. Are there any other her. Guests. Remick suggested. To me that while they search for labels is useful one doesn't need to go on. But it's an exhausting process. Time is short I would suggest that. You tell me if I'm wrong in terms of this. Just sitting downstairs down at least one of the tax man hours 10 minutes we want to do while coming up on the train. Well so when you say we shift gears that we find yourself back on
track on this one that's all right. Or you're going to be there for her feel you gotta love that part. Or like I say that was. Quite early in the. Year for orders. Yes Alice. Gave a very good idea of what could go wrong for a while. And popped up again this morning. Yesterday for one of the pieces of the consensus. Is that something like this. I'd like to hear how it might reintroduce the. Plugins. Question. Is this meeting players. Without their help well. It doesn't exist yet. We should like to hear our next report. But to be within the purview of this.
We are going to recommend this to the Congress that that's read this is or could be a recommendation of the recession. I think it is important for that I would. Not. Get it right here or others rather. Than making. Very little. Activity with it or. This commission. Yes. Right. Or the right or
natural how. Can we expect. There. Here's where we are. Wired up and.
Ready. Oh oh. Oh oh oh oh yeah you for clarifying what you know as much as it will never be here right. You specifically.
Recognizing that you're right. Birth without sex marriage would get. More serious. Oh yeah I have to record what. I write. Yeah well it was all
oh oh. That White House that. Oh oh oh. Oh oh oh oh oh. Oh.
Oh. Better people get it. All right. And that is whatever we want our society or. Our government was right there. Was. A present. For Iraqi media waiting. For they had to give it for a while obviously when it was that and there was a lot of
wrestling all the way. Why wasn't radio play what are they saying Oh well I got why they just thought it ain't no other well they might have. Well that was the goal of up there then bigger follow my prayer. Oh I. Always heard. We have the same choir. Had. Her for get this his better half right. Oh oh oh oh oh. Oh oh oh right the back door for him I like that.
Well I have no right to write letters. Oh yeah. How's that. Oh I like. That radio. They also are saying that you're right. What's that. Oh yeah right you're right. What I saw was part of our problem as. All of us better were. Establishing the fact that this is still stuck because it was. Still part of our society. For fantasy life right. I think the first job of the commission. Would. Show and demonstrate the youth the youth in this in this age.
That's exactly where I want to get some otherwise making us question what you know what I think you should really go on record. Well I think that her winning and winning. And I brought a lot of weight. And caring. Yeah yeah. Watching that were there but it was a complex. Well there. When I think of my own no in her case I think that this record hit something more of the order. Oh and you're welcome. The problems that start to relate to the people he shows the commission to do it
well we have we have referred to the station manager. Here licensee and we say. This makes it look and decide whether he needs our service. So. What this what this we. Will see whether what happened. In the game then. Did a service that they made a decision. Ecuador is the composition of the club so that they so that all it will do you know perhaps. Well actually it was a report said in effect here. So for me. Here here are what they are doing here and in our own way.
Yes Mark he he he he would not say more money is needed but not more managers and this will be for the way they operated than before the association who come back to you for want to do that. Here is what we need to know every start that Lisa applies a. Commercially staring death of fire in the last analysis. Just whatever they're doing. Here. Nothing to fall back. And if we hate he say look at how we have to determine what we're all on. They engage in a heinous state in the index they have
Satan. INTERVIEWER Right do they see whether their programs are having of a fact. They hope that we need interviewer. We're back to that. Yeah something like you know 30 or 40. Million a year on this research for a fact that I could see something like that being a part of this commission headed nowhere. They ought to have to have a field people her on something other than what the commission report with her away there or with various. Other They would have some of them sat on this thing but basically they would say I wholly lacking in this would be good for him. He had one shot deal or at least. The first
like would you like her. They were not. Very well. Look around for the first question. What what. The other services are actually.
You know how strong of you object that part. Well I have I don't I don't object to that pointing out you know me but. If we were all wired or proposed to meet those. They said well we appreciate that the president of this week and of our respect for the cat Well we're calling it a base of support for political action. Later in the morning the political back and they're got their activist Carolina yelling needed handy for her. Me There already are others out there with. The critical appraisal question.
My. Own performance for her already. It was four or five or obvious or. I guess I mean we. Heard on the radio. While they are gathered there the other actors I don't see a little yellow. Well I thought Thank you Miles. Well you back whether that only annoying American can provide one of the listening audience and live their life something. Oh yeah. Well why don't. You go to England and always. Will be. Are you going to set up this has been your phrase all
well say well we've got to get lost again. Well I think. You're right I have one chance to get yeah. River Radio better have both yak will live with that mission. Well think again. Oh I don't like rap. Well I mean that's like really really ready for Iowa. Oh I have. Oh I have here with all the horrors falling off here. You know oh oh.
Oh yes oh well you know I think people like oh let us help us. Out. Here. Oh here you are really rather backfiring. About this. Oh yeah yeah yeah oh. Yeah I hear you. Oh. Yeah yeah. Yeah.
That's where you. Come up with. Oh. Oh oh. Oh. Oh oh. Oh. Oh I think I can cope with something.
There you go. Practice for example was something really over her shoulder. They're. Probably fillet that there was no nothing you or know. About their leadership from Earth really. Then like other matters they are over. There they were too ready for. You. How. Will I labor the point here.
Or from the aura. I feel very. Very real profession. Which had. Courage. I've. Heard it here. First. Oh do you know for sure that I offer major analogy
but rather an example of something is now happening in. Motion Pictures and I heard one. Go off. Now they are. There. For a long time. Motion pictures. Oh I have. Moved along. Very happily. Herschel Porter's raining down that there is any precinct getters and most temporary are usually called universities. However it is one irony that. That. Motion picture. Was pioneer this country and that it had been the last to. Attract kind of attention. To it as ours has been given to it in the West. You're. Well. Higher now through the Endowment for the arts to make a long story short I Can we have a study. Which is being.
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Group Session C - Tape 2
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