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There was a phone call and Gavin Duffy took it. They said you're going to be dead mother. If you don't quit messing around. Yes this is here. In. The Hub City for the nation's functional concentration of chemical process. Headquarters city for the polio natural gas and off your industry. And Space City USA. Pacifica Radio in Houston resents space city below to see the reality blurry complete with heroes villains and a cast of thousands. Problem almost is not a question of a wrong. Now to begin our saga the road is wide but whose road is in
another. Tales of night riders introducing Frank conquers Texas Grand Dragon lands of America. Vicki Smith and the one brother. Of underground paper space city. Threats of all kinds castration threats and bomb threats shooting threats there was a spectacular fire bombing a car. I guess was about 6:00 a.m. when people who were sleeping in the office awakened to find a car at the front office you know in flames and what had happened was that someone combined put magnesium strips or something and let them people in the inside the office didn't wake up until the fire and then they set off the horn in the car and one person who was there went outside and said he saw two police cars on either side you know blocking a block away and the side of the office sort of watching the car burning or person
never been shot at anybody else's house and like I said before we believe that each man has a right to believe like he won't step away but you can see the road when you travel one side let me travel to the other. Mike owner and operator of the family hand restaurant the building a couch right up there. Would you replace it with riding a. Scooter car. Went through one of the. Chemicals whatever they. Just made a big mess. The Rafters rock out of bounds and back our stuff that I wanted which had to be right. Glass. I feel like these are just psychological you know they're just trying to. Maybe
never. We have never been following of course we have this this is just accusations and comments and if I ask you where you got your term in the family you can remember where you picked up some piece of literature was found here. I don't think that's separation I would venture to say that already did something wrong. One time I had a long a long talk with him in which he sort of I guess that was the time I became the most absolutely convinced of what he was and what he was trying to do. He started he started talking about talking about the Right Wing Talking about the Klan and the Minutemen you know talking about them as they but it was quite obvious that he meant we and making you know making various kinds of threats and saying that that that he understood that the right wing he decided to make used in sort of a target area that they
were that they were sort of concentrating forces here and that they were going to try to to stop the communists before you know to sort of make used an example of how they could they could stop stop the movement before it could everything going here and that he thought in that and he also said that he thought things were going to get a lot more serious now and made various kinds of threats and unstacked they're going to start killing people over two years we kept working with yes we worked with the South. We were right next to him for two years. So we you know. We didn't want to create a friction but we did. Yes we work. In many instances of harassment against the Klan has identified itself as being the culprit either through through identification or through phone calls or else by leaving stickers on the door leaving stickers on cars that sort of thing.
So let's say that a good Catholic was involved in something that was wrong. That certainly doesn't mean that the calving religion was involved. It just merely means that one man with that belief that Malone thought order was involved and certainly run my own steps often a lot of it doesn't mean that they're all guilty of the crime. Richard Atwater of space city he did in the. Latest The July 1st 1970 I was doing I was on the front sidewalk walking towards the building I'd just driven up and there were four or five people sitting out in front of the building on a front step when a car
pulled up on the street nearby and stopped at the intersection and fired six or seven shots at the building. The bullet struck the building about 10 feet above the heads of the people that were sitting there. And of course everyone made a big scramble to get inside and everything and the car just drove off down the street. We called the police on them. There was no action. Enter the loan in the person of Inspector Caldwell of The Houston Police Department. It's on usual if we could have made arrest and didn't or if there was information that would allow those two it's not only on you which was malfeasance or misfeasance the first thing they always ask is Can you identify any people that did it. Invariably the answer has been no we cannot make a positive identification of any person we have a license number and description of the car and how many people it has. One Direction is heading if that will be of any help and they say well that's not much to go on. But I wouldn't say that we are in a billet doux to solve a case involving a car that the job of the night shoots into a building and plowed off into the city of a million two hundred fifty thousand people
256 square mile when you have a third of the number of police or you should have police it down his own usual Len Eubanks of the family food co-op. I arrived late in the evening and there was a car parked in front of our house that fit the description of a car that in earlier that evening shut up space city. So instead of letting you know we were on the lawn I went in the back way and was coming out of the word she was going to get a license number on the car when they threw a bomb into the yard. And it was poorly made and it went out when it hit the web graphic image with me. So when I went in and probably you know things can get you in the car I. Think I want to stay there. It took my friends a little over half an hour to get their lives with their unit so we have to know where they can reach me tell them that you'll say stay in the house and they can come to me when the police got there when I go to the house. I didn't take that long with the which I very carefully going to overhear his and maybe he's not touched or
gave them my statement and I had gotten the license number of the car which I also gave them a description illegal there's a street light right in front of houses many you know really exist and the next day I was told that I must be mistaken. There was no such license number that I was incorrect but I was sure I was the seller I checked through personal sources and was finally able to ascertain that there was such a license number and that it did belong to the car that the description I'd given the witnesses and were able to get a name and address of the guy. Have you done more good on this issue. There was still her right to drink you're just going to use you don't use the AC on. We are not privileged supposition. Sure to phrase it in terms of criminality. Show me your grammar back within the purview of the Lord and another occasion I was talking to a police dispatcher on the telephone at the time that an arrow was fired through our front door from
a crossbow and a car pulled in front of the house and I looked down from the second floor window and saw a man in the passenger seat across both me and my things. I called the police and as I was talking to the dispatcher he came around the corner second time driving very slowly and saw I was giving a running account of the whole thing to the dispatcher. As you know I went through the front door as they just shot at us pavement. If you have a car license number one direction and in time after a fart in the office and you know you just laid out the whole thing it was in broad daylight it was like six o'clock in the morning and saw the name Carson didn't apprehend anybody didn't see anybody doing anything wrong and sent a man by about 10 minutes later to take a report and hold your own. Not a whole lot worse in Reston we have back within the purview of the law but 40 is the purview of the law. A discourse by Inspector Caldwell and Ralph come out of the Southwest Center for Urban Research.
We should go to this broader sense would say the department bases its rules on the premise that this republic that we live in is based on the foundation of the wars and all the basic institutions of this society stand on this violation where the law itself is without meaning unless the Republican or whatever body politic can unfortunately you get asked a question whose law you talk about are what you are talking about. Now our local police. Have traditionally forced the local law. Not necessarily the national. National principles of Colonel justice. Houston like. Many other communities. Not just Western ones. Has a back up community to. Police and force. And that is to those on the community that I knew years ago participated in vigilante law. That isn't joining the police and reinforcing the police force to talk a lot more cost.
A moment's pause for a sermon at Bob Jones Callaway American Civil Liberties Union Chairman I don't demo the whole libertarian gone mamma. Take just what we've been involved in the sheep for example back in March to what we call our parade case when used in City Council tonight had a properly applied for a permit to a small peaceful peace group to have a parade down around federal building. Well then we represent them in getting their permit granted to the city council given to federal court. Well but. Mayor Welsh gave us a reason for denying it. Prayed For me it was a good thing they were going to pray about were not broadly patriotic that is he said we're not going to give them a parade permit to
have a a parade because what they want prayed about not broadly patriotic. They were going to be critical of the inner signs of the Selective Service Act for example and the war in Vietnam and our peaceful dissent. That's what that is not all it is is peaceful dissent. There was never any suggestion that they were violent people. I read no one talked about these cases I think that it points to the problem that we face in the community of our highest leadership not wanting to permit people to have the right to dissent even though it's no question about it being peaceful. Now we in the ACLU believe market we know that dissent is the very essence of freedom and that dissent is as American as apple pie. And yet the mayor of the security sitting United States want to take it upon himself to deny this right to free assembly peaceful assembly in them the right to free speech because and only because by his own words reported Chronicle impuls book that the reason you do it because it is not broadly patriotic. On the same day he denied them the right to have
their parade. The city council approved parades for two or three other people like sporting people they thought lived to have their Thanksgiving Day Parade. Tim and Bob have their scent Patrick's Day parade and things like that but they don't know these people the right to dissent which is the which is the essence of freedom we have then a police chief who is who works for the mayor who comes out in the newspaper the other day when he was granted some kind of a good citizenship medal bother youthen CHAPLIN SON to American Revolution he says. He chastise a society that would allow an organization such as the American Civil Liberties Union to fight prayer in school on the one hand and defend dissenters on the other. You say so the police chief in Houston thinks that dissenters. You say that defending dissenters is a
bad thing but the right to dissent which is what he is apparently unhappy about. Or here is is the greatness of our country. Now when the police chief blasts the dissenters and when the mayor will provide those same dissenters the right to have a parade which is the basic most basic. You see even the most basic rights in this country is a right to have a peaceful parade. That's a one of a privilege that Americans get because we're supposed to be a free country and when a mayor wants to deny that because what they're going to pray about is not broadly patriotic. Think about that. I want you to think about the majority to think about that even if you don't even hear how important that is to this community that the mayor wants to deny free speech to people who want to say things that are not broadly patriotic warning.
Parades and other broadly unpatriotic activities may be hazardous to your health and so police. You know in the absence of any specific prohibition. Police. Have seized the first duty. Of the enforcement of local laws. Without. Undue regard for you know for individual rights of the criminal. And if people stop whining if the wrong people use violence. It's the wrong people protest. You know the. Thing custom would be to. Put them back in line. With what are seen by them to be oppressive measures as necessary to kill the leaders of a violent or seemingly dangerous protest movement. Carol. You know it's a long list. This is this becomes then.
Legalized. Killing. My country of the family and restaurant. They had come once before and they came out with two paddy wagons they had posted back. The place was like they had a man post. 12 maybe 15 policemen all together. And. Just came into the beer garden. I walked up to the sergeant who was directing the whole thing and I saw him and what's going on. There where we're conducting an investigation. We were checking out your license. That's one. Thing. And I said does it take two. Paddy wagons half a dozen squad cars and two German shepherds to come in here and check out the license. He said we're not coming here and getting anybody hurt I said well you can see around here there's people you sit near. Drinking beer and not really trying to give anybody a look like you're trying to give us.
The morning of the drug crisis. Traffic control monitors western areas. Some 120 volt car forward with additional additional adult you're in your home an area and the kids and their store sales to the narcotics department and the Justice Department. My systems and is trying to get rid of them and they were doing things right. For. Saturday night. Right right. He is. And then we saw that one coming in morse or tripping and. That was that. Hear from him
enough to turn the security company to the police the police number 30. Bring out the real. Attorney Bobby Caldwell. Take John a coward for this is the. Case that I think the world need to know about a young man facing I think it but went to war now. Two years ago. But 19 if Jen is that old I'm not quite sure but Dunn a coward was kicked out by two police officers here in Houston Texas and got a cop out was also following at the same time it would keep in his eyes. They buy our own. He'll play aggravated assault on to police stuff. Judge it was a quick leave
charge after Jenner was acquitted of the charges a fee you became interested in the case and started making demands that David is too old to be indicted by the grand jury. Some for five grand jury could this testimony unheard in this case before one grand jury would even indict these two officers. And yet the state of Texas Cal Bear the without no later than I think three days will follow Karr have a tour with Keil. Somebody out there for now to dismiss those to indict me and gives these two. Officers on the ground then
sufficient evidence that during this time look prior to the dismissal of these Keith again the coward was never contacted by the state for Jenna Cawood till the discontent of time in this case what happened he dared to test one full ledger. But now we have read your mail for 12 people that decided they did their worst officially over this time that these two officers with yet some guy with a little turd often just sad so we don't have enough evidence to prosecute so they dismiss drivel they lived in a coward would be shot to death but alluding to God something quite new to this book. And then no later than Saturday morning and I got that all done a coward called that on the NDA. I said for what he said I would rather solve them to
police out. Plate number one political assassination of Johnson is performed by District Attorney Carol Vance a single. Mom who represents a cross section of people from his many many contacts. Many many and. Many. Many. Here you know.
Mr. JOHNSON. I was first proved and whenever we conversed with. Him as a mongrel you might as well realize you know the young generation we began to look at. That we. As a rich country. People we don't recruit.
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