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And not with us. They sent their technician. They sent that to the recorders. And the recording on Sony tape. Proceeded at approximately 33 and a third faster time for the total recording process than we had originally figured we would have to put into it. So I don't know what kind of significance this bears. Of course the Sony recordings cannot be used for twenty five hundred meg transmission. But do fit precisely the close circuit operation on three campuses of the institution that requested this from us plus the additional thing to which they're putting it with a bank of six Sony recorders. They make available this record of course not only for an initial impression of dissemination of broad content information but any student may return to the communications resource center of this institution. Paul
the particular lesson in which he may be having problems and simply rerun it to its heart to his heart's content. Again one of the factors that has not yet been discussed but I know that it will and all of you are aware of this. The obvious advantages in tape cost. For open circuit broadcasting. When you use if you're fortunate enough to get one soon that they are 660 which may be used for open circuit broadcasting immediately cuts your tape costs by something like 40 percent. Now it's more than that it's 80 percent. For the hour. The average cost of one hour of slam tracker tape. Ampex to us is around sixty two or sixty three dollars as compared with roughly two hundred eighty two hundred twenty dollars for regular broadcast. So I submit that this cost factor in tape alone. If you're doing very much taking
something not to be disregarded in the consideration of a signed track video tape recorder Thank you. I want to mention one other comment here on the subject your reliability. I believe many of us have. Been given a duty. Or the sales pitch. If you want to follow this that. These. Tape recorders are maintenance free. They do not have any problems. This is by all means not quite the truth. You should consider this as you would any electronic equipment. Consider the price range and consider the degree of complexity that is inherent in each one of these devices. If you do you will say that you should consider spending or having the same degree of bigness difficulties with one of these
machines as you might with two. Or perhaps a little more of your camera chains the camera the view finder the dolly the tripod the lenses the camera controls parts flies and everything put together. This is a $12000 device. It is not meant to be infallible and does require maintenance. Therefore don't make the little mistakes that they are going to work all the time. It is an important sales item but it is not exactly correct understanding with regard to shape and head life too. We also have made some tests. Pennsylvania State University. We've had a an Ampex 15:00 for part the past four or five months and have been using it rather extensively. We've noted a distinct increase in Head life as the new Aphex tape is introduced in fact there was about a factor of two or
three times with all other factors remaining the same merely by changing to the new table. There are other factors that are to be considered here too. The environment under which you use the machine is extremely critical. Don't neglect this. And particularly the. Air in the air and little factors and little microscopic particles that might be floating around. An example of one agency which I heard of. They were having some particular difficulties with a tape recorder. Its head Life was very very low. A team went in to investigate why they were very very low. They found that. Three blocks down the street. A building was built. The dust the concrete dust from that building and the. Destruction of the previous building was getting up into their air conditioning system and was
reducing the head life from 500 hours down to about 50. This can be a type of a problem which you can encounter. Are there other questions in this area. All right three. 388 on these things. That's all those of you have been here. Fairly often. Well actually in our shop we didn't run the clock. We essentially clean them when we started to record it just right just as we do is our part of your machine. One thing we did find with this is that in our studio which is. One heck of a big air conditioning system and the humidity is very very low that we had more trouble with the tape then if we took the machine to the other end of our building which is. Water Cooler they were bobs and humidity is very very high. Better results with take.
So there are these differences. Are these differences shorten point there. If the humidity is extremely love to play cling to itself the static charge is set up right. If you have a human however you're going to run into other problems. There's an opt out right like task for really right now on our program really hard to reroute or come apart. You know I don't think anyone you know I don't think any of us have used it long enough to have worn out a tape yet our our particular experience has been that the tape is more easily damaged by physical abuse than the wearing out of the tape.
What other factors are built by the same facts as Bill pointed out in relation to the video tape recorders cell phone we found applied to the video. Any particularly when we were using three a day we were best on a couple of occasions to find out. We slept on a machine for demonstration purposes that stretched like an old girdle. However when we rewound the tape and put it into a refrigerator and let it sit there for a couple of hours we were successful in being able to run one pass on it and have a produce a fairly acceptable so I don't understand why nobody was quite able to explain why they felt that it ought to go into the refrigerator that had been housing only coax up until a point to you Well you know record of your face. But we don't have one at the university. We didn't do is to buy one we do it just to find out about cent.. Actually we don't have one. We have quadrature quadruplex.
She. Or your. Yes they get it right which are the best or the best with the new AMP mixtape was one hundred and fifty hours. Right. Oh I'm sorry I thought you meant headlights. The number of passes no we could have worn out anything if you haven't commented on it. One interesting thing we have that we have come up with a borrowed machine. Again this is probably low humidity because I have heard of it only coming out of the mountain states where we have 5 percent humidity days. As well the machine is on idle and you have it turned on and the head is actually rotating. This is the thanks machine the flow of air through this head assembly. They're supposed to keep the tape away from the heads. It flutters a little bit but all it takes is about twice that that tape falls into contact with the head while it's rotating and you have a clogged head situation and
cannot start your tape or cannot start your programming on time. I don't know I doubted this. This was not with 388 tape this had to be with memory X tape I believe and this has happened also with the Ampex tape being used in the area with another outfit in Denver. But this is something that you can watch for older versions of you that have to factor in in addition to the environment problems. With these tape recorders. Another very important just in the Ampex recorder is the tension on which the tape is being used. And some of the early models had several problems with regard to the tension. Barry. Unless you were able to detect that you would have made an incorrect evaluation of the machine under the original production models. So if you have made. And evaluation of the machines as faras had life under most early
machines re-evaluated because this makes a considerable difference in the headlight. Yes I pray for our situation. Reverend Wright sounds a bit trickier for a few days and a lot of the original poster advertising a shady trainer back to give us to your classroom teacher after a speaker and got her own self and say hi over myself right away. That is a very good comment. One of the things I was attempting to bring up when I was mentioning about the maintenance cost. Yes. First you know my bosses every right I have wouldn't go quite that far but I would very carefully analyze the true requirements for this piece of equipment as well as you've analyzed the requirements for cameras and
television receivers and everything else. The television tape recorder is a and easily operated item. However the problem comes in as to whether or not it will respond to the operation. When you push the button. Now if it is correctly maintained. You will find that any of these machines will respond. With a high degree of reliability. If it is not correctly maintained you'll never know. And that is strictly because of this degree of complexity. Yes you have. I wonder if there isn't some way that we can i don't know whether any manufacturers are saying that is are there for them. If there is some way that we can convince these people. Who are selling this equipment in good faith. That they shouldn't be shy about saying that you're going to have to have a good scope to go on with
your fifteen hundred tape recorder and that you're going to have to have it have to penetration gauge and you're going to have to have a good engineer to maintain it because it's fun. We may know this as well as television administrators but Big Daddy is out the line. Late take it at face value and they don't understand then what we have to go back to them and say well look we've got another hundred thousand dollars for a tech penetration. What she that's a lot of money to spend for again. Why did we you know that we ran it. Maybe the answer here is again in the subject of the objectives. As Bill. Mentioned before. You must analyze everything which you are going to use in your system. You must determine its requirements. Now if you are not for example going to do the maintenance on your own equipment. As in many installations.
Is done. It's done by some other agency. That you don't need to purchase and sell a skull. You don't need to purchase it to penetration gauge and all the other gadgets and doodads and all that kind of stuff. But you must take into consideration what is going to be the total picture and thus cons in the subject. The initial planning. This is fundamental and foremost. Otherwise you're in for trouble. I think your hand went up for I would just like to call it since the death rate. For the staff was part of health education welfare. Yes probably take orders have approved by those of us who months ago they are now but individual just prejudicial basis. Talk about cyber bullying and broadcast broadly to the left or right to broadcast he
will stand for it must be individually. Just think we better be sure to get that recording. If you repeat that again if you are applying for grants from Health Education and Welfare. And you want to purchase a hillock will scan recorder. It must be individually justified is that the way you stated it. Meaning what. Meaning you have. Indicate the overall justification of the price. That what use you are going to put this particular machine why you want this particular machine back to do have I have a plan for the proper engineering help to keep it as broadcast standard. This is the most important part to do we get that on tape. Now are there other questions here. So who's to say the liason let you know
recorder. You know we point out that we're talking. But public law 87 their support for you right which is for open circuit broadcast say that thus far so far as we know the only one that you could justify under that would be that they are 660 that the others are not type accepted for this purpose. And so you would not venture that on the other hand if we're talking about NBA Title 3 in relation to math science foreign languages and now also history geography social studies and such kinds of let her cherry as I understand it the current law reads video tape recorders were never really considered by NBA Title 3 to be a justifiable except under certain conditions and those conditions must offended a player not before your distribution beyond the
confines of a classroom. How many signal in those subject areas. They are on the point as I was sent recognizing that perhaps the original version of NBA Title 3 and the ground rules for its application in relation to those subject areas. Must now come under reconsideration and I understand he is doing so. So any of you who are attached to public school systems or state education departments with public school levels or those subject areas. You can do yourself an enormous amount more by registering now with the NBA Title 3 people your interest here. He liked health care and reported of course making. Very careful of oil some of the distribution aspects of your interests you know. However later they become an advocate just to you
to apply it both in the classroom and I would assume Too many many classes for the distribution of that particular area. Are there any questions at this time relative to that a con an image or to con cameras. To be sure we don't neglect this area. Are there any questions with yes yes you really are going to go very very very. Clear is it there or by people who mix with compatible meat with you. Are there any one manufactures would have done with another way to see the first serious problem all along. The operating companies certainly should be. Frequently it probably comes out that he made up a composite of life partly because responsibility is.
How I think you are your own engineer he should make this determination. If you think you resign every plant has probably rarely ever lived. Yes did you have to let her in with the. Change of heart. Speaking here was a British bank here we really haven't seen them yet. Why was I really regarded as a son of the Magisterium minimize your spare Sparts talked supply saw and certainly if you have for example a very brave man with your vices will be able to plug in one hit into another man's control of the mother and this by the way generally possible in fact I have someplace. Well he's on the fence or is awfully good they think they can get in there with regard to resolution so the noise ratio is we use a brand of camera. I think you told me in this column and I might mention
forgot to spare parts so this represents quite a problem for our organization. We are presently using my last tally over two hundred fifty different types of vacuum tubes alone in our various pieces of equipment yet it does represent quite a difference but a difficult problem and we don't we don't stop some of the other ones because just ran out of space. Yes I'd like to ask a question on TV I have a PR machine. As far as I know the only real solice is 3 he does anybody know. Whether m TX or Memorex. Some of these other manufactures army will be I've seen perhaps the results that really are there any other tapes available for the precision instrument. Tape recorders. Other than the money. Does anybody know
the answer to that question. At the time they were demonstrating I'll take a stab at least at the time they were demonstrating this. They said there would be a number of different tapes particularly harder surface units which 3M was going to be coming out with. And I would suggest you look into the data processing type of firm as a possible extra source of tape. Yeah I don't know of any particular names because we haven't been involved in but I understand they used a similar tape and there may have been some others develop there which would be of use to either question them or to see if it was a. Member x. I said OK. You know we're member x is. Your. Member x in California. I've heard the name but I don't know anything about my theory.
OK yes just do it as an existing distribution system. Right. This right. We we ran into this problem also. This is primarily the major thing which shows up between your so-called regular machine and your broadcast machines. The extra circuitry which is added is added to reduce. Those kinds of problems which cause you problems in your distribution systems. This may end up here. Been a lot of money for them. We have a broad operation here. We decide we are only illegality but she will have we hope. Fifteen hundred and the studio and the right to free market where is the right place right back but we have no interest so we agree people are going to write more platinum. We have we
read. She wrote all right to feel the pressure of course for a variety of our question here. We take off for an hour or so for several. Bill along that same line. There's a commercial station in Binghamton New York that has with the permission of the yes the state fair. For years even the artistic hundreds of hot damn ma regular sessions broadcasting apparently if it works successfully they have. To it that we are 15 others abusing that way. One of which state you have to haul out regularly sick of the bellows section right. Go over there or vote some place them back make video tape set it out of the air that way. This is one of the basic. Things which these modifications to meet the other cities that punish us of sucking as opposed to I think that one comment to a certain issue that we should make in the midst of all
that picture and not just affect your well we're talking about whether or not this machine can be put on there cannot be put on there so it does not make the problem Victor quadruplex reaching this machine that it was game machine for I believe in the order of six I make it up or stuck there is no way that this machine can come up with a bang path much in excess of three mega cycle on the part. But for me to have my quarterback rest will put out a much plainer sharper looking back so it's not just a matter of whether or not this thing is going to go but there is not an appropriate quality to play in the lineup. So summary here as I know some of you have some other meetings perhaps the panel members might want to make statements. But sum this up for me I think you'll find facts. Nor is there a case and what I caution you that you know it's only fair to spin this so you can stand the heat in the sense of finally getting to the at
the hip to make your closing comments yes I think it's rather important to make sure that the administrative groups and management who all too often hold full control the purse strings to understand that a key local scanner recorder which is classified as a broadcast model. Means that this can be lieve used legally for broadcast operation and that's about all there is a difference in performance as noise will have pointed out and should not be construed to mean that this is going to be equivalent to the fireplace machine in every respect. It only means that it has sufficient. Synchronizing poll stability to be used on the air. And that's all other areas are certainly not equally hard to resolution picture. Will he be excused. Picture falling for. You do you have anything to just do it. I'll be very brief for that but I have one one philosophy that we have followed
throughout the design of radio and later television and and television radio both have been several different installations that we put and we have first as everyone has suggested protective duct caster in his opening remarks here try to evaluate the need and try to fit equipment to the knee. Secondly we have tried to get the absolute best quality equipment we could get for any particular use. We have tried to get equipment that we used to have good longevity but want to wean you to if possible exceed the demands of the knee. Then we have given this. Best possible make up so we can give it with the best person now no effort has ever been made and anything we have done to repair a piece of equipment on the Get bar a slipshod basis. We always want to put it back in the condition it was are better in this particular instance we feel it has paid off quite well. We have spent our money for our piece of equipment and we do not like to spend our money to replace something we wish to buy something else to go on to bigger and greener fields.
I think that most of the engineering people would agree that if you follow this procedure you come up with a very nice installation and a very nice result and very. For example some of you may have had particular examples in the audio recorders. I'm sure that each of you knows of places that have gone out and bought the very inexpensive audio recorder and they bought it every year and a half or two years whereas at the end of three or four years you spend enough money to have bought a good high quality unit and as one unit would have sufficed all the way through rather than having these periods and hear at the end of one of these various devices on a performance of it fell off very sharply. Just this. Morning we all. Really talked and thanks we are fifteen hundred here and there are an awful lot of them around. And by no means should we say that. The other machines the Sony and the P.I. in the days of many bad machines they
do really an amazing job for the size and the amount of technology in them should not be overlooked. They should be looked at in the light of again your final means your technical staff and what you really want to do with it. How long you're going to use this machine. Colorado I just. Closed one paragraph out of. The recommendation from the committee that said that that in light of the vital need for compatibility of video tape recorders in Colorado institutions of higher learning as a result of our comparison of video tape recorders. Each member institution of the Association plan on obtaining both. Transverse scan and he will scan machine. That if you will scan machines purchased they should be. These attach specifications. We said transfer scan and we set it first and this is the way the University of Colorado went we went if you don't pass up the
used market. You can do very well there or not quite as much money. It's important to note that the. Eventual machines and eventually Quitman. Which will become the standards of our industry are going to be determined by people like yourself who are here today. It's dependent upon what you use and what you require and what you tell the manufacturers that you want. As to what we will have in the forthcoming years. So with that point in mind I would like to remind you to visit the exhibits. For those of you who haven't been to the NE E.B. convention before. I'd like to point out that the exhibits are getting better and better every year. And there is a very very good group of equipment down there on the main floor for you to see if you haven't already seen it. And analyze each piece of equipment with some of the things we've talked about today. And I think you will see how it fits into your own requirements. Evaluate your
objectives compared with the equipment available. If the equipment isn't there tell a manufacturer's what you want. And eventually it will happen. Thank you. I think luser said.
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