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We had a lot of people report during the day I think some 40 instances during election day of what were considering irregularities at the polls. What we're saying is that if you're denied the right to have your candidate on the ballot and then you're further denied the right to write him in. Where is your ability to exercise your right your and democratic right. We think that the most effective was used every time they do something that violates the Constitution or Lowes or constitutional oath take them into court. I don't see any other way to get a less pleasant alternative to political repression. First Marty you hail of the John Brown revolutionary league. I know here in Houston. Some of the people that came to be. The original And latter members of John Brown. Were first at a fairly early stage and I worked in Houston to deal with the question concept. And this is when the Ku Klux Klan. Wasn't was involved.
Pretty. Frequent. Are reviving a series of acts of terrorism directed against us exist yes and this was the summer of Summer of 69. Until that time we had not been armed group. We didn't advocate arms of the. Well-like thing it's basically a little larger shooting from far rather difficult in the sense because you know they don't come in front of the office and where they shoot from half a block away down the street. Why did they not come for the office anymore. I think somebody shot back because the shotgun get stuck out the window into their noses. Fascism is exposing itself in in in in this very essence. That is of. All right I will be rhetorics aside all bets are off. If you want to keep struggling you going to do with my guy. Number three that twice since
the debate. We begin with station manager Larry I think the station. Has our sister stations in the city of Los Angeles and San Francisco which exist to give a First Amendment platform to anyone who wants to use them. The Pacifica stations say that the First Amendment is really worth nothing if it means nationwide radio and television for some ideas and street corners for others. When we first got started making a movie with a man trying to get something we felt like we had to have. We. Always counted on. You know right. What we were about offset. When the man made a bogeyman out of cup of guns we bought the city office Pacific and ran it right. I can on behalf of new party and our senatorial candidate Ben Russell.
None of you know that new party is the party which speaks honestly to the issues of racism the ROI and the environment. I can imagine how much access we have to the rest of the media in Houston. So. We feel a very special loss from the bombing of Pacifica. It's ten forty six in history. This is the aftermath. Sure. Listener sponsored Pacifica Radio KPFA TV in Houston. My name is Bill and this is three. I got a building down in New York City coward White House where you walk in you get injected inspected detected infected neglected. I went in there one morning to have my physical examination. Jonathan Adler I wanted to I wanted to be the American I mean I want I want I wanted to and I was hung down down down down down to give me a
piece of paper as they say to psychiatrist thinks oh boy I wrapped up the SS Frank I want to kill. I mean. I mean. I mean I want to. Well unfortunately I think that a form of terrorism is regarded as a kind of a hobby in this town. The senators in this town ceased planning begonias in front of their house because they can't get bested keep getting dusted with buckshot. A movie theater is burned to the ground. And underground newspapers dynamited and no arrests are made and no arrests are made and no arrests are made and no arrests are made. And our transmitter is dynamite at once and no arrests are made and our transmitter
has dynamited. Yeah few.
People start picking out our black people like you we are the party of a street army with political power and we can fill it with losing. Time to question is about 30 meters.
I came out with the gun pointed out I was getting out of the car coming home this is why I have to transfer money from one officer to know that and I asked him you know and they asked me what we can afford if not a constitutional right. And he was the with this and jump start approaching and I asked him to stop. I asked him just wouldn't stop approaching me I have this point of the group whose gun we need to first go to the mine and I was going from the ship he was going to drop and we were to stand up for that much I knew that going in the law and be good tempered. At this point
in the car and we want to place a business and position that we knew we were right we would which is our station right after this. You know people from two brothers an organization working in the field making the police dog fight. So they decided to treat this first about the dealers. Not that I got out of the police are you know for the Left community. Next thing next to
nothing. There was no incident 20:00 black people or two is. Usually very quickly brought back down. And that set in motion the entire incident which went over a period of 10 days. I want was when Africa was arrested for assault to murder. That's a pretty flimsy charge right there. This autumn or People's Party to as an organisation made the decision. That the Houston. Power Structure wanted cars live. I mean across up the street so bad it was better for him to take his chances on the street than to go downtown and surrendered to Herman sure what took place and then on and on defense office and back entire neighborhood. With the understanding that at some point the Houston police would move in.
This is the big four. People to see and when people see it up think they did. The book is to put the real back in the blood the Palme wrong. Oh you poor man ceases to have that much weight and this is one thing. Basic stuff as best I can describe the same grades and some funds but others that have been picked up out of our capital a random up into a kitchen and got the brother Jordan which isn't much of an allowance to check it out what that carload to Peets
to take his two brothers out of that. So we want to see what trouble with a pullout many want to stop and talk to nobody. Why we came back we are rather we just call a spontaneous right a response but a brother last week we do the same thing. I haven't talked for a long time. About I guess. I myself had just spoken. To the people and in the crowd was breaking the rules. We suspected him against. So we were we were doing different things. You know taking the guard duty this size when the Marines were armed here on the other he was pouring in on something from John Wright. OK. Somebody came running from. From down the street and said that. There were snipers.
This is why people are. On top of the church. Two blocks away from the office. People ask me. Where there are. Church. People this morning John Brown. Then people started. Getting ready for work for a long long time. Ever since the very first. Week.
It was premeditated and calculated. Down like when you bring the military operation. The pulling of. Value from your federal agency. To. Further. Murder. Secondly attempted murder various other I would want to. Third destroy people. Heavens no.
Their only purpose. With little. To the north point to these plainclothes snipers on top of the church in the middle of a black or white in a city known for violence is going to the store. Terroristic threat. Or are you sure this is the first North Texas spotlight to shout loud voice I am a police officer I know you're working. A SEC. Check this out. This morning. The police chief
city police department. Are the people. Part of this was the big money of the revolution we don't need from walking the dog of finance we're going to have people manage them and made them public cows taken out and out of power that week and last night. The last thing I saw Manson. Was that he mowed down the
street with some other people to check out the room the other being the. Cops own a church. It's obvious rapidly without warning. So are you with Brad. I am anyway. I am. And here I am. Back. I am. Thankful for this I think I am and I am. Right for America. I was.
On. My. Way. Maybe you know I don't know. Oh. Yes. You did Herman kill. I don't. Know of many instances where any left wing individuals around here have been oppressed by this department or the public. It seems to me that they have enjoyed a pretty wide latitude of misconduct to without anything
earth or serious coming up. I think. That's enough with. Me. Let me bring everything.
Down. On the. Thing. From the rest of the stuff. Yeah. Meet. My. Mom.
The Pacifica news group refused to express its thanks to. X y z for the American broadcasting. The Dick Cavett Show. Charles Porter go sealing H I. K u h to town a. Day back with the University of Texas. Sam Hudson at Pacifica Houston. Service in the city of Houston. Narration by. Voters. In the US editing and production by Barry. Mitch. Everything. From.
The 3 3 3. 3 3. 3 3. 3 3. 3 3. This is the national educational radio network.
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