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He said Come on things are toys of us setting up a meeting a good one I used to sit down together as you know you can do about the ring whole situation and the reason I know this is no because I've heard it said that he and I had a dialogue on this very night. I won our race night. For a lot of reasons. I personally see a serious problem coming up for the last five years. Dr. Johnson was it just one of us not those really put that into the conversation I thought of was you know that was in those sort of those as well. So most of us. My question is this when you were you'd be better off if you were taking a little land you know and some of these other rough if you were say to them fellows we will give you. Have this kind of. National players are like you can't. Roll you guys for all you know what I see 25 30 say
what would become Leo. Thank you for educational radio by lighting the fire with somebody like this guy. There's other ways of sharing got together. Right across the building the Lego structure where the board refuse are bowed out from the requisite looks of the next summer the U.S. is going to be the people. Yeah or social justice. Just by virtue of the stronger stations and strong budgets and so they can destroy you guys you know risk free right. They also probably have travel money is easy to put up where you're headed where they have to step back up because it was all. Over. By the. With with your with was this a problem. That uses a weakness. Oh do you think in terms of your long range hero who were insisting on incestuous kind of bored
with your lady or your representation from other sectors which might you know be. Yes. Yes I think it's not like we need we just there he bust. Traditionally we have this as a professional association is regarded as just I think we're coming to the point where even within our constitution bylaws we talk. Or sell of the ending or. The need for us so we can dream up some national life. You never. Really got us in the present station from others your station for love I know I know you well. Or none of the letters there are a structure in the world. Yeah the most you can be does the most insight possible. It will be done hopefully out of this conference and the aftermath. Is a good enough reason to motivate people like this to get involved. They'll do it if they believe that it is worthwhile for the heart to do it as a waste it's not worth
reading but here was no holo dust here you know. Remember we have very few people for education where you are say here it's really all about good guys report. There's no way we're going to get a are you. Sober because of the war. Just because your desire for it may be here we're more right back with more members might. Here was a nod to the fact that in this very room where they had. This piece can see trust me we tried to avoid her as having just become ational radio in your home you. May. Want to get people off the outside world of those and you're all various outside world really and this is the reason you don't have as long as you got wind of what reading this is part of why I have this kind of a car for a while longer you are going to have heart you love me you know what I mean. You're right it is no longer that we are
going to hell. Yeah but the more you know the $2000. Oh that's kind of rude. Good stuff but you know you know your result last night was you know 90 percent of your social aid parties are all oh yeah I love your nonsense workstations it was. So. Usual feel like to have you any idea what it all adds up to if all the money you know going into it is yesterday or various levels were put into one pot. What are you going to give you a figure like like three for your visit once you're not just for the for the back I will give you a satellite as. I caught up with a projection partially splits for the educational review just like good. Places. And I can tell you this if you look at every silly
personal. Budgets the whole worse you're talking about less than. 8 million dollars. Oh you know I just hear a car coming or going up and you can also go I'm just going to yeah you know that's just a big capital. That's right. You know the equivalent for York economy would be what Britain or Canada where detail I would say the public sector in this country should be working in that you know two hundred million dollars to have the world. Yeah well usually that you're right and you're upset I mean are you going to talk about operating costs or in those. Operating costs as operating costs those will be the starting of the whole shooting match. Yeah I got a manual upgrading all right you're wrong and your cost will probably be younger to me. Therefore this is why the main reason why you can't get a job is impossible to get a job is worthwhile if you if you don't have the physical dollars
to do anything. You have got to have the right people to do the right Jack. How much of the program schedule. That. Sat where you use your say the lightning change strikes I just. Stood on the line so you. And how are you. That's not to. Guys like him because he was going to the summit I supply the sure yes sure I get your question the thought occurred. The Union edition of the RS got her say is that there's a reality by which I. Guess. Which is that because of the number of professional licenses grad. Desks and that one of the station's testified the unique
that there is no longer. A living room later for of. For you but I had occasion slowly and well have the real me that you need then you go over the white line which way are you going. And I think the way you were going was you going towards the station east or south. Can't just say you know the fellows that I know that are here that you're going towards. Mississippi where you have got your voice for sort of part of Louisiana. That's. What you mean but I don't know. I don't know what you mean are you going to hear you. Could you explain. I don't know with. Her. I don't know what you took what you mean by going out for a. Programming service that he should be providing that will help me decide you know what he can do. He's not in the business. Oh try to work up to. Retrain
whatever risk means available to get it right. Say Bill Bailey over there say right here that we just never got a place to talk about something. So educational radio with. With. Have. All of that operated station right away there was no way that I got out of the situation the young boy. Program is ERP he thought of the right program service for Eastern watch south of this rather than who your city your wash. Your. Very very good. Considerable of a true not in whether it was your reality wall jacks more of your cities would. Have any other work we don't want to lose the access that's how well that's your view is you know. Sure like to get a photo ID. That say this is the urban against the world. Here it's actually true reservoir speech this morning which will be good listening for places
with a lot more meaning than someone who's going to get lost in the shuffle. Yours You know what you get if you're going to lie like a York Times fart and that will help enable his audience but the real question Do you have a bigger impact. They are pushing for a single where we're much more the ball less like. The jury what we're talking about when we talk about education right there. No we're not even talking about dropping communications but. Not all the illegal drug trade in Toronto my not his or no no. Covering everything. How much or how many frivolous new frequencies are a bow how much could grow. Is there any possibility you girlie. Well yes yes. Anymore how many more school her family her station could be put on here if somebody left five hundred million dollars to go wireless there while the wholesalers which desperately good would money my good money on the site where right is live the rest of the layout of their stores all
frequencies are a scarcity of my money was all financial problems as well Steele said yesterday there's a point with him where the frequency is not it's not scarce to be free. Just there yet will be in this town live a mile a minute ago. I'm one considered prediction about 10 years if they're not here to the white regions of the world make sure that they hot. Or not I already have a Haitian people have you right here a suggestion was made to me was if you want to do something great occasion probably you're going to be here. Tells channels that the Reserve can't go use forever. Wright is a freakin genius. Here let me refresh your song in here. Most of your all or most of the measures are going to grow. One kid does not lose another audience to the occasional warnings if you don't sort of islam is going to look closer to religion or some direction there just like nothing in television and you lose that audience in the brochure.
I mean Syracuse virtually all of the earth structure. Let me go let me go back there where you just know there are a lot of any other occasions before the commission. Constantly. Most of the recent years of business was OK she doesn't have to be all exceptions to the situation. For instance if you're an outfit around here say her record is pretty good. You're all right and you are wrong. If you want to that was a lot you can do it but you can do it on the part of the United States. Now you can in the next five years it was a matter of hours. At home the next day most of the major suffers most of the day centers of privilege there are around 30 there was a very major markets in which there are no more. And. L.A. are you numbers are there are you know there are a few reserves so bad. So it's already a shock when it was her son. Gerri I've been reading a lot of hours on technical stuff was that it's entirely possible to get back on any commercial station no one has anything been done about any commercial stations in a mode
like saying no you can load the plugs on top of them over the period all of pictures. Google the quote a little bit but you can use their tower their power their trains best at the University of Wisconsin does all of this day you know the morning looks on top of the commercial stuff on top of it emerges they start. Say the way you're. The one talking about the towers and you're the judge you know you're not getting in the receiver or the other and you're only getting it was because well first thing I know I want to work for a certain way because with this with word this will become closer I was listening in Cleveland got that good music station with good guy you know he molested brokers who. Runs things you don't get a public buildings and that's rather the status of the day. Yesterday you were talking about. I think. I heard. You. Say. Regional ational re. WCCO as you were coming up to.
Go over and setting up powerful brand with live coverage. You were. Right. That was one of the it is really a little and will cause a world. Where you just about heard these bars in your neck that. Go there are few. Bits and pieces left of the Eastern and Asian. Which still which has reverted to looting which was 12 years back. Many people don't know this is his of his latter years. No references to the two research projects that I read under national as education the first one was for feasibility study which led to the activation hese Eastern education. And. Supported his international force in
New York last fall don't. Wash. Your. Hair. That way we'll never know what a way of life in you. Actually there were four stations that took a whole year just because of free men live to support from you directly or through as his radios were no you're out there for a whole hour. He's worth your trouble. Files are made from reviews to low medium or university which led to the for a movie that she says she just finished phase three phase four will only begin tying together some of these places and most of. The most anybody can say or the actual interconnection whether there's desire. Or. Rush. He's visit Boston.
And. His get connected by Michael do. All here relate to all you know we have. New York Philadelphia Washington rare so there's a little bit west for a few Chicago still except on a regular basis or not. In Michigan your question to you while she was alive were of. Our age whether the things that are the issue. Fire is covering the major delays. Stay well you know when in fact there is no answers you hear you know. That's right. What. What would you have needed like these when these of these silos that the gods of the world. Yes. Well good luck.
Right. So when you were looking real stations with some of their own homework program the you the why were. We here. Eight hours a week right here about four hours program. Where they're getting a little below more of your well thought out what was the thought that you really love. Look the dollar be done for the connection. Do we go there. I think it was I think one day I think I was sure of this however this was. I was not there. Miss you if you missed it. From what I gather from everybody you know all the. Earth. Here are covered you know who this is where you wrote this. Over the years the switch prices will do the rest. There was just one of the things they were good friends as they did
initially. It. Looked like. They were watching for. Where does inducement come from the whole person Outlook problem. Human nature I mean are they just sitting around the stations all the time to. Find a job and I should imagine that one station can supply another status and I don't doubt for example where you know Channel 13 I wasn't connected with US News at the time you can get an awful lot of strangers you know to do these things and groups for example group broadcast and you guys have a really successful. You know roots run. So if you have not yet really decided already fuck what you do but we don't want to resize it here or we can come up with. The. Relief of getting the note Yeah right. To list. During the war. This is a record here in the cold with possibly Lol but from what you know. Do you know what.
National. You love the most are. Yes the song says something about D.C.'s house so that the signals from. One mean the any art piece over. Here can make this very very. Dark I love Michigan the home of the Washington precisely because of this easiest place. In the six months that you're here. So I changed the easiest idea grew out of this DRM crisis. No library for his life. Actually the guy you know Bergen you agree with this idea. Let's get this feasibility ball rolling situation the whole reason that you're connecting these divisions really hated the whole broadcast and not just use the heat of the beginning of that was the hope for those lighter radio. What's happened
as a result of a couple of years that the non-broadcast use those or more correctly. And he's of education becoming the. Short selling. Music. For diversity Dean spread like that very well. Just see the need for a tell you whether it's going to do you have a guest list of your that were listed as usually with poster uses for instructional or just reverses library purposes. Saw it go off last dance the polka. Radio and I think probably still is seeing one piece of a much bigger back panel as it is that what they're doing tours on multi purpose network it is not. Radio does not sell it is an educational resources that that's what we're doing in your stores that are what is
being done these days. Legions of anybody has the kind of clear. House playing probably protruded the other the real you go to DC and the D.C.'s these occasional communications system has a role and I think the role of the melody is getting here is that one of the. Healthy things coming out all this is the realization that you can't go just one way if you are the type to educational institutions you are part of the real world and you are living here your whole life to be here for Russia result for this and it is a very hopeful song. But don't because of the issues here this is a long range proposition. Easy yes through a skylight. What have you come to me. That's one thing that's a system that's a. Lot of hardware so getting this thing going for it is a whole different ball of wax.
And what we're trying to deal with here is car journey I think one of the parlourmaid on that is that that this frequency shall fall I think is not horribly during either the good or why we go to every major market with me. Yeah it was. Now there are six to a dozen are what your current commercial hands with just could be bought ready then she'd been more for more this morning good bye and get their salaries you know. Back worst exactly the way I feel about it as I say the result which others make here is the stronger you are there in the better shape ready have because they are life was good for the worst of us and the souls of the love listening live here will show you what which brings Which brings me to wonder what you are right what what is our it is out of. Kansas basically regionals. Now this this was a this was a concept that someone. Had a concept and he said I will sense that it hit and this triggered off
of all that I had I did speak up before you know what I was trying to get through that if you can buy say she's 5 kw 6 they're really you know something where your courage and the stations are presently in commercial life. AS. Actually stations would be located in small markets where there be virtually no. Man. There was no national. Except for life. Dan a local business because a small if you buy and sell them and if you were you could you could put together while considers as possible I believe that you've got the right kind of line here concert you can always get. When you talk about Avery. I talk here. Have you checked the prices of Susie's with Hamilton Landis. You just go. Yeah actually that's one by one major market years ago. I'm not talking to each other Mardi Gras is
very clear I was very carefully saying no major no once told me you could buy. You know Mark I get it and then go like the figures we've been talking about all morning in terms of cooperating have war or. Well Jack I do you know you stockpile that comes of all I mean I know you do for all the good we don't have to talk to nobody know what I'm talking about. Dixon there is a possibility nobody knows at this point there is a possibility that there exist in Charro Iowa. You know the kind of thing that we go through all the time for merchandise with you all the time. Here you say it's listed exactly. Well you know you have the infallibility does not come with a collar. They are just there about all the time a bunch of guys found was Asian Laura which they just bought here some Dallas five years ago discovered from their own research group at the Capitol or in Charleston South Carolina because of the SEC. These are his work for him. Yes you heard me.
I don't know what you saw his mark what the point of this. If you haven't listened to me before you know happened what he had to go get my hair like a 5. I'll remind us all first of. All fuck what are you scared to share my english little brother. We've got a small market it gets no national business because of the Metropolitan base for so many things but that they have town for seven years and is too small to be on anybody's national buy list where it is all playing small. The commercial operator can only charge like a dollar and twenty five cents a spot. Bankers and us where in short he can stay alive. Yes but from educational radio's point of view this kind of thing would have people by way of filling out some of the holes that exist in your coverage or provide a dynamic regional service you need to use the AM station for by a program out by a mile by the Guru or a list of the leaders there are things you listen to her then you change.
I just cross the country in the last two weeks very slowly and I've heard of these are the go and I hope NY home where you. Got it tastes like the Marines are Jews. It looks like you can buy the Jews and they got the look of range there were and there are a lot of them and we tell you something. There are good mornings when they're going to cost a lot of money I can tell you that I get to pay now I'm only in Westport Conn. There were people that one KW for your email has on the legislation itself going with us ham outage and man that you're gonna lose and you're good. Again the White House I must carry enough water that I'm not. Sharing the. Moments where all of them really. Focus on this. Job and they already have. Am I out of order. If I ask us to address ourselves to Sharon's speech for just a couple of seconds I'd like to talk about programming educational stations for a moment and I'd like to get back to something that we were talking about yesterday. I
don't care I'm going to get hung up on the word education as opposed to the commercial. But we all know what I'm talking about could be trying to grow the balls to do a lot of people with the resume of those little ones. Yeah. A good week. We try our office now about what we're going to do with these stations who we're talking to how we can program how we can get them married to the community how we can make them some sort of a vital force in their community and for the organizations they laughingly represent in some cases with cardboard of won't sell and so some of that. Wealth the role they play golf or the role of what is it because you've done it beautifully like you now have leading up clubs like you get back.
On track. My God I'm. I'm. OK with it. What we got when I was a little was yeah. Finally it was all over what each other want to talk to each other now you know. But no kidding this is dry if you don't mind my saying so I'm getting a little bitchy because the time is going you know I want to know I want to get back to know what the hell I'm out here for at Capitol Hill. I like what I saw in and out I you know I missed one I mean I don't have ears. We've been talking a lot about reality he said. So one of those realities is that this is the last educationally minded national that ministration another of the help here is that the dollars are going here until education is a growth industry. The budget
of the office of the education is more trouble. Another of the realities is that each UW hopes of education rather is more interested than ever right. Yes and. On my life the reality is that this is the season of the year when legislative proposals are at least rough rough. If I had come here with any anything nice of those of me or some luxury lady in this place if there is any way in which the Department of Health Education and Welfare for Congress could be responsive to the needs of education redeal it hasn't been revealed.
Yet no I'm with you because excuse me already because I have my own selfish bitch which I am going to make in New York State. I know what I'm doing. Beezer be the commercial broadcasters to be the various stations belonging to the State University of New York and because of the the budget office in Albany. I know what I'm doing I don't know what I'm doing the right thing.
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