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A survey given by the Reverend Carlton overheating of the Covenant Presbyterian church of Austin. Let's pray. Every father in this moment. We pause to recognize the and the sanctity that by grace we are here. We thank they for the evidences of eye kindness in reason and in means of communication and for dedicated people to perform this task that has been performed. We pray particularly for our speaker this evening for this whole program blesses food and our conversation together. Why we ask it in our Saviour's name amen. Only I know you will not finish your dessert. I
wish you would please continue but I would like to get things launched because we have a whole program. First I want to say that I'm glad to see so many of you are still here. In fact the rough Airlines continues to have problems you may never be able to leave. You know air travel is a remarkable thing. When you stop and think of the so-far sonic speed with which airliners can span the oceans and span the continents just think you're going to have breakfast in London you can have your lunch in New York. You can have your dinner in Dallas and you can have your luggage in Fort Worth. Right. At this time I would like to introduce to you the people at the head table starting on my left Mr. Robert Frank and the
manager of our host station and chairman of the board of directors of the educational television stations that are seated next to him is Mr. Luther pulley district sales manager of the Dallas office of Sylvania home and commercial electronics Corp. the newest official citizen of the state of Texas. Mr. Alfred F. The chairman of the individual member division. My old boss at the University of Wisconsin HB McCarty a member of the awards and citations Committee and the dumb woman that you met the other day who
spoke to us. Commissioner Robert Barclay of the Federal Communications Commission. Starting from the. And the table on my right. The chairman of the instructional division board Dr. Charles McIntyre of the University of Illinois. Is that yell from schoolie. Next to him Mr. Steven Sampson who is the vice president of Southwest Research Institute and vice chairman of the Board of Trustees of KLR. The chairman of the board of directors of national educational radio a division of an ABC Mr Jackson Somerfield. As Reverend Carlton the Eton of the Covenant Presbyterian Church.
And from Ohio State University where. They play some kind of a game on Saturday afternoons was a modest success. The chairman of the board of directors of an AB Mr Richard Hall. MARTIN It's always the defensive team that went. On time. The next job and we wanted to do so later on. Now. It's. I custom has a resume on these occasions for me to tell the story. Of how this tradition has quickly died down time. But it still persists to some extent at least in my own mind. So. I find however in attempting to fulfill this tradition.
That the fact that we are in the midst of a national political campaign has highs and habited my normal sources of material. One source is that it would normally be available to me a rich source of anecdotes is the Washington cocktail party which we define as a competitive point accumulation dialogue. However because of recent circumstances. The kinds of stories which are plentiful I assure you in the Washington cocktail circuit. Are not the kind of stories that would be acceptable in a nice social occasion such as this. Now another normal source of wood in which there is a great plenty are the Texas stories. But. Telling a
Texas story. Elsewhere and telling a Texas story in Texas is something else again. Particularly like. When proud Texans are especially volatile in the heat of a presidential campaign when they have a native son running for president. So I think it would be prudent to us to that source of stories. However I do feel that with an election day almost upon us that we should make some acknowledgment of this important event. And we have chosen to do this. Through. Our own personalized election forecasting mechanism and not electronic computers and not any kind of scientific sampling technique. What we've chosen to do is turn back to the original national political prediction technique. Reliance upon the formula. And
tested it through the years. As Maine goes so goes the nation. And. Now for an indication of how Maine is going to go. We brought in our own native born and bred political analyst Deacon Donald Tavenner. Right up there about. I was like how does the situation work there Matt. Well President Bill I'm happy to make a comment from on the wing on the president on the present political situation the mask may scare you and your story but none has given us a damn about the last time we told you folks back in 1932 what was going to happen if you got up. And you didn't believe us and having done that I.
Know now maybe you'll pay some attention we have guessed right now how now those of us those of us that are up in Maine and northern New England. Don't take too kindly to politicians in fact I suspect without all of the law. It doesn't make any difference rather than a local town or out of the running for some things or some other fellow running for but it's all the same to us. We don't trust them to give an example of the US. I can remember when I was a small boy outside each with a padlock which is just below the brush set up. That will follow the ad that was running for office. And he went out begin to scout around the countryside and he found a young fire. Don't get worried this is going to be perfectly all right about it. He found a young girl who was leading a cow and a milk and because that's what you should do it. And she was bringing this cow when he stopped at the gate of the house to begin to talk to her about the election you want to get out of Gaza turn the legislator and so we got to talking weather and she was rather
carried away by his child and Roebuck knowledge and so. The mother opened the door and saw ours is Mary who you were talking to. One of the photo out here trying to get us to vote for him. He said she said Well now that's a politician. Now you stay away from that can you come right in the house and on second thought you better bring the cow with you. Problem Dale has asked me to validate the old slogan Tasmanian gong So what you know. And I'm happy to do it. I really am because some do that we haven't quite found what it was but there's something to that. You know if you don't like the way this is going I can remind you of a little situation that occurred down in Calcutta I want to number the following Cal Coolidge was president of the United States but before that if you remember your history he was president of the US Senate by virtue of being vice
president. I just ate and the cost of all the obvious chairing the Senate that was tremendous I've been on the floor and the sound of Tennessee in times of New York they get carried away and they got to arguing over certain belt and the senator from New York State lost his head completely and he said there's not enough in Tennessee he can go to hell. Well of course it's like a complete hush fell over the U.S. Senate and the follower so instructed didn't care for the instructions that he had other plans. Well yeah. So he rose up in great dignity and he says Mr. President he says bad language has been used on the floor lie after the tribunal in the United States. He said the dignity United States had been questioned. My personal take we had one question and I demand a ruling from the chair. Well if you remember Cal he had to sit back in the chair on the side of the president's chair with not only the good Lord gave him the sad on but on the back of his neck with a toothpick in his mouth his eyes half closed and he worked that toothpick from stop at the port and port to stop it. And never touch it with his hand you know. Which was a source of great amazement and amusement at the sound
of those. And he didn't react to this at all he just sat there after he had this request for a link and he kept his eyes called Hoover to pick a route and he reached up without moving at all grab the gavel hit the podium he said The chair would you don't have to go. That's a kind of politics we understand what's been going on lately doesn't mean a thing to me because I don't get it. But you have to get down to the point because we've got some more important people in the report from all the way and I just want to make it clear because I gave this report the often recalled the days of your Merry Member. But there was a follow up. That was a follow up from East Meadow on k 0 1 in the legislature down Augusta I never run for anything before except for the other house doing the recall and see that you don't have. Any deciding you're going to be a legislator up so we shall wait to see her all back in Boston for a book on how to be a legislature legislator before
Sales Tax Day dollars I mean 7 percent. And he's away from this book and it said in the book. That in order to get the vote of the people don't for the people who know you. They either love or hate it on the gate of the vote one way or the other they know it but they won't get the people that don't know you and convince them that you've got something that they need. So we got a list of the town voters which was illegal but has done all the time you know look at all. Of the town voters you know I think it was eight hundred forty seven people in the town that was eight hundred forty four Republicans and then some independents. Rubber. Band. And he took his last and he got he got a little notebook at the 10 time story made a list of all these people's names that he didn't know of one showing to him and he made coffee he went around the fire house on the outskirts of one particular five and you know when the daughter found might answer he says long he says My names have been Jones and I'm running the legislature down Augusta and I sure appreciate your bill. Well a fine wife looked at him with a hawk eye changes ever been Joab I know
you knew your father before you and your grandfather before him and the whole posse are no good Jews I wouldn't vote for you if you were the last man in the state of Maine in Russia who is not the Mahabharata because I can't think of a thing I could do. They'll be a greater disservice to the people of Maine and a something like you down to Augusta to tell us how to live and spend our money. Why does a ridiculous you're the scum of the earth. You get all this yada don't you have a come back in here again. Because you do offer the dog on your I mean it and you get out of here but you're going back again. So the father go down the walk in a slow pace gets out get a little note book his pencil go down to find her name put a check mark in front of it. After he wrote doubtful. Call. Salt. Cliff addiction from northern New England on November 3 is as Maine goes. Doubtful I will. Forgive. Me. At this time
for the purpose of making an announcement about some awards. For national educational radio. I would like to introduce. Mr. Jerry Sanders the executive director of any are. There any. Current. It's a tough act to follow. But I am very happy to make three basic announcements the first one that the national educational radio division of NABC has been awarded a contract by the National Institutes of Health the National Cancer Institute to produce a series of 13 1/2 hour documentaries featuring the top cancer scientists in the country. The second announcement the American assembly of Columbia University has contracted with the NEA our division of an
ab to produce a special series of discussions with top level participants at their conference on the Congress and America's Future. In fact I'll be up there at Arden house in Harmon New York Braniff notwithstanding bill this weekend accompanied by how wroth of w r b r will help us do the recordings. The third announcement gives me great pleasure. As many of you know. Through the grandsons of the national home library foundation. Part of this has been earmarked for a production grant program. And we gave the NEA our member stations all of three weeks in which to submit these proposals so that we would be in a position to make an announcement here tonight and with any are less than two months old I'm very happy to report that we received 14 proposals most of which were very exciting and all of which. Surprisingly were very worthy we thought of of support. Naturally we
didn't have enough money to support them all. Of the 14. This may be of some interest to you. One was from an in-school broadcaster and the other's from college or universities. There are five in all. The first one to station w d e t. Wayne State University for a series called Portrait of the American. Next a series. For in school listening to the negro in American history to station WABE Geo. The Newark New Jersey public schools. The third. Is. A cooperative project. Involving stations W W H J and w r v r the University of Wisconsin and the Riverside Church respectively. For a series called The American Journal. 4th. WKRN Michigan State University. For a series called The Music Makers. And
fifth. To Katy B S San Diego State College for a series called. National Educational radio presents. Are childless. Congratulations to all. Of. Us. Secondary. And for the purposes of making a somewhat summer announcement on behalf of educational television stations the manager of a WATB 8 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 and 1 0. Hey your yerd creating a disturbance here sir. Well that's right I'm an LBJ now on vacation. As I was say for the purpose of making an announcement of
some wards in the television area and I'm here as a manager of station WGBH TV and a member of the board of directors of the ts are forgotten. And. Mr. President I'm sorry we have no top disease to announce. But the and we do have some awards for our program proposals that have been submitted and the awards have been selected by a group of judges on behalf of the Reader's Digest who are provided the awards. The first award of $1000 goes to KLR and Austin Texas for the program proposal reapportionment a study of congressional redistricting problems in Texas Don Mischer KLR and staff producer a writer for the program and creator of the proposal. If Don and the other members as I call them out would stand
and we would hold the applause I would appreciate it Don are you here. Good. The second $1000 award goes to WQED in Pittsburgh. For the program comment and original modern ballet based on the one thousand sixty four Pittsburgh International Exposition of contemporary painting and sculpture donned the taverner senator from Maine and representative of Pittsburgh president of WQED. The third award of $1000 to KQED our other case you E.D. coming a little further east. Salt Lake City this title is. This is a program we've got to see Diary of a mud puddle. A documentary on Utah great salt lake Rex Campbell executive director. Rex. The force award of $1000 to w o SU Columbus Ohio for the program the
call of oil and investigation of recent oil rush activities in northern Ohio. The first of two programs planned on the subject it sounds like they've come in for Dick hall and executive director W. OS you Dick. You're here. And finally we have a tie for the fifth and final award and the judges not having any further funds decided to split the thousand dollars so they have awarded $500 to KOAT Portland Oregon for the story of the famous elephant family at the Portland Zoo which will tell all about elephants. Luke lamb director of educational media is the representative. And the other half of the tie to W and the t in Milwaukee for the program only yesterday. A colorful look back into the gas like period of history by the station manager as the representative for W and the T on behalf of the division the educational
television station division of the NEA E.B. and Reader's Digest. Our appreciation and thanks to everyone for a fine group of warts. Thank. Of for her. Within our increasingly complex of membership. There is a segment that. We have field of give enough acknowledgment to that is the group of electronic firms who manufacture broadcasting equipment. And support the development of educational broadcasting and. The professional association. During the year we acquired a new industrial associate. Unfortunately they were unable to provide a representative to receive the plaque. But I do want to acknowledge our newest industrial associate. I t t industrial laboratories of Fort Wayne Indiana.
Now as you rode through the exhibits at the convention. You apparently had such consumer hungry looks on your faces at least looked like potential buyers of equipment that you persuaded one of the electronics firms to join on the spot. And so we're very happy tonight. To recognize a the really newest industrial assumption Sylvania home and commercial like phonics corporation. And this plaque will be accepted on their behalf by Mr. Luther Pollie the district sales manager of Davos. At. We're make one statement we're certainly glad to be a part of your hardness nation help support you. Thank you very much. Thank you. Now as is our custom at these affairs if
we. Want to honor some of the particular members of the. Little. The kinds of characters wandering and. Have. Served May I ask who you are. I go by and I. Like well what are you doing with the globe in your hand. I drive the process up they prove something what what what are you trying to prove. In your heart you know it's a lie. To the. Child. Oh. Child Democrats. The
child. Now at present. Finally. Mr. Harold B McCarty a member of the. And AB award of citations Committee. You all know Vernon Bronson. That's because he's so shy self-effacing that I before you here now. Write in Branson is chairman of the Committee on awards and citations other members of the very group with Broderick Morris Novick Frank schoolie Ralph Steidl Keith Tyler and yours truly. All of us have a one time or another been the recipients of an award or citation from this group
so that we can operate with complete objectivity and total freedom from conflict of interest. This committee or its counterpart at another time makes recommendations to the board of directors who then and behalf of the entire organization decide upon. The awards and citations. This is a practice which was established about 10 years ago at the convention in New York some of A you may remember. It was a kind of hastily gotten up order of procedure at that time. Because two of us were. For some reason which was not clear to me at the time. Chosen for the honor. And I was asked to write my own citations. This would literally be true. And
you should go back out of the books and look at the beautiful side they should support or don't call it a baby Gotti. Well then sometime after what had seemed desirable to draw up a code or a statement of policy of something or rather that would serve as a set of guidelines for the honoring of our pioneers and leaders and such a statement came into existence shortly afterwards and served as a good guide in this code. We decided that in making such citations we should avoid the usual criterion of long years of service and venerability. And should instead seek out. Unique and distinctive qualities of leadership and service which would advance not
necessarily the person or even his own institution but the cause in general of the total movement of educational broadcasting. The kind of person of leadership of contribution which would reflect credit and honor to our association and to educational broadcasting in general. And it's this kind. Of. Criterion which has guided the committees through the years. We decided to seek for special qualities of dedication and unselfishness. Now you all know there are various kinds of leadership. There's aggressive leadership that's dynamic leadership. There's blustering leadership of the kind which we saw deposed so dramatically just two weeks ago. And then there's quiet leadership. Gentle leadership.
Modest. Even self-effacing leadership and contribution edits this kind which we honor tonight. Two names which may come as a surprise to many of you but not if you know of the record of their contribution. First Cyril Brown. After a long service with the FCC in the field you became chief of the FM bureau in Washington. And under your direction. 20 of the 100 channels and the new FM band were set aside for educational use. This was a precedent setting event for the stablished a new principal in allocations. Going from the FCC to the joint committee for Educational Television You served as their engineering guide for a period of almost 10 years. And advised many of today's educational broadcasters on frequency assignment or station planning and operational procedures.
As a member of many government industry committees charged with advisories and responsibility in engineering developments of AM FM and television you O ways and here are the high principles of public interest. And high personal standards for your many contributions the technical and organizational development of educational broadcasting in the United States. And for your steadfast loyalty to the high principles of the association throughout your years of service. You are awarded this citation which reads specifically. Cyril M. Brown for his many contributions to the technical and organizational development of educational broadcasting in the United States and for his steadfast loyalty to the high principles of this association. Throughout his years of service unfortunately cyber would not be here to receive this in person but I know this has your endorsement does it
not. Another who has presence of a kind of benign and quiet sort we have missed among us at this convention. Is that of McCain Dave. The NABJ at a meeting in 1947 went on record as requesting the allocation of FM channels for educational use and requested new rules and regulations governing 10 watt stations. One of the messages preached in those days was that the 10 water was a way to get to bigger and better things. You probably never believed as you saw ten watt stations as a means for Smalls school systems to use a small station for its own special needs and purposes. You've been one of the most enthusiastic supporters of the small station making sure that these
operations did perform and perform effectively on the small budgets allotted to them. You were instrumental in planning the first conference on instruct instructional radio under the old Kellogg Grant. You have consistently worked for integration of Avie radio TV. Not the absorption of one medium by the other. You have been equally interested in developing all three. Be. Active in avi idea until your retirement last year you have since devoted your energies to something in which you have always been interested and which has been an avocation of yours. The ministry. For your long service and leadership in developing the techniques of instructional radio and for your contributions to the expansion of the NASB radio network in schools service you are awarded. The citation. You can acquire.
Of course we'll see to what those citations are delivered. Promptly. At this time I would like to recognize for the purpose of making a scene. It's going to go out all evening. We're running out of these though I assure you. Mr Richard Aedy MILLER Well I like my little. Leg we asked Mandarin so like get back in here for at least Well what's happened to you man. I'm not sure I left people I live in sunny day yeah yeah yeah listen and you will feel like I've done a fair life was you gotta walk all the way. Yes I wonder if I can get a reservation I got a fair life just.
As I started to say. Mr Richard Miller is he is he here is Mr. Miller here. Oh very good. Mr. Miller is advancing to the platform for the purpose of making a presentation. Mr. Miller as administrative assistant for. Hemisphere 968. Thank you Mr. Hardy. We very much appreciate the opportunity to print participate in this meeting. In celebration of our 200 50th anniversary and to coincide with the Olympic Games being held in Mexico City in 1968 San Antonio is going to have 100 million dollar exposition. It is called Emma's fair one thousand nine hundred sixty eight and will be a fair isle of the Americas. It will take place on a 90 acre site in downtown San Antonio and our principal
emphasis will be education. As a matter of fact our theme is education. Through communication commerce and culture. And we are very certain that organizations like yours Mr. Holly will have a definite place in our exposition and in order to perhaps facilitate this. We would like to make you an honorary ambassador. Of our hemisphere 968. It's a we know that you travel a great deal we would appreciate your telling people about and was very 968 the only thing I must say that it is an ambassadorship without portfolio. Will. The of. I know the principal speaker has not been introduced as yet. However Mr Owen We do have a also an ambassadorship
for you Mr Ding all you and seeding wall is executive vice president of the hemisphere and he was held that same position at the Seattle World's Fair. And he received such wonderful cooperation from your agency. We would hope too that you would accept this ambassadorship. Of. My thanks. Thank you Mr. Miller. Modern communications girdle the globe and make possible the sense of world community and the closer brotherhood of man. But these electronic devices provide no automatic benediction. They hold the potential for both good and evil and they can transmit truth and falsehood with equal facility. What notions will people around the world get of
America. From the powerful attitude forming instruments of radio and television. But the branch of our government employing media including radio and television to ensure that people abroad get a true story. In a world in which truth is under siege. Is the United States Information Agency. And the man who directs this world wide communication system. Is to communicate with this domestic audience this evening. Into the short space of thirty nine years Carl Rowen has crowded an impressive array of activities and accomplishments. He served three years in the Navy. And Rose to officer rank at the age of 19. His academic career includes studies at Tennessee State Washburn and Oberlin and a B.A. in mathematics and they in journalism from the University of Minnesota. Following a three year stint as a member of the staff of the Minneapolis Tribune he was named Deputy Secretary of State for Public Affairs. During the period with the Tribune Mr Rowan
covered many of the major news events of the past decade. In the course of which he won a hatful of awards such as the Sidney Hillman award for the best newspaper reporting in the nation during 1951. One of America's ten outstanding young men of 1953 the Sigma Delta cotton medallion for the best general reporting of 1953 the Sigma Delta Chi award for the best foreign correspondent of 1954 and the American teamwork award for distinguished reporting of national and world affairs in 1955 in 1961. He was present at the distinguished achievement award by the University of Minnesota and the Golden Rule award to the Philadelphia fellowship commission. The academic community has recognized Mr. Rowan with honorary degrees from Auburn and Washburn Howard Alfred temple and Morgan State College. And somewhere along the line. He managed to author four books which naturally also won awards. In May 1963 Mr. Ron became the
U.S. ambassador to Finland from which post he was called to accept his present position as director of the United States Information Agency. It is my great pleasure to introduce to you now an outstanding communicator the honorable Carl to the road and. Num. Num. Nums to Harley. Gentleman at the head table. Members and guests of the National Association of educational broadcasters. I must confess that I used to think there was nothing more delightful than being the speaker of the evening and sitting through the introduction. But my wife has sort of changed that. I went home the other evening and in what I thought was total innocence turned to her and said Dear.
Do you know how many famous X newspaper men are now holding top government jobs. She thought about it awhile and said Well Carl I don't know the exact number. But I'll bet it's one fewer than you think. Unbalanced. Which explains why we fellows. Are so easy to get out on the speaking trips because. We sort of get our egos built back up. Although I confess I've been having trouble getting out on speeches lately because my wife's a little sick and tired of me going out talking to Rotary Clubs and honest clubs and all these groups to which the men go and never take their wives and just for this trip I found out what was bothering her she says it's just another symbol of modern man taking his wife for granted. And I said to her Why darling I
just don't understand you're saying that. Can you just give me one bit of evidence that men take their wives for granted these days. She grabbed up the Washington Post and showed me a newspaper article. About one man who had kissed his wife for seven years and then shot another fellow who did. I'm sorry I didn't. But I I can tell you that I'm not here because I assured her that there would be some ladies present tonight. When they got around to asking whether or not I wanted to make a little contingency plan you know we've got contingency plans in Washington for just about everything. My secretary called the house and I wasn't there and my wife said Fran called and she wanted to know what the contingency plan is for Austin I said What do you mean. She said Well in case you don't make the trip you'll take your place.
I said Well didn't you tell her the story that I like to tell about President Wilson and she said I'm not sure I remember it. So I reminded her of the wee hours of the morning when one of the president well Simms aides awakened him and said Mr. President. I'm terribly sorry to disturb you at this hour but there's a caller from New York who says it's a matter of life and death. And President Wilson picked up the phone and said yes. A voice on the other aeons absurd. I'm one of your loyal customs officials in New York and I telephoned to let you know that your chief customs collector just dropped dead. I'm terribly sorry to hear that President Welles. But my good friend couldn't you have waited till morning to give me this sad news. Oh no no sir he said. I'm next in line Mr. President I had to call to find out if I can take his place.
Whereupon President Wilson said my good friend if it's alright with the undertaker It sure is hell all right with me. Son with that little story both wife and secretary understood that I wasn't of a mind to have anybody take my place down here tonight. Because I do relish this opportunity to meet with you and to talk a bit about communications because this is one audience before which I can feel at home. Not because of your warm and gracious. And rather abundant hospitality. But because of the things you are doing in communications because of the assistance we get from you.
In our efforts to tell this country this country story abroad. Therefore I don't think I have to emphasize the first point I want to make. And that is that. Information or communications or propaganda or psychological warfare call it what you will. Is today a part of this country's first line of defense. I say this because a great many people are aware. Of the fact that we've moved into a thermonuclear age. But not too many of them are aware although it seems to me equally obviously true. That we've moved into what I call the Age of Persuasion. Now let me explain it by citing a letter. That John Adams wrote to Thomas Jefferson in 1787. In which he said. Neither philosophy nor religion or morality nor wisdom nor
interest well ever govern nations of parties against their vanity their pride their resentment or revenge are their apheresis our ambition. Nothing but force and power and strength can restrain them. End of quote. Now John Adams comment tells us a great deal about the world of the century and a half that followed. Because it was a world of force a world where sheer power was restrained. But generally of the strong upon the weak. And the world continued to be racked by conflicts some of them small some of them large wars because. As Milton said in Paradise Lost. Who overcomes by force. Hath overcome but had his foe. Now in our age of weapons that are horrible the young the imagination of
anybody in this room do not. Force takes on a far more appalling meaning. The thought of thermonuclear conflict lead some of us to paraphrase Milton this way. Who overcomes by force. Has overcome himself as well as fuck. Now with this ominous and starkly sobering fact before us. We begin to understand that perhaps for the first time in human history.
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