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University. And answer session. Governor Harvard Dr. Eisenhower ladies and gentlemen good afternoon and welcome to the annual bill that's Eisenhower's policy. United States and the Soviet Union they don't wasn't out in 1967. His retirement from the university presidency. The student council of Johns Hopkins established an annual symposium on our
Dr. middle class Eisenhower who has long years of service. This past year he returned to the university assume the responsibilities of the presidency in a time of great adversity. Once again he has given his efforts towards a continuation of the reputation of Johns Hopkins at the Center for Learning and scholarship. We hope that this year's symposium will reflect the admiration of the university community for Dr. Eisenhower who is diplomat public servant and educator has devoted so much of his life to the service of the topic of the 1971 symposium the United States and the Soviet Union that a lightness of power is the outgrowth of a concern for relations between the two strongest nations in the world with common interest lies in containing international violence to statesmanship has often failed. At the least indicates the United States and the Soviet Union
increasingly encounter client states to be beyond their control. China and Japan with prospects for a united Western Europe the United States and the Soviet Union are confronted with a possible shift the balance of power. Lastly the two states face one another. Weapons so dangerous that their use will ensure the end of mankind. Perhaps it is this game of nuclear brinksmanship to present the Supreme. Power in the next few weeks. Prominent figures from the government education will get their views on the subject of U.S.-Soviet relations. A number of perspectives will be presented and solutions to difficult problems policy will be. We sincerely hope that you will find this year's symposium an enjoyable and rewarding educational experience. And now my cochairman Nelson. Thank you. Dr. Eisenhower ladies and gentlemen in a recent book points
out that not since John Quincy Adams has any distinguished American diplomat served in so many capacities as a graduate of Yale and his public career during the Depression. Certainly not a number of economic boards including the national cover and early 1941 Governor Harriman began his diplomatic service back in the special representative of the president in Great Britain in 1943 to 1946. He helped guide Soviet American relations crucial period serving as ambassador to the Soviet Union. He was appointed ambassador to Great Britain in 1946 and six months later returned to the United States to accept President Truman's appointment as secretary of commerce. Since then governor Hammond has served as a special ambassador for a president in 1954 he was elected governor of the state of New York serving in that capacity until 1958 in March 1968
was named personal representative. President Johnson conversations. It was January 20th 1969. Our most recent contribution here is this book America Russia and on behalf of our chairman Alan Bernstein Strauss and Richard it's my pleasure to introduce. Him in. Office. Some of my favorite. This meeting cost this.
Country to participate in this discussion. Great job is also great. Now we're talking about. States the power structure. Unfortunately for the United States the world is diminishing and we might just be right if we had an outstanding position at the end of the monopoly of nuclear power. I have no intention of using. A lot of people thought of using it. Position began to strike nuclear capability
and the military capability for gas. Station. So now we sign a. Letter centric which I think is to the good. We. Must Know. A very constructive role. And increasingly. Which we do to help. She has no. Unified with the Marshall Plan. John can become a very real factor.
That's going to do it. I think wise policies of the United States was able to build a church which can play a constructive role China has accepted rather reluctantly by side with nations taking place on the Security Council. It's just but that's. That's what we're going to talk about Russia States. I'd like to go back to the what time period discussed the oxygen.
So. When you. Go back. To doing what is it. The United States support of. Russia a great church to support it. Russia could help Russia in the. Interest created by Russia. That's a major.
Project. Russia in the. We could strike Russia. She might not. We could not show. 20 nations. Top. 100. Division he. Was he kept trying to
attack on the western front. Divisions do run through if you were to enter into one of the reasons why we could not get along with politically. Senior military General Marshall and general. They both kept his word. I. Think you're right because it's John Marshall. The very nature of the post. I like to sort of July for the hero's welcome stadium.
Yeah. OK. Russians of course introduced me. Put them on the roof of your floor. Things in history which are suppressed. Which is what the Scripture says he was a great great cause because of his political position. He was a sucker for weapons. That's a very small
thank you want to thank you. And. We. Tried it. The Russians the French. Sign here right. Yes. Yes. That
was. Me. So it's possible. But. Let's say cooperation. Check to see which. Stars and of the less chance of making something like. This which is very much on
these well that's the next project. Right. It's great to organize. And. A great way to post to tell people. In the St.. John nations to agree to this which we laid down several. For me this. Was one which itself was heated and excepted by the Senate without any thought of the state's strong. National. Project. Giving up.
Power. The. Subject of which was in which church took the lead. What was going to happen in Eastern Europe was the most critical because as you know. It was. Just brought into the governance of exile and they felt if the church once saw in the. Objective. Also which was which I thought it was to work out some. Of the Polish people a chance to decide their own future church. You're both.
Right. So. House of Commons. Their interpretation of this agreement is quite clear. Stop shipping free elections and. All but candidates who are just. Should be known of. Him. That was also a declaration from God. Liberated Europe and the rest of Europe which which. Which are not as much detail. If you want to work together see. How.
Free elections will usually see. This objective sheep. Out of all this come about. Rose so. True. We now find a group of the story you're trying to call. For. I don't know what to say. Take a side road. Did everything they could. Find. Standing. With stuff that will. Cause. Us trouble. Its obligation to carry out. Now we're at a position. Which.
Change has taken place. The fact that I've written a book. Actually I can show. It all off the books. But I try to bring up. A lot of things we cannot change. I think that we should on the. Right track. Look it's very nice to see little difference between
us except economic theory we have to do to show love and affection for the crown. Everything will be all right. For us. Made a statement in the first meeting of the United Nations in 1945 which we had our objectives objectives were fundamentally reconciled. With. A. Somewhat different. Look. I was attacked at that time as an awful racket. Few times as a purist I was attracted to one of. Your own lies and call. Since they say the same thing. Thank you for. Your
questions. It's. Common to. Be re-educated to Joy. You. Should follow this to take place. In the. World.
Governments which are responsive to big. Complicated difficult. To get people to accept. We have really a country today making real progress. We have yet to expect it to look at itself and not know what it is a promise which many people and I hope we will stick to. But the difference between these two objects. Which is which are security for the that is to reconcile but. Different areas in which such progress can be made.
Extension of the. Law much of loss of concentration. I must say I cannot accept nonsense as against concentration that is going to be for a president. Procedure for negotiation. I'm going to do it. I can go sure. If you don't. Know. What he could create. Substantial. I'd say it's up to Russia. You can't trust the Russians. It's. The other people. All we have to do is find out the Russians one and everything will be alright.
These are very difficult to negotiate in many others and of a negotiated first nuclear test treaty. I happen to believe it's true. Do you agree. Not. So sure should have taken. The. Spill from the truck. So now. It's an opportunity for. The leadership of the Soviet Union like. Us. Power should be. More interested. Russia Russia. For.
Some sort of expansion. How. Aggressive saying that. Opinion. Can you see clearly the deal behind closed doors. Everything we do and say All right we want to see the spectrum is from the heart. So reasonable. To. State so. Much to me. OK. The. Second.
The pressure from. Some. People. Just. To. Say this. To specialise. In. Russia people because. It gives a sense of. History. On the other two of the. Power.
Still this responsibility was ready to take that. Conscious difference of. The. Theory to. Cooperate. With much reconstruction. Your country was down the street. If. You start. Reconstruction. And it would have been easy. To do. Let me quickly say
a discussion of the pull forward decision was made it was late. From which to stop me. Or anyone I think. Discussion about the struggle to show. The mission. So the book prior to the decision was real discussion. One reason one satisfied it was a discussion. Style so much to him he said. We have to go out of sight. Some question why you decided to go I don't know and I guess you know. It. Looked as if a great
opportunity for expansion. Good. Luck. You should. Check. On the. Western Europe. Story conversation. Government. July 1945. Much satisfaction. We. Got. Thank you thank you gift. From. That would have been OK.
Please go. Conscience. Self-help the neutral a European country is an opportunity to work together to help. Chris. Will want to talk. Gestures are set to. See. Integrated. Through. To. The second. Stage of the conference should say that the European nations should use this opportunity to integrate it. So that's just working a little bit slower. For. Now. I want to rewrite history. For doing something.
Church will do it to make it possible to work together and get this. Right. Russians refuse to challenge it. We sponsor blockade rest stop truck today trying. To. Cross. The blockade. This is.
One thing. But strong. Policy. Such as. History. Richard. Listen to you. You're right. OK. OK. The. Concept. Of the obligation of stations to. Help. If you can. Help one of the nations come. Up.
It's possible that in. The short straight a very strong. Leader did not have the limitation of American capability things one could not do. The most significant of which was not supporting. It was under great pressure. You saw the great criticism if you. Secure China Statesville was so happy with the expression of time and it was great it was a series you know it could not it was not the government on the. Straw. It was people you know it was not about to go to China. For China. This will speak of this now because there are policies he started. Out. It was
the tradition of the policies of the true. True true which policy cannot be played. You know. We've developed a good. Cause to have. A tremendous opportunities today. Which some of them. Through. No. Fault. Of. Through. To me you know. So I come to. The crisis point in Europe with one with which I talk about education. You expose the special. Interests. And you've. Got. To agree to have courage
to try to settle which is great. It's quite sad. It's. A question. You know. Most if not. Most of. The questions. People who look to the west on the reaction of people's. Interests have always been. The last nation. They don't want to be dominated by. Other people people. It's. A. Miracle. Yes it will look the same time also. We want to. Charge anything approaching stability you know
which are which is very much to our interest in logic. We have to do those things which contribute to the reduction of the nomination. And our influence in Europe. Oh I do believe some of. It. It's part of this much too to keep it. Without a Trace from. Moscow. Truth. Talks plenty of reasons why. They. Chose. To continue support because they sometimes feel sufficient in order to justify letting down. The. Structure which we suggested. It's.
Congress. Which discussion. That's the way you do it yourself. We should use troops. Which would mean it's possible. I. Just got stuck. So much I have some questions but there is a great deal of the nucleus. For. Which. Take the technicians get. AS. Far as possible and get. Someone to get the job to.
Stop. Great Nation wide range of shots. We cannot. Say it does not come. Free and all to see. This is.
So. Different from. Thank. You. Thank.
You. Thank you for us. All to. The front. I'd like to announce has accepted this as a schedule. For my. Next event and address. MR. So. You have. This ideology that if
you if you want it you. Want. You want to go to. An exchange. See you. Can't. Scratch. Sorry. As you can see. And this is again to do with that makes a difference. Actually Russia and the United States the Soviet Union. Russia is very important that they tried. To expand communism which is as I say. Congressman but. That is the. Impetus for. This. Seems to be. By
nature of distributing. We have to have. More depression. So therefore. As we get more efficient we have to increase our markets. So the sense. Statistically year by year we must be economically a further a larger percentage of the world's. Consumers we have to produce more. So the question. It doesn't seem to you that our impetus for world domination is greater than Russia's. Economic issue. Sure. Restrict exports to the countries of Europe. Something like We only have a couple hundred million a very stupid trade dollars.
Correct but it's not like the economic conflict relatively. This is really a lot of the concepts that are. Affected by what they do in the Middle East the question of oil does play a role in the Middle East. Look for other factors. Just about the consideration of. An expansion of the. Yes.
But you. Know it gives me the greatest concern. The reason why President Kennedy was coming. It's not your job. It's not a conciliatory speech. As long as you can show me it's not. It's not that we would not. Deploy sophisticated weapons. He was concerned
with the tragic and just where the most righteous says. Lots of weapons and it was probably the most trying but not when we saw the truck started so I thought it was attraction. And it does look as if it will be done with it yet. Reached out to great breakthrough. Wish I was there. You do have. A. Much more comprehensive miss. First. I think me and you.
Because the Russians invaded Czechoslovakia. Luck you later say. Why does it shine. From you know the cause. Which is it's a song. Yes it's a situation to start to do some things some things a. Lot of lives you know you you know some extent of judgment against your
education. It's just that to keep that. Feel. So strong home will not let me. You migrated to Russian Jews to migrate towards Israel. From condemn you to the violence of their trading against diplomats in this country is counterproductive. The Jewish God states.
Governor I'm with you. Please comment on what you believe was the wiseness of U.S. policy in the closing days of the war where the United States applied economic leverage against the Soviet Union to try to. Have them. Comply with that wish it said. Specifically. I would like you to comment. President Truman's initial curtailing of about. Previously scheduled. When we ship them from the Russians I was opposed to one of the things you did write about it right. Correct it's good. Throughout the show.
Sure. That's not part. Of the question on the subject. A. Lot of consideration of going to the right place for me for the next 15 years. That's right. So let's start.
With. You know this was just about what you said was true if you never called fact. Relationships are not to go. Through. But fundamentally the economic side has no. There's no real basis. So. You. Say to carry out such. Yeah three dollars. They had a chance. Check it out. But. What if.
We can take actions. The culture itself. If you go to how the economic competition. Is itself a little strong. You know basically don't seem so down. I quite jealous of them. It's not whether she was a great limitation. That's right. This just. To which you say yes to. Charge the. United States. I was in the United Nations. It's a fact of life not your national school. Sure the.
Time to. Talk to Stalin about. It was no right or wrong. It's like yourself neutral. Just arrived. Start throughout the years. There are real problems with both so in the States. I thought. I. Was doing so. Yeah that's how we handle ourselves. They should question. What is your opinion. Expulsion of. China. Its effect on US China. Control. Time. A couple million. Trying to dominate it entirely and I think it's high time for the
Togolese to be allowed to go. With. This. I've thought long. Throughout history he made time. People saw the future but. He left. That question for us. Harrison's soul's very assistant managing editor at times books on Russia will discuss the history of Soviet American. WB Jacey FM in cooperation with Johns Hopkins University
and the Maryland Center for Public Broadcasting has presented the 1971 Milton S. Eisenhower symposium. Soviet American relations the dilemmas of power. Today Speaker was the honorable W. Averil Harriman former ambassador to the Soviet Union. The executive producer and editor is Thomas Egil that original theme music by Donald's words. Were a printed copy of this program. Send $1 to dilemmas of power. Transcript number one. Maryland Center for Public Broadcasting. Owings Mills Maryland 2 1 1 7.
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