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This is ask President Carter an experiment in communications between the president and the people of the United States. Now let's go over the ground rules again. The toll free number is 900 to 4 2 1 6 1 1 900 2 4 2 1 6 1 1. CBS operators will take your call or verify it and call you back to put you on with the president. We want to hear from just as many of you as possible so please do get your question promptly when you get on the line. Mr. President let's take another call that's from Mr. Philip to Lee. Mr. Philip are you Mr. Philip to leave Utah. OK let's go through once more Mr. President might as well spend the afternoon with this Mr. Philip. That's so wow. All right thank you sir. It is really say though is it. It is Russia yes and I got that much for Hello. Go ahead with your question Mr. President.
Are you familiar with the sickly portion of the 1976 income tax exemption. What was the first part of it. I heard in 1976 income tax evasion went to first but sick leave for sure. Yes well up at 1976 income tax exemption Yes I'm fairly familiar with it all up my question. The president took a further medical retirement. Could they possibly be given their jobs back. I don't know. 1976 am income tax evasion. JD do you really think people retire or that an NFL change taken $400 a month are going to have to come up with five $600 for a 1976 income
tax due to direct act of ours to end that sickly portion. Mr O'Shea Perhaps you could answer that question. I don't know that I must see if I can get the answer and if I can give it to you on this program I'll give you a call Monday in China and she questioned. That would be great. Yes my family that truly wanted to recap the action if they were truly didn't even know this unit taken away that it. Oh well I tell you I go that's Mrs. Russian is it. Well I tell you the president's going to look up to this question for you it's a rather complicated one. He's going to get an answer for you and get back to you. The question is almost as difficult as pronounce and too well. Well thank you. Yeah. Thank you very much for Shays. Glad to talk to both a person in London talk to you about it.
OK now that Mr. Charles Stone Mr. President of Dallas Texas I can point out to both of those names stone and Dallas greats and their having recently completed a figure income tax for my fiance messing up the tax differences that they have been dollars between single and married. Wait and what action do you plan to pay. Also in the news it recently stated that the new home is out of reach for most Americans. Is there anything that can be done about it right. Now. The only thing that I know of that can cut down on the price of interest rates would be to control inflation and we have been working for the last six weeks on a comprehensive approach so that we will know in Washington and so that the American people can be informed about all the things that we do that cause an increase in interest rates. In addition for low income families and middle income families. We're trying to do. To stimulate housing
construction by helping with with a repayment. Mortgage on a monthly basis. I hope to increase the amount of guaranteed loans for people like yourselves and I hope that this will be a help to you in the in the years to come. We've increased the authorization for home construction by between eight and nine billion dollars which is an awful lot of money. Of course that extends over 40 years in the future. The first question I would like to see. In a tax reform package removal as much as possible of any sort of tax advantage. For either single people or married people. This is a complicated question and I don't know how to deal with it. We have now in some parts of the income tax laws a fairly substantial reward for people who live in the same house. But who are not married. And I would like to remove
that. But at the same time let people who are single and who live alone not as married people not be punished. So that's one of the complicated questions that has always been a matter of debate both in the state and national legislatures. I don't know how to give that answer yet. But there is a great disparity. Yes there were as you will have an answer I believe you said in September in your tax package. I hope so. We're going to address that issue and I hope we can come up with a reasonable answer we we're going to complete the study of this tax entire tax code which is enormously complicated as you know and a deadline that stablished in the sector treasury like Blumenthal that is elite cabinet also own it has agreed that we can complete this study and make our recommendations to the people into the Congress by September the 30th yes. A very good thing there. Good luck to you Mr. President I understand you to say that you would penalize unmarrieds living together. No I just don't think I want to be an advantage. But between people and
unmarried people who share the same household I'd like to remove if possible and advantage one way or the other won't. I mean this is John Richie's on the phone Mr. President Xi's in Georgetown Kentucky. Mr. Ritchie. Thank you. Cat's name is Rachel. When I think of something I would. Say. But then I say well if I asked you first question is easy and the answer is no I'm not familiar with the bill. I know the answer. If I'll help you not not have to do this to great
I will look into the veil and see what I think is a right and a fair thing to do. If it seems to me that that a particular Indian group to which you refer has not been treated fairly. Then through the Department of Interior and Attorney General I'll give you what help is proper and I'll be back in touch with you this coming week and I want to my staff and has called you back and see what we think about the legislation that you have described OK. Yes I understand well I think as you probably know and Maine in Massachusetts in several places around a further west and south there's a great new analysis of whether or not Indians have been treated fairly and legally in the past and I would believe that I in the Congress would want to treat your ancestors or their
descendants including yourselves. Failing about it but I'll look into the bill personally and let you hear from either me or my staff about it. Good luck. Thanks Paula. Let's go Mr. President. This from the Reverend James Baker in Ridgeland South Carolina. Mr. Baker Mr. President. First I commend to you for the effort that you have made to restore ethics and morality and. I think you've taken a splendid action in that direction. And I wonder if. To protect the consumer. From shot in March and our warranties. And family are unconscionable. The actions on the part of. The country through the Federal Trade Commission Consumer Protection Bureau sort of
robbing Banka before I go out of office I will consider my administration being a fake. You're absolutely right. In many instances regulatory agencies. In Washington have been staffed. And and led by men and women whose primary interest is not to the consumer at all but to the industry is being regulated. So far we've not been able to get past. The legislation for establishing a consumer protection agency. And they and the consumers interest quite often are supposed to be protected by a little tiny group of people in many dozens even hundreds of agents just get it throughout the city of Washington. So I'm in favor of establishment of the consumer protection agency itself to focus the consumers interest in one agency as much as possible. This agency would be quite small. I think the budget would be in a neighborhood of 11
million dollars a year for the entire nationwide coverage and it would let you and me and I and other people know where to go to register a complaint and it would also have a group of people there whose only interest would be to protect people like you from being cheated. So I'm strongly in favor of that and I believe that before the next year or two goes by I will have a new agency in operation and I wish that she would examine every one of my appointment to these regulatory agencies that have taken place now and it will take place over the next four years and I believe in every instance you'll see that the people that I do appoint have their obligation to the consumer. And that's the way it should have been in the past and so I'm going to say that when the smoke I'm going to turn and that's where consumer you know. The chronic complaint yes no where to turn and I think they can handle it.
Yeah should any of these people. You're right. I favor in in certain instances the right increased right of consumers to file a class action suit lawsuits where a thousand consumers who've been cheated can get together. And get some relief from unfair trade practices and also on occasion consumers ought to have an increased right to have legal standing in court and I think that within the government itself. Quite often the consumers are not treated fairly that's why I believe it is better to have a separate agency for consumer protection itself. Thank you sir have a prayer. American first term of office. Thank you. Mr. President do you expect to send legislation or proposal for legislation to establish consumer agency if they don't. Well the legislation as you know made a lot of progress last year
and my own inclination is to support the legislation that was already considered by Congress and I believe that with the support of the White House instead of the opposition there was a case under the previous administration it'll be passed you'll support the present legislation as it is now it but they will then yes I would want to say that I'll support it in any language is put in it but. But if I can approve the basic language I'm strong in favor of the agency Yes. The next caller Mr. President is John Menifee Johnson City New York. PRESIDENT Good afternoon John. I know we have already. But why do we so much and we have so much employment factor in our own country. Well. John I'm going to take a position that's not very popular politically speaking. We only spend about three tenths of 1 percent. Of our gross national product on foreign aid which is about half the proportion that is allotted to this purpose
by other countries like France and Germany and so forth. I don't particular increases greatly but I would like for it to be predictable. Also in the past we've not had foreign aid used in an effective way. As one of my friends has said quite often I'm not in favor of taxing the poor people in our rich country and send in the money to the rich people in the poor countries. And quite often that's been done in the past. We have also a need in my opinion to support the lending institutions the International Monetary Fund the World Bank. They give aid to other countries in the form of loans sometimes low interest loans. But instead of just handing gifts out. That kind of combat is a basic philosophy and also that I abused I would favor contributing to the capital stock in a national regional lending agencies and I believe we'll get a lot better return on our money and I might say that my own
experience in his first six weeks has been that the International Monetary Fund French agenda World Bank are quite strict on a nation that makes a loan. They make them work hard toward balancing the budget. Quite often they require them to clean up corruption. They make them assess very carefully the trade policies. So I believe that the lending procedure and foreign aid is much better than the gift. Procedure and direct grants are made. We ought to do more than we have in the past to get the grants to people who actually need it. When those changes I think at our present level of foreign aid is about right John. OK thank you Mr. President elect and the future. I'll be there for another eight years. Thanks very much I might say that there's a Mr. Otto flake. Milwaukee Wisconsin. His telephone number. Unfortunately for him today is 2 4 2 1 6 1 1 0 0. And ever since six o'clock this morning he's been getting
calls from people who want to talk to me and he has requested me to announce that people please and then the 900 before they down to 2 4 2 16 11 so his phone will quit running. I assume those goals could only get to him from Milwaukee area if they want to style the 900 won't get. That's really what I'd like to ask people I guess other folks around the country they've got to say the last seven numbers everybody ought to remember to down to the 900 before they said one of the gentlemen of the walk is giving the money answer to how to get out and fight satisfactory solutions to the problem is that I'm sure you get a lot of questions and answers are found better right. We have a call from Lapeer Michigan from Ms. Air I believe it is Ms. York she's 16 years old I'm told Mr. President. Go ahead Ms Mueller thank you. Thank you Colleen.
Trying to put it draft on your back and if you would you get the same and I think right now we don't have any plans now to put in a draft system. So far we are still getting back with a voluntary armed forces. A major problem has been in the reserves. We have about 800 people 800000 people short I believe in reserve recruitment. The Reglan forces are holding their own. But if I see it's necessary in the future to initiate a draft then I would certainly recommend to the Congress that this be done. I would like to combine it with with a much more comprehensive public service opportunity where people might go in to jobs like the Peace Corps best teachers aides mental institutions and so forth along with military training as well.
And I would make it much more all inclusive than has been in the past. I would not for instance exclude college students. And if it becomes necessary for national security the likelihood is that women would be included as well. But I'd like to draw a distinction between military service and other service that would benefit our country just as much in a time of need or crisis. But I might re-emphasize that it is time we have no intention of going to a draft. Thank you Mr. Mayor. From Jerry will next call Mr. President he's in Lake Worth Florida. That's why Mr. Conway. All right. Good afternoon Mr. President. Before I get to my question I would like to add that I'm a United States Naval Academy and I don't the far along your footsteps not on my question I would like to know what actions would be taken if any hostile acts were taken against American citizens living in Uganda. OK that was a question only on the program. Jerry I might just say that we had this
question come up last weekend. We tried to handle it in a very unpublicized and careful way. The unpredictability I mean and I just let him know very well and frankly that we were concerned about American citizens and we also got other nations who have communications and it and understanding of better than we do to deal with him and to help us stay on. I understand from the news that about eight or 10 different foreign leaders mostly from Moslem countries. Contacted I mean West Germans helped us a great deal in a crisis was averted. But I would guess that if issued a recall in the future I hope it won't that we have handled in the same way Gerri. All right. Thank you. Next question from Samuel Rankin to Billings Montana Mr. President Mr. President you have to say. I have a two part question the first is broken into two minor
economic questions. I hope that you have covered previously and maybe you would like to think that I would like your commitment and your honor really in the public's favorite alleviate the painfully right medical care in the U.S. embassy to related to the lowering of the Syrian regime which I believe are 40 percent of the income derived by the government from corporate and individual. Mr. RANKIN I don't know if you would answer your question very well at this point. I might say that. These are two questions that we're working on simultaneously. The income tax. Change is. A part of the transfer of payments also the welfare system in its entirety. Needs to be reformed and bought a 1st of
May. Joe Califano who's a New. Sector of AGW. Working with literally hundreds of different people will come up for me and for the Congress with a comprehensive reform. Of the work of the welfare system. It will be. I would say next year before we can complete an attic adequate analysis of the health care system. As a whole. Now we're trying now to hold on the cost of. Both medicine treatment and also hospital care but I can't answer your question yet. The first part of the answer that will be forthcoming made the first with a welfare reform package. The second thought September the 30th with income tax reversion proposal and comprehensive health care would probably have to wait until next year just so much we can do the first yes and no I appreciate that. I'm sorry that the second part of my question Mr. President and with many of our young people
in the rectory with me if I would like to respectfully suggest that you appoint a young person at the company to Maidenhead for or headed by letter including what they think which senators going to be on in a near future. I believe it would help many of us. I myself am going to Vietnam and would now like to know we are helping rebuild that country and I would respectfully request that my name be put on that list if and when you get them. If my wife wants me to be your favorite going fight it would more than likely be a lot of my nice imitation for you my roommate at the Naval Academy. Back in ancient days watch from Butte Montana. His name was blue Middleton and I hear a lot about Montana from him and of course some of Mike Mansfield is one of the most distinguished members of Congress that has ever served in our country. The five members
who will go to. Viet Nam have already been chosen and will be the chairman. As you said Mike Mansfield would go a woman and woman will also be on a trip and a professional diplomat. Go along. And also one member of the House of Representatives as well and unfortunately won't have a veteran of the Vietnam War. I thought about this Sam and also thought about sending a member of an in my family. Right. But my judgment was that we probably ought not to get people there who are so deep and emotionally involved in the process. We've been encouraged so far nobody can predict what's going to happen in the future that the response of the Vietnamese government and I think they want to re-establish relationships with our own country they need help in exploring for oil and in and not a way they need to trade with the outside world and not be completely dependent
upon the communist countries like China and Russia. And of course we want to get an accounting for the more than 25 hundred Americans who still are not completely accounted for in Vietnam so you have a good suggestion but I wasn't chosen of five people and they are now getting ready to go. They'll arrive in Vietnam. If it's a plan to go through I think the 16th of March so is well underway. Well you're I think your proposal your counterpoint might well thank you. Thank you sir. Thank you very much Mr. RANKIN. Thank you sir for calling. I'm going to suggest Mr. President because we only have about 35 minutes left. From here on out we ask callers to limit themselves to one question or possibly a follow up if it's really necessary. But let's let each caller to one subject matter at any rate the next call is from Lois Lawson of Richmond Virginia just last night.
PRESIDENT CARTER My name is right for you may call me Rafael. Unfortunately I have two questions. Promise to be limited to one but I have one that is really uppermost in my mind. I was wondering if you feel if there is any iniquity in equity in passing which encourage the hiring of members of minority groups and women well passing fits. Right resisting hiring an equally qualified white male. Yes I don't like that concept either. I think most of the laws that have been passed have been designed very narrowly to ensure that there is no continued discrimination against somebody. Because they are in a minority group are women. Now the courts have interpreted this to mean that if a company for instance has historically excluded men and women who from the labor force from the labor force they have to go back and take corrective action. But I think all of the laws with which I'm familiar only equal employment
opportunity guarantee that now and in the future there won't be discrimination. And that if there has been a history of discrimination to be corrected that that's part of her. Victim of the system I want to say before I go I'm really impressed by what is out and for America more closely in the government and I'm pleased to stop you. Thank you President Carter. Thank you so much. I've got a question we can answer and I think that from the man and his wife from Utah about the exclusion for disabled people this was removed from the income tax law in the 1960s. That is sick pay seclusion for anyone except the disabled. Congress gave it its reason to sound like a good reason that such persons could deduct their medical expenses from the income tax and would therefore get a double benefit. And anybody notice that even if it is an afflicted person or disabled person has a
special exclusion that other people have to pay the taxes for them. This is one of the things that will be assessed this year and we may or may not put the double credit back for permanent disable but my guess is that it would not be put back in. The next caller Mr. President is MS Cheryl Quinn. Cleveland Ohio is going to let her know that I want to thank you for doing it right. Jack thank you. All right. And our crew. I see. I think after she got out she was signed up to take it away. She had to come up back to New York from Texas. And then she got married had kids. When did you know. For what they wanted what he wanted. They only gave him
three years. And you know what can be done about a child is that the guy should go. Well she may have let her time run out on the G.I. Bill of Rights. That's probably what happened the way you describe it. I don't think we could do anything about it to be perfectly frank with you. Without changing the law to make a special case for your mother and those like her I doubt that it could be changed to show when the law was written. The Congress put into it that after a certain period of years I think 10 years. That it benefits would be lost. But I don't have someone on my staff check out the case and see if there's something that can be done about it within the law itself. And they'll give you a call back this coming week OK. OK. Let me remind you that these goals are not being screened in any way for content. There is no censorship at all as the calls come in to us here in the Oval Office of the White House. Gerald Anderson Denver Colorado is the next caller.
Mr. Anderson Oh Mr. President I'm wondering what is the justification if you're trying to reduce the federal budget the justification behind the pay increase for Congress. How can you ignore the budget by giving them $12000 a year enough $50 back. That's a hard question for me to answer. I think you probably know that there is a law that was passed by Congress and previous presidents before I came into office. That said a commission would recommend pay levels for the Congress and for others like federal judges and cabinet officers. And unless the Congress voted no. That the pay raises would go into effect in other words if the Congress does nothing the pay raises go into effect. And that's what I could get loans been on the books for quite a while. What I'm getting at though is you when you're trying to lower the budget why did you not try and do something
to stop it or if there was anything that you could that could be done to stop it right couldn't somebody be convinced there was again you know to the fiscal matters of the country to given this. This increase. Well I might say that I think that salary increases were justified and one of the things that President Ford asked me to do before I was inaugurated while he was still in office was to add my support to the increase in salaries. I agreed not to object to the increase provided there was a strict. Law on ethics. Tied to it to limit the outside income of Congress members and to remove the conflicts of interest that exist between. Them and also with people serving in the executive branch of government. I do think that law ought to be changed Carol to make sure that in the future if this sort of salary increase goes into effect that it did not go into effect until after the following general election I think this would help a great deal to make all of us more careful about it and it would mean that if Congress doesn't
veto an increase that they would not get an increase in chatter until after they had to face the voters again in the next general election. With that change I would be in favor of continuing the law as it is. But you know there was no way that you could stop this increase. That's correct I didn't have any authority over it. But I have to say to you I could have made speeches around the country against it but it was not my nation to do so. Don't you feel that with the people of amount of money compared to the average working person that it puts them out of touch with reality as far as what the average person. Have to go if you don't want to live in a country. Well I can't say that that you are exactly right I don't know what I have seen from my own experience that it cost a member of Congress an enormous amount of extra money to maintain close contacts with the people back home. Quite often to find a house say in Colorado where you live and also to buy into or
to rent an extremely expensive house here in Washington. Also Congress member in order to stay in office in the build up Senioritis is serve you and other people around Denver better has to run for office every two years now they are also members of Congress. Who have no trouble raising money. For a political campaign. Others have to spend a lot of their own money in a political campaign. If you compare say a member of Congress you have to do that with a federal judge. Who lives in Denver full time. You don't have to run for office you get the same amount of pay. And who doesn't have the constant political world to live in and to deal with all kind of complicated and very controversial questions like a congressman does all in the open. You know I think that a congressman deserves just as much salary as a federal judge so it cuts both ways and I think Joe that in fairness to the members of Congress I've never been in Congress as you know they are some extraordinary expenses that a member of Congress has that that an
average person even of a public servant like a federal judge does not have. But. I. Believe that one change that described you ought to be made and that is to let future salary increases go into effect only after. The next general election. It is also true Mr. President isn't that members of Congress members just sherry and the executive branch are entitled to these raises have not had one for a long time and fallen far behind the general cost of living increases. I think the last raise went into effect about eight years ago. I might say well today that made a mistake while ago I got my decimal point wrong on the shortage in the reserve figures because of not having the draft the total reserve is about 800000 and the shortage is about 10 percent of that 70 or 80 thousand. Somebody just called in and said. That I said the shortage was 800000 and I'm sorry I made
a mistake. An officer in the reserve I would guess I guess if Sergeant David K.. I'm really on the Hawaii. So on the phone the first call from the state of Hawaii Sergeant cash to get out tonight and try to come. The program which is a Korean wash. And then 25th Infantry Father life three years we trained army personnel and crew you know out of the line condition. They've got to wonder how much problem it throughout the me me that we could
have a program. Every half a tree. You understand what the program is not just cash in cash but the program is again. Like. You I'm just trying to understand. Well I think it's I think it's probably a good program to have starting cash. When I went through the training I had enough karate training as part of my preparation for military service that I broke my right collarbone in the process but I recovered from it and I think that most of the physical training for combat is
probably beneficial. It obviously ought to be done without abuse. And without damage to the person but I think to be in top physical shape and to know how to deal with personal hand-to-hand combat is a good thing I hope I understood your question properly. Thank you very much Sergeant cash and let's go to the next telephone call from Walter Lippmann Spring Valley New York. Good afternoon Mr. President. Better may be able to get ahold of you. This question is something that bunch of friends of mine and I bandied back and forth and swore would never get on the air but any of this present it seems to me and my friends that the term drug addict is a function of one's social station than anything else. Many famous people such as Sigmund Freud to come into Russia like Compton and Dr William Halsted who was one of the founders of the Johns Hopkins Medical School were quite heavy users of drugs such as
cocaine and morphine. And yet were considered leaders of society in their day. Now in this right. Doesn't the prosecution of drug users and their habits by the Drug Enforcement Administration seem capricious arbitrary and rather unjust. No it doesn't. Not to me. Stablished a drug treatment program in Georgia when I was in office as governor. In July of 970 to I believe it was we had 11 deaths and that Lana area. From heroin overdose primarily among young people. We put in a drug treatment program and kind of opened the whole question up to a public awareness. In October and the following 12 months we had zero heroin deaths. I've been in treatment centers throughout the state of Georgia. In fact my sons have worked in those treatment centers and I've seen literally
hundreds of young people's lives almost completely destroyed by addiction to heroin in particular I think that a question like morphine would be a different one altogether Morphine is a drug that is you know administered legally and as a previous caller said a medication is this administered legally but I would do all I can and they're moving as aggressively as possible to stamp out the traffic in drugs like cocaine or heroin I believe the devastating effect on our society and ought to be eliminated as much as we can get it. You know the origin of the drug heroin I think it's I know it comes from poppies but. Purpose that Mr. Lippman got there thank you very much for your call but we're running a little short of time we do want to get as many calls in as possible so we're going to move right along to Paul Girton Wisconsin Mr. Gordon. Richard one thing I've always wished I could tell you
now I have to chair and there are going to tractors or feeders where one of the best things you can carry over to somebody after work out of character. Obviously they had a reason and they should be listened to. Forcing somebody to do something even if they object to it at all for leaving it is just taking away their rights you have a question Mr. Burton for the president. Not really I just want to say that was one of the most difficult decisions I made. I made my decision though quite early in the campaign I never did mislead the American people about it. I made the major public announcement at the American Legion convention out in the state of Washington last year one of the most critical audiences that I could have hand. I've just seen some public opinion poll results this week that showed that about 45 percent of the American people thought I made a mistake. About 45 percent of the American people thought I did the right thing and the other 10 percent didn't have any
opinion so there's no way to suit people. I. Feel it is time for us to get over the Vietnam War as soon as we can and I believe that those that have been excluded from living in our wonderful country for the last 10 or 12 years have been punished pretty severely So I think that it is or it isn't all as I said early on this program want to be held on an individual case basis within the Department of Defense and they are expediting their assessment of cases and well handling them under normal military and legal procedures. Ok really nice being able to track you thank you thank you very much. Thank you sir. The next goal is from John Raymond Arroyo Yorktown in New York Mr. President. Go right ahead. That's fine I know what you're right. And with that much this week. Do you feel that we just bring our friends I mean it's
hard. And I pray that many friends. Knowing I'm going on I'm going. OK. Our government has already expressed its opinion. Mr Love the previous administration authorized the Concorde to come in our country for a 16 month trial period and. A couple of weeks ago I made a statement. That I agreed with that decision and thought the Concorde ought to be given a chance to fulfill its trial itself. As you know under the federal law I have authority over Dulles Airport and so did President Ford and we are permitting the test flights to come into Dulles and we are very carefully monitoring the environmental consequences of the SSD flights including primarily noise. Kennedy Airport in New York is not under my control at all I have nothing to do with it no authority over it.
New York Port Authority now has that decision to make and I understand how much attendance they going to make a decision whether the Concorde can come in for a test flight or not. I don't know what that decision will be. I talked to a president just card from France yesterday about the Concorde and also talked to Governor Hugh Carey. Let governor Curan know as president just go ahead ask me too that the French people consider this a very important issue. My own. Statement to President Carter is. That we are not concerned about a SSD flight because of commercial competition. About 6 years ago our own Congress decided not to go into the ss t building business and the whole problem in our country is noise and environmental quality maintenance. Now I might say one other thing I think that the noise standards in our country are going to be stricter and stricter in the future and
not more more lenient and the same noised an adult to apply to an airplane whether it's a Concorde or a Lockheed airplane of some other kind. Or any sort of American commercial plane so I think that we can establish strict environmental laws. I think the OP applied to the ss t. Flying a course at subsonic speeds and our own commercial planes the same but it's environmental question that will exclude the Concorde if it is excluded and not any sort of animosity toward the French people or not. Nor is it any commercial competition between US and France on SSD flights next. Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Ruby. San Bernardino California. Miss you. Yeah. Thank you for giving this to the American people. Thank you appreciate. Thank you. But I can't
hear but a bloody good social security retiree. And I don't know. I didn't realize that I was. That different. That's a kind of question that I'm afraid I'll have to get an answer to. If there is a mansion and I called you back about it Monday I doubt if I'll have time to give an answer to it by the end of this program. Only about 15 minutes to go but I'll try to get an answer back to you on the third time. Thank you very much there. Thank you so much I might say that in planes which is a tiny little town we have a family. Maybe they are kin to you and your brother passed away but his request was to be very very good. Oh thank you thank you miss you. John Caldwell of Atlanta Georgia is
on the phone Mr. President and I'm advised He's 17 years old Mr. Gold. Yes President Carter 17 years old and I'd like to know do you plan to make any other price. George you know what I have away from watching. OK thank you. The only other place that I anticipate going on a fairly regular basis. As I mentioned already in the program is to Camp David which is which is a place for presidents and has been used ever since Franklin Roosevelt was in office but I don't intend to have several White Houses as has been the case in the past. Thank you very much. Thank you John Galt Well the next caller on the line is Miss Leslie. Maryland Mr. President it's funny. Thank you Leslie. I'm a college graduate working toward that. I might say for the fun
to do it. I'd like to know if the restrictions were lifted to permit individuals like me to compete for jobs. Now only open to those currently in service of a real battle. Leslie what is your profession in special training. I am a psychologist. I am five. That is. The best thing for me to do is to. Is to check on your particular case with the civil service and give you a call back this coming week about prospects for employment in the future. And I presume that that the civil service has a record of your application is that correct. We'll be back in touch with you next week. Thank you Mr. President good luck good luck to you. I bet most funnier when the door to the best way to get a job is just knock on a lot of doors they didn't ever suggest telephoning the president on a national call in show. But it seems to work. You're going to get an answer from him. Russ whens of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania is on the phone Mr. President.
Good afternoon Mr. President. Rush are you doing very well I want to try your. Congress keep you going. Well I have a brief review and then a question. President Calderon through it came to can fall in an assault on July 29 1928 to dedicate the monument to Colonel of the Civil War era. The local American Legion post there suggested to the mayor they issue a proclamation Try twenty ninth of each year and annual Presidents Day And on this day they're going to have a reaffirmation of our national unity because doing pride in the rededication of our national ideal. QUESTION Mr. Brennan is going to be possible for you to accept an invitation from the governor. Mayor Keller favors a national presence. OK.
MR. I doubt it. This first year I've tried to hold on as much as possible on any public speech and I need to learn more about this job. And. As you know I've got a very good partner from Minnesota who might be available I can speak for him but Mondale might be a possibility. But I appreciate very much the invitation. If if they would write me a letter we can give them an official answer on it. And also I appreciate the concept of reaffirming our patriotism in not only our national way but also our local way. As you all have done well I think like every number. Man in their life gave up their life. Seriously you know that's why we have our freedom and independence to you sir. Good luck to you thank you thank you Mr. Wentz. And your next caller Mr. President is
Mr. Kerry Kimball of Missouri Mr. Kemble. Yes President my question covers are the War Powers Resolution. Do you feel that it infringes upon your power as commander in chief in a limited and are getting approval from Congress to continue use of American forces in a situation after 60 days. Mr. Campbell it is a reduction obviously in the authority that the president has had. Prior to the Viet Nam war but I think it's an appropriate reduction attitude that I would never see our nation approach a time. With any sort of predictability about it without discussing it infrequently with the Congress and also letting the American people know what is going on. And although we did get involved in the Vietnam War and even fought extensively in Cambodia without telling the American people and
sometimes lying to them I would never have that inclination so I have no hesitancy about communicating with Congress consulting with them and also letting the American people know what we do before we start any combat operation. And I think that process we can minimize greater the chances that we will get involved in combat anywhere in the world. I just kept their approval for your actions. Yes there is I think on a provision that in a time of crisis where an unanticipated attack might be launched against our country's security that I could act. But to continue any sort of military operation I would have to get the Congress approval and I have no I have no doubt that that's the right thing to do. Thank you Mr. Chairman. Thank you in the next call is from Mr. Johnny Strickland of North Carolina. Good afternoon. I want to thank you for this opportunity.
And I would like to know what kind of a thank you note for treating and saying it. OK. That's good to hear but he was stricken. My sister lives in Fayetteville as you may know. And she questioned. We are now negotiating with Panama. AS. Effectively as we can. As you may or may not know or know the treaty signed when Theodore Roosevelt was president he gave Panama sovereignty over the Panama Canal Zone itself. It gave us control over the Panama Canal Zone as though we had sovereignty. So we've always had a legal sharing of responsibility over the Panama Canal Zone. As for sovereignty is concerned I don't have any hang up about that. I would hope that after and expected after the year 2000 that we would have an assured capacity or capability for our country.
Panama guaranteeing that the Panama Canal would be open and used to our own nation and other countries. So that's a subject of negotiation now that has been going quite a while to phase out our military operations in the Panama Canal Zone but to guarantee that even after the year 2000 there would still be able to keep the Panama Canal open to the use of American and other ships. All right we are not too lenient because. We have a lot of money invested in the canal. I mean I think more than most people thank you. Thank you Mr. Strickland in the next call it comes from Michele Stanley of North Benton Ohio. And Mr. President Mr. Danley is 11 years old. I mean I think you
did you get a chance to. Now I put in. Capital. Well I hope sometimes perhaps Michel you could come and visit with me. She goes to the public school and did enjoy live there as well. She enjoyed it very much and I have a very strong commitment to the public school system and don't have anything against a private school system but I think it helps the public schools in Washington to have the presidents daughter go there and it indicates to other parents that I have confidence in the public school system all over the country. I may go to school with children I think from twenty six foreign nations as well as our own country. And so far she likes the school very much so because of my commitment to the public school and because like I said those are the reasons Michelle. Good luck to you. I might say that I've got an answer to Mrs. John Rich's
question about about the payment for the land. This bill has already been signed into law and there's ten point two million dollars to be distributed to members of the Ottawa trime. The Department of Interior is right now riding route for the distribution of the funds. And by late some of this money will be distributed so that out of the good news to Mrs John Ritchie of Georgetown Kentucky Mr. President you got the answer there for her just in time because we have just about run out of time. I'm just curious Mr. President before we close this off today what you thought of the questions you got in this first experiment and meeting the people through a telephone call in broadcast. I liked it. The questions that come in from people all over the country. But the kind that she would never get in a press conference newspaper would never raise like a question and I think it's very good for me to understand directly from the American people what they are concerned about and questions that have never been
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