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Missed. Any threads from me obviously brought its words today which is that their. Program will not be surprised if this is the. One so earnest to have. Missed it. The mirror so that we could see the way that. While talk about what we're doing with other people's children we thank you very much to the total. This part. Conference is over for the afternoon where
we will collect the tickets from. Those we will buy. And hope that you are not stuck. In Magnus is a monumental question to answer. So we just started this year to experiment with this format. I misstated by the afternoon just over an hour from the Met responses that we get new. Whether or not this has really fulfill that purpose. We don't ask you to stand in western so that we would have an idea at all what particular questions you felt. I had. Adequately answered. What are the steps and those that you thought you would like to further discuss and that. We have further decided that it borders to. Some of the responses to your questions as well as getting the benefit of the wisdom of people
who have worked extensively in this field. We have been invited. As have their careers people who represent different kettle bruise. On my leg that had adopted marriage how Doug. Who is a physician. And who is now to be exactly the director our statements. We have Mrs. Helen starter on my right who represents the psychological professor and psychologist who is associate director. Of the bureau rooster program resources of the national board. Why don't you see egg. On my. Screen. We had dug out black. Was a religious leader our prominence. He's now a senior leader of the Nuclear Society for Ethical Culture. It was also by the way the author of a new book which was not mentioned in the
by a material on her tears which is the first book of ethics. We hope that you. Will. Look into that. And I might scream right. We have the social work profession and I guess also the psychology professor represented by Dr. Saul Charlotte. Who is the process consultant of the Community Service Society and associate clinical professor of psychology at the Albert Einstein. College of Medicine. We wanted you also to know that the people represented here were not only where a limited class population but had extensive experience working with young people are not only coming from different class characters but in various parts of the United States. Just prior to the planning of this conference one of the staff people came into the office from a field visit and said she thought I might be interested in sharing with
you and I heard that she had noted in the Houston Press. And it goes on. I was like a category all the communications we gather because after we read it together we both said this is why parents that were OK all this could be something very real and touch the whole Lives of this was a letter to our Abbie. And it starts. Dear Dad. By the way this is another way in which the new occasions dad has. Handled. My fiance is quite a while. And I. Might say. We are both university students. And for financial and other reasons we can't get married for at least another year. We've gone together for a long hard and as you might have guessed we have become intimate. Naturally we don't want any children. So I wasn't taking birth control pills.
My question is this. Is it considered Ed for my fiance to help take the biggest pill solo. Oh why. Oh why I've mentioned this. To him. Because I don't feel I know him well you know I was just my will would follow my heart and he is on a very high allowance. But these bills. So if you think it's proper to ask him to contribute something toward these bills I will. Please don't use my going or going to university. We. Saw I puzzled co-lead. And I rise. Dear. I could fill this page with a moral lecture on how or why. But I'm asking for advice is
rarely needed. So to answer your question bluntly since neither am a leader and he has this point of etiquette. Paying for the pills yourself you surely wouldn't want any children by a man you didn't know well enough to discuss. My boy was I am. I was. I was. Going to. Be a lot. More I read that letter. We had bars described just based on issues raised in that letter. What would you like to start out with. Is for our plan was to become real to you beyond their names and your previous associations with. We've asked each of us to give your presentation based on what they consider either the dilemma that parents have come up with as
well as young people have brains. As well as. What they say in their personal opinion. Consider our some of the critical read all servers based on her direct experience with various groups in our population. Are we will start first of all where did you know who Clay is really got any answers. Easier to. Ask questions and once everybody get answers from the use. So I take his request very literally. Sadly the store has the most plastic bags. Why. This really shows there's very little in the world because this was not the plan I was to be the last people. Here and I was not what. One of the questions is the relation between morality and.
I suppose philosophers would differ the logins would deliver. But one would look at rest. Of it as a reporter as as moral poll. Charles Walker the loser there is no more with me. And this is their side of the border. This was what was expected. And that was the right call for whatever movie. Partners on her part was sort of the river cold. Is all of this to see the detainees of war. Now with the person wires going more polo doesn't live up to. Consider more I suppose just. Suppose that the. Post is the. More it isn't like it was in the movies online.
And I heard the word for the good of the movie the. Moral codes of the wars. We've seen and I thought it was loaded for the good of them when they are here to serve the world that there was nothing to fear of the slaughter. Maybe all of this later but it doesn't necessarily. And so I do a certain point we looked around. And saw we were wrong with it and that's. Why the senator was circulated. At a certain time of the war. This is the largest part of the. Earth's crust when stuff over the officer. Who is one of the group that is.
Almost. Always there is going to the war. That is in the code that is the wiring in this regard because the more I thought it was. So more desirable to work. And so when you're clear about. What was more. I think it was just part of who was right. And who are they who are. Certainly in the mood it was a group with what form it was oh so or some other reason that it. Also comes from with the help
people holding on to this. Is not on par with what. You know you would notice. Oh more than. Oh so those of us. Who are learning more and. More that it was. Over. To get her. In the field. Oh there. Is some of that. Hole.
And. Even the good life. It's a lot of. Work to. To you. I'm also. Sorry that I'm. Just.
Listening to that. It is not into the national exactly but we have always been an official public. One of. Our many representatives from any discipline. Board is one of the. Word exactly the norm. The. Openness of. The sex.
Life. Form. Warm. Next. Level. Civil war. Was the last on our border. The next move will be the middle. Of the.
Definition. It's a work in the morning. Person in the. Morning and they're. Not sexual. That was never she. Didn't want to go off. And. Lead. To more people losing. Their total sexual response. And this includes responsible man in the.
Bar. These youths are the ones that are not limited to just being one alone. Mentor in the process asserted position. As a part of the nurturing from birth. One. And. All. For none. Even without being aware. So the church. Is. And is our approach to our lives that. We don't know why. Under different conditions.
That. The only people do. Impact their. Birth is medical records. In their 11 years. This. Person would have in terms of power in the small town little more. Than the end of this month. We wanted to believe that this. Is the worst part. Of the reason this movie wanted to do to make things better in society and it is most observable.
Once we proved beyond. That. We not only want to but talk with them. Another model objective. Social economic levels will be. One. Person interchange between persons with no one wanted to control. This is. The sexual behavior of their children. Most parents are not concerned about the wrong they don't want to get. Involved. It would be my good luck to them in the chair that. That need to start. With and the do so or it is usually in terms of looks or rather in terms of
the ability or inability of their children creatively. And to make an intelligent response to the decisions and to the life. Which of course. It is done in the world where certain words understand human sexual behavior under. The heading. Are going to be quite so cold in the months that the succeeded in focusing on the people on the wrong. Coders. The. Split. So that. Even. People that are. Being in the one who. Is maddening. Yet. What is what. This is.
The key to love and I would accept. This is a warning to the end of life and in the garden. And then it's happened to the edge of the stick to the end of them and. The more I was with morals. The last of the rejected as. Human beings must live. To be the same ward where the rubbish into social or sex. Must begin.
As we're almost caught in the middle of the morning in terms of things we. Do. And the causes what they did was born of war religious and professional the meaning. Is our ability to keep. The business when search is needed or when it is playing the cure. And the other was a lovely. One sided with the really others. To deny that.
Rare Bird moment when it is most. Certainly did because it is the one we want to know. We don't order. Of the.
Water. Is essential. It.
Thanks. Michelle remarks and. We asked in our experience where there are. Very clientele. Tell us something about the process. Ten years ago and the all were you know this is an. Identity crisis occurred so a lot of light.
In the dialogue but not. Real or because my colleagues and I was in a shallow and crime are. You speak about when I was there in the summer before the last. One was. Made. Me want to live. Beginning with the army is larger than that and I was a. Poor girl. Overcrowding in subject matter. Goes the less talked about but even more devastating so I walked back through the maze. And was driven more than. Some women are.
Still. There. And yet. Despite this part of the ceiling a lot of rows of cabinets crossed this forest and into the goods we put most of the parents from the whole middle class. Then you are. All about. Of the problem and not the street moron. Exactly. Beginning with all their. High security values and
regardless. Of the double standard is expressed through arrest. In relation to the sex of the border. And you're. Right. In the middle class. Terence. Writes Jack. By buying cars.
These are headed by women. Well. This is. Going to be a symbol of our debt.
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CSAA Annual Conference: Sexual behavior and social ethics
Reel 7 Panel Discussion "The Issues for Parents"
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