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He beat. Me. You used to be a. Big
hit. Were you in any way think. This man will go into you. Yes he was in wish. To meet. Me. But this is the main discussion that was held in the case. You're very right. And with men.
Getting their meaning. Sorry you. Are. Trying. To. Say. There is. No use. Oh you mean to say Jack was saying we were really young people. Lol you say. You are. Were. Raising her was smart this time was strange or our whole thing was that big. You're basically going to. Be there to. Meet with you or
Carson you think things are not very light touch. What resources do you want to use for me. To. Meet you. You're going to eat what to do with the soup. Well. You see. It was an. Education. Still waiting to hear your. Thoughts. Sure. This is war. War.
You're going to get. Doing this now are. There. I mean I think. My lower one. Been paying you for. This whole whole young warrior power. Thing. War has been. Tough. Getting the. War here is the meaning of their sentences. They're
saying War College can't. Meet those needs with the story of St. Augustine. Their heads are sending their older years and there's the school. And the amount of time and yet you can't say that you won't be going there. He's a free man. May end up running things if you are going to be six years. Yeah it was years and years of Yonkers. New York will sign. These men. Whom would you expect we will be. There. No molds a word
no. So you might as well you know people you know as well. We have to sit down with us all day here. Oh you're the one with your nest is there. My goal was just what was going you know real was this was going on the station was going to. Meet right.
There is rare as it were. You once will sit very well where. It's. Me. Green. Two more months with the world with her as we were you know poster going on here. During her while we were city we want in this verse is we're losing the year we're. Worse United We Stand Together now was when our station there was your station once and for nine years writers six of the words we use yes these three years here
you know we were this guy who returns home to me there was a hole in the CCU was all waiting room. Yes he just a few seconds. Oh boy. Both of these coming years terms. You use your there too as we see Jews. We are here because we want to boast and so we change the world. They do as if
I was rude. We're also cities that your businesses won't salute. You're seriously consequences of these actions that we're third so. You know you're for this six rars. Must know you're into these cities. You think there is a fire when things you see one. Room or worse. This is yes.
In his world those who were who were also holds the share. That we might hear. You rule the war there would be no use in the world. The main issue for you. To. Hear this is 31 days. We must say we exist all over. The world why are those who think Oh.
Oh you must so well oh oh oh oh it's more just for what they were. Four years of war that is. How. We get there is that. Right. Now there really is life. You're right I really like her.
Are holdovers. Hose Holder going to cause. Harm. Or was it yes world. Movie if it's not cold war was the world really. Yeah. Right. Very well I. Think it was our earth. Hour. Oh. This was fair so. Sorry. Yes you're right. There's the saying.
Yes it is. Their. World. You. Were. Saying well. You know here he's. Here. Right. Into the future is there her Biscay O where say I. Told. You I got here a week. You think you are getting is. That you were soon to receive balance. On the bases in
Riyadh. Read the review on your CC and as you see this isn't your business so we will see who is more remaining post or will you want to ruin your own. Yes there's a. Three. Letter site. There. You. Go. Oh. Man. One bank. OK. Yeah. Here you.
Go. There. Are. A few. Little. World where. You. Want the original ME ME. Me. Me. Me. Me me me. Me. Me me. Me me.
Now. TO MEET YOU HATE ME. Will you be. Here you will you. Can. You. Hear. Me OK. You know. You. Told. Me and taking. Me. Out on. A. Day. When. You. Were. Very young in
a way. Yeah just. Leave it at me. You're. Here you're. Letting. Her. Meet.
You. There. Well you know when you get your. Feet. Like. Oh you're here. You're. Here. To prove what we do know there were various YOU. Know questions. We're very pleased with the response or the moving goals. Right. Thanks very
much. We need to hear there. There are so sure the music here. Were you. Understand what you were. Yeah very good news. No use to you. Oh really. Sleep well you know. Very well here I think is where we were. Why you
think you are here. Yeah oh yeah oh yeah yeah they were there with you. Oh yeah. There was a song you see a very good one where things are on the floor. First of all things go right. You're responsible. It was really the idea is to do some things here it was me were you
you know as soon as it was there was no. We're used to all stations. That you know these other words it was like oh oh yeah everything is unusual here. Who do
you know this song. We know you were teens. Boy here is the thing. You know you want to meet you where you wish. Here is why. There were various ways. These many ways constantly changing people's old world changing. And then there's me here.
You want to. Marry you. Oh oh really be me you know. Oh. You hold on you know you are there and you will hear this it was. As I was going to hire you. You know who. Do you know where your next meal you met while we were
18 T. They changed the way you are right sir while you hold your moral right. Car where you hear changes or closed circuit. Hears read your reasons sort of 1886 words values where the issues are right for your species there are then mean things like we were told were rogue nations. Still they seem to me so far. Carl you still owe me the CATV are yours. Oh sure
you're right now. The CCC whole being higher heart rate structure eat. Your heart or tell the supplier. Are you this news. Yes he was the. Best I think you're right. Do you teach science or viewers where I should point out there's been no support here. For. You know paying for land. Oh yes you see many of you know where we
are now being told the bases that Manning and it will probably make it he says are willing to sit down and negotiate rules for us today he told me things are missing that you know these warriors 18 so hostile to your own words to war you're missing. We're just seeing your oh please don't misunderstand. If she were spending time doing her part will tell you the right
answer would mean against it. Chances are that when you fire someone told me to do that you are in your state. If you get a substantial answer at least I know you're using. Violence to get words to say this do that or. Why. The state's making sure you're searching. Sorry this is all the rats. We are saying is for the state of New York. So this thing interconnection system is growing.
Each year and her dissipated you know with the wrong routine these days together this is the last council election for you know the first week as you know this man told her we were in he is moving right now are listening to your colleagues. She had handed me the Phillies were like during recess plan which will be quite heartening TV stations all souls being regional as well. And finally when will internet our relationship to color Why are all these calls for souls for Mars. There's no question. All right. He was called the least
expensive way to the station to get a court order is why do I worry when your connection is not sorry for her mistake you for her rings were to you why are you still a liar. Your transmitter. Yes. Yeah. Well. Then you are right so you're going to let you know what I'm using for this I mean Jack consider him as a means of force or worse when you read your story. Chief Engineers you called the world your transmission. When you were released. Who say you know who got me. Program hear the stories of Grover Norquist senior writer in this new world
for the first time for Lois is consider for managing files. I see my job. You're also like say you're through the entire thing. He has all of these programs we all are. That's right we are running our list. With some of these were not right. For her to know. In the room. I think what zones are angry we're going to tell you.
Result you're going to be here when you see the wall with your. Doors will be low. These are around the world. Where oh where oh yeah your suitcase and you will be yours. Yeah we were visiting So yeah we're right there. We should receive we will
tell you we're going to bring those who hire you. You know the whole thing. Her Yes you may think. You're Jean Jean you do you're. Looking for the
right thing here is there. Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. Joe Moore says that you're. Right. You know you're right. We were
there. We. Were there. You mean. You're. Saying.
It was. Great.
You're right. There. All. Right.
Very. Sad. Yeah. You use
the word. Oh. Yeah. Yeah. Right.
There. You hear. Me saying everything. They.
Told you. They. Were. Will they.
Really Feel. That. Oh. Yeah. Will.
They. Be a three year. Old. You know where you. Think.
We live. Yeah. They.
Really hate. Me man. It was a very. Cold. Rain. It was
very. Hot. Yeah. You. ME HE. You know you really you know you're in ATL.
You're. Right there. You know we can yeah yeah. So we you know we. What. Makes you sure it was OK. So yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah you know you know
you know you know where they're going to be here and there you know you see you know there were two Yeah you're right you're right yeah good news to you or YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH. You're right they are.
Yeah oh yeah oh yeah oh Lord oh oh yeah oh yeah Yeah oh yeah. Just go where they go where they're going to think you little Carissa. It's all for their own you know where you live. Yeah I was on your shoulder and you know my life
all over the home. There was no one on here. Yeah Ruth. Lol if your phone was your own. You're right. Yeah I was so sure you were wrong you were you were. Oh you know we move so well you know we're good. There was no reason. For you. There were more and
more reason for me we were. Going to say oh well there we were. They were very smart your viewers were true. Know you with your. News and. I know this stuff but it's a good thing you're not in the middle of that and we're. Not seeing it in the way that we do.
MARTIN Although some of this will help you know if you want to know what you think that you know we think this review or you think you know something the voice of the fact that they were watching this tell us all about it was the sick circumstances in specific communities was if you stay and there's been a sense of this committee in its last two or three meetings with your fellow friends with these men that the best way to handle this is for the TV station group as a whole you know this is for those of us who do you know if you going along with it would you like me have we had those. While Harvey you were saying that he was more than that and you will see. Really you know your son visiting from Wal-Mart or are you probably know where you were because you never cycled lawyers. To which
you could go to see something like that may be what happened here. Bart Marcus he said Get in touch with your mother and we were right there with her before you hear this or central point where rather than trying to discuss these matters and who or what you wish matters with many of you were with many of you were not only how you lie and when you hear with your eyes that seemed to last at least to be a good sister. But we would have had this second point and that is that some of these problems. Get a little more successful in there you know and it will be a little longer. Say it left or. Right yet more dollars are being talked about there is an increasing
possibility that you may be there and while there are present times for assuming it was you know it was on those days only 11 states live right for those saying well just a few several Oh yeah especially here in quite a few years this is kind of natural as it were. Yes we would all like York Los Angeles and the other major cities where the reforming News in the day going strong are the places where you would most like yeah but the last person you passed under a law that we'll all become a little more successful there are problems that you may run into the change for example on the right. So fortunately for this attorney right away but is it true you thought it was charming as it was particularly with your
daughter and I think it was that this was madness I just thought this was a small station with yourself here and it could happen to anyone you may run into problems with. While you know people understand the you know the right the way through to you working in your current delivering the power they were but it was a rose it would be good to do programs 0 0 0 trailers so we hear you doing do you really mean small argue very much with this but this is a breeze. So as we become more news as we begin to see other people see lurker dollars where we hope to be or where loads of possibilities of CERN. So are the ones who are you with me as it were you see any news on the horizon terror easier cars more traffic and leaf blower tracks but also we are using as a central place so that the child
knows as soon as anything is happening you know if there are stations are out of your car. It's not highly charged with the understanding however you know these facts are not set out. Or were exposed to us without permission first. We work very well so far. And you know this is the best way that we are at right. Now seeing this community as you know very well that is your really really good. Ones was that you do you feel when you receive or are you getting where you are right.
We'll go through the old. World War. Zone. For. The next child to say this is not worth it. Willing to work with regret but I think we were roommates were it's seat number one where is it going to see the ring more. Yes we see so much which pertains to the toilet seat. Beginning with you are right for you see he says for a long moment right now the
75 she has talked with we're going to be hearing that's the world right under you went missing which winning this year well be paying $4 for a seat for the existence or it's like well right there this is just sort of saying this is a totally dismissed with 60 seconds paying more. Taxes talk we're going to look at everything.
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