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Day Friday Bob. On Friday duplicating and sending them air mail as it will be necessary to do in many cases so that you can have it on the air for in-school purposes on Monday. No we can't do it within two minutes or two hours but we can do it within 48 to 72 hours. And we will do it. Either that program or something that fits a particular need. And you know what all of this means not only means that we must find a way to do it. You've got to let us know what you're doing. Not just through production grants and aid. Thank you. That's per Bob. Just one more comment but you got to let us know what you're doing. What kind of programs are you doing. Some of the things you are doing we don't know anything about. And I hereby go on record as requesting. Please put any are the Washington Office on your mailing list as strange as that may sound. I can count on the fingers of my two hands the number of program schedules that I
in one way or another and usually it's the other. I get to see each month. Please let us know what you're doing. Send us your programable and write us letters give us hell but let us know what you care about. We can't work in a vacuum. We've got what's the address. Thirteen forty six Connecticut Avenue Northwest Washington D.C. two hundred thirty six. And the mail does get there most of the time. Sir. You know I know what a lot of them would like to do. Right now it's up to you. To preserve. The. Good. I'd like to mention a couple of other specifics before we have this. I know I'll. Let you know a number of you have stopped me and Jack and some of the other members of the board of John involving
have said to us in the first frenetic days of this convention. What's going. On. You know what are you guys doing. And we've all had to say well you know we're busy right now we have a board meeting and wait until a business said Well here we are. And I'm trying to let you know some of the things that we are concerned with and we are doing. You know there's going to be a great possibility and I can't promise this yet but we're we're in the preliminary talking stage of a really blue sky series in the humanities. What this involves very frankly. It's going to be the necessity to find a big angel a very big angel for a very big idea. Happens to be that there is a move on in Congress. To develop a National Humanities Foundation something like the National Science Foundation and wouldn't it be nice just by accident if any are at the very time the Congress is deliberating the National Humanities Foundation were to develop one or two or three very fine series in
the humanities on a top notch level. Well we're going to see if we can do something about it. I can't give you any specifics yet it's too early. Gateway to ideas which will be the series growing out of the NHL have Grant. Fondly known as the book series will be available in the next quarter. These are some of the seeds that have been planted. And now to Frank Norwood's quite proper question. I think the only excuse I can make for taking all this time. Is something that I'm sure has been communicated to you. Whether it's semantics or not. And that is that as far as your Any our staff is concerned. We do have faith in radio's future and we do believe that there is a tree and we do believe that we have found the backyard where the tree is ready to bloom. And with that. I'd like to officially call the report aspect of this meeting. It's closed and open this to discussion from the floor.
Mitch was. The. First one was talking up. For the rest. Of what you think. You. Know. And they might create over their ability to use me for a long. Ass. Would be writing just losing. Face or my ways and dishes with me. Just a program where you call all. Of this case what you are using. Some others are you know I. Just want to say. First.
From my understanding. The way great going out all of you. Might be able. To change. My life and get you. So they like to speak to that. Let's gets a member involved. Here's an opportunity and a challenge and a problem all rolled into one. OK we've gotten two remarks that's just like the man said and my God let's get the stuff let's get some more can. Why don't you leave. Me. I just like the
president. What. Are the goals. Courses except Syria one of us here is that. The White House is that all over. The state line out of the station down here. To greet me here by various programs in order to be made. Bob. Glad. You're back from us by receiving producing the station or the producer himself will receive from us. In the case of specials like this. How. About 48 hours after we have you here with a checklist of the stations that have ordered. Their local call letters location. So you will know every word specifically words be well worth it or because I know I don't
control. I can't but I can tell you the number of orders that we receive for. Our weekend. If we have some advance knowledge of the that these programs are forthcoming we can set up a production schedule to get them out of our back. Of necessity if we really have to within 24 hours after we receive. And buy what they will be delivered by whatever means are necessary to the ordering station to maintain a timely nature. We have found that if a program has not. Been vital significance. You might expect. Someone off to the station store. And have been. Really extraordinary. The Navy everybody or head of I think it's. If it's very timely that I think it is extraordinary I descended everybody. And there's no use fooling around.
We have we have lists of people who won our specials and those that wouldn't touch them with a ten foot pole either. But you know. I think it's. Valuable and timely. We just sort of everybody and then we try to get the feedback for you on who actually use it. All of it gets out there. But I. Or hire any. Springsteen. Sorry for me I got me. Well you know. You're right. And I watch it watch my hand back up. I never met anybody like oh I just. Got back to where I can see right now where I get up to get out I'm out you know we think.
We are giving it high priority very. I we don't have the answer to it yet but we're going to try and find. Just for your general interest burden everybody. Buy things with this motorcycle that we parted out essentially want me for a complete replacement job. Really you know your bad cholesterol testing me about $40000 for the stuff. Anybody have a $40000 angel lying around. On. The set I. Talk to all of. Them. Last. Long. Or. 25 percent. Well I think we all hear a. Word. For it. Right. Yes. I think that's. One area. Where. I think.
You know. This may carry a long. Long way to. Deal with. That. But. This. New series. Yes yes I'd like to address myself first if I may to the content of your the the substance of your question and then deal with the specifics about billing the next several of us may have something to say about that. We'll get to you in a minute Steve. This comes to the heart of a very crucial problem. If you read our literature that's been mailed to you and then on the managers you notice mention the number of times. That we are undertaking. With malice aforethought. A number of steps to come to grips with the in-school broadcasting problem. First of all. Under the US all we we are hopeful. Of working out an arrangement whereby there would be an
underwritten. In-school conference on a nationwide basis bringing together all in-school broadcasters all those concerned on the management and or programming level. For in-school broadcasting. With that the equivalent of their superintendents of schools or whatever governing boards actually are responsible for budgets and sheer existence. Now this is not going to happen overnight. I wish it could i will and one of my private little dreams I had hoped that we would be in a position in Austin. To make this kind of an announcement. This would be a wonderful thing to say that on X date this will take place. I happen to think that we should be able to work this out but I can't guarantee it. We have been encouraged to develop such an idea. We are in the midst of doing so. And I can assure you that this would not be a junket. It would be a first step. To first of all lay on the
line. The recognition that in school broadcasting is a very important function. In terms of educational radio generally in this country. It would receive the kind of attention that it sorely needs. And we hope to address ourselves to that via that one specific alone. As soon as we possibly can work out the details. Secondly. We hope to also beef up. As far as we can both from you individual is in school stations and other sources. The in-school offering. It is a sad commentary and yet a pertinent one to make. That of the 14 production grant proposals that we received. Only one was from an in-school station. And I again go back to my text a few moments ago a few hours ago Frank. Namely Oh they are good namely
that we can do a certain amount of helping but you got to do a lot of the healthcare yourselves Let us help you help yourselves. So here you are you. I don't play here but you know. Remember I get really hot and caught. Up. In. What. We have heard of the campaign. I'll be anything you actually are. Than something dreamed I was. I have heard my thought about Russian already you know what I see using the game from radio stocks how I love love love your. Children. With no instructional device. Now we are radio we're.
Giving an instruction of your own. We feel people on here that truly are nothing. Well there's no way. I. Will. Not be capable of saying what I like. Definitely. We thought we'd watch. A lot of you. Wish to. Give you. This whole new way. We have a lot in school. And it seems to me we are celebrating happy. Watching this they are among the station that I have heard. Not. Heard one word change. Why is not. And. White House. PRESS. Representative. I. Would drag. You. There was quite a bit. More. But no one was named chairman and nothing without. I know several
people by name names people really just. Can't do. Retail ramblings about. Greek tourism and now. We cannot use the word awful. So give. The service. Oh kindly program. The services I mean the company you are your programmers special because our problems are in your. Ways. All sharers. We now know the years that there are and how. Will your program let you know. Station in for you for our age. You know they were saying. Oh my God we're not here yet. He has. Done me any oh no not him me.
Yes he he should not only plugging the leak the young can. Be caught. On. The. Run of the immediate thing Cecil Of course that can benefit all stations in school station's general adult stations if you will. Is this the kind of production grant program we've begun granted in a very modest way granted very quickly. And yet this one out of 14 says something. It says among other things what you said in different terms that very few in school stations are indeed producing programs and making them available to the network this is a problem on the other side of the fence. This is a mutual responsibility act that we're all involved in. Don't carry and where you say. I don't want to stop you but all the lumber was. He just told me I
was not me. You want to be on the right feet. You know I don't like to call on Jack to address himself to another aspect of your remarks. I know this is a tough one because I think in general I agree with everything you've said and all of the implications that if arisen from it. There are. A number of points that I'll try to speak to but be as brief as I can because they're the individual member division is now hating our guts because they're getting ready to meet right now. One the question why aren't. In in school. Board members on the present board. Without the tempting to be facetious The answer is because even school stations didn't go to work and elect one. Or two or three or six. In NE our We're still on a regional basis. They were our election for two board members each year. The only way that we're ever going to have. Adequate
democratic representation. Is for the membership to have its interests represented through the electoral process. It's almost that simple and it seems to me that we'll be making a serious mistake. If we begin to pursue our own vested interests by suggesting that there should be a quota system. I don't know how we'd ever achieve it because I would be happy I would have to be forced to fight for at least one representative on the board who is the representative of a of a noncommercial station licensed to a church. I mean there just are some a god or some such. So that I think that the answer is seems to be begging the question it isn't really begging at all. You there are. They've been relatively few nominations even in the two regions for which they have just been called. The FROM IN SCHOOL stations just as there are relatively few. Proposals for support financial
support from school stations. So I think that to a certain extent the initiative on that one at least has got to rest with the in-school stations. If you go so far as to as to fight for and achieve. A some sort of representational system would require school stations to be members of the board. Such an achievement will have to be just from your own hard work. Now another aspect of it is that this is another one of the very serious growing pains of the reorganization of the n. A B namely one of the legitimate legitimate proper roles for the instructional division the Savi the radio division. And I can report to you almost a direct quotation. Following the full board meetings. Yesterday from the chairman and an influential. Active. Member of the instructional division board speaking to this point. And in the light of the. Grant
that is likely to be announced at this at this convention or shortly here after a significant sum of money for the instructional division and the quotation was it would appear that for better or worse the instructional division is going to become an instructional television division. This is from the board members themselves. Now in one sense the position that the radio board could legitimately take but is very reluctant to. Is that then you guys are stuck. Unless you want to branch out independently on your own which we would hate to see you do even more than you would hate to I suspect. That is to say as long as the radio division is the only division that has a program service. Our best bet is to try to make that program service. Serve. The constituent constituent members in a better way and if that's a
Pollyanna idealistic notion. Set me straight. There is no resistance on the part of the present radio board. In fact the original committee was formed. Within days after the board had been constituted as a direct response to the in-school broadcasters present at the Chicago conference on the future of radio. Of educational radio. The reason that the chairman wasn't appoint wasn't appointed is that it was to be elected within the committee. And the reason that it wasn't elected within the committee was that we did not frankly place any pressure on the committee because this we found as soon as we had appointed it that there was a feeling of resentment. Articulated by a couple of members of the instructional board. That the radio board had attempted in some way to make a kind of power grab. In the instructional division. Nothing could be further from the truth. But our hyper sensitivities to the to this kind of thing in the in the aftermath of the reorganization of the
NABC had had led us to take a wait and see attitude until we could come to grips with it. Within the board within the full board which is the only legally constituted body anyway the individual boards are merely committees of that board under the under their revision of constitution and bylaws. And if you better look at that one you better look at this whole revision of constitution and bylaws very very carefully in the next few hours because this is your last chance for a major. Change to it. You have. To have if you have let that one go by. And I think that you should not raise the question again at least for another year because it costs the association $5000 to really get this organization this constitutional. Reversion in and hand but that I really feel a loss to try to. To go into it very much more than that except to say that the boards are attempting to come to some reasonable. Understanding as to what happens
and the membership if the membership waits on this one. You've had and I when I say you I mean we. Because it seems that you've got that you've got to take the initiative. You've got to tell us we're ignoring all as it were almost as you know of the what in school problems are we have enough trouble identifying our own. And if the in-school broadcasters now come forward with active participation and we have recently revamped between the instructional board with the recommendation of the instructional board directly we have revamped Lee the committee structure. To provide for the responsible active members of Representatives of the in-school. Stations and are now attempting to constituted in a proper fashion. Jim. BAKER Right. By all I mean
you know mine is a very elite player over your right. I really believe that whether it was a good station. Or a member here or do not have blood. Not in anyway you boys here. Thank goodness. They're never hear the radio or did a TV or in my. Voice or. You already have machinery. I do not have an issue but there's a very capable young man whom I hear wonderful things and I have observed something Chairman already and it will raise an ending Easy Living and worth our while to do that for many years. I would say we offer. This judicious play and they ought to check out usually no blood from east coast unless. That desirable.
And. Then let the boys and girls and all of us who are you know on good enough work. Out. Say. The school service and eat he is still alive. You saw your. We agree with it. St.. BE Because I love your show. You're my brother. Do you want to. Know why. All right wires or my thoughts start my radio's not far away back by the very last you know three we enforce the same way. Dark dark. We're not here to. Iowa. Polls. Are off to the far right. Yeah hard in school. You're in big part 1 5 percent. And your need to feel part of any beat. Nash you. Must.
Do all your programs not only were the ones you. Know noticed it but others to fulfill their programs and I think you want the station but we broadcast live like. You once a month. Janet it means stations. I was. Can. And do produce. Looking at your use the more. That you do you feel. Better your instructional movies and love also activity of work where you are right. Therefore I propose one of the 3 0 or all three of the ways one or one. Productions. Like center at home while you. Wait. Our program our production. And go around again it was that was done with our cheering
Jack. Was that as far as any area of the school you can go. Ah I thought you were one of our own. We were. We were. You were for voters to be proud of you know like she's all right you know you are you are Ivy League of Mars and we're in school. Well yes he's so that is not why we need you to write. I think we should use it. I like you. I like to read that little. Now to my knowledge there you just you know all the young Ali's. Sitting in the bank. Holiday my. Brother me. And and of course Steve's
committee to Jim's point is active every day. They're working closely with Bob. Is this not right state. Well yes no. But you have been working with Bob all this year. Oh. There was a question on the side. You were getting your interim the John Guy his love life here. But. Just curious here is what we have lost your. Great night. But some. Will be. Forced. We're very concerned. Our family our county people while I'm asleep on my our media service here. And somehow frankly Colorado State last year. Theory as to why a broadcasting Miles. We want to know if. Possible. Flows of human life provides data you know you're not steering her house providing a stereo program as well just one more stations can drive past the stereo station
while you and. Die. Seems to me that this is at least a great many more. Any. Chance. I can respond to Bush's gun and we might pursue it further just. Some programs that have come up that we're going to be able very low typically given available material. I agree with the producers. Gave us proof that one of the works now which is being distributed will no longer that work with it with a note on the lease that is available in stereo record right. We would also like to develop a love that I. Carry. On with. Life. We also like the developed world. Where the. Production the stereo tapes. And. BB of life that. Our present equipment with the appropriate lash of the. Manual for the production of stereo tape. Our problem has been here for that event the
story has not. Really been a sufficient dimension. Just by the production office. However as the technology of our into the medium developed was you're right yeah. Yes I don't want to be this way when you get back. One minor right. Hand that now refers to him. As a good holiday rather than right here. I wonder would be wildly giving me a break. Yeah I. Think. I think. We might be a huge deal like we were. While you were replying to one where we asked. Many are you sure you all stay. In school right. Yet
you live your life. What would a sick feeling well today. Oh I think that might help. Part of this is reducing the program. You play your game anymore. You know the saying that's wonderful. Well let me just say that w r e r has broadcast in school programming and there is no station anymore not all the time. Oh Steve to answer Frank's specific question however about the in-school broadcaster It seems to me that this is just a matter of making it a reality. OK they got it right you know what you are right. Consider it almost done. OK we will need to talk about this. This is interesting and I think there's one area that we have not articulated that must be articulated because so much of our mail has dealt specifically with it in the light of the fact.
That 15 percent. Of our actual membership. Some of this is due to the bureaucratic delays of purchase orders from school systems and colleges and universities and so on. The. Initial Any our assessments are very slow coming in. All we hear about the one who says I'm dropping our you know I'm I have a total budget for radio a $500. How can I belong to any R.. We've heard from those people. But the difficulty is you see. We don't hear from either the khaen caterers who send in his assessment the day it arrives in his shop and we have yet to receive confirmation of that from the University of Washington. I have to talk to Ken about this a week ago when he was in Washington and I said Ken how bought it are you a member aren't you. So course I'm a member. I paid the same day the thing came in we haven't seen it yet we don't know when you pay your bills you see at this point and since NPR is a brand new baby and since you're about to be billed for a whole calendar year. We got to
know about this. That's number one and number two. What about this business do you understand the three prong business of how you are billed. Oh I mean hearing we've seen. You. Just gave me a hand. They tell. Me it's you and me. And. My life. I do recall that memo to managers number three and I happen to know that in this particular case and Cecil and I talked about this at another meeting recently was one that did not reach Cecil's desk and she had not seen it until I showed it to her that day. But memo number three preceded the bills for ANY our assessments. It was a seven page memorandum the longest we've composed to date John Wright. It better be the longest one we ever do. Right. Anyway it addressed itself
specifically to what any are is where it fits in in the end the family and what the billing procedure is all about. Briefly hopefully and. We there have been a number of copies available at the display desk and we have others too. For those of you who somehow have not received and not seen. And you pay your annual institutional dues to an AB based on your operating budget as it relates to radio. This is the one you've been familiar with for all these years. B. You pay your network fee if you are a member of the network and the fee is based on your power as a station classes A B and C.. We have added a Class D as it relates to the any r assessment which I come to in a moment. If you are a first year member there is a very. Small amount comparatively to help you become a member in other words a graduated fee for the network service
over a three year period. If you take the in-school service. Roughly speaking it's about half of the regular. Network service fees. These are all published they have been sent to you not only in memo number three but this is something that has been available for many years and it has not changed. The only new item that has been added is the any are service assessment fee. And as we pointed out specifically in memo number three and and otherwise and several other occasions already. The NPR service assessment fee is a mandatory see to answer all of the letters that have come in. It is a mandatory fee if you are in any AB institutional member who belongs to the radio division any R.. They are one and the same you can have one without the other. That fee is based on your class as a network station whether you are a network member or not if you are not a network member. We charge more than if you were a network member and the reason for that is not only to encourage Network membership
but precisely because we want to be as fair as possible to the Great. Majority of our members. Because the great majority of any Our members are indeed network members so we don't feel that they should be paying more freight than they are already. That everyone should be paying a fair share. But it's those three elements that make up your n AB ne our involvement. The only one that is optional is the network service the other two are not. Now. A year from next July the entire NAACP and all its divisions will be going on a fiscal basis. Now when and when an organization as complex as any be a nationwide organization. Reorganizes and has all of these divisions started. And has to move on to a different kind of fiscal basis you don't do it overnight it would be fiscal mayhem. So what has been devised is a gradual scheme and the first step in that scheme as it relates to radio is that you will be billed for a calendar year one bill unless you
ask us to do otherwise. And we will respect those problems if you say to us you've got to be billed now or you've got to be billed all at once or you've got to be billed in four pieces or the language has to say so on sell we will respond to that. But. To begin simplifying this and getting away from some of the confusion. As of the end of this year you will be billed for the entire calendar year unless you tell us otherwise for your N A B institutional fee combined with your any r assessment fee. The only one that still remains intact is the network fee which always has been billed on a physical basis that will be left alone and then when we get in step with the network Bob in July 66 then all three will be part of one package again unless you tell us otherwise as individual stations and we will be happy to make those arrangements for you. We are making a number of them right now. It doesn't make it easy for us. But that's beside the point. If you say that you can't pay this buck today because you haven't got it in this particular budget. We're not going to
say that's tough we're going to say how can we work it out. If it's on the deferred payment basis okay. If it has to be over a number of quarters. OK that has to be out of next year's budget. OK. I will work it out with you just let us know what the problem is here to lead. I think. That. This coming year will we'll have one bill for the NDR and institutional fee that is one bill and then the network bill in the middle. I just got to be. Careful not to tell. Do you know. How I have. I have an object. I have. I have a very wonderful life. Case in point sitting next to me here. Mr. Summerfield is not only chairman of the NDR board but is as you know general manager of WRVA R.. He can't pay his initial Any our assessment but he did send his bill
back to us signed by him. And it says that we would like to defer this payment until 1965. And you know we said OK fine. Simple as that. OK with. My oh yes here yes that's correct. So that we can begin going on some kind of a regular basis we started this operation unfortunately in the middle of nowhere in September. Gerri. I mean it's just you know just play the appearance. Yes that was. The. General concept here is pretty pretty well understood since we are running overtime with the individual member division which. We hear some of you from the mission with this point. Perhaps I can stay behind with some of these notes and whatnot and talk to individuals either hell or The Baffler Your Honor at some time during the rest of the week about specific areas as long as people see that. Things are
real. Generally at this point I would also urge. I think this is a good idea and the only fair one particularly because of you the individual member group. That first of all that you not only see John but feel free to speak to Bob or to Jack or myself or the members of of the board particularly representing your region. I also will say to you that the region two people. Are meeting. Now. Marjorie Newman has called such a meeting and sell unless there are any pressing questions that should base set in the context of the other two people. Can we make them brief so that these people can leave. Al I just want to bring up. Libby. Listen. To your. Legal. Reasoning. To start with let's. See. You hear me. I. Mean honestly. This is only. Getting. Hotter.
May. Be. Strong element under the structure that we offer. I want to talk with you more carefully about the license hearings because that's the critical one. For it. To be Educational Foundation is a member. Oh. And you are living off the network rather. Than any station that license to that foundation would be eligible to join the network. Whether they really were regular. Users a relay arrangement that involves other licensees is where you get booked. That's the that's what. I mean. You won't be safer. Well at this point. CECIL. Thank you very much I hereby call the power the last drive.
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