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Wrong Arlen is a senior making a threat to actually just let me know you were there when you are usually right. Right right right. Very safe see you here. You're so sweet. This gentleman said You will see that this is a very large meal
like this in New York so it's a very efficient service it is. So sad. Mo to the solo it's a choice. Well so that's what I mean by the sea he says. When there is already served by this one LOL Wrong much discussed over here but at this point we should be aware of possible with the visual side work to the best ones those who see Fischer for the transformation station you see you
will lose their sons just like you very much. Rumors that he's acting like Sudanese you know it's you who has all the signs for years. Science is into view this is a look see. This system do not say this in the right light which is well are you citing all sources in the long run there may be a small arms whose guards are it's you who says it's a large place this is a fall this fall. Cases such as earlier this year. Yes he sued the current proposal which has jurisdiction as you just wrote
this basic issues are higher. Her face is the super suit this is causing wear most of her old Station Park Service this is her new written let's see if she's late. Rebecca in the sense that they would be very cold by this kind of action is always the violence were not OK she said she had to do with home. Meanwhile Like you said there will be more patients who will hear my commission Slayer mission was just to reserve the station listen to their pain as against others. Not the case where they will see you pieces the pieces may not
fall out on me or my clothes for a period beginning with the day before the world was placed in their educational spaces were not blue. Which man I'm going to pose an educational problem. Oh you know you know you could be your mother and the reason you support my son worse. So while it is not doing my own insists the course of this case is always the stations must solve this along with its present system this usually is used by the whole trial. Becomes very. You may suggest a location like this in the New World submissions to be a while this is the station's
original card. Yes you see why I made a point that they were going to lose this space. It was that he's much more education you go there because it was built what CC has jurisdiction or why you know he was a go. Matters is not the use of it you know as they say our audiences might be a smart boy. Each education list deserves some not this one. Issues with this I know he was like yes you did you hear a rose you leave your job really
the guy was there for you they know where they go. There you go. Me Atlanta going oh my love to her. Here. We are we're doing as well. I mean it's almost you know as well as you. Think you know you you know you see her on there she's there alone.
Oh well you know most of those who you know they will want to go home. You know you want you know I had her review that it was so moving. You are with you as we all know you know this because you know you are right on this. Yeah no real anywhere on your forum which is leading this was here if you was or was one such as me.
Hank had his chance. Car Lot. I regard as we read this page will read the variances. Yours and mine got nothing to do with the last exam. That is a brand new thing you can do right. He a wave in the east a recent speech represented a deal that they had nothing against roid rage occasional television stations but they wrote the television station children find themselves soley the cultural program that they should know like what programs in the classrooms of the schools or how indeed he justified his position to generalize. While it was impossible for
programs of any controversal nature whatsoever and secondly that there was a great need for all child would only reason the lose the power that is why there are we are persons as to his view soley our cultural program. Brazil is one of those we follow this you know Lou. Boy he's a program. He's right. We cannot subsist. I might point out that this is not local or regional. So are saying that this war will do the job as they did with the mayor you know there are riots in Mosul. It's out in Texas and you know mostly I suggest to you
that this is remiss of oh it's OK to lose so right there you are on the first day with your connection with these ones. You know Rubio causes our. Holding our own might with you and this is the answer there on the ground. You knock her out. The Second Mile even more for your well-organized car which is sending represent this disease. Google Superman just suggesting that the schools are in the large cities and small but they should be removed. There is no room for Roy. Yeah they should install 4 to. 6 Jack. Within their schools. Always let me read the stories.
And though this will be a song was written and received and then these night raids at school. Yeah yeah all variable costs are out there so sick while on the. Other. Have there. Been little sleep. This is the number of state legislatures have no problem over here with requests for these big names make sure the appropriate in most cases to the State Department the State Department of Education will then you know right over the schools as schools as you will then use that for all this. Pack and head songs that say you know the state you know all about. We're looking at this and we think that our whole defense against these. Is a
little mean no wall sir by this question. Make no rules of school or college presidents and the differential in dollars and cents than ourselves it was as if his head and looking in the barriers he was going to vote for them would be like going to new members of your own. No you're right. Oh we're looking for that whole. Hanes vision so that we may do these thing all over the United States and by the sword. Cars are we can go to the city and say ah yes this is their all or this is their typical cause this is their schedule this is what it was not what I said you know and there is no right you know and I mean there is a general as you know your oh my you know problem Business Review is of the fault of the
service by the title generally read by far. Right places so I suggest going to do these things and maybe you know first of all the U.S. any information this sort of activity in your area to Charles would be given the right moment. Second I would be very wary if you would turn your school administrators be so close to this sort of approach is made then they are. Yeah. We're staying with station manager is going to know the joys of serving life to you we are going you are going to do first of all you know these that you will live there you know you look at
present because you are you know was this are easily you know we're doing this with your community. They are only where it was only when they knew the reason they are your best to go for the schools and residents who work in New York and so I think that if you mean anything new or doing anything. Thank you very much. Oh this is this is your booth. Will you review the letter here. There are no. Wires there.
Yeah yeah yeah. Yeah. You all think you know me or. You you know you you go you. Know. Real. War. World War. I don't think you. Will. I think I'm a mile
or a. Goal. Oh. My. Lord. You are what. You are you are you and I. Will be with me. While. You. Will. Be more. We're all like. Oh yeah.
You. Would say there. Are there are. What. Are the. What. About. We will you what were you. Waiting. For. You know. Our. Parking. Lot about. Three miles. Would.
Result in the New Review. I. Think you are going to be the no mercy you were going to leave her the world. Yeah like me yeah yeah. Why don't you see him or. Her in this movie review world. Who is we work with here is he says he will result in you know who you are really you know. Yeah really really what you want your warming theory room maybe your own
territory. There. Were. More known as you know there were do you live over here already but it might work that is in there yeah. Oh wait we're moving yet you were rolled. You were here last. Year you. Weave my hair as it were right. More. Old days or say a leg. Let me start by saying that we are attempting here to make cars.
You know how it works. Yeah we do a lot. My purpose the. Thing that stands for making mission rules I don't have the rule here. I saw three point six while here program you need to know who are you. Really. Do you know you will say it was a vision you are you know you
follow. Their. Arguments. Well I think when you hand your hand will you really you know whose was the third day you know. Then who thought the whole lot. They will rule the world here. Rosalie if you do you get there you get it. You was with. The guy who was you know the
last. Thing you was a little further you and others will with you as well. Oh then will the world our world where they were oh you were there you were here. Whoa who. Or. Who's really right for the workers here. Oh oh we're here is being there for them to see
our. Current work out. We here know very well for a few years or you might know where I'm going. We all know there are things you have to see. There was. Rioting here. There was a little boy there. Maybe he's on the tape as I and many of you think Serling's station is to find out what he
why do you see your shit. Well you're right it was the you know you know you do that. Yes I have her. Are you already commission that we have a very good lawyer. Oh yeah you hire her was too smart. Yeah you are or where her mind is or where you were you had this rule. Yeah oh yeah well written the
whole thing. Oh yeah. He told me you can't hold her. Lower. Yeah Mom. Was broke and very young. Lauren Young made her heart broken leg very near her house to her. Which of those are you know below you know. Or was it his lol. I was slightly lower. Than the right person was. There. MARTIN Yeah
you there. Well I don't want to have to worry. About. Dealing with you as a result. There. May well be that someone you would like to react like oh you you know. Oh you're right you were right. Here we go back to your film first and one of the year's best so we're ready
to go. Yeah and we'll let you know you know you and there will be a slow go. Wild West. Yeah yeah yeah. We're living. He's a little while. So there was a RAID 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 or somebody like that but I never think of the serious you get out of it.
Well as far as my remark. And her rule here there is little or no will be. All over. The world who are more of the world for her you will hear as you. Are. I think we simply didn't save the world that we're going to hear you know
whether they're there or you know right away you know. Let me add one more point. There's a tremendous breakthrough there's this verse rule there are things where you know the right get more slow here. Well yeah. You're right. Right. Well what what are you going. What's the answer. We want you you you. You are right there are we will never be awake yet. All we have are again why you're here or
maybe here you are. The sort of your role we were. Oh yeah here you met me yet you see this. Oh God why was I saying it for our mission. Right there we're going to be others. Oh yeah it was like there. Was nothing that they had right. Tomorrow the world
will. Think. There's a new normal. Well you're right. Well be it in the right eye lid you got we were there is one oh. We were there the FCC leading us to the question was asked what about this what is the what is the deal about
the mission stand by there from the commission was that they are doing a study. There was this study. They may recommend a rules change. They don't know. This is simply an area of opening. Why are you there. That doesn't mean again it's at the commission. But they are concerned about. Right. But for me the moment when you.
See the world. Are you I know you are here as well you know you're right there as you were. Recently below. But here. I think you very rarely do you think I don't think we should. He's very low and I think they're really hate this guy. You're. Right.
Yes this is. My bag. Right. I will call her. Right. Right right. Oh yeah yeah. Yeah. Right. Right.
Well I'm glad you're. Here. Oh there was a dish he hated your are a liar right here right. Yeah yeah yeah yeah right. No. Yeah. Let her go. Yeah I. Mean we're very.
You. Know. Her way. Over there. You know just there. Why oh why oh why oh yeah like her marrying him and her man. Will we hire her Oh
Well my. Dad. Oh oh oh yeah the water. Where are you going to marry your Ruth. Oh her.
Just remember. If you knew you were married you know where you are. We didn't do well in life. You know there are neither who hold their fire. Oh very well. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. You know why are you living here. You know very well they are going to.
Go right where you are there. Yeah. I live. Here. You know I don't know. There you go again. You're really. Yeah. Oh I wonder I mean question get out. Yeah I think you're right that I want to talk to you about it but don't take the groups. Why.
Oh. Oh oh. Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh. Who's that girl. I think I think the thing to remember about this is that you are your life you know you are going to tell you like what it was like you were
here. We are where we. Are in the world. Here we are here where. Who. Thank you. Very much. We will go again remind you you three rivers we know well for you know you were like you were like. We were going there you know. You know
you see here we were out here in the way you know very small mean you raiding your server was like you know very well known as a river the way you're really. Now you know that they're going to move here are very very powerful. Learn to love you
know that they're all right there. You know here you have even more. You're very little I mean really we've got our you know BARLOW You know you have you have your hit her right head for her program. You have a lot of people with you. They're here. We want them to read and write and do their duty. Oh oh oh here you mother you had already worked
out for a bag mate you might never get her firing they're not going to lie. Yeah oh yeah yeah you were aware of my program whether or not you have them. Yeah yeah yeah I know. Oh yeah we knew you know you aren't rude you know you really look good without going in there and here and here. Oh you mean the world. Yeah what are you doing with it. Where and how do you know where and when you go there. You're here you know.
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh well here you were you know we all want to know who the who are really he really you know they were when he was there. Oh the area there in the wild. He wrote while we were out there every week and with the higher you go you go with yeah you very well you know you don't know her well
and here you are you know whatever you want. Card OH OH OH OH OH OH OH YEAH RIGHT. Boy oh you know your heart over all the night her he'd be there. Oh now you really want a way out of that. We're all moving more slowly. Yeah but I really you know oh you know very well I mean he ate her. Yeah yeah yeah I heard he can. Hear what you are. Or what they're hearing. There you hear it here when I heard he had
me you will hear that you may be there. I don't really know why I'm here to be here looking at that going out with back in my room or a very rare interview he would be are you wearing right now for you and then here you go white or red. Oh there you go. There he goes. We care for you. When a guy who had lived there while they were living out in the world in learning where we're going and we were like oh
wow oh yeah right you lying there that's not really what I would like to live there. We'll go there you know. Right right there you have a lot of people who are in there. So there you're hearing where you know that they're going to get you know where you will hear Oh very easy for where we are. While they have told her you we're hearing form or work on her record and her work you know you already you know hearing all about her work live over there but you know you know
they're lying and you know why they're going to hit you with their you know oh you know very very good we're going to prove you wrong. Oh yeah well you know me. No more going out here. Well he looks good in it well. Oh and what do you hear me. Oh boy and you know who were you. Yeah you are right there are a whole wide world. You have a little boy. You weren't
going to be made here though you do here. Yeah he wrote here you were doing a program where here they were very very dark with no rain. There you go. Right here you go to the car and hope you get there with Carlo when you were ready. You know that you would have me go away with her and then you are a liar but her power there. Oh yeah I heard he. Are you going to
look in my room. But no big rig. Oh yeah you're right you have been worried about my career you know. Well you may want to leave him while he may or may not. Very well you are right there. Well you know they're hanging I told her you know he was very thorough reading for a while. Who who that I'm very sure there are rules of the game where you know you were there when I was little I knew what I was going to make neighborhood
when I got there and look at the record he could underline my word or you know I write well. Oh well you know we're going we're not going to where were you when I had her community. That might work here with the world community where you know that you know you know well you know that might be done with a little more work around but he never may have you know how you work through that service you know. Reading all I mean very cool are you but like well you know there are good or bad
you will go with Michael here me in this world. We are told in the movie you know you know. The route right. We're going to the river in reverse here where you know there how you're you know you know where you are you there. Are you looking for when you do you. Know me. Oh we will go see you when you we're here for the world. You're going to
reveal the music you know you you know they're you know they're very very worried but they are in globalism here you know. My. Very Own while her eyes were like you know they're very cold in their area. Oh you have a yellow a royal that they are you know or they're going to follow her you know. My own mother. There you go. Oh yeah you are
normally All right you know. Yeah leg or arm. He who did the thing where are you. OK OK here we go. No or no. You know the mole are very good in a bag. Saying they will regard
the tape be laying low. Yet he let her carry on bag her. No other thing or do you do. Let me hear it. Do we live here we know the game. Or are you never where we know little of the LEO You know they're rare. They're very near here.
Where the role of the writer will bring the very thing. You know they are going to get there. Yeah you know me you know. Yeah and that will be for you. You go right ahead. You're very like her. Me big and out. Yeah her right leg over there hear me. And then our
own leg. Oh. Oh here you go. Yeah in the area where you live there it will be who you know. Yeah her New You hear the news. We were very good. Oh look you know who are really me there at the end of the war. Yeah you
know there are be they are going to be with you. Very good. Yeah yeah. LOL well I heard the very right you know very well. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. A new goal. You know where. We are going or every coming year old Lyric read it will you know you know you go oh you know war. For our
league you know you know he was here during the war. While there we will probably hear it for now. We have no real hard news. We brought in from a very large order you know or rather I think we might you know really be able to get it here. Well you know nerd and
oh yeah he will. There he worried lolo will have fun with it there. More. Young old or very cold. LOL oh yeah there you go that way. He may be the right wing news for the new day. Oh Maria. He will be more leg room with no news. He will you know
me you know you told me to pack. He gave me the gold. Oh yeah me neither. Then a very popular vote a new thing that he may add gold will order. Lol oh you know you're going to get a newer more new thing your year thing. He might know her.
The one thing you are going to we will we're going to leave an old car. I will go to her in the leg. Here we go the big thing. We have yet to leave you. God had a good morning. He would love it here with you. Whoa the way one way
or bug we were really growing very slowly were really love. The way. It was my intention to offer in my trailer to Don Taverners enviable position of champion story cover. But behind John Rice goes back track more. You know on the uncertain terms I wasn't paying more than five minutes and that hardly needs me to tell the story so I will skip that. You know that I may have another opportunity. You have already heard both from John my strawman from Scottie Fletcher.
If your remarks which indicate that there never was a better time then now for getting into the ATC facilities program office of probable applications for assistance under the EDV facilities I don't intend to push that point particularly or give it Tory lies any further than they've already done what I had constitutes a brief status report which will give you the figures and some of the facts to back that up and demonstrates that that isn't exactly a Cassandra type of pronouncement Arline. I have apologised for not having already visual aids so that I could outline this for you. I've got to organize in our rough outline form so if any of you care to take down the figures I think you'll be able to follow it. I remember one of the funds appropriated for. And purposes through fiscal 1966 amount to approximately 29 million dollars. These are all kind of rounded off their approximate the
recommendations made by the commissioner today. Total seventy two. Let me just. By Christopher on the point out that with respect to the numbers or with respect to the total dollars so far you'll find some difference between the 12 million that John and Scott it will be about what I'm about to mention the reason for that is that they're giving you the funds are actually obligated so far the figures that I use are based on the recommendations made by the commissioner which may not yet have been finally approved or. They will also include grants which have been finally approved but which have not yet been I'm looking at it because we haven't received the necessary information by the hour that is an attempt to explain why there's a slight difference in these figures. Job loss farther than recommended. Why the commissioner 35 grants to activate and use patients in 37 rooms to expand existing space. A total of 72 applications.
Wish our gate or have approved before obligation of total of. 13 million eight hundred fifty two thousand dollars. Therefore Item three funds appropriated which remain available for obligation. As of this date amount to 15 million one hundred forty eight thousand dollars. Now as against those loans will remain a brothel available for our game. We have to consider the pending applications and I'd like to do that sort of in an A in a be careful because we have two types of pending applications. The first I'm calling a probable pending application. There are fire which will be recommended in the New Year. Future In other words they are currently in transmittal. They have begun the labyrinth in the weight room from
our office through the various offices to get over the demands of us. These amount to nine hundred ninety six thousand dollars. Five of those. There are 16 more which in our opinion it will be a provable but processing has been delayed until we get additional information of one kind or another from the app. These requests a total of three million one hundred eight thousand dollars. This means that there are pending 21 approvable applications capable of being approved in fiscal 66. They request federal funds amounting to four million nine hundred five. Thousand dollars. Therefore the funds which have been appropriated through fiscal 66 June 30th of next year exceed the approval pending applications requests by approximately 10 million
two hundred forty two thousand dollars. Now we have another category of pending application. We're not approvable they will show up in our paper figures as reflecting the need but they are currently in active and it is highly dubious at least that they might be approved within fiscal 66. There are for example six in which the funds requested exceed the statutory limitation of one million dollars. Those six requests one to three hundred twenty three dollars for the systems there are in addition 12 applications in which the applicants are unable to provide the matching funds assurances apparently for a substantial period to come. Those 12 on request a total of 2 million to 1. $84000 so often when I talk about a total of 10 million two hundred thousand dollars which are
not spoken for so to speak you have to take into consideration that at least one goes to all the applications there is a chance of a miracle that somehow the matching funds will be found to make those approvable applications at this point in time it seems highly dubious. These 18 applications actually on file represented in paper figures which have been exempted from filing in fact the writers made needs. Obviously they do represent the funds requested active at this point in time we cannot consider them as add their kitchens now visionary to ever. Patients return at the request to be at our request a total of about 650 $660000. What this boils down to is that we have received a total of one hundred thirty applications which have been accepted for five. Now let me just summarize the appropriations to date 29 News
obligations or approvals to date 13 million eight hundred fifty two thousand remain available for obligation $50000000 in 48 hours and the total of provable applications which are pending a monsoonal. Approximately 5 media for nearly nine hundred five. The conclusion I think is fairly obvious and needs no further editorial decision on my part in order to utilize fully the funds which have been appropriated in fiscal 66. We would need to receive approval that the case which requires somewhere in the neighborhood of 10 million dollars. Thank you gentlemen. One more quick comment. We have we have now we have initiated a new policy with regard to advocating
long held out to me and I think I call that your opinion. Some of you know me the minute advocating you know Korea where are you the last. Six months. You know we are reviewing you know mailable advocating on a regular basis. You know as when we we're unable LOL very thick. We are very kind of you know the applicant can resubmit a female foreigner about the IG name resubmit. We are returning something or at him not far. Oh no member 15 will be returning. Undoubtedly additional advocate. I did it are you
her and we. For those of you who do have a game to leave you provide me with a 30 day warning. Thank you John. I would hope we can not have any questions at this point so we can for you to learn whether the 6 o'clock we promise 545 frenemy you have this sent memos bringing you up to date on the entire history of the facilities or nations within the last month. These are usually given you are updated. There I can only give you again your mission has been given to you and I hope you heard if you want expansion dollars remember fast. You've got many more months to get these kinds of know the town appointed mayor so by what Jan was saying about the difference in standards station trains going to locations he said they may use different criteria than taking just the location of the station.
And is the state in which the monies flow from. What he's saying is that they need very well to take money from an adjacent state if the coverage area of the proposed station goes into the GST state. So look of course in this city the route and be prepared. I don't know which in most of the run on this but it is a definite possibility. That's what he was trying to say. He will say that's not the enrolment I'm telling you it's a definite possibility. We have said so in various memos in speeches and he is quite unlike to I don't know of the journalist that I just want. My congratulations to you in Atlanta conference it was very helpful for those who were there. I really believe moving right on now we have a brief announcement that's just about all we have time for for mid marks on the TV enemy. When I fit in that there's going to be a first recession on public relations tomorrow no way you can overlook public relations.
10:15 morning the Baltimore room cheering is enormous. So I think that none of them are down for you. Government attendance tomorrow. But here's Ed Morris with remarks on the TV again you know when you sit down to one take I'm a vice president of the National Caring and I was successful this year. Again education I'm going to put it in the national and the world's. Most in New. Water using stations had received information from an excellent candidate telling you that they want to make your nomination just as a craft group this time I thought was better than trying to compete with Green Acres song regret room where a good fighting chance. You're in the wrong. You make your own nominations and there will be a blue ribbon panel which I've been asked to recommend to the National Academy Awards Committee. So this year we have a good chance to be represented. I hope that all who participate because summer is going to get him and I want a guy who would like us it's.
All a chance to say a word about local participation. I only say this to me. There are nine cities in which service and a can are. Chatter I think it's very important. It's been very important for us in Chicago to be participating in the national carrier. If you're in a candid chat or sitting for godsake again it will be worth my time it will be worth a lot of things to you Be sure to be eg. He's here in a sense putting out to suspend chatter. You know having our eyes war because we're working or as a boy from Los Angeles or more in New York about like thank you I did the mediator contact this year in televised live. Your words are always has been a great deal of them a great deal of the local and to do them and this past fall and I think all credit to them it's a good suggestion new locally. Now we have two very word points coming up in the hands of our attorney and tax managers Mr. Reuben Clark Wilmer
Pickering you were introduced to he was introduced to you earlier. He's going to speak to two points one is not only you know but he will speak to we're going to be very briefly but again you better listen closely and if there's any doubt about whether you can still listen closely the party is still there that must be what is on my list. OK so take a stretch but keep listening. He's going to talk about business ownership for the teen and he's going to talk about permissible warmonger miscible lobbyist Robin Clark. Thanks. For joining me. Harriet currently writing a thesis and I suppose the best time to do is try to acquire in prominent areas for you the first thing to remember it seems to me and the question about the sanctions that federal law may apply to TV educational stations that they wonder too far afield and the business activity is that they are basically
exempt organization. Those areas there are described in the Internal Revenue Code of the same and charitable organizations I describe and there are under certain requirements which are most important in determining how far you can go into business and the first thing to note is that in any example the occasional. As a nation has a certain statutory framework and that it should be a standard and the exemption has two consequences the first that your profits are not passed and this area of the country be it seems to you. I did title this in very close territory and you can't get too far away from in that areas and an educated Taney organisation like North Korea are very annoying Rs. Must be Aryan Aryan explicitly educational purposes and that no harm in that noose can do it to the Better than any current individual.
Now this warrior is very is very narrow and one apart from a specific situation can result in a problem. For example during periods let me give you an example of how it could happen or wave client some years ago as a star worker who Senator Kerry found a pen and ink and he mellows he did write Korean accommodation was giving money away or chariot. I really cannot hire a lawyer campaign attacking assets in this nation buying and selling are Iraq and various other words the foundation was trying. They are moving very quickly to say you are not. Organizing operated exclusively for charitable purposes. You're becoming a trainee are you going to be in the business or training and therefore you have lost your exams Towner much to his surprise. So their abuse history and you've got to bury more but the courage is not quite this inflexible intensive business
operators and fire law recognizes that an education no Kimi stay here any honor charioteer hereon acquire business and use this products. Yet this willing knows profits past. The good exactly this could be an educational TV station in this beginning career training as a envision its activities and using a profit from least to gain power and the last thing you can do here. You will in their lead profits. Tax at what is pork and related taxable income. Yes immediately raises the question how are you going to get it. This is deliberate in education or exam TV going is near. There is going. To there's. All we can say oh yeah clearly you cannot get into this beginning business
you can't primarily get into this begetting business where the percentage tests lie. No one knows. I would say as a practical rule of start somewhere well below the 50 percent more. Now. The lawyer for a modest unrelated taxable business income has certain important exemption and such income as dividends rents and royalties except that if you count on a portfolio of securities you can acquire real property and I don't have passive rental income and you can rinse out say rerun rights or something like that and have this cut America income without it. In the category of unrelated business income. We leave regularly with in the case of educational areas who came and got
caught in well unrelated business. You came from an educational organization but in most areas and again when you think about education for example the regulations are very clearly an agricultural school an operator Wicklow and the profit from the sale of wheat will not meet unrelated business as more with the former is a part of the college and is designed to train. Similarly the operations of goodwill industry when you actually a purpose the organization is to employ who manufacture it second hand. We have going to take second hearing good thing for the Empire's do a search related to the education or for the town a purpose and that is that period there's no problem with unrelated business then current. But in the case of an educated opinion station on a corner attention to the current
regulation that I find particularly ambiguous they raided a university ring a patient or. Is considered a related trade or business Department primarily. As an integral part of the educational program of the universe did but it's been so good an underlayer business operate in 53 the same manner as a commercial radio station a publishing house. A commercial radio station in the case of the universe and it seems to be unrelated to the educational purposes of the universe. We went to commercial radio station run very educational TV nonprofit corporation. Well that's the only way I don't know where the line. Between being educational to meet and community in terms of the quiet period with Frank. Maybe I'll go on with an a little but it
does seem to me that there is some of their power in terms of the extent to which educational Pete ate all follow. We're still practicing those but our. Coming up our concepts which currently exist in the aid trucks had to go. Also to that point. And the educational television stations must look at the nephew and what constitutes unrelated business and her kind of reading if it is wrestling with its rules with respect to being in the paper it was a this would be their kind of thing in the case of the net would be a graphic of the American Medical Association. And so on. Indicate me so many know that advertising and communication appear is unrelated taxable business. You are.
This morning sun will shoot in the room. We're going to create a big educational TV to any extent uses front page sponsors for the underwriting program here and here I would I would note that the problem may be exacerbated in the long run. The competitive aspect of this kind of operation is my understanding that this is not in fact much of a major source. Of income to educational TV stations today nor is it likely to be so. But in terms of the concept that we're dealing with an appearance of the rigidity of some of these definitions that the tax lawyer uses it seems to me it's well the flag this problem today. No there are couple of other things that need to be flagged it seems to me in the case of In the case of educational TV stations and the tax system
it must be annoying. That the code includes certain very stringent sanctions which may apply to human friends actions which are. Applicable across the board to exempt organizations including including educational TV station for example. You cannot. Spend longer than five years if you use was borrowed money to construct the quarters. But hiring the rental income. Otherwise tax exempt suddenly become you under section are going for an internal revenue code. So poke business at least in her. I say this because this is the kind of specific crap that works in the code. That means that when you come. To examining business to examine the
potential for a business transaction it may be somewhat out of the ordinary and to expand as you create new building and as you feel you may want to read some of these. Borrow money and then rent some of the space up tell you have a chance to use it yourself. There are trucks of work in the code which will well no warrant consulting with your attorney about to make sure that you're not going into one of these possible safes in areas where there are other. As well which I would I would I really don't have the time to fly. But there are specific sanctions which reported human transactions which apply to such matters as accumulations of income for 0 0 0 0 investment policy. No specific sanctions only come good for example. He better be careful how you invest your portfolio. You kind of go on to speculate of investments if you're going to speculate of investments. You may in fact jeopardize your
basic exemption because of the fact because one of the specific sanctions written and written into the code. So I would simply in haste conclude by saying that basically educational TV in the business area faced with a general sanction the general statutory or restricted to exist governing all exempt organizations which I mentioned and the specific statutory sanctions applicable to given friends actions and actions which like any other exempt organization educational TV must carefully bear in mind and it is a point it seems to me to bear in mind at this point of time because we are decidedly in a state of flux in the world the Patten report of last year. The Treasury report. Private foundation is both indicate that there is going to be or probably is likely to be some new legislation that's going to be up with a bill to exempt
organizations to many exempt organizations possibly to educational TV. That's a way that may further restrict the capacity of educational stations to conduct their affairs substantially like other business or business organization. I would go into town briefly to say a few words about the also important restrictions in the Internal Revenue Code and lobbying activity. The basic problem here is the fact that we have. Some very tight room enunciated in the law and enunciated by the courts which if it really applied to the real world would be unworkable. But the studies are where the language is there and is there and this picture is in the language. I'll try it out in a minute. And simply said. And I'm calling your attention to the mo because it is there and because I was
given some factual circumstances there is always the possibility that these pictures might be applied. Although in the real world that we learned many of these pictures are clearly unworkable. But the law basically has a twofold approach to the restrictions on lobbying and the first is that there are well that there are three statutory Brown let me flag me three statutory grounds by which educational TV station an exempt organization may lose its exemption because of political or legislative activity and this is applicable across the board to exempt organizations and there was no exclusion of educational TV. The first is it must be organized and operating schools only for educational purposes I just. One of them. The second is a substantial part of its activity cannot consist of carrying on propaganda all get this
otherwise attempting to influence legislation. All the organization cannot participate in or intervene in any political campaign on behalf of any candidate. No you will note that the exclusively for educational purposes means that the organization must people organize and operate the organized test is a pretty poor one and I gather you're OK because it simply would fit your formal papers been cooperation must put certain strictures on what you can and cannot do. If it doesn't do it we're not going to. But if it if you draw your papers correctly and say you can. Goonies thinkin you're right this is a sick organization no test is a test it has head to head is as good so no example is a shoe through sheer carelessness carelessness and not not throwing the papers KIRK The most significant test is that no matter how effectively are organized year by year the sevice will look to your
activities to see whether or not you for you are regarded as an action organization. No there are three types of action organization. But if in any given year more than a substantial part of your activities are attempting to influence legislation by propaganda on the web you lose your exemption or if you intervene in political campaigns or if you advocate campaigning for main objectives which you can paint only too much is kind of bad for the real problem. A crucial problem is a substantial part of your activities cannot be attempting to influence legislation. No the service goes out very specifically. What is attempting to influence legislation. And this includes such things as contact contacting members of the legislative body for the purpose of proposing supporting or opposing legislation all they deem the public to contact members of a legislative body for
the purpose of proposing supporting opposing legislation. Oh advocating the adoption or rejection of legislation and lead and then legislation will please action by Congress. Any state legislature any council local council or similar going to a body and so forth. Well my time is up. Oh I can soon. After this and the point of new structures is to conclude by saying that from this point on there. No real going on. Going on. Oh you can say what is substantial is something that will undoubtedly still be determined the best thing that one can do is really to use one's head as far as possible to help individuals interested in educational TV duodenum boy. As far as you can. Secondly when ever you have it you are called upon to
appear before a legislative body if possible seek out an invitation to appear and appear like a man. I can't tell you where the nest but this pictures are there. It would mean we stripped you someday somebody like the League of Women Voters last year exemption in court maybe. Thank you very much. Tire guy. My next program will be here. It's only right here on these things across to me and I want to know that you can answer. This is for him it's a skill lawyer before you cross the street when this is not a bad idea. As far as all of the sick to me he's concerned because he's not talking about threats. You lose a tax exemption although you might as well give up the transfer. So be careful. Listen for these things you know what they are. Now it's gone.
We're very happy to talk or have you hear from two guys who are reserving the second most important man in the Western Conference guidance already talked about it and this is the creation of ETF program service. We've raised about half a million dollars this year since Austin and we're delighted at this point to have you here in a very brief report from life from big weiner. They will tell you what is the next step. You will enjoy Otto. Thank you John. Wiley. Things happen all afternoon when I was asked Mark periods and chance to stand up. It really feels good right. Right. Making our report to you. And yet we do want to fill you in on what has happened since last March in Boston when duty of program services committee was appointed and got busy almost immediately later to set up some rough outline of what was to be done as far as tears in your program
service for. Years. And years you know for sort of already been given today's Guardian charter been very very busy securing grants for us and. Getting injured a piece on almost half a million dollars that will operate our. Program service soon preventing same from Alaska for having too much boys Mike cooks serving it and I've been waiting all afternoon to these big chains. And. You know. What I. Mean. Scotty and Chuck are securing a home for the service on the campus at Indiana University and everything seems to be progressing in great shape. We have a director for the service and that took a good deal of time scream trying to find just the right man for this particular job. Speak to there just another moment. We do have one and that is another hurdle that we had crossed. The
Committee and this issue has looked alright on paper at any rate a full layout of titles from any key programs that we did get on paper to look at and some negotiations still have to be taken care of. But we have refused to send a recommended list to David Leonard so that he can look this over and in turn make for the negotiations on basis where and on Friday night. Last week the entire four member committee came into Washington and sat around and did a good deal of deliberation over what. Shell be a policy for this organization. I'll show you work. I will programs be sent out to station how we acquired programs what kind of program shall we acquire things of this kind and a report that you may have on your desk today as a result of that I should say that I do Leonard work very hard to get back together and through the flashing out process that we had on Friday night.
We did manage to get it put in condition so that you can have a chance to read it and we'll talk more about bad just a little bit later term. So you help me with these lows to dig. And on Saturday we went over to the station WAGA and we spent the entire day over there screening some 24 Television programs that came in which a representative of Siri that we thought would be good programs perhaps to distribute a national basis these are programs that Dave had solicited from many of you all of you certainly were not notified of these but the programs get very good about sending them to us and we did the right polls are about ready to pop out at the end of the day. A good look at all of these programs and evaluate them very carefully and selected some 10 titles which we think tentatively at least will make good offerings for U.P.S. program service. This represents about 120 programs which you know are going to be able to make about 300 programs available. The first year of operation. That's what the operation calls for so we're going to
plan to meet again. I'm Jane we're even tired and we will meet again this month for the screen to write the other titles and to make up our minds. Very definitely of what is to be set up. So that's about where we stand tonight. We're very proud to be able to offer you at 8 o'clock an opportunity in the delivery room to come down and look at programs that we selected because we like to have you see some of those shows too. We think some of them might be good and the kinds of things that you will want and this is the kind of service that we want always to bring you what is educational television program service and one of the big questions that we have big we know a few things I'm out of at this point we know is to be a co-operative Exchange servers. We know that the purpose is to fill the gap between CSC team net and Great Plains Regional Library and these other sources and that's a big operation. We don't want to duplicate what other sources of supply and what to do. We don't want to realize of course that this grant that we hand well it sounds like to me. On a Sunday morning
going to have to stretch over a period of about six years this organization plans to operate in the black so we can accomplish miracles in the first year or two of our operation we hope to do that later on. I think we've accomplished one great thing that is in the wiring. They let it. Stand to do the big job. Director I don't think you need a great deal of introduction. We do know that he has worked in educational television for a long time. Has been a program manager and a producer has been a teacher who has worked at the networking level and he really knows his stuff on his mode of distribution. We call him the white pony tail I think because since he moved into Bloomington on October 4th things are really going fine there are a tremendous amount of work done. There's kind of a real organizer. And I'm very happy to turn the rest of this or him right big. Thank you auto for the kind words and for saying most of what I had to say.
Which is all right. The sheet which has just been coming round is Paige trying the policies and procedures statement I got for duplicate and then I finally got around to reading and discovered the page I have been left out so. You can add that to the list and be in better shape than you were. And if you don't didn't get one there are still some floating around someplace you'll find these will also be sent out to the stations as soon as I get back from Washington so that the stations you want here are the people who are here that forget to hand them on to the people who ought to have them presumably get them we will be making meetings to program managers and public relations people in each station regularly. I really only have two or three things that I can say. One is about program submissions. We did send out on a nice blue form suggesting that stations should submit programs. I don't have a stack of these available tonight for anyone else who wants to join the club and propose programs for
the TS program service. I had expected following this convention and people becoming aware that the program service does exist now but there will be a number of submissions coming in. This does lead me to the other point and that is that the program service does exist. The money's in the bank. I'm on the job with the secretary on the job. I got a telephone and an address and an office and a borrowed desk and a rented typewriter. And we're in business. We also have a stack of programs some of which are all all of it duplicated and ready to go. These will be sent into Bloomington following the convention and the first offerings of the TS program service should be available for programming around the first of December. These will be very many in number that they will be growing moment by moment or week by week over what we can work it out as other programs we have cleared duplicated and available.
One other big point is that all of this will be gone into some detail and all the rest of the city and anyone can desire. Tonight starting at 8 o'clock in the dorm room we'll also show samples of some of the series which we have picked and we're going to attempt to have so with going on in the program to be shown tonight. Yeah I can see one two three four five six seven. Let's see there are programs from seven series and from the last series which is the TS Reader's Digest Foundation Award series we have on hand the last time I looked two programs and they're supposed to be some more somewhere lying around in the year or landed on the ground someplace and we get them by o'clock tonight. Well a lot also be able to show those. So you tonight I don't want you to a.
I hope you heard loud and clear his point that he arrived around his point there. Drive on the job done October 4th and lived in a motel for a week until we bought our house and moved let's say very rapidly. That was 28 days ago. You'll see tonight a service beginning to be in big in 28 days which is to me revolutionary I was safely here in Washington while they were out there working the program committee which did such a great job by the way consists of Bob Larson in Boston Jim case Los Angeles John Rice San Francisco Berman of Athens Georgia Chris Carlson Katie CA feet. I appreciate your indulgence having stay here so long and as much as I'm Last up and I get to live my own life I would have to get out on time. If there are things that we don't get done in this area we can meet at some other time and place and go over the point. The most important thing to remember in terms of the legislation grants is that tomorrow. There will be a full dress tomorrow. Our association lowing experts in the Arlington Richmond
run up to 15 and it will go until about 12:15 or until you get tired of asking questions that's the place where you want to get these specific questions. I only want to throw a few things into you really quickly in the first place on legislation. This is really a very very big year and next year I don't think will be nearly so big. We have the Elementary and Secondary act for humanities arts act the Higher Education Act copywrite and a couple of other lesser bills that never did come out next year. You've already heard about copyright. You've already heard about facilities act I urge you to read Senator Magnussen speech on the facilities and look at what he's saying for you which is to say who do we really need an extension of the facilities. Needless to say we've already written the answer and distributed it which is yes and it's going to be up to you to work in terms of convincing everybody in your state in your area that this is the fact. I wouldn't want to throw out one of my book heroes this to all of you in terms of the one crisis we had
this year that you sound very quickly. We found out on Thursday one week not too many weeks ago that the Senate did not approve an 8 million dollar appropriation for the facilities AG on Friday we wrote to you and on Monday you began to send back your responses which were to keep to the point. We want more money for the facilities act appropriated this year. We get 48 telegrams in 48 hours and presented this in the form of a report to the Senate and House committees the next day and two days later they restored the cut for what you all as I say deserve a tremendous book A because without your information we could not have done a thing. I also have on the back all of those who sat at the other end of telephones and did some very strenuous work in the right places to get the right response. Now so much for legislation next year is going to recant Again copyright and facilities Act are coming along and you've got to be aware of it on the national scene on the grands area this is the year when for the first time a
tremendous number of grants have been made to each TV stations I see a tremendous number of ads up from zero and this year we have about 12 that we've already reported to you and I suspect about six more that have not been reported. All this information has been passed along to you in the manager's memo so I won't labor you with that except to say to talk about the future. I might add there are about a million. Dollars and grants have been given from 12 agencies to TV stations this year to produce programs with federal money. This is the first year in which this is ever going is going to want to. It is at the point right now were federal dollars going to educational television programming as well as the facilities that is at the same level as the Ford Foundation dollars going in and next year it will skyrocket upward so that the federal government now looms is here as the largest spender of dollars in education television might as well get used to it it's not big. There are some things that we should anticipate coming up that you may not hear about in any other place. The Small Business Administration in about five
weeks will send out to all of you all. Last time it was only half of you this time will be all of you notice for inquiring about bids for production. Small Business Administration intends to spend about 30 to 35 thousand dollars on a contract information I don't know much about but they will describe it to you. There your first response was to say yes you're interested if you are. And you will find yourself in the interesting position of competing. One of the other and this is an interesting arena to be in if you think it's worth the production dollars go right ahead. The station has such a grant from them this year and it's producing. I just got to know. Very quickly two of them. It's going to be up the Food and Drug Administration is let me tell you those are not for getting economic opportunity. Forget the Food and Drug Administration nursing ministrations turn them to what we think there's some other obvious good places to turn.
The place however where you're going to get the money this year is in the education legislation. Elementary and Secondary Education Act dials 1 and 3 have lots of money and you can get it. Higher Education Act as money particularly Title 6 is going to work in close circuit TV. The other titles in the program dollars you will have higher education institutions and stations that can work with higher education institutions can get that money. This is specific money to do a specific job. It's not just money with strings attached you have to do to find out what the Act says. And we have put into your kids information that you have. Tomorrow is the time when you should come prepared to ask intelligent questions and get hopefully intelligent answers from the experts in the education legislation. We sent to you the DVR a magazine that has all of the stuff listed. And it's the best source available. Let me know of for all of the information. Bill my bill in here and don't get the questions answered. One last point this is
the provider of information available on grants programs from Health Education and Welfare. I might say that it's AGW that provides most of the grants 99 percent of them so far as the TV kinds of projects are concerned. Get a copy across two and a half if you're interested in this kind of thing. I found out in Atlanta that most of the AGW agencies in the scene. But you get it and you'll be all right. I'll put it it's called Branson in other financial assistance programs we can put in a memo this is the 64 65 EDITION we'll send you the dope about it where to get it. It's well worth the price. If you're interested in this business only the last admonition on this. You better be prepared to work pretty hard to get some money. You better do a good job. Me blue is going to go of the rose next year even I have to deliver this year they were fascinated with a new toy next year they're going to sit down and watch what you produced. Thank you very much we appreciate it. There are any other questions about anything. I will be happy trying to
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